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Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa salam aleikum, which is a greeting of peace, peace be unto you. Thank you for tuning in to another episode of the deen Show. Today we're going to be talking about the verbatim Word of God, which is the Quran. Now you are intelligent enough to know that there is only one God, everything in this universe is running. according to His will, the sun, the moon, all the galaxies, everything out there, you don't see other gods besides the One God because if you did, that'd be confusion in the universe. They'd be chaos, but you do not see this. That's why this is a testimony in itself, that there's only one God. Now, this one God

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who loves us, He cares for us. He provides the air that we breathe, gives us the food that we eat, and he wants to guide us. So throughout time He has sent messengers to tell us how he wants us to live. Now these messengers,

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they were the way, just like, during the time of Moses, he was the way teaching you the truth, on how to get to God. And he was equipped with certain signs, wonders and miracles, to prove to establish that he was indeed a messenger from the one God. Then we had Jesus, who was the way who was the truth, who was the light. In a time when people were in darknesses. He was the light showing you teaching you how to get to the one God, Abraham, Noah, and the last and final messenger, the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon them. They were all teachers, instructing all the human beings on how to worship the one God, how to get close to him and how to attain paradise. Now they were given

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certain proofs and evidences. And today, we're going to be talking about the evidence, that is a living miracle to this day, Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him, he did certain miracles during his time. But we have today the living miracle, which is, as I said earlier, the verbatim Word of God, which is a sign for anybody who is honest and sincere with himself.

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If he comes at it with an open heart and open mind, as God to guide him,

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he will see that this is not from a human being, that this is indeed from the Creator. So my next guest when I come out, is going to be establishing some evidences to help those who are sincere with themselves and with their Creator, to know like we know, over 1.5 billion people all around the world that this is indeed from the Creator of the heavens and earth instructional for you. Thank you. We'll be right back. You don't wanna go nowhere.

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There's only one Jesus was his messenger.

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Why did that maybe, maybe it's just to break the ice. Dr. Seville, the doctor Dar es Salaam aleikum. Wa Alaykum wa sallahu wa rahmatullah wa barakato. We partnered up in the past you've been on the deen show. You're no stranger to our viewers. Good to be here. And greetings to all the viewers Peace and blessings to all of you, as salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah. We're gonna be talking about something that's very, very exciting for us to talk about is the cron is nothing complicated to figure out, but you're going to help establish some of those evidences, you're going to help us tackle this topic. So this sincere person out there

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can come to the realization as we have that this

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book, which was revealed over a span of 23 years is indeed revelation from the Creator of the heavens and earth. Talk to us about this crime. All right. Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim In the Name of Allah, the Most Beneficent, the Most Merciful,

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as we all know that

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we as human beings, we are created by a being who is higher than us, who we Muslims refer to as Allah.

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And we know that this creator is a loving creator who would like to guide us. So all throughout history, he has sent prophets and messengers. It says in chapter 16, of the Ironworks number 36, that it is a law who has sent messengers to all the nations and they came with one truth, worship god alone, do not worship His creation, yes. Now to certain messengers and prophets, our Creator, he has given certain books, certain revelations.

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One of those revelations or the last revelation is the her end which was given to Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him about 1400 years ago.

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Now, in the end, Allah has mentioned many, many times, that human beings we should use our logic we should use our mind we should ponder, we should think we should reflect. So Islam is not a faith of just blindly believing just because of our culture, parents, society friends is telling us to believe in

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Islam wants us to use our mind and establish the evidence. So since we Muslim say that, hold on a second going after you said some Arabic words, you

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know, now you said Islam and Muslims talk to us what's Islam was Muslim, you know, they don't understand some people outright. The word Allah, Allah is the name of the one true God the universal God is the God of the whole creation. Human beings, animals, the universe, Sun Moon every month, in the Arabic language, we call him the name of Jesus Christ peace be upon him in our own in the Aramaic language, he also used to call God s Allah Ha. Right? Very important. The word Islam means that you're submitting yourself to the one unseen creator.

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submission to the Creator is starting to make sense now. And the person who submits is a Muslim hmm All right, now those are the three important terms for the benefit of the viewers these concepts now they're going down easy to digest, go ahead, continue please. Alright. So since since we have a book, which claims that it is from the Creator, Muslim since we are given a brain of humanities we know we are given brains to think and ponder. So we just cannot blindly accept just because our parents are telling us that this book is from our Creator. So we have to establish some evidence for our own sake and for the sake of the viewers in the non Muslims who may not yet believe that what

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art is from Allah. So in this show, inshallah, God willing, we are going to provide some evidence, some very concrete evidence, historical and prophecies and scientific and, you know, geological and all of those evidences to prove that yes, this book cannot be from any other author except of the Creator Himself. So you're telling us that you're going to give some historical evidences scientifics and prophecies that they're all in this book? You're gonna get into us today inshallah? Indeed, okay. I'm sure they're excited to hear. But before we go on, we raised up a book now, and some people are probably wondering a book, the guy just dropped his book from the sky that he just

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give it. How did it come to be a book? How do we just briefly because this is a topic unto itself, but just so we get this out of people's minds that they don't, from the start, have some confusion? What do we mean when we're holding them a book? Did it come like this? Explain this for us? Okay, revelation came to different prophets, okay. Now, those revelations were written down by human beings. So when the revelation of the Quran came

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by our Creator, he did not drop a book in the lap of Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him, it came in the mind of Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him the revelation. And he invited his companions who knew how to read and write, to compose a book that we see right now, which is different. But in the presentation inshallah, today, we are going to go much more deeper into the very topic that you have mentioned, how did we have this book in the form of, you know,

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between the two colors? Okay, so talk to us. Now, let's go for the evidence number one that you want to establish, what is the first piece of evidence that you can give us to keep people tuned into the show now something that's going to want them to want more talk to us? Sure. So the number one claim that the Muslims do, do provide as an evidence is that the Koran itself sees sees many, many places. One of those places is in chapter 32, verse number two of the four and it says that the word says the revelation of this book is from the Lord of the aalameen, the Lord of the universe. So inside the the, the craters identified that he's revealed it, yes. So that's very important. That is a porn

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point. It's very important point, right? So it says that the author of this book is Allah Himself, the Creator Himself, but the non Muslim viewers may be obviously saying okay, fine, I could write a book and I could say that this book is from God, it does not make it from God right. So, now, we have to provide additional evidence

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in the time of Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him. Arabic language was an eloquence and you speak all right, you know, just like English language way back in the 15 16th century when Shakespeare was alive, yeah, it was the the standards was very high compared to you know, some of the language that you're speaking now.

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So in the time of Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him. This

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It used to be people who used to be of such high caliber in Arabic language that they used to be called as the Shakespeare's of the or the times. In English language. We have one Shakespeare in Arabic language in the time of Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him. They used to be literally 10s and hundreds of Shakespeare's just walking around in a single corner you could meet meet once Shakespeare, yeah, the reason I'm bringing this topic is that Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him when he started to utter the verses of the Qur'an that this is coming from, from the Creator Himself. Right? Some people that begin to doubt, yeah, they begin to doubt saying that, how can this

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person who did not knew how to read and write who just grew up, you know, in front of us? How come this person is bringing a book and claiming that this book is from God. So to those people who are doubting the Quran itself, it makes some challenges, challenge, it's very important that our Creator is challenging the people who are doubting that this book is from God. So there are multiple challenges which came. And these challenges are not coming to just any layperson out there on the ground, right? They're coming to the people who are masters of their language. Yes. Okay. So in chapter 17 of the end, write chapter 17, verse number 88, of the urn, the creator of the universe is

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mentioning in the Quran, that if all of humanity and the genes, genes is a different creation, by the way, if all of humanity and the genes were gathered together, to produce the likeness of the hand, they would never be able to do it.

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So this challenge came to, to make the non believers ponder that if you think that this book is coming from a human being, why don't you go and sit down and equal compose something which is similar or better than this book, try to collaborate everybody all your Shakespeare's and all the people from, you know, your heads, the the most intelligent among you try, even with the unseen jinn, like, would you say to spirits come together, and you can't do it? Right. So that was the very first challenge. Yeah. So that's a deep challenge that came to the unbelievers of their time. And guess what, there is not a single evidence that they came together, you know, having like a round

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conference, round table conference, to compose a book.

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So Allah God, you know, just to just to make them ponder, he reduced the challenge. The Quran has 114 chapters in there, the call is the sutras chapters. Okay. So the initial challenge was to compose a book 114 chapters. Now, since they were not able to do it a lot, just to mark them just to make them realize it reduced the challenge. Okay, he reduced the challenge. It says in the chapter 10 of the end, that if you're not able to produce the whole core and produce only 10, chapters, 10 suris, as eliquid, full of knowledge, full of wisdom, full of prophecies, scientific facts, as the Quranic chapters, and guess what they did not came together, because they knew that they are not

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able to accomplish the job. Now, we do believe and I want to just tell me if this is one example of that, where if the Creator of the heavens and earth is saying, bring something like it, so for those who are saying that this might have come, this could have come, he got it from

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other revelations from the Bible, from the Jews and the Christians, all that have to do was show that Okay, look, it's the same thing like he plagiarized from someone else, which, if we give a living example, if you do look into certain places in the Bible, you will see identical word for word, some pages that are identical to other pages in the Bible, like, where Matthew or who was it would copy from Luke and Matthew copy, it was really copied from Mark, identical asthma word for word, many different paths. So would this be something of the challenge that you can

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we're talking about? Well, the challenge was to compose in Arabic language, not in English, or Greek or any language in Arabic language, compose any composition, which is better in eloquence, in full of wisdom.

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You know, taking people away from falsehood, bringing them to, you know, of the good thing that they're supposed to be doing. Yeah. So they're supposed to do that, right. That's the challenge. But guess what, they're not able to accomplish that. So then God reduced the challenge. It says in chapter 10, of the end of chapter 11, verse number 13, of the end, composed 10 verses, I mean, 10 chapters, like the ends chapter, they did not do it. Right. Then the challenge was reduced. Chapter two of the four and verse number 23, and 24. It says that if you're not able to compose the full for an or 10 chapters, produce only one

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Chapter, they couldn't do it, they're not able to do it. But the you know, the the magnitude of the challenge is very, you know, mind boggling. The Quran has 114 chapters. It's a big book, by the way. Yeah, it's a big book 114 chapter, some chapters are very big. It has 286 verses in chapter number two, and other chapters are small, has only three verses. So the challenge was not to compose a chapter as big as the biggest of the chapter, it could be the smallest of the chapter, which has only three verses in there. Right. So it's a mind boggling challenge for all of humanity, and not just humanity, all of genes to compose three simple sentences as the chronic sentences similar to

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the Quranic sentences, that's all they had to do. If they could have done that Islam would have been abolished, dismantled disappeared, way back within 100 years ago. But since we have Islam now, it proves that they've been not able to do it. So there is no historical evidence from both Islamic or non Islamic sources that they got together. Okay, very important. Number to

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some people may say that this is a subjective challenge. Right? That Okay, fine. If I cook a dish, and if you cook a dish, and if you ask someone to come and taste the dish, right, they may like my cooking, you're cooking somebody else's cooking, cooking. So it could be subjective, right? arbitrary that, you know, depends on the person's taste. Yeah, I may like a poetry better than a second poetry and you have different tastes. But the Quranic challenge is not subjective. It's very important for the viewers for for them to realize.

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In Arabic language, they are three different modes in which someone could compose anything. First, you have the poetry, there's called the Bihar Yes. And poetry is divided in Arabic language into 16 categories. Okay. Then you have the muscle muscle is like the common speech, like what we are saying in speaking right now. Yeah, okay. Then you have the Sarge, Sarge means it's a combination of poetry and prose, but it's not a clear cut into any one of these categories. Okay. So the challenge of the end, is that to compose something, which is similar or exceeding the end, okay? The reason that the non believers, they, you know, are not able to come together and compose something like the end is,

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they realize that anything that they are going to compose is going to fall into one of these three categories. The poetry, the poetry, yes, the prose, or the combination of poetry in the prose. But guess what? Her and this is America, from Sephora, and by the way, for and does not fit into those three categories are wrong? No. So an example would be suppose if we call all the engineers, the best architects, the best builders in the world, and, and ask them to build the best skyscraper, the best building the most, you know, beautiful, eloquent building, anything that they're going to build would be how many dimensions?

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Three, it has to be three dimension, right? The most eloquent

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Suppose if someone composes are built a sculpture or building which has four dimensions, right, yeah. Somewhat, suppose if I bring this four dimension structure, no human being would be able to, you know, replicate it. Likewise, when the Arabs of their time who are the most eloquent in their language, when they saw the end, they knew that it does not fall into these three categories. So for and by its nature, it's the fourth fifth 10th dimensional structure. So that is what made them you know, not able to even come together to compose the likeness of Iraq. So we have the language and the challenge, we those are two very strong points, let's move on to something else. Give us some

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more evidence for the person now who's really got his attention, Okay, very good job. So instead of the non Muslims, right, who did not believe in the Prophet after Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, or the oneness of the Creator, and they used to worship the pagan gods in Sun in the moon in the creation.

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all they had to do was come together, right to compose three sentences. But guess what, since they were not able to do that, what did they started to do? They started to come and physically torture the Muslims. Right? And beyond that, they fought 27 battles with Muslims and in those battles not And not only that,

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The Muslims they suffered, even the non Muslims they suffered by their property, by their family, by their country, and by their lives. All the bloodshed, all the battles could have been avoided by by them composing three simple sentences. Is it mind boggling? Right? Absolutely. Yeah. All right. So that is the very first challenge. And the evidence that the harangue cannot be from a human being it has to be from the Creator, they didn't have to exert themselves that might just bring up these three lines, beat the challenge and get it over with Islam would be dismantle. Right. And that challenge still stands. By the way, there are 15 million Christians whose native language is Arabic,

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living in the Arab lands, yes, this challenge is even open for them. And right now, we have the computers and the modern technology, they could bring all of those things together, and they could get the help of the genes if they want to. Yeah. All right. So let's move on to the next evidence for the truth of the Quran. Yeah, give us some more. Now let's let's go down, we're almost out of time. So we got the challenge of the language and the linguistic challenge. Now let's go on to something else. All right. So there are many, many prophecies in the end. prophecies in the Quran, one of those eloquent prophecies is in chapter 15, verse number nine, in which Allah subhanaw taala

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is saying in a new nazarenas zakura inala, who la hafizullah, which means it is a law who has sent down this message zeker this or an and it is a law, who is going to protect it, protection from any addition, any deletion, any revision and it getting lost. So the end that we have to do right now in our hands is exactly the same harangue, word for word that was given to Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him without any change, without any change. So the way that happened in a really quickly is that as soon as the verse used to be revealed to Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, right? He, by the miracle of Allah, He used to memorize it. And in his lifetime, he memorized the whole book. It's

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not a small book, by the way, look at how many pages right, it's a big book. He memorized the whole heart and in his lifetime, companions around him 10s and hundreds and 1000s of them, they memorize the whole whole and that's the second miracle people of all generations, they kept on memorizing the her and they kept on memorizing the her end up until the year 2009 without any break breakage in any generation. And guess what that 10 10 million people living right now Muslims were memorize the whole show this is it's been memorized as it was memorized back then. And it was passed down and we have it in its original memorized like and recited like it was back then. Yes, continuous chain of

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memorization, and there is no book, no Bible, Old Testament, New Testament, the Hindu Vedas, the Buddhist any scripture, or any secular scripture for that matter, who has which has been memorized by Dec many people for that long time. Tell us now we have a few more minutes. And we have there's so much to cover this time goes by fast science. This is the time now where science is not like it was before and tell us Is there anything of science mentioned in the Quran? That wasn't known back then. But it's known today and as mentioned in the Quran? Sure. Very good. Very good. See, the Quran has 6000 plus verses in there, right? And close to 500 of those verses that deal with modern

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scientific facts. Okay, not theories, not hypothesis, modern scientific facts 500 of them. And guess what? None of them are contradicted by the modern scientific discoveries and inventions. So just imagine a human being Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him living in the seventh century did not know how to read and write without any telescope or my microscope, or any instruments that we are familiar with coming up with scientific truths. Okay, so let's, you know, in maybe a couple of minutes.

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It says in the chapter 21, verse number 30, don't the unbeliever see that the heavens and the earth that were joined together, and it is a lot of us made them asunder? So that speaks about the fact about the big bank, the paradigm, the paradigm that we all the scientists in the world. That's how they believe that the universe came into existence of primordial mass, eventually explosion, that explosion gave rise to all the galaxies, the sun and the moon, and the whole world that they mentioned in this correlation in the core and discovered just in the last century, by using our Hubble telescope and the redshift and the blue shift and all of that.

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And person living there in the desert cannot have done that. It has about things about embryology, embryology, right embryology means that when a fetus when a baby develops inside the

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mother's womb, describes in details many, many places in the heart and that from a very in a few cell stage, how is the baby looks like direct how the baby it looks like and how it develops and all of those things, and it's scientifically accurate. In fact, there are many scientists living in a day and age, Dr. Keith Moore, Dr. Morris Buckeye, Dr. Marshall Johnson, who whose books that I have read in my medical science By the way, and they testify to the fact that a human being cannot have done those things. It has to be coming from God. Morris Buckeye says that Robert Marshall says that, and, you know, Keith Moore says these are the specialists in those fields, they are specialists,

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radiologists and medical doctors, physicians. Give us one more point we got to go one more point and then we're going to have to do a part two talk to us one more thing that's just very good, amazing. Chapter Four of the Quran verse number 82, it says that had this book been from other besides other than the creator Allah, you would have found many contradiction in it, right? So if you examine anyone, anyone, if you pick up the Quran and you read the end, you would not find any contradiction, neither internal not external, no contradiction when it comes to foreign in science or on in philosophy or on and you know, the things that we are aware of the things that we know of. So for

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our audience free of contradiction, a big book written by a person who is not able to read and write cannot have come with that many verses without contradicting himself for someone who wants to look further into the science aspect or some of these other miracles. Is there any reading that you recommend that they do any books in particular? Yeah, there are many books that one book that I would recommend is the book by Dr. Morris Buckeye, the her and and the sight the horror of the Bible and the horror and in the light of history and science, and the website that I would recommend is gain. Peace, g i n. Peace, pe ac e.com. Okay, okay, we're gonna have to we're gonna do a part two,

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inshallah God willing, because we had so much to cover so little time. So we're going to continue talking about the verbatim Word of God, we're going to cut out thank you for helping us and we're going to be back with you in a few. And we'd like to thank you for coming to be with us. This week on the deen show. We're talking about the verbatim Word of God, establishing evidences that this is indeed from the Creator of the heavens and earth so much to cover so little time. We're going to come back and we're going to cover Part Two on why this Quran can be from no one other than the Creator of the heavens and earth. We're gonna be right back. You don't go nowhere. Here on the deen

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show with our guest, Dr. Sybil.

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Mohammed could not have known these facts about human development in the seventh century, because most of them were not discovered until the 20th century, that God transmitted through Mohammed bits of his knowledge that we have only discovered for ourselves in recent times.

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1400 years ago, when the world was immersed in darkness, the Quran was revealed, which brought light to a beleaguered world. And whereas the earlier books came with many scientific mistakes, due to the hand of man having delved into them, the Koran had none of these contradictions. The world thought there could be no reconciliation between religion and science. The Quran mentioned many scientific facts in great detail, like how a human being developed in the mother's womb, and described other scientific facts which Amaze The world's renowned scientists and scientific community. Bismillah Alhamdulillah salaam aleikum Welcome back to the deen show. This week we're talking we're sitting

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with the Dr. Dow which I call on my good friend, Dr. Seville and we're talking about the verbatim Word of God giving those people out there who are sincere, honest and they want to know the truth, giving them some evidences that the Quran is indeed the verbatim Word of God and nobody else is bringing ducks to be locked into this topic. I sit down with them, let them slant Allah mercato we are Peace and blessings to all the viewers of their salaam aleikum. wa rahmatullah. All right, we have so much evidence here and there are so many proves this is just something just to scratch the surface just to get two people excited that they can go on their own and do some more investigating.

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So in part one, we establish some evidences. And for each one of those, you can talk for hours. Now we're going to be in part two, we're going to be talking about the possibilities of

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of the person who is naturally we don't want them to just swallow anything blindly. We want them to use their mind to use the tools that God Almighty has given them

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to judge to be sincere to see like, could this be from a man? Or can this be from, you know someone in something in the curation that put this together? Or is this indeed from the creator? So some people have come up with some arguments that, possibly that he copied it from previous scriptures like the Bible, what do you have to say about this?

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All right, yes, we have an app here who we Muslims, there are 1.5 billion Muslims in the world. And we all claim that this is the book, the author of this book was no other than the Creator Himself. We all say that we Muslims right. Now, in the part one of the show, we have provided some evidence, right? that it cannot be a human being it has to be from God. Okay. Now, in today's show, part number two, we are going to examine some of the possible authorships that some non Muslims then they claim that this book I find, since they don't believe that this is from God, they claim that this book is either from copied from the Bible, or Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him, he altered the

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Quran, you know, from his own thoughts and contemplating and all of that. Some people say that this book was copied from the Greeks and the Roman literature. And some say that, you know, no no's belong, God forbid, this book is coming from Satan. These are some of the arguments that you hear from people indeed. Okay, so we want to knock all these out to make sure we clear all this junk that's in the way. All right, so that people can see the truth for what it is. All right. So let's take the number one possible authorship of the Quran. And many people, especially the Jews, and the Christians, they claim that the book has been copied from the Bible. Yeah. Now before we dwell on

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that, it's very important for us to realize that Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him. It says in chapter seven of the and verse number 157, and 158 that he is a was a prophet, a person who did not knew how to read and write. You know, we all had formal education, we could read our names, we could read books, we could read, you know, internet and stuff, but Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him, even if he showed his name on the paper is not able to read his name, right. So number one, he is was an illiterate Prophet did not have any education.

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Number two, suppose if you take up the theory of was copied from the Bible. Now in the time of Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him. The old the Old Testament, or the New Testament, in its complete form, in Arabic language was not available. Very important. Okay. The language of Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him was, I mean, Arabic, right. But the Old Testament is in Hebrew, the New Testament in Greek. Yes, right. So Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him, even if he had access to the Greek and the Hebrew Bible, how was he able to read it? So the very first translation or the complete translation of the Old Testament was done in the 10th century, okay? Don't have access to

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did not access, okay. Okay. By a scholar named Satya gown, he is the one who made the translation around the 10th century. See, Okay, number two, the translation of all of the New Testament was done in the year 1616. Okay. And in the year 1671, Rome, it did the complete translation of all the 66 books of the Bible, in Arabic language, there is like close to 1000 years after Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him, he was gone. Okay. Now,

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just because there are similarities in the Bible and in the Koran does not mean that one book copied from the other book, it is possible that they both have common soaps, right. They both have common soaps. So what we Muslims believe is that yes, the revelations came to previous prophets, Prophet Jesus, Prophet Moses, Prophet David, and the prophets peace be upon them. And some of the remnants of those revelations are still present in the OHL in the New Testament. And when the creator when he sent the her end, he also mentioned some of the stories of the previous prophets. Okay? So just because there are similarities does not mean for an plagiarized from the Bible. No, they all have a

00:34:30--> 00:34:31

common source.

00:34:32--> 00:34:46

So when it comes to the Bible, we see that there are many similarities and I'm just going to touch upon two similarities because of the shortness of time and then we will judge I will have about dear viewers to judge yourself to see if the Quran was copied from the Bible. Number one.

00:34:48--> 00:34:59

There are similarities in the story when it comes to the story of Noah. Noah Salaam, right? Yes, Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him the Prophet of the ark. All right. So in Genesis

00:35:00--> 00:35:46

In the book of Genesis in the Old Testament, the very first book chapter seven, verse number 11. It mentions that because, you know, people were very evil in his time, the time of Prophet Noah, God as a punishment, he sent a rig for 40 days and 40 nights and the whole world was submerged in water. Yeah, right. And all of humanity, anything that breed is in the whole world was destroyed, except the people and the beings, the living beings who were there in the ark. Yes, right. So according to the Bible, the whole world was destroyed. Now, or and also mentioned a similar story. Okay, chapter number 11, verse number 21 of the end, it also mentions a similar story. However, the Quran says

00:35:46--> 00:36:32

that it was the people of Noah, who were disbelievers who were rejecting God who were doing evil. They were the ones who were destroyed. The Koran says it was a local flood. Well, not a universal universal. Yeah. And is this something established? Now historically, historically, it's established archaeologists, historians, they all have consensus that it was a local flood. In fact, there is a very famous book called The history, the Bible has history. Yeah. Okay. By Weber, Keller, Weber, he is the author of it. And this is what he has to say that archaeology has not yet stablish. It flood to the magnitude of the flood mentioned in the Bible, but it has established that there was a flood

00:36:32--> 00:37:20

in the Northwest region of Persian Gulf in 400 miles times 100 miles, that is the area in which Prophet Noah, and his people were living. Amazing. So this is one example. I'm sure there, I'm confident that there are many more that you can give. But we have so little time talk about the next point that he himself. He is the one behind, he's the mastermind behind this Quran. Alright, so some people, okay, so we have established the fact that the Quran cannot have been copied from the Bible, or else the Quran would have incorporated those same, you know, quote, unquote, mistakes that are present in the Bible. But how come the Quran left of those mistakes and only extracted the authentic

00:37:20--> 00:37:55

things? Right? Yeah, unless it has to be coming from the Creator, and do indeed, right. So now, some people claim that it was Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him who was the author of the end. And now it's very important. First of all, he was a person who was did not know how to read and write. On the top of it, he was given the title of a Sunday and Al amin, the most honored and the most truthful person, right, not just by the Muslims, but also by the non Muslims. So the most honest, the best role model person in that community is claiming that this book is from God, why would he be lying?

00:37:57--> 00:38:41

A person lies a false prophet, he or she lies because of some ulterior gains, for name and fame and money and, you know, power and all of those things. Did he? Did he have a hidden bank account? Did he have is it recorded that he had all you know, lived a lavish lifestyle that he had these worldly things that might have to support these accusations? Well, actually, in our non Muslims, since they did not like the message of the oneness of God, right? They wanted to worship all of those idols. They offered him they bribed him actually, that if you give a preaching the oneness of God will give you the best the most developed will make you the richest of the person. Yeah. If you desire that

00:38:41--> 00:39:19

will give you that. Or if you want, if you're seeking after power, will make you the head of the state of all of the Arab region. Yeah. Or will give you the best women, the best girls for you to marry. Yeah, but guess what? A false prophet would have taken up the offer, right, become the head of the state, whatever. But Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him since he was a true prophet, he rejected that offer. And he said, I'm not going to take that offer, even if they bring the sun in the moon in my right and my left hand. So the light that he led LED, you know, brother, Eddie, was a life of very modest, very humble life. His house was smaller than the studio.

00:39:20--> 00:39:58

You know, he had only like maybe just a one or two items in his house, and they are narrations by his wives, that sometimes there was nothing for them to eat for three days and three nights. all they had to do ate was you know, just some dates and some water. So the Prophet Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him, he was much more richer, okay. Before he claimed profited than after he claimed profit. What could have been the motive for that? Yeah, it's amazing. Is there anything in the Quran now if someone is saying that look, he's the mastermind behind this, obviously, someone's gonna want to elevate himself someone's gonna want to put themselves in the spotlight. Is there anything in

00:39:58--> 00:39:59

this verbatim Word of God now?

00:40:00--> 00:40:41

That would support this is there the calamity that struck him in his own personal life with his wife dying? or any of these other personal situations? Are they mentioned in there? Well, that's a very important point. By the way. See, the Quran has 6000 plus verses it speaks about, you know, many individuals, many prophets and all of that. It speaks about some of the common people, many tragic tragedies struck Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him, right. His wife, the most beloved wife, Katia, yeah, and last peace be upon her. She passed away. Right. Now she mentioned Not to mention about that, but what is mentioned is the mother of

00:40:42--> 00:40:44

Jesus peace be upon. Okay.

00:40:46--> 00:41:23

So if Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him, if he used to love his wife, and his daughters and his children so much, and he had so many tragedies in his life, how come none of those things are mentioned in there? not mentioned in there? Yeah, if he were, you know, God forbid, a false prophet, he would have mentioned and elevated and honored and praised his family. He did not do it. He didn't do it didn't do it. And he did not praise himself so much to cover it so little time. The next possibility that some skeptics might bring up is that he got this from his visiting with others in different tribes, other Jews and Christians people from,

00:41:24--> 00:41:56

from the Greeks from other methodologies. What do we got to say about this? All right. There were some Jews and some Christians, okay, not that many, by the way, some scattered around the middle eastern region, okay. The three important ones that he had interaction with were, were Aha, okay. Baraka was the uncle of the first wife of Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him. Her name was Artesia. Yeah, before her. Now, he was a Christian, where he was a Christian. So when the initial revelation came,

00:41:57--> 00:42:00

the prophet peace be upon him, he went to work.

00:42:01--> 00:42:41

And he, you know, had some interaction with him. Werehog confirm that you are a prophet, and that you know, your people are going to reject you, just the way that they have rejected other people right now this worker that you're saying, for some people who are hearing this name for the first time, can you kind of give more of who is this person and this person? You used to be a pagan? he converted to Christianity? All right. So he knew who prophet what is profited. He knew what revelation is. And he knew the prophecies he knew the criteria to match to be a prophet. Yeah, not only that, he knew the prophecies mentioned in the Old and the New Testament about the coming of a

00:42:41--> 00:43:22

prophet. Okay, yeah, that could be a different show. But there are prophecies in the new in the Old Testament, about Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him. So after a few days after Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him was appointed as a prophet varaha he passed away. Yeah, so the bottom line is varaha was not alive when the bulk of the Quran was revealed and written down. So how can he have been an author of about Greek writings or these other ancient sure so some people do bring up the notion that Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him, he extracted the material, especially the scientific facts, which are mentioned in the Quran, right? And has 6000 plus verses in there, and no less than

00:43:22--> 00:43:31

500 of them that deal with modern scientific facts, which has been confirmed by our scientists to be as true yeah, amazing. Right now.

00:43:32--> 00:43:44

They are some scientific truths and the Greek, Roman, Persian, Chinese, Indian Egyptian writings. Yeah, there's no doubt about it. Okay. That's the fact that they do contain some scientific truths.

00:43:45--> 00:44:14

Besides the scientific truths, they also contain an incorrect scientific statements. So now, okay, before I make that statement, suppose if not, I'm not a good student, right? And if I have to take a final exam, and if I'm sitting next to a person who is a below average student, if I'm going to plagiarize all of his answers, right? At the end of the time, at the end of the exam,

00:44:15--> 00:44:55

am I going to get an egg rate? Suppose if this guy is getting a big rate, would I get an egg rate if I copied 100% from that person? No, not at all. Not at all right? Because, along with the right answers that he's, you know, writing, I'm also going to incorporate the incorrect answers correct. In the same way, even if for the sake of argument that if Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him, had a laptop computer with all the knowledge of the ancient world, and that he knew how to read and write Okay, for the sake of argument, even then, if he had to extract the material, how did he only extracted the truths from the scriptures and left the falsehoods? Right? Unless he was a prophet of

00:44:55--> 00:44:59

Allah? Yeah, unless he was a prophet, right? Because in those ancient scriptures, right

00:45:00--> 00:45:38

They say that the end, not the end of the world, some of them used to say that the world was flat. Some said that the world was flat floating on the ocean. Some say that the world was, you know, round and spherical. So out of many, many different notions that they had truth and falsehood, how come the end says in chapter number 71, verse number three, that the that the world is spherical, like a egg shape, not the shape of a hen egg, but the shape of an ostrich egg. And that's how the the shape of the world is. Do we have any reports that because obviously, if you're sitting with people and say you take their work, now that these people start to see that you are

00:45:40--> 00:46:14

people are starting to admire your teachings, and you're getting some, some publicity and you're getting some attention, they're going to come on, say, Hey, hold on, I taught you that. Do we have people raising their hand and saying like, No, no, he got it from me. Do we have any accounts of this? in the life of Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam Peace and blessings of Allah be upon him, there was not a single person, not a single person, unbeliever who raised his hand and said, you know what you're saying, in the end, I already knew it. I taught you that I taught you that, or I knew it in which it's found in this scripture. None. No one raised their hand and accused the

00:46:14--> 00:46:54

Prophet, if they would have done it, Islam would have been dismantled. So these are these are really just silly arguments. But obviously, you know, they're worth touching upon, because for the sincere person, he kind of sees through this. And this just confirms with him to continue looking into this because indeed, I mean, it's overwhelming the amount of evidence that proves that this is indeed, from the Creator. There's one more point some people say that this is from the devil This is from, and we in Arabic, we say shaden What do you got to say about this? All right, yeah, that says even though you know, for Muslims, that sounds like a very crazy argument. Okay. But for according to you

00:46:54--> 00:47:30

know, you know, some Christians and whatever they do, make that accusation By the way, this is deep, I mean, if you think about this, because you're already acknowledging that this is something super human, this is not, it can't come from a human being so right, you know, yeah, so people, okay, people, they want to deny that the Quran is from God. So they are just going to one source or the other source and Muslims, we keep on destroying all of those sources. Okay. Now, the source that they do say is that the Quran, you know, God forbid, is from Satan. Satan was the author of the Quran. And guess what? Satan is mentioned in the Quran, by the way, yeah.

00:47:31--> 00:48:04

Each time shaitan or Satan is mentioned, is mentioned in a negative term, very important, negative term. Each time it mentioned, it says, Don't believe in Satan, he's not God, believe in God, who is the Creator of the heavens and the earth. Okay? And it says on the top of it, anytime that you're going to recite the end, out of the Billahi min ash shaytani regime, that means I seek refuge in a VA from the a cursed Satan. All right. So Satan is being

00:48:05--> 00:48:50

in a rebuked in the end, he is being called as an enemy of humanity. And he's been, you know, labeled in very, very negative way terms, anytime that has been mentioned. So why would Satan would, you know, make people go towards God and away from himself doesn't make sense. That's against the way Satan acts. So for Satan to be the mastermind. Now, this is again a silly argument that if you look at it, use this is dismantled quickly because we as Muslims, once you submit to the will of God are seeking refuge with the creator from the same right and Satan was a jinn okay genes are created beings. And with that Satan is not all knowing he doesn't know the past he doesn't know the future

00:48:50--> 00:49:16

but are an has historical things of the past and prophecies of the future. So even if Satan for the sake of argument was the author, it would not have been able to come up with the historical facts and the prophecies of the future and then in the verbatim would have grabbed the cron God Almighty is admonishing things that the human being to stay away from satanic things, adultery, fornication, a gambling,

00:49:17--> 00:49:57

all the evil vices that would obviously be more in line with teachings of what Satan or the devil wants you to do. He wants you to break up ties of kinship is that's a major sin to break off ties of kinship. He wants you to go and cheat on your wife that's a major sin in Islam. He wants you to set up Gods besides the one guy that's something I've put you in hell forever Forever, but it doesn't just doesn't fit. Yeah, I mean, yeah, that's for people to ponder, right? I mean, humanity, we are going through so many problems right and Satan would be calling humanity towards indulging in sin and evil. Yeah. And says that do not take alcohol or intoxicants, and intoxicants is one of it says

00:49:57--> 00:49:59

that it is a is a hand

00:50:00--> 00:50:39

The work of Satan. Yeah. All right. So Islam is telling us to stay away from things which are bad for your person and bad for the society, and calling to all things which are good, right? obligation to your parents, to your family, to humanity at large to the neighbors and to the needy, and ultimately, to submit to one God, that is the main message of the end to submit to the one creator and not to his creation, may that be an idol, the human being a saint, the sun or the moon, and Satan would be calling towards these things. How come Satan if he were the author, he would be calling people to the creation but not to the Creator, but they are under the opposite. So with that

00:50:39--> 00:51:21

the Satan cannot be the author of the Quran. So where else do you go now? Okay, we we've refuted some of the arguments that someone who is possibly just want to know the truth, he's a How do I know that it didn't come from Mama? How do I know that he takes on but how do I know you just gave some some good proofs that no this could not have been from anyone other than the creator? So where does a person go from here now? Well, the only option that is left is that this and that we are that we have in our hands, right? It cannot be from a human being, it cannot be from Satan, it cannot be extracted from the Bible, it cannot be from Satan or gene or any souls. So the only possibility

00:51:21--> 00:51:33

which is left to right now is that this, her and his from his superhuman super about the creation source, and that source is the Creator Himself, who Muslims call as a law.

00:51:34--> 00:51:53

Now, if there is a case, it becomes an obligation for each single human being to find out what the Quran is, what is the message of the end? How can it help me? And ultimately what? how it's going to help me in the hereafter? How can someone get a copy of the verbatim Word of God? It's very easy, right?

00:51:54--> 00:52:22

We would like to give you a gift of the end, all right. And this Horan is in it has both Arabic and English in there, but some of you may not be able to read Arabic. So what we have done is we have translated the end in 200 plus languages. So if any one of you would like to obtain a free copy of the Quran, and either Spanish or English language, they could contact a telephone number which is 800 662. Islam

00:52:23--> 00:53:09

800 662 is LAM, if you call the telephone number, we will be able to send you a package that has a translation of the Quran in there and it has many many other goodies in there for their benefit inshallah. inshallah, so tell us any advice for that person who, now he he has grown up in a different faith and Christianity, Hinduism and Zoroastrianism and this ism, that ism. And now, you know, he sees that by watching this, that the evidence is overwhelming, that this, you know, this has to be from God. I mean, what what can he do to break through the barriers, you know, that the Tibetan timidness of now, possibly, you know, maybe losing some friends, maybe, you know, being

00:53:10--> 00:53:49

associated with, you know, some of the bad things that now the press and the media are associating with Islam? What advice to give to that person who's just, you know, needs a little extra encouragement? Sure. There's a very relevant question. And all human beings should ponder on that question, okay. We all know that me, you eat single one of us, we are going to pass away one day. And this life of 6070 100 years is not the only life that we have to live, after we pass away, that would be a day of resurrection, our Creator is going to resurrect us back to life, both in body and in our soul. Yeah. And on that day, God is going to evaluate us, there would be a day of judgment,

00:53:49--> 00:54:16

and he is going to ask very important question, did you believe in me alone? Or did you believe in a human being or an idol or sun, moon or the creation? And did you follow the guidance, and that guidance by their Eddy, and to all my viewers out there, it's found in the end, in the end, and in the life of Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him who was the last messenger and the last prophet sent to guide humanity, he was the mercy to mankind.

00:54:18--> 00:55:00

So Islam, as we have mentioned in the initial part of the show, that means submission to the one creator, and all the prophets of God, may that be Adam, or no ha, or Moses, and Jesus and Ishmael and Isaac, and Muhammad peace be upon them, if you examine the life of all of them. They did not used to worship a human being or an image or an idol, sun or the moon, they all used to submit to the one and sin creator. That means by definition, they were following the ideology of Islam submission to the Creator. And since they are submitting, they were all Muslims. So in that sense, Islam is not a new fate. It is the same fate that was brought by all the people

00:55:00--> 00:55:26

profits. So if a person would like to embrace Islam, they're not embracing a new fate or a strange fate. They're embracing the same fate of all the prophets of God. Okay, that's very important. Now, we know that many revelations came before the end, but unfortunately those revelations are not preserved for us, whether it be the Old Testament, New Testament, the Vedas, and anything else of that matter, right? How people claim to be as the Word of God,

00:55:27--> 00:56:11

our life of eternity would be at stake, depending upon what choice that we make in this world. Yes. So you have maybe like 10 different books on the table? Correct. You have the Old Testament, New Testament and all the religious books of the world along with the end. Now we have provided our dear viewers enough evidence for anything in human being is that how can the Quran which is over here cannot be a, the author cannot be anyone besides Allah, and it has not been changed any other book besides the Quran? It has been changed? Yes. Okay. So we cannot take our life of eternity in something which is less than 100% compared to the Quran, which is 100% very important.

00:56:13--> 00:56:58

So what can Islam offer for you, my dear viewers, very important, right. There are so many problems which are going on in this world. We have a down economy. Yeah, right. People, Homicide is rampant. We are filling jail after jail. 2.3 million people who are in the jails, right? despite that fact. And there are more police officers, despite all of those facts, the crime is not decreasing. Yeah, right. The rapes are not decreasing 90,000 rapes in this world in this country each year, right, assaults and guns and gangs and divorce and homicides, and, you know, suicides, solutions, for all of them are found in Islam in the Quran, in the final guidance that our Creator has given to us,

00:56:58--> 00:57:45

it's all around us. So not only her and is calling us to worship one God, and wants to make our life better in this world. So we could stay away from the problems. And the end, the better part is, it is calling us towards all the good things in this world. Being you know, giving up cheating, and you know, not lying, being honest, fulfilling your obligation to your wife and children and society at large or making you a better person, society a better person. So it does away with all the problems make society peace, harmony is okay. But the best reward for a person who embraces Islam would be eternal paradise in the Hereafter, paradise. And we all wish ourselves, our viewers that we could

00:57:45--> 00:58:20

all look into the end, ponder on the end, read the end, and ultimately embrace the truth so we could all be together in paradise. We're running out of time. That's it. Thank you for helping us to cover this topic. Welcome. inshallah, we'll have you back to cover another topic. And we'd like to thank you for tuning in to another episode of the deen show. You heard it, the evidence has been established. And it's very clear that this Quran could not have come from anyone else other than the Creator of the heavens and the earth.

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At the end of the show, you see a number that you can call to get a free copy. And we hope that you are honest and sincere enough with yourself as the one who created you to guide your heart to the truth. It's quite simple to worship the One God you worship Him alone, you submit to Him, and you do what he wants you to do on his terms. And that's it. And we hope to have you back here again next time. On the deen show. Until then, Salaam Alaikum. Peace be unto you.

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