The Beginning And The End – EP 46 The Pride of Shaytan

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The use of sh matter is a result of culture of fear and discomfort, avoiding confusion and fear. The disease of hazard envy is a result of pride and a desire to be a jinn. The use of "by the way" in the Bible describes pride, and the importance of pride in sh matter is a result of actions and words. The use of "by the way" in the Bible describes pride, and the importance of pride in sh matter is a result of a shift and disbelief.

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So Allah subhanaw taala mentions to us the different reasons why at least rejected why shaitan refused to prostrating the last panel into either when he does that he does that for several reasons. Number one, Allah subhanaw taala highlights to us the elements of shape ons character that are relevant to the story he's telling. So usually for example, if we're talking about betting Islam last panel, China starts to mention the aspect of pride last panel attalla would mention the the ingratitude of obliques or shavonne. So whatever our last panel was talking about, in essence, Allah subhanaw taala will place the story of at least the story of shavonne in that context. Now, one last

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penalty, Allah uses the different names of shavon we also see that there's a miracle in the court. Now just quickly, the word it blease at least is the name of the devil. The word obliques means one who has lost all hope from receiving the mercy of Allah subhanaw taala someone who's hopeless, who's helpless, okay, he's turned away from Allah subhana wa tada altogether. And he is he's completely lost hope and receiving the mercy of Allah subhana wa Tada. And like the people in the hereafter who would be Mobley soon who would be completely, you know, devoid of any form of hope, once they enter into that station, for having followed a belief so at least is the ultimate hopeless creature of

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Allah Subhana Allah to Allah when Allah subhanaw taala uses at least his name as at least when he calls him at least in the Quran, it tends to be when Allah subhanaw taala is referencing at least his own disobedience. Now shape on the other hand, and there are many sailplanes shape on isn't just exclusive to this particular devil. But shavon means any devil S shape on the shape bond is referring to himself. Shape bond comes from the word self Ana which means to to dig yourself deeper to distance yourself and dig yourself deeper. So a deep well would be called Shelton Okay, when a loss to Allah uses a shape on to describe him. Allah subhanaw taala is usually referring to his to

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his plots and his deception Okay, so at least is more exclusive to him. Shave pawn is more inclusive to everything that he does to everyone else to everything as to how he keeps distancing himself from Allah subhanaw taala by taking mankind away from Allah subhana wa tada and insisting on his disobedience. Now what is the real reason why he turned away from Allah? subhanaw taala? why did why didn't he prostrate? Why didn't he makes a jute? Number one we find that a blease first had the disease of hazard envy. When did he have the disease of Heston envy, from the time that he heard a loss penalty. In Nigeria, he didn't fill out of the Khalifa that I'm going to place the successor on

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the earth because at least knew that his species that that the creation of the jinn were incapable of that. So knowing that Allah subhanaw taala had chosen other than Him to be in charge of the earth, at least developed a sense of hazard he developed a sense of envy. Then once he then once he saw the creation of Adam and Eve his solemn, he developed a greater disease, which is the disease of kibosh, the disease of pride, the mother of all evils, and this is something that the scholars of teskey of spirituality often speak about, that many times the the degree of the sin that's being described, that's being discussed, is not that grave, or it could be very grave, but the disease

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that it tells you about are the disease that's behind that disease, the sin that that sin leads to could actually be bigger. And so kibin is the worst of them all the mother of all diseases, it bleeds develop that when he finally saw the Marley his solemn and his creation, and at least felt like he was better than him at least felt like he was of a greater degree of piety, a greater you know, greater and his sense of creation and so on, so forth. Now, what does Allah subhanaw taala highlight in the Koran a lot talks about his refusal to prostrate last Pattaya says, well, it's good to do the other messages, please can mean Elgin for her soccer and Emily lumbee. First Allah

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subhanaw taala says that when we said to the angels to prostrate to other mighty his Salaam, they all did except for balise. Now in the Arabic language, this is if not the same, except for at least does not necessarily mean he was an angel, but instead he was amongst the angels as we've already established. But Allah says Can I mean Elgin nee fEf SFR and Ameobi. He was from the jinn and that's why he was capable of disobeying Allah subhanaw taala. So a lot wants to highlight the fact that he's a jinn to show that he's more hygienic that he has free will as opposed to the angels so he can disobey Allah subhanaw taala technically, as opposed to the angel

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who cannot. So this automatically sets us apart from, you know, from from the Christians and the Jews in that sense from a theological perspective. Now I lost the panelists and After establishing that a belief is more higher that at least had the choice. Allah Subhana. Allah says Allah Yeah, I believe so. Ma'am and I can attest to the Lima hallak two via the Aztec delta and Quinta, Amina Lani. So Allah subhanaw taala says what prevented you from prostrating to that which I created with my hands? Did you find it in yourself? Or did you find yourself from from being amongst the exalted from an alien? Now these these things here, stuck belta and Quintanilla arlin these two things here

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are actually different categories a lot gives us two possibilities here for at least abstaining from solute number one is stuck. bellota Okay, I stuck bellota Did you find pride in yourself? Did you find yourself too good? It stuck Botha means is stuck about it. And did you find yourself too good to prostrate and put your face on the ground? and lean? Okay, I'm Quintanilla lean, or did you find yourself to be amongst the exalted means do you find yourself to be better than the rest of the angels? So Allah mentions two possibilities. And they are two different categories of pride that are both destructive. The first one is that the action is beneath you. The second one is that the others

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are beneath you. Okay. And the police is guilty of both a stuck delta and quantum in an add in. Now please to look at the second piece of this was which is really the underestimated piece is Stella uncontaminated Arlene Did you find yourself to be amongst the exalted? Why would it please feel that way because at least was the highest of the angels or he was hot you know he was placed in a position amongst the highest of the angels because he worshipped Allah subhana wa tada for 1000s of years. Despite you know, having freewill despite being mahaya and just as we said earlier that you know that human beings surpassed the rank of the angels when they choose to worship a loss penalty,

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it believes was at a greater rank. So it blease thought that he was better than the angels. Okay, and he found cbid within himself. So Allah subhanaw taala, of course, and it's very powerful. A lot responded to his Kibet by saying Faraj in the kameena savarin that get out you are amongst the smallest of them. You know in Nicki Minaj savini not that not the smallest of the angels, you are amongst the most belittled and despised of all of my creatures. So Allah Subhana Allah belittled him due to his Kibet and that's what it is here, the more humble you are in the sight of Allah subhanaw taala the greater Allah makes you whereas the more arrogant and prideful you are, the more Allah

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subhana wa tada belittles you now Allah Subhana Allah mentions to us some examples of Is there a lot here? This idea of feeling greater than the rest of them. A last panel tada says, voila, katakana kung fu master so savarna come from Morocco Lima is to do the other Mufasa do illa balise lamea Khun Mina Sajan, so first blease was the one that would not make salute because he refused to be amongst those that prostrate, a last pantalla continuous and another Ayah last pantai says Illa Elisa, Abba and your corner masajid in Galia Avenue, sumaila, kehlata corner, Maharaja Dean, so please said, I'm not going to be amongst all of those. Right? So he thought, Hey, you know, these angels are less

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than me so I'm not going to be amongst them. So at least had kibber not just with Adam alayhis salam Iblees even had pride with the angels, which shows you how destructive this pride can become. And then when it came to other monies Salaam finally Allah Subhana Allah mentions the pride in that which he was created from, why because the, the essence of the police's pride what started it in the first place was his religious pride, which shows you how dangerous it can become when you become judgmental and you start to become self righteous, okay, and self righteousness leads to being judgmental in the first place. But what ends up happening is that you start to have pride in other

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ways as well. So at least was you know, he really took pride in his he bothered but then at least when he sees the money, he's set up Allah Subhana Allah says, he said, call us to to demon conduct Athena, you want me to prostrate to the one that you've created from dirt? So it led him to be little Adam alayhis salam in every way It led him to racism and just like racism, you know, racism is a nasty disease in and of itself, right? But racism can also indicate a form of pride and shift. It can also indicate a form of shift it can end up you know, of disbelief Why? Because you think that Allah has made you inherently better than someone else, and there's nothing more satanic than

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that. A salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. I hope you enjoyed and benefited from this video. If you did, then please do share it and if you'd like to follow the rest of the series,

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