Hadith Series – #51 – Beware of Two Things

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AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the dangerous and low-pressure environment that comes with being in the "vanilla" zone. They explain that oppression is a "will" that can cause people to get in trouble, and that casual behavior is a "will" that can cause people to get in trouble. The speaker also warns of the consequences of being in the "vanilla" zone, including potential injuries and negative reactions.
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Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam told us to be aware of two things, a volume, oppression and a short

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stinginess or miserliness. And these two things are

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extremely dangerous, extremely dangerous.

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How you treat other people, you might not realize how you oppress them, right? We might think something is minor, you drive and you block someone's driveway, right? It's you're coming to the mercy on Friday, there's no parking, you're late. And you want to get in and so you block somebody's driveway. Now see, you might have oppressed, somebody that might be oppression, person needs, the lead person needs to go to work. You're in the masjid, listening to a hookah and praying and getting in all your extra pairs afterwards chatting with the brothers. And you're making someone late for work. Maybe someone gets fired from their job. God forbid they have an emergency and they have to

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get to the hospital.

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You've oppressed this person. What are we going to say? Was the will of Allah. Of course, it was a little of a law everything's a will have a lot but you oppressed that person.

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And oppression is major, you're going to have to see it on the Day of Judgment unless you make it right and repent.

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stinginess. stinginess, is a huge thing. stinginess is such a problem in Islam, because it is offensive to Allah. Because it assumes that there's not enough to go around when Allah subhanaw taala told us time and time again that there is enough to go around and he is the one who controls how much you have. And he's already determined how much you're going to get. Nothing you do in this life is going to be able to change your bank account, a single cent. And so then to be stingy. On top of that is showing that you don't trust a lot. And it's hard.

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It's difficult, but it is so central to our religion that the Prophet Muhammad SAW I said, I'm warned us about it. So beware. Beware of oppression and beware of stinginess.