The Beginning And The End – EP 54 Shaytan’s Paranoia

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So I remember one of my Sunday School students asking me a really interesting question that made me research this topic in great detail. You know, we were talking about this idea of shape on saying that the children of Adam, most of them will be ungrateful people. And he asked me this question, he said, How did shavon even know that right? Because there was no sample size of human beings at the time, Adam and Eve Salaam had no descendants at the time shavon hadn't dealt with human beings before how did shape on know the shape and know the future? Now he doesn't know the future so how was he able to tell that this creation would be an ungrateful creation? And so how you know when I

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went to the old books and studied with the scholar said about it, I was surprised to find that they actually asked this very same question How would shake on have known that the children of Adam would be ungrateful and there are a few different conclusions that were derived one of them is that if you remember one one shape on first saw them It has some shape on went into the body of the mighty Salaam and he says that how the Hulk don't lie It's a Malik that this creation is not fit to lead. He's not fit to be in power. Right. Mr. Muslim Rahim Allah to Allah He places this hadith under a chapter and he titled that chapter Bob, holy cow, insanity halcon, Leia Malik that human beings were

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created in a way that they are not fit to lead. And in that chapter, the first narration he places is that narration of shavon but the the wording of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam describing when shavon went to the body of Adam alayhis salam is that Adam alayhis salam, as he was standing there with no soul at that point, and shavonne was entering him the prophets lie Selim says alima and the Holy kochalka Daya Malik that shavon knew when he saw the mighty his Salaam, the way that he was created, that he is not fit to be in power that he is not fit to control. Now what makes this really interesting and he mama No, we're not even Hola. He said that lie at Amalek. Here, you

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know that he is not fit to be in control or that he cannot be in control doesn't actually just mean being in control of people or being in control of the earth, that he's not fit to be Khalifa fill out right that he's not fit to be in control of the earth. But what it also means is Liam Nico nafsa, that he's not in a position where he can fully control himself. And that's part of what shavon was implying that ashay Thawne saw them on Islam and realize that his creation is similar to the creation of the gin, that he's not an angel. And he knows what happened to the gin and how ungrateful they became and what they did to the earth when Allah subhanaw taala gave it to them,

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that shavon was able to derive this conclusion that this is going to be a similar situation where this man, this creation will not be able to control himself or control others, and he will be subject to his desires and he will become ungrateful and so on so forth. Now, even Kathy Rahim, Allah tala, the author of it'll be die when he says that, when at least said that, he didn't say this out of yfp. He didn't say this out of certainty. He wasn't sure. But instead he said it out of one. He said it out of an assumption out of a suspicion based upon what he knew from the jinn and the way that they did, the way that they control the earth and what they did with the blessings that

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Allah subhanaw taala gave to them. Now how do we know that this that's true, Allah subhanaw taala actually confirmed that it wasn't shaped on certainty but it was his run on a loss of Paradise as well apart sada calling him a police bonobo that verily they made a police correct or they made a police out to be right in regards to his suspicion, fat tobacco Illa for a minute. And so they followed him except for a small group of believers. In essence, Allah subhanaw taala saying at least had a feeling he had a suspicion he had sort of one in the creation, right, a bad suspicion about them that they were going to be this way. And they turned out to be as he suspected that to be true,

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and all of them followed him except for a small group of believers. Now why is this significant? We talked about the originating of envy and pride and so on so forth from shaytaan from at least one of the things that the scholars derive from this is that the disease of suit of one assuming evil of people, also comes from shavon it's also one of the original crimes of mankind. It's one of the original crimes of creation is to assume evil in someone else and they say if you compare shape on to Adam, it has Scylla shape on had su avant and Adam right so shaytaan assumed evil and Adam, okay, Adam alayhis salam assumed watershape Ah, he assumed

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He was a good he was he was a good creation that he was giving him sincere advice, that there was nothing wrong with him. Right? So I've had a lot literally when you show Sue Yvonne and the last pants is a suit of one, which is evil suspicion, thinking bad about people, leads you to all kinds of other diseases like backbiting and spying, and so on so forth and slander, a loss of Hannah Montana is showing us that when you have that disease, when you have that trait, you are like shape on whereas when you have a personal one, when you think well of people, you are like Adam, it his salon. Now obviously, it led the mighty Islam to a very dangerous situation, a very dangerous

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scenario. And shavonne turned out to be right. But there's something very important there as well, that just because you're sort of one might turn out to be right later on. Meaning just because you assume that someone's evil, like I think this mechanic is corrupt, right. And he turns out to be corrupt doesn't minimize the crime of so avant that you had, it doesn't make it acceptable for you to assume evil and people, you want to be careful. If you want to be cautious which you should be with people and you should be smart. And try not to be naive. That's one thing. But when you assume evil, and people even if your evil assumption of people is confirmed, it still makes it a major sin

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in the sight of Allah subhanho wa Taala it still say 10. And let's be let's be real about it. You know, one of my teachers, he said this, and I really appreciated that he said that, if someone is a pessimist, then most of the time, they're going to be proved right? If they always say that this is going to happen, and this is going to fall apart, and this person is going to turn out to be corrupt and so on so forth. It's very easy to do that, because people will turn around, you know, five months later, five years later and say he was right, because most of the time he will be right because corruption prevails amongst us and so on so forth. But that's not what the prophets I sent

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him was and that's not what he taught. The optimist will get burned at times, but at least in sha Allah to Allah He won't be burned in the he'd be burned in this world at times he's been taken advantage of in this world, but hopefully not in the hereafter because Allah subhanaw taala commanded us to think well of people shavon thought evil of Allah, right because he said Allah subhanaw taala put them down shaytaan thought evil of add the money Salaam shaytaan thought evil of the angels right? I mean if you think about he's a very paranoid creature and you can think about people that are like that everyone is out to get them that's exactly how the police was everybody

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was against him. Everyone was evil. Everyone you know what was trying to take away what what was truly his and what really belonged to him. And that attitude is satanic, even if it's proven right in the future. A salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. I hope you enjoyed and benefited from this video. If you did, then please do share it and if you'd like to follow the rest of the series, then please do click on the top box. And if you'd like to see all of the other episodes and the other videos we have to offer then please click on the box under that and don't forget to subscribe to the channel for more amazing content.