The Beginning And The End – EP 49 Is Shaytan a Disbeliever

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So there's this question that's to be asked his shape on a disbeliever. Why would you ask that question? Because I mean, he knows a loss of Hannah Montana, he doesn't really deny a loss of Hannah Montana. It's more of a pride and arrogance on his part. So his shape on a disbeliever Well, first and foremost, a last panatela answers the question the last contact says about we're stuck about what can I mean, no caffeine, that he showed pride, and you know, he refused and he showed pride, and he was indeed from the caffeine he was from the disbelievers. In fact, the last contact says, What can I say on the lobby, he can afford our last pants it says that she rarely shaped on to his

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Lord his cat photo, which is like, you know, an extreme level of cool footage shows in extreme disbelief, right depth and disbelief so he's not only kind of a disbeliever he is as worse of a disbeliever as they come. So the idea is why, what makes a bonobo, you know, a disbeliever what makes him McAfee if he technically believes in Allah? subhanaw taala? Well, I mean, first and foremost, there are different levels of disbelief and there are different ways to reject Kufa really means to reject In fact, you know, I think, you know, there's no actual equivalence in the English language at least of Catholic. All right, is it a disbeliever? Well, what if a person disbelieves

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without knowledge and so on so forth? never having Islam come to them? Is it a disbeliever in the sense of rejection is a disbeliever in the sense of ingratitude, right, but but really, it encompasses numerous elements, okay, into one. Now the disbelievers in Mecca, they didn't deny a loss of antis existence. Okay. In fact, the last palletize says, when an insert ultra human Holocaust somehow it will lay a colon Allah, if you were to ask them who created the heavens and the earth layer poulan Allah, they would say it's Allah subhana wa Tada. So they had no problem acknowledging that Allah subhanho wa Taala created the heavens and the earth, they had no problem

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acknowledging that Allah created them, but they associated partners with a loss of power to Allah. So they had a different type of shake. You know, in fact, the Tobia the way that they use because you know, they used to do their Hajj in a certain way in Ramadan in a certain way. Because in essence, the people of Mecca basically diluted and corrupted the religion of Abraham and Ishmael peace be upon them when it came down to them they added elements of shock they added elements of polytheism so they're telling me what they used to say their tents use they used to say lebay kolomela bake just like us here we come. Oh, a lot. here we come. But instead of saying la bakerella

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Sheree Kayla Kayla bake that we come to you without associating a partner with you. They would say La Baker la sharika la in la serie can who Allah Tamika Who am Amharic. So they would say, we come to you Oh a lot without associating a partner with you except for the partners that you have, that you own and you know, that you own as well as their possessions meaning Allah has associated partners to himself. So they would say that these idols just bring us closer to Allah subhana wa Tada. So there wasn't a denial of Allah subhanho wa Taala. But there is a deficiency in their, you know, in the way that they viewed Allah subhanaw taala to a point that it becomes disbelief in

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polytheism. So when you look at shavonne when you look at a blease, okay, at least had some elements of belief, but he he had a destructive element of disbelief which overcomes the other two, he had robbia because he understood that a law was his Lord. So the category of tohei the verb obeah. If you know if you want to classify it, that way of lordship, he understood that a loss palletizers He also understood the mountains leaf out of Allah, He knew Allah, his names and attributes, but what at least failed to do was in the category of Oulu here, he failed to acknowledge the Lordship of Allah subhanaw taala. And that is a form of major coup for as well. And I'm gonna call him Rahim,

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Allah, He says, He says the corporate of the police was not encountered. So the corporate of abuse was not a form of denial, he says, but the cool foot of a police was eba and stick bow. It was to reject and to feel a sense of pride. To give you guys an example, to really to really put this in perspective. If you look at the obligation of Salah the obligation of prayer, by consensus of the scholars, if a person denies the obligation of Salah even if they pray five times a day. All right now I want you to pay very close attention if you pray five times a day, but you deny that prayer is an obligation upon you. You are a disbeliever by consensus. So you say I'm just praying five times a

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day because it makes me feel better. It brings me closer to Allah. That's fine and dandy but if you were to say it's not an obligation, even as you pray five times a day, you are a

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Khafre, you are a disbeliever by consensus, okay, whereas the one who might miss some prayers out of laziness, without denying the obligation is still a believer according to some of the scholars. So that's a difference of opinion. But to show you that they're that he's definitely in a better state than the one who's praying five times a day, but still denying the obligation saying, Yeah, you know, you don't have to pray five times a day, but I pray five times a day. That is kofler. Sorry, that's actual disbelief, because it's a form of rejecting the obligation. It's a form of pride, that a lot didn't obligate this on me. It's denying the obligation, okay. Whereas the other person has a

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deficiency. He's lazy, you know, and that's not to justify it. Because, you know, in my opinion, the stronger opinion is that if you miss prayer, even out of laziness, that it still is a form of disbelief, but at least he's subject to controversy, at least he's still in the gray area. You don't want to be in that gray area. But the point is, is that what at least did was what was an outright form of disbelief even as he knows a lot is there even as he doesn't deny that a lot as the Lord of the worlds it believes has a sense of rejection and denial that makes him from the worst type of disbelievers. A salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. I hope you enjoyed and benefited from

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