Mufti Menk – The Value of the Masjid

Mufti Menk
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a Salaam Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh

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Bismillah R Rahman Al Rahim Al hamdu Lillahi wa Salatu was Salam ala Rasulillah he was early he was happy here Jemaine,

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my beloved brothers and sisters, this is the house of Allah subhanho wa taala. When you come to a house, that belongs to anyone, you need to have a connection with the owner of the house, in order to be comfortable at that particular house. You would not go to a house where you don't have a good relation with the owner of that house, do you not agree? And so you need to thank Allah, that he put it in your heart to come to his house, and you feel a connection so that you're comfortable to come here. That's a very important point.

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If Allah did not want you here today, you would not be here and the same applies. He doesn't just have one house, the houses of Allah, Allah must you do buy to live in the masjid, the place where sujood is made. Prostration is made in congregation. Those places belong to Allah subhanho wa Taala there are millions of them across the globe. Ask yourself, Do I feel connected to the houses of Allah?

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When you and I are traveling, and suddenly on the road, you see a marinara or a meat then as they call it in the Arabic language, or you see a dome and you see a masjid? Does it make you happy or sad? It's a question you need to ask yourself in order to gauge your closeness to Allah. If it makes you excited and happy to see a masjid, and if you feel connected, then it means you have some form of a relation with Allah thank him for it. Because the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam told us that the hearts are in the hands of Allah he turns them as he wishes Yamaka Libelle Kulu subid Kulu burner Allah de Nick yamasa refill Kulu serif Kulu BANA Illa Patrick, are you who turns the hearts

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turn our hearts towards the deme Oh you who moves the hearts move our hearts towards you? And your obedience? So your heart and my heart? Yes, it belongs to us temporarily. But the ownership is Allah's? Do you decide whether you have a heart problem or not? No, Allah decides, do you decide whether your heart will stop pumping or not? No, it's Allah who decides. So Allah owns you and your hearts, the turning of the hearts in the hands of Allah. This is the reason why every day more than 17 times a day, we are taught to read surah Al Fatiha in the units of Salah. You read it, the Imam reads it or both of you read it.

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If they now say oh call Mr. King guide us to the straight path. Why do I have to keep repeating guide us to the straight path if you open the pages of the Quran right at the beginning the first dua that is made is guide us to the straight path because guidance is in the hands of Allah and it is the biggest gift you can ever have. So when your heart is inclined towards goodness towards the masjid, towards the places of worship, towards worship, and it feels a distance from sin, that means Allah has chosen to guide you. Thank Allah when you come into the masjid What do you say? Allah He you enter according to the Sunnah with your right foot as best as you can remember what that means

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it's not compulsory, you know you don't say Oh, this man committed a sin because He entered with the wrong food. No, no, no, it's not compulsory. It is only sinful if you intentionally enter with the left foot, then it's a sin because then you are defining the Sunnah, but I don't think there is a Muslim who would defy a sunnah intentionally. However, you enter with your right foot as far as you can, what do you say? Allah metalli awaba rotomatic Oh Allah open for me. The door

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of Your Mercy, one door are you entering here? You're entering the door of the house of Allah. What does it mean? If you are taught to say Oh ALLAH opened for me the doors of your mercy, it means mercy is achieved in the house of Allah. That's what it means. You want mercy in your life, the world out there will Allah He is merciless, go and check. People will rob you steal from you cheat, you deceive you smash you bash you but Allah will see higher AlFalah

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Come to success.

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Come to what Come to success. Where is it found? It's found in the houses of Allah. It's found in prayer. When the Prophet salallahu alayhi wa sallam from the hustle and the bustle that was around at the time in Madina Munawwara he used to look at the one with the most beautiful voice beloved naraba or the Allah Horan. And he used to say Rihanna be her Yeah, Bilal

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you know, asking him to call out the oven. Call it out so that it can comfort us what will comfort you the other than, does the oven comfort you? When you hear Come to success? Do you believe that that is directed to you? When you hear come to Salah, higher Allah Salah when you hear it? Do you believe it's directed to you? If you do, you're a believer, you're a movement.

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If you don't and if you think okay, it's directed those other guys. Then you have a lot of work to do on yourself. May Allah help us and strengthen us. It's like when Allah says in the Quran Yeah, you have a loving man Amano Oh you who believe when you hear that? Do you quickly listen say yes. What What is he saying? If you do it means you consider yourself a believer. Allah says Oh you who believe yes, yes. What is Allah saying? If that's your attitude and that's your reaction mashallah you consider yourself a believer from Allah. But when you hear Yeah, are you loving man oh boy in Allah, he abandon us who are you who believe returned to Allah in repentance in a beautiful way? And

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you think, Oh, that's a nice verse, but it doesn't feel like it's directed to you, then you need to pay attention a little bit more Subhan Allah.

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The reason I started this way regarding the houses of Allah, we are here in this beautiful Masjid. If I'm not mistaken, it is Miss Judas Salah Hain in Preston. May Allah subhanho wa Taala accept the effort of all those who made it possible. I think its location is different in the sense that it's pretty strategic, very close to the railway station, if I'm not mistaken. And you know what, I had to have this masjid. And if I'm not mistaken, this is the first Juma here, right? May Allah accept it from us from all of those who made it happen. And from all of those who shall come and all of those who will encourage others to come knowing that it's not the only Masjid in the locality. There

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are hundreds of other masajid around you. However, today we are celebrating because we are happy. You know the word celebration. It depends what you make of it. Here I'm only referring to the joy and the happiness. There's no specific party or dishing out or food No, but it's the joy within that we're just calling a celebration because salatu Juma here Masha Allah Tabarak Allah, may Allah accept it. So for us to encourage others for us to come ourselves Subhan Allah, we will earn a great reward in the eyes of Allah. When you enter you're asking Allah Oh Allah open for me.

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fling open for me the doors of your mercy. I have problems in my life. I have a loss that I suffered. I have people I've lost. I have loved ones who don't have good health. I have so much worry, I've lost a job. Oh Allah fling open for me, the doors of your mercy. And then you come in and you remove your shoes. Musa alayhis salam when he was entering the valley, he was told if Lana lake in Gabin were De Luca de Cicco. You are in this valley of tour in the blessed Valley, remove your shoes Subhanallah

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especially when the place is clean as it is right now. And when it's carpeted, like what happens today. You remove your shoes, at times it would depict that. What was connecting me to the world. I've just taken it out.

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Lifted the door. When I walk in, I'm not going to talk about business. I'm not going to talk about anything. I'm leaving all my affairs outside that door

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coming in for success for mercy, for Salah for prayer for victory. There was once in Arabi, a Bedouin man

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who didn't really know much about masjid and so on because he hadn't seen he came from a distance. And he tied his animal he walked into the masjid, and he felt the need or the urge to relieve himself. So he looked around and he decided, let me go to that corner.

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This is mosquito number we, which must, must be the number we

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went to one corner and decided to pee Subhanallah how Lola Quwata illa biLlah and he relieved himself being immediately the Sahaba of the Allahu Anhu got up naturally they started, you know, scolding him, admonishing him. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam says, Let us Morrow don't admonish him in shouting that way.

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You know, it's very interesting when I think of this, and why would the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam say, Don't admonish him this way? Number one, this is the house of Allah. Number two, the man is doing it out of ignorance. Like I said earlier, no one would intentionally say okay, the sooner is right, I'm going to do the left. If you have Muslim, you won't do that. If you have without being conscious of the sooner you entered with your left, you're not even sinful because it's not foreign. But if you intentionally said that is the sooner I'm going to do the opposite. You become sinful. You see the difference? This man unintentionally, he didn't even know he knew no better for him.

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This is a big place here. I'm going to the corner, you know.

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And imagine while he is being they telling him to stop.

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The Prophet sallallahu wasallam said, Leave him, let him finish what he's doing. And we will talk to him. Because we want him to love the house of Allah. We want him to come back here even after what he has done, we will correct what he has done, we will ensure that he is educated and then he will come back.

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It's a very interesting point because many people feel unwelcome in some masjids because of the attitude of the people in the masjid. Let's not let that happen. You welcome anyone and everyone whom Allah brings, I remember, there was a man who told me that I saw in my dream that I was walking on a certain path from my house,

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a non Muslim, and he says I saw a certain path. I followed it. It took me to a certain place. I jumped into a certain taxi. I arrived at a certain place I saw a little bridge, I went under the bridge. And as I came up, I saw a big light. And I was told into into this light.

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So he said the following day I followed exactly what happened. And he said it was as though I had lived it before. And he said I saw this bridge and when I came out, I saw a masjid.

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And I knew it's a message telling me enter into Islam. This is a fact I know the story personally, and I know the brother personally.

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And so he entered Islam, these type of things do happen. Now if he enters the masjid as a non Muslim, what are you going to do? Are you going to say Wait, hang on, but Allah has brought him all the way here. You need to be wise enough to know how to process that at that moment.

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You need to know how to process it but everyone must feel welcome because they are created by Allah.

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When Allah Han who

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was leading

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the group entering or going into Haber.

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At a war, it was a war. And the Prophet sallallahu Sallam looked at him and says, Yeah, Ali, or Ali Baba Lavonne.

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Imagine listen to this beautiful piece of advice. Let Ania de Allah Who bichara Jhulan wa hidden Pharaoh lecom Infirmary Nam. If Allah uses you to guide one person, it's better for you than the most valuable conveyance in this world.

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The most valuable conveyance in this world. If Allah uses you to guide one person, it's better for you than what this world can offer you in those terms.

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Now, if that is at a time of war, what about ordinary people coming in and out number one, like I said, you process it, you welcome them, they want to know what's going on. They've heard all sorts of things. A lot of what they've heard is just propaganda. Now they'll come in and they see you welcome them, you offer them some water, you let them sit down, you explain to them you might want to show them around at an appropriate time. You might want to explain to them and appropriate dressing, etc. But we can cross all of that we can and we should.

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If that is the case with those who are not Muslim who

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What about those who are Muslim? There are some youngsters who might have a few bad habits. Who doesn't have a bad habit?

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There are some youngsters who might have a bad habit or two when they want to come into the masjid and everyone looks better. Oh, how did you pitch up here today? Man, I can show you okay, you mistaken this is not a pub here. It's a question. How can you have that attitude towards the youngsters? When Allah is bringing him to come here? Do you know what a man who's a drunkard a man who's a gambler, a man who is far from Allah. When Allah wants to guide nobody can miss guide me de la who Philomel de la la who the one whom Allah has guided, nobody can misguide Allah will create a problem in his life.

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Allah will create such a problem that when he goes into the world and tries to solve it one door, another door, another door, no door solves his problem besides the door of the house of Allah, He comes here finally Allah brought him here and you are standing here saying judging him to say you know what, what are you doing here today? My Allah brought me here. Your duty is to make the people feel comfortable. All of us whether it's the Imam, the teachers, the committee's or the Mussolini's or anyone else, your duty is to make everyone comfortable. The minimum is offer them a smile and the Salaam.

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When you get too deeply involved in worldly matters, you start having problems. Because you come here you sitting in one corner, in a decaf, decaf in Ramadan, and you busy doing business deals. That's not fair. That's not fair. People are doing it because shaytan even though he's not there physically in Ramadan, but you know what? By Wi Fi, he still confuses people. When Allah grant us ease. Allah grant us ease from outside he is still confusing the people.

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So make people feel comfortable. Let them come in. When we start

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getting too deeply involved in Dounia in the masjid, meaning worldly business and material items in the masjid, you start having a problem.

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That is why, when Allah Almighty

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revealed verses regarding the caravan that came at the time of the Prophet salallahu Salam during Juma and Sahaba, the Allahu Anhu.

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They heard the caravan is yeah, they started walking out and checking what's happening because a big business deal I mean, someone's container just arrived and they selling. What can we say something valuable at a very low price. You see the big big businessmen out there? What's going on? We're either Oettinger Alton Ola one, Mo Li Hua taco, Coco Eema. Uma in De La

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Mina, la Hui Wamena. Deja Walla who was eating. Allah describes that scene in surah. To Juma and Allah says, when they saw the caravan of business and whatever else in material items, they left you standing delivering your token, they went out to check what was going on, tell them that what Allah has is better than your business. And it's better than amusement. And Allah is the best provider. If you are worried about provision, you have come to the door of the owner of the entire creation,

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entire creation Do you know there are telescopes at the moment that they have launched into the orbit into the into space that have gone the furthest ever, that have discovered all most galaxies similar to ours, and every day, they are millions of planets that they are discovering every single day? taking images of them? I don't know if you or anyone else is keen on

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astronomy and so on. But if you are, you would know what I'm saying. We used to think, oh, this world, the world is big. It's one of the smallest planets in existence is the earth, small minute, and we think were a big deal. Subhan Allah, Allah is telling you what Allah has is way more valuable than anything, anything. So what is he saying to you? He's not saying don't do business. He's not saying don't earn halaal he's not saying don't enjoy life. He's not saying all he's saying is put Allah first and then everything else. That's what it is. You put Allah first and then everything else. Time for Salah, cut everything chop everything you come forward for you fulfill your Salah,

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and go back and do your thing. And that's why if you look at Jumeirah.

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The verse of the Quran says for either Kubernetes Salah to Tashi o rld What better

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when Salah is completed Juma Salah you can go out on the earth and you can start doing your business deals and you can earn from it

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The virtue and the provision that Allah provides going on.

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Before Salah also Allah subhanho wa Taala says Oh you who believe

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either no deal is Salah Timmy Joe Moratti first learning Korean. What else?

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When the caller calls when the other one is called for Jumeirah, leave everything leave your business and go to Jamara go and listen to what Allah has asked you to listen to. Why does he say that? What does he prove? It proves that business times before Juma is business time according to the Quran. And after Juma is also business time according to the Quran.

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So it's not wrong to work on a Friday. You see, that's what Allah is telling you. But it's only the slot where you need to be somewhere Go there. Go there, we are the providers. So people say Oh, but you know I have to do this I have to do that. Allah says Allah Who hydro Roslyn. Allah is the one the best of the providers you worried about provision he owns it. Don't compromise that your Juma is your Juma?

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May Allah subhanho wa Taala grant His acceptance then once we are done and were exiting the masjid, what is the dua that you're supposed to make?

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Amazing. When you entered What did you say Allah Metalia Baba Rama Tico Allah fling open for me the doors of your mercy. fling open for me the doors of your mercy and you come in and you put your head on the ground with comfort. Who sure come take your time Subhana Bian Allah, don't rush it. This is Allah your Lord, it might be your last day in the dunya people have passed away in Salah. So take your time. And if you do chances of you passing away in your Salah increased by the number of seconds you've lengthened it by right

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and then you come up you complete your Salah you smile at the brothers whoever is here, you know and you then mashallah you greet whoever you can and you walk out as you're walking out, you know, what's the DUA Allah whom in me as a locum in public?

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Oh Allah, I asked you I seek from you your virtue, I asked you to give me from your virtue, what is the virtue of Allah the whole dunya and everything and Jana and whatever else, oh, Allah accepted from me. I came in here, I asked you for mercy. When I'm walking out I'm saying oh Allah give me just give me what? Anything and everything good. That's Allah's father. SubhanAllah. And then you come in five times a day that you coming in making this dua going out, making this other dua Subhan Allah, that is the house of Allah.

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The hadith of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi salam says that on the day of pm there will be seven categories of people who will be offered a special shade by Allah subhanho wa taala. One of them is Roger Lucas. Boom Allah Campbell massage Edie, a person whose heart is hanging in the masjid, it's connected to the masjid every time you are connected to a masjid in every way. You go there for Salah you contribute you help you assist your money is there what what is meant by that look, today

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we are here offering salah. This Masjid must have costed a few million according to my estimate.

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We're here for Salah we're not paying a penny.

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What's happening?

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The lights electricity, the water, the heating the carpet, the facility. Put a price if someone told you you need to pay for for using this facility. What amount do you think is a fair amount? I want to hear it what do you think is fair? You came for tomorrow? You walked into the masjid you use the parking maybe or you put your shoes there so your shoes are parked there. By the way no one's shoes ever got a ticket? So you put your shoes there you came in mashallah you set you had a nice time hamdullah you read your Salah, what is Salah? It's the strongest connection with Allah and mashallah you enjoy yourself you might have made Do you benefit from the light the windows, everything else

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the facility and you walked out and you're a wealthy man or whatever it is? What amount do you think is fair? If we told you you know what, you have used so much of the masjid and this is a fair amount for every salah. What do you think it is? Let me let me make it easy for you. Okay, because I see everyone's son the guys are smiling, thinking thinking, don't worry. We won't say five pounds. I won't say five pounds.

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I'd say one pound.

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One pound. For my connection with Allah I should pay 1000 pounds Do you agree? or more? But let's say one pound in a day, five pounds. Okay, in five days, 25 pounds. In a week we won't say 35 We give you a discount of 530

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pounds right in a month will say, we won't go all the way to the four weeks, only three and a half will tell you 100 pounds.

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If we paid one pound for a Salah here Wallah, he our facilities would be 10 star and we would all love it and we would enjoy it and we would come but nobody's even asking you for that. All I want to say today is when Allah puts it in your heart to contribute a pound a week in the box Subhan Allah, it is Allah excepting your money to be used in his house. It's got nothing to do with you when you wanting it's not your want is Allah. Allah accepts things from people. Remember, this is a verse of the Quran. The first murder that was committed on Earth was Abel and Cain right have been in Kabul when Kaabil killed her been the reason was, Allah accepted one of the charities and rejected diva.

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So Allah proved he doesn't need it. If Coronavirus Kuru BANA for two kubina Amin Hadi Hema Allah muta cub, Ben Meenan kar Carla portolan,

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the children of Adam, they presented the sadaqa at that time, they were no poor people, it was only them. So Allah says, put it on the mountain. If it's eaten by the fire, it means it's accepted. And if it's not, it's not accepted, that's in the Quran. So one of them was accepted and the other one was not.

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The one became jealous of the other.

00:26:30 --> 00:26:50

The point I'm making is, acceptance is in the hands of Allah, when Allah puts it in your heart to give, give, even if it is a little, I tell you why. When you put your money in a good way, that's a good deed. Perhaps through the baraka of you, having invested in something that is far more valuable than Bitcoin.

00:26:52 --> 00:27:18

Your money will become millions and billions and through that Baraka, Allah will use you to do more and more and more and more good and Allah will give you more because you are giving if you make an intention to give, what will Allah do, he will first give you so that you can give someone else that's why you give my Natasa Milan min sadaqa the Prophet sallallahu Sallam says nobody's wealth ever has been depleted because of a charity that he or she gave nobody's wealth has ever depleted.

00:27:19 --> 00:27:20

To give

00:27:21 --> 00:27:58

my brothers my sisters, you might say no, but I'm supporting that machine and that machine, put five pounds here, it's okay. You can keep on putting 50 That side but put five here you never know. Those of you in Bitcoin, you know what I mean? You put a little bit there. And someday also, you might not not know the one where you put little will probably become more than the one where you put more. Right? Sorry to talk about that. But I know it's an example that a lot of you would understand. So my brothers, my sisters, these other houses of Allah frequent them, be connected to them. I tell you, we are fortunate to be given such freedoms as to be able to worship Allah. And we live in

00:27:58 --> 00:28:38

harmony with all those around us be a Muslim or non Muslim. When we are parking our cars when we are coming here. We don't want to be a nuisance to those who are not Muslim, where they start saying these Muslims are a problem. Never. We should be orderly, we should be courteous, we should be people who are friendly. We should when people see us, they should want to become better people. They should want to be Muslim, they should see that. Yes. When you heard of the big, big beards you thought these people are harmful, but actually they are the calmest, the most beautiful, the most amazing, the most helping the most who reach out to those in need, and the mindset changes.

00:28:40 --> 00:29:06

So these are the houses of Allah, we thank Allah for gathering us here today. May Allah grant us from His mercy and may Allah Almighty really grant us from his virtue as we leave and inshallah I pray that Allah bring us again to his house, and he's houses and connect our hearts. And may Allah Almighty gather us in Jannah to fill those man Urbino Sidiki. In our shahada, he was solid Hain sal Allahu wa salam ala Baraka ala Nabina Muhammad

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