Muslims Attending Non Muslims Funerals

Muhammad Salah


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Sheikh Muhammad discusses whether Muslim can attend a Non-Muslim’s funeral?

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said he's been deployed by the company to attend the funeral of a colleague, or somebody his father, who's a colleague, who happens to be a non Muslim. What is the heck of attending the funeral of a non Muslim?

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It is definitely permissible. And we're encouraged and you receive an award for visiting a non Muslim mystic

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and praying for their health and cure that is permissible and you will be rewarded for that. It is definitely permissible to visit those who lost a beloved person to them a father a son, and give them the condolence. That to is permissible, but it is not permissible for a Muslim to attend the funeral. And the service of the burial of a non Muslim, except if the person who died is your own father, or a very close relative and no one to take care of his funeral. Machu the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, although the alley authority may Allah be pleased with him to attend his father's funeral, and you all know who was Ali's Father,

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I will tell him, the prophets uncle, the Prophet did not attend his own ankles barrier. We all know that who's about it was the greatest supporter of Islam and Muslims throughout his, the life of the Islamic mission until he died, but he died as a non Muslim. So the Prophet sallahu wa sallam did not attend his funeral, the funeral for non Muslim in the service include religious deities, there is citation of what does not match our belief, calling upon false deities and false gods, this is the face. We're not negotiating or discussing now, whether they are believers or non believers because according to our faith, this is all false. So I'm not allowed to attend that. I'm not allowed to

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attend something in place of worship for non Muslims where they're worshiping their God, Alyssa from going there to preach and give them down and say this is all false. But I'm not going to do that definitely in the funeral or in the wedding. So I can go afterward to extend the condolences to the family and offer them any help, more financial support, all of that is permissible and you'll be rewarded for that, but not attend the funeral.