Maryam The Chosen 25 – How To Be A Devoted Worshipper Of Allah

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AI: Summary © The history and significance of "medea" in the region's culture is discussed, including its discovery of meaning and its significance to the region's identity. It also touches on the importance of "medea" in the region's identity and its significance to personal development. The segment emphasizes the need for personal development and the importance of learning from the Bible, endurance, and productivity in achieving great results in Islam. A test shows that Countryman was devoted to productivity and gratitude, leading to endurance and productivity being the two drivers of success in Islam.
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It's something so beautiful when life comes full circle, and this is when it happens in the story of Madame

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you know, when reading the Quran, you're first introduced to medium and I'm Ron third chapter of the Quran. And Allah subhanho data tells us of course of her mother and her being raised up and all of that beautiful recap that we've gone over. And the command I just want to remind you way at the beginning when Miriam is in the chamber, and she's first addressed by the angels, what do they say? They say, Oh, madame, Allah has chosen you and purified you and chosen you over all of the women of the world. What's the first thing she's commanded with? Jamelia McConnell Taylor a biggie was to date or Karima back in Oh, Maria, be devoutly obedient to Your Lord this this title of keynote, and

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bow down and prostrate, or prostrate and bow down with those who bow down. So this is this is her burden. This is her mission, this is what you are going to do. This is this is what your standard is that you reach this level of Chronos. And then that's what she that's what she strives for. I want you to go back to the prophets of Allah do send them when the prophets Allah lightest send them is is is going from Hera. And he is now had that experience of Ecuador from the cave. And he goes and he has himself covered up. The revelation is yeah, you hit him with death here. Comfort Angel. Oh, you who's wrapped up in a cloak and a garment get up and Warren and the Prophet sallallaahu Salam,

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when that standard is set for him that mission is set for him the prophets of Allah they send him spends the rest of his natural life 23 years warning the people calling people and so much so at the culmination of his life at that hedge when he has 100,000 companions 100,000 believers in front of him. He says to them, Have I

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been left? Have I given the message? Have I delivered the message? And they say yes, and then he looks up towards the sky and he says Allahumma Frechette O Allah bear witness. This is that full circle moment. And so with medi MIT has set up, when is that full circle moment. And even Ibrahim it is set up when Allah Subhana Allah says, will either be tele Ibrahim or boohoo we can imagine at a moment, Allah says about Ibrahim, that Allah tested Ibrahim with commandments and then he says and he fulfilled them that ideal fulfill fulfilling your life's purpose, fulfilling what you set out to do fulfilling what you've been obligated or commanding to do. There's nothing greater in the entire

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world. And so with medium it has set up she was commanded to be from the community and and then we go through the entire Quran and all of the 30 plus 34 mentions of medium throughout the Quran. What's the last mentioning of medium that we find in the 28th juice in salted Darrian ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada at the end of the verse, verse number 12, Allah subhana wa Tada says, well, Medea may have been a Tamron and let the astronauts volunteer hat. Miriam, the daughter of Emraan, who, who guarded herself protected herself protested her chastity was something that became a matter of BIA. And she believed in the words of her LORD and his books, what kind of to me not quantity, and she was from

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those who are devoutly obedient to Allah. When she was a little girl, she was told by the angels and be of those who are kind of team but not a lot of big B

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devoutly obedient to Your Lord. And then you have the culmination. And sort of at the head am Allah subhanho data says she did it.

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She did it.

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She was successful. And Allah subhana data doesn't say that she was from the tiny tat, he says what kind of minimal quantity she was from the kind of thing the masculine. And the scholars they talk about, well, why did Allah subhanaw taala use that and of course, we know that the default anytime a group has masculine and feminine and it defaults to the masculine and so medium is set up, join that community of those who are developing obedient to Allah Subhana Allah, both the male and the female, the prophets and everybody else. And so she is from L carnitine. The question then becomes, how do we be of the carnitine? What can we do to be of the carnitine? Number one, of course, number one

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easily Well, what does that even mean? connote this idea of being devoutly obedient, it has included in it, humility, assure, absolute humbleness in front of Allah subhana wa, tada absolute obedience, but also consistency, that this is not something that you do once and you're like, Okay, I'm from the planet team. No, it is a lifetime. It is years and years and years of effort and consistency and dedication. And so when a person puts forward one day with another day, and one week with another week, and one months was another month, and one year with another year and one decade with another decade, now they've entered into the realm of keynotes, always, always always seeking devotion to

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ALLAH SubhanA goddess seeking to obey Allah. So how does a person be from a client seen the province of Allah Allah is this religion is so easy for us, Allah Subhana Allah has made I just want you to think about this. Okay? I just want you to think about this.

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Mighty Mighty Hudson and all of these prophets from before us. They're standing in the night and they're praying and their devotion and all of that. You know, as one chef had told me, we were talking about this story of Medina stuff like that. She was like, shot let me Allah subhana digest enter us into Jenna. She's like, we don't have any funnels. We don't have anything. We don't have any worship. We don't have anything like they did. But at the same time, what were the resources that they had, they had to feed from Allah subhanaw taala. But what would what would I know I'm getting into a weird place but just think about this. What would they have done with the Quran? Like

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they had scripture, they had revelation from Allah subhanaw taala. But we know that the Quran is the greatest revelation, the prophets of Allah I do send them says that salt and fat have nothing was revealed like it in any book before the province of the lightest, some says that sort of the follow up and sort of the nuts nothing was revealed like them before these chapters that we have this Quran that Allah subhanaw taala revealed, how sweet would it have been in their mouths? How beloved would it have been to their hearts? If they were able to recite previous scriptures day in and night and and with connote in this incredible level of devotion and love, what would they have done with the

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Quran? And so the Prophet sallallahu Sallam he tells us you need this religion has been made so easy for us the Prophet sallallahu s&m says that whoever recites 10 verses in the night. If you recite 10 verses in the night, that sort of, I'll follow up and so the NAS together that's 11 verses by themselves, you add sort of the lip gloss, and that's 14 or 15 verses, certainly versus the province, little lighter, some says just just 10 just 10 verses, that person will not be written from the unaware of the heedless. So you'll be marked present. Basically, if a person doesn't recite any of that, then they're considered from the heedless of that night. But if a person recites just

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10 verses, your mark, President you're not. You're not heedless. And then he says, and whoever recites 100 verses in the night, they are written from a tiny team. They are written from those who are developing OBS, what are the 100 verses look like? Well, smaller than molk is 30 verses. What's that? Like? That's two pages, right? That's 30 verses. So if a person recites just sort of the mod three times or something equivalent to it, there are some chapters you start to learn which chapters have more verses which chapters have less verses, you pay attention to these things, or you just you just read,

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but it's not a lot. 100 verses the province level by Newsom says that is person that person is written from an identity. And then he says whoever recites 1000, verses cootie by me, and I'm concluding that person is written from those who receive a clean thought of rewards when thought is a whole mountain of good deeds, okay? But these small steps, but just 100 verses puts a person in position to be from those who are devoutly obedient to ALLAH SubhanA data devoted obedience, Allah subhanaw taala also says and sort of added a moron. So that's number one, just praying 100 verses in the night, also an added Emraan Allah Subhana Allah to Allah. In verse 17, Allah says, when

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communicating with adic, Allah says, Shall I not tell you what is better means radical than that Lavina taco ended up being for those who have Taco up there, Lord, will those have Taco in front of their Lord? They'll have gardens in the presence of their Lord beneath which rivers flow and they'll abide there eternally, and they'll have purified spot

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else's approval from Allah Subhana Allah, Allah and Allah is all seeing of His servants. And then he says those who say our Lord, I'm enough in Nana Zubaydah, okay, nada, but not all our Lord, we have believed. So forgive us our sins and protect us from the hellfire. Who are they a sovereign?

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Well saw the teeth of slavery and those who endure how patients are saw the clean and those who are truthful, well, clarity and those who have devoted obedience to Allah subhanaw taala, when 115 and those who spend in the path of Allah when was to fit in a bill as hell, and those who seek forgiveness in the time before dawn, these five characteristics, these people will enter into Paradise, and they will have Gardens underneath which rivers flow and all of that beauty but the scholars even talk about sequence here that they're subber leads to their truthfulness. A person doesn't lie, except because they can't endure the truth in that moment. And so a person who has

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ingrained in themselves and that's why you see how patience and endurance is this incredible value that leads to so much goodness. This entire religion is between gratitude and patience, gratitude and patience. These give birth to so many other qualities. And so endurance leads to truthfulness, and truthfulness leads to devotion because sin doesn't just mean truthfulness and speech. It means truthfulness in action, it means that your actions are consistent with your beliefs. And so if a person believes in Allah subhanaw taala, then they're gonna pray five times a day, that is a truthfulness that is consistent in body with their tongue with their heart. And so they then show

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truthfulness. And then they endure in that truthfulness, the patience and the truthfulness merged together, which leads to consistency. And so that leads to devoted obedience l carnitine. And then of course, it manifests in them giving charity and then Allah subhanaw taala. After they offer all of that, what are they doing, they're still seeking forgiveness in the morning because they realize that everything that they've ever offered, and when I say the morning, I mean before fed us has to have time, because they're offering everything that they're offering, and they're seeking Allah subhanaw Without us forgiveness because they see it as being still too insignificant for Allah. And

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mediums ancestor, the great hadith of Allah Subhana Allah, Allah subhana wa Tada tells us one of the things that power glutes as well we said that one of the things that power keynote is

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patience. And we said the all of Islam is between patients and gratitude. What does Allah Subhana Allah say about Ibrahim? Allah says at the end of sort of the NAT, which is this chapter of blessings, Allah says in Ibrahim Mechanicville mutton, Ibrahim was an ummah. Hi Anita nila, he was devoutly obedient to Allah He He was a climate. Madame was from L carnitine. Ibrahim was cognate and Nila Hanifa and William Jacobina Masha kid, he was someone upon true monotheism and he wasn't of those who commit a shift with Allah Subhana Allah Shackelton you and me. He was grateful to the blessings of his Lord. He was grateful to the blessings of his Lord Medion Allah has chosen you and

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purified you and chosen you over all of the women of the world already showed devotion to Allah subhanho wa Taala Ibrahim ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada says to him in Niger a locally nasty Mama, I'm going to make you an imam over all the people.

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Abraham was thankful. And so the second ingredient that powers our ability to show devotion to Allah subhanho wa Taala is gratitude being aware of all of the blessings that you're immersed in? Remember that medium is being told to perform a note as a result of her being chosen. And here we see that ALLAH SubhanA dadas testify that Ibrahim was devoted to Allah, he was thankful for his blessings.

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That concludes our series on medium May Allah Subhana Allah accept from us all, and may we be with them.