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wilhemina shaytani r rajim Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa Salatu was Salam ala Sayidina Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi mehreen My beloved brothers and sisters in Islam and saddam our legal management along with regard to

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Al Hamdulillah. Arabella mean Oh Praise to Allah Subhana Allah, Allah, Allah Allah Allah would be a witness that none has the right to be worshipped except Allah. And we send our gratitude to Allah for selecting us to be in the month of Ramadan and the swakop Juma in the masjid. We just come into the masjid and one brother mentioned that the people at work some go to the shebeen now and others are coming to the masjid and truly We are fortunate in that Allah subhanaw taala selected as to be here to worship him to get the full benefit in the blessing of this monster behind Allah how many people are experiencing this month and getting no benefit out of its panela and yet Allah selected

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you and me to receive from it so we cannot be begin and end in sugar to Allah subhana wa Tada. And of course we send our love and salutations to be loving to be Muhammad Sallallahu sallam, to spice and pure family and those who follow Him until the end of time. May Allah bless us to be on the student of NaVi Salaam, mela bliss as in this month of Ramadan. May Allah accept our fasting and all our EBI that Grant has the strength to continue. Throughout this month. How many people in the cupboard would wish to come back for one day, one more day of fasting on more than one day of fasting outside of Ramadan is a 70 year distance from jahannam. And we know one day of Ramadan is

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greater than a lifetime of sooner fasting one day, one day of fasting now millions and millions of years. Bismillah is a prediction between you and me from the eyes of gentlemen how fortunate we are Allah blessed us with many more amin Al Hamdulillah.

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inshallah, today we start with the new CDs. What the people of Japan look like not talking about who line as you want to see in the slides of who and we don't have that. While we were listening to the thought

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you'd find in the Quran, Allah subhanho wa Taala gives a few places in the Quran lists of what the successful people are like sort of in the first few ayah in Surah marriage is a list of the qualities of the people of Jenna what they appear like on the dounia

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and why this is important. Because right now we are at insha Allah the Most the best versions of ourselves in Ramadan, we are based outside of Ramadan, we go down and we are not as polished as we are in Ramadan. And therefore you need I need to compare myself you need to compare yourself to the qualities of the people of gentlemen in the Quran, how do I match up with him? Because if I'm not up to scratch in Ramadan, that is a problem. Because outside Ramadan, we even worse. So these qualities in this week and maybe next week, we'll look at some of the characteristics of those people who Allah describes as the successful ones. Those who are in Ghana, and how we and hopefully we can

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emulate them. And the first passage of as we will look at the very famous is the man, the end of Sudoku con, the end of the surah chapter four upon you find a list of losses were evaluated. And he talks about the event of a man or a bad means worshiper but it actually means slave, it means the slaves of a man and we just begin with this title. Allah says and the evaluator of man, my slaves, my special slaves, this construction is a bit of Arabic language here is called the ibaka construction, it often means the glosses of the man, the pin of the boy the call of position, it gives one thing being possessed by something else. So Allah is saying that he bad witch are

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possessed by Allah, Rama and the servants. And there is no split between the one object and the one owning it, meaning that they have a very close link with Allah. Allah says that he's a bad another point. Lang linguistic point here we are to Yvette is the proof of Abdullah slave. There are two types of poodles of these are a bed and a bead evaton a bead, a bead are all slaves and obedient, one and this obedient one, and therefore Allah says in the Quran, that he's not the lamb is not oppressive to the avoid meaning to alternatives. He does not oppress anyone, even the bad ones, a lot of local police, but the bad of the special slaves, the obedient slaves, so Allah sees the bad

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of our man. He didn't choose Allah. Allah could have said, Allah special slaves but he chose specifically Allah chose the name of our man Bismillah Ar Rahman Ar Rahman, because we know our man is the highest name of Allah's mercy. When it comes to Mercy of Allah. This is the highest level of mercy. In other words, Allah is saying the closest people to His mercy, the people that are closest to His mercy, and His love and His affection are these people. So Who are they? Allah says what a bad man. Now imagine in your mind, and I I've played this out as if, though, maybe beyond

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We're on the, on the bus at the end of piano. And we're on our way to Jenna. I mean, and you look around and you see different characters. How did they get here? How did they get on the bus? What is the story to get here? They're going to get into gender. And there are different types allow will show different types automatically. We imagine that people have gender in default is an old man, you must be old first. You can't be a bad man. If you're under 60 You must have a long white beard. You must be half bent over you must have a fence between you and that's the bad man anything less than that. We don't know about children being a bad man. We don't know about women being a bad man. Let's

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look how Allah describes in the first quality Subhana Allah begins what a burger man they are levena una una

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mujer de Luna colusa Rama, they are of them are those who begins panel Allah begins. They are the ones who walk on the earth with humility. And when they are addressed by someone that is dying, that is ignorant, they say said.

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So the first point the first group, Allah says there are people who walk on the earth, with humility, with modesty with gentleness. Now, of course, I wasn't only talking about physically walking, he means that you can see even in the way someone walks the way someone drives his car or leaves his car that he can show if he's a person of pride. And similarly a person of humility, the way he interacts with people just by walking just by looking by speaking if walking can show your pride in someone that shows off his pride in the way he walks he flashes in a certain style. Can you imagine what it's like to have a conversation with a man like that? A person with a license plates,

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you know, whatever it might be a person with a certain license plate showing off his he's pride. Can you imagine what it's like to sit in the car and have a conversation with such a person. So Alice is just in the way these people walk. They give a sense of of ease. It also doesn't mean that they have this extra You know, they're all hunched over and they walk as if though they are you know, constipated. This is. This is actually worse. The person who walks with an air of humility is more is more pride than a man who is proud proud of his his wealth. a side note, to be proud out of your righteous deeds is the highest level of keeper, it's the worst. We have keep it out of your looks

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and keep it out of your money than to be keep f look down on others because of your good deeds. So let's are talking about the way he walks in terms of how he interacts with people. When you have a conversation with this person, you don't feel inferior. You don't feel less in his presence in terms of dealing in terms of your job in terms of your HELOC until you feel comfortable and open with this person. But he never praises himself. He never gives off an air of superiority or she never gives them an air of superiority. Whenever they interact with anything on Earth. They are easy, moderate middle, they don't praise themselves and they don't belittle anyone else. First quality Allah says

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they walk on this earth with humility. And what is the hot emoji Luna Paulo Salama? That if they are confronted by a jar when they are confronted with someone by Jay Hillier doesn't mean only ignorant person even someone have bad etiquette. So a person that is has good good qualities he treats people well, or how does he respond when he receives bad treatment and our even our seasons I was either meaning when it's different. Everyone is going to be confronted by some guy in his lifetime. You're gonna find that person that when they see you, they can only say something negative.

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You looking fat today. The first thing they say Hey, are you still unemployed? Is they mentioned negative qualities or the argumentative? They look to confront the man How does he respond to a character that is unbecoming that has no other no etiquette. Allah says they respond callooh Salama meaning to things Salah means a Solomonic meaning I distance myself from you. You cut the conversation short and you leave even more than that. They respond with a giant Hill meaning a person who is is is rude in his interaction, he responds with peace, that you can scream and shout you in the traffic person shows you a sign mentioned some words. Peace be upon you. This is the man

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that's the first quality. The first quality of these people who earns a lot of karma. They are humble in the way they interact with others and on the earth they are gentle and when they are confronted by rude people they respond with with courtesy and

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the next category and as I say that hamdulillah This is like the people the seven under the throne of Allah shade under the shade of olives thrown. It doesn't mean you need to be all seven to get the you need to be one of the seven. So now we have about nine types of people you can decide which one is easiest for me to get to

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Ideally if you can be all of them this is the best. So it's the first quality a person who is humble and is good in his interactions with people. Now again side note, if he is courteous and says Salaam to the rude person, how does he interact with a nice person? Something to think about the next category as we would expect when levena Joby tuna lira became Sujit and Nokia man, he spins the nights when everyone is sleeping in sujood and Korea in sada that he keeps the night alive. When he's alone. No one sees him in the pre bowing suit most of the night is Institute and pm standing long sajida As expected, the Bible Rockman they would enhance in Nevada. Now as soon as we get to

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naumova most of us at hamdulillah we have now we do some form of knightstalker that we don't usually do during the year Allah has given us the tofik and the hardest thing to do the hardest solder is the tahajud solder that solder an hour to three hours before the last third of the night and it's also the holiest hours of the of the night that is an hour when Allah subhana wa Taala decisions in a manner which fits his majesty every night to the lowest amount and he says who is looking for a stick fart for me forgive them who is they looking for my bounty so I may give them what they want. There is an hour in the day and it's assumed within this last third of the night when the hours are

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accepted. It is the hour when the angels descend and ascend and if they find you in Sala at that time very awkward hour. Most of us they find us in sleep, wherever we lie they find us during that time. And Allah will asked him how have you found my bed? How wonderful it would be they said we found them in sujood we found them in sajida so

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they forsake the beads is Allah sit in it says in another Ayah very difficult quality. But for some others it might be easy. Maybe this is your ticket to how you get to Jenna, the one who prays at night when others sleep.

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The third type of people

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those who fear jahannam Allah says well levena yaku they say Robin asleep Anna addabbo jahannam. In Ghana, Rama inasa at Mr. Perron Mama, of those who are the clues to Allah's mercy of those who have a perpetual fear of Allah janam the in constant fear and they constantly seek protection from that they see meaning they make dua Ravana Oh Allah Oh Lord, divert as a verb from us the adverb of janam V in other Rama that is punishment is even endearing, it's very severe in V Jana is an evil place to settle and to be resident situ could mean to pass through it. And of course, even worse, to remain in it forever. Now, think of those of us who sometimes and this is one of the things that allies

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curse some people in the Quran Allah mentions them, when they do a sin, they say will only stay in Gangnam for a little while. I'll do it's worth it. I'll do the crime. Spend a few years in genomics no problem. And then I'll come out and go to Germany. This is not giving a life through hock this is this is not having any fear of Jannah or some people ask you how big is the sun? You know, if you do the sun is one thing. We can understand the man who commits the sin who steals will come and Xena because there's something inside of him that encourages to that. But to diminish the power of Allah in that way, that's even worse. And that's worse in the one in the one who commits the sin. That's

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the biggest sin, because now you have completely disregarded Allah subhanho wa Taala and his punishment. So over those policies, at least, they say or didn't say he, he stops committing sin. At least he makes do our daily Oh Allah save me from janome. And it's expected if you constantly make an effort. Initially, these things will not come as a second nature, you will initially have to work on yourself and say, whenever this person brings the worst out in me, maybe it's the mother in law, maybe it's the daughter in law, I will say Sarah, I would have to work on it until it becomes second nature. Maybe this one we can do. We can make a special time in the day I will continuously make dua

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to Allah particularly from Jana, particularly from janam. And it's hoped that that will eventually result in actually saying, well, it's no point we making dua, but I continue to do the things that take me closer to Jana. So now I will stop doing those things that bring me to Johanna. So they take the punishment of Allah seriously. And it prevents them from doing certain what the very least they continuously make do against it. And they continuously struggle themselves. I don't want to end up the I don't want to end up the it's on the mind all the time, that if I die today.

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If I die today, where is my destination? Am I am I secure? The janome is not my place at the moment, and therefore they continuously make dua for that. That's category number three, category number four swana law and accountants

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The person who spends his money quickly who budgets, one levena either unfuck Ooh, lamb use LIFO wollam yakou work anabaena Danica Cahaba, he is the one who when he spins, he does not spend excessively wastefully and he also isn't nearly so sweet. He is not miserly, stingy. He's not stingy in the way he swings, but he's been alika karma is currencies between these is balanced between those two things all the time.

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Now, you might think what is good, what is budgeting, and got to do with money or fees got to do with getting to agenda and being the man. In reality, most of us most people, currently, they either spend too much what they don't have what they shouldn't be spending on, or they're not spending correctly. They have, they don't spend it correctly, or they are not giving a talk, which should be how many of us can see when it comes to money at hand. I feel secure. But my money is not at least for me. That is not going to be a problem for me in the day. When Allah audits me under def karma, I won't have to account now you look at that bank statement. How much of it in me is not supposed to

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be in the harmony? How much have I spread out the is how long how much have I spent which is wasteful. So besides haraam, what is haram is one thing and many inshallah I hope none of us spend on her on buying things to her I'm looking at things that are wrong with our money, but they could be now what if it is wasteful to go on a fourth holiday in one month? Is it wait I can afford it? It is wrong, sheer wasteful, is any blessing that you discard that one slice even though you can buy a million loaves of bread. But if one slice of bread goes through the burn, for no reason, then that was wasteful. Yes, Marcia life, you have a big family and you need to buy 10 loaves of bread a day.

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There's no waste in that. So Allah leaves it to you spend what is in your need and enjoy in a way which is appropriate. But don't be wasteful of what Allah has given you. At the same time. Don't be miserly. What Allah has given you is it number one, Allah gives you 100 and automatically two and a half percent is aka change for Allah must be given, then there is in your money, a hack on your dependence, the resources, the best money you can spend is the money on your family. More important in soccer to the masjid is to make sure the needs of your family the food, the medical education, once that has been met. Now this extra disposable income, how you do how you deal with that can earn

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your agenda, also annaleigh it can be the means that we go to jahannam they are not stingy Allah does not require that you spend all of it in his path. In fact, only abubaker we know gave all his wealth in the path of Allah. Allah never allowed this says too much too much charity. But for us how much is enough? And that's everyone needs to look at. does Allah deserve 1% 5% 10% of my wealth? How much will I earn? How much Jenna How much do I want to get my agenda through my wealth. So let's This is a category of people that they earn the agenda through the money, they earn the agenda through the money by spending correctly earning correctly. And as I said, you can look at this

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category. And maybe the third category is a bit difficult for me, my sleep is too valuable for me. But what I can do is I can manage my money of fees quickly. I won't waste I will spend in charity to a moderate degree, and I will enjoy moderately, as Allah uses the term karma meaning balanced, he is always balanced. He's not extreme in anything, he would enjoy himself as well, but not extreme. So that is something that he does all the time. The Why is one when it comes to money. Also, side note your generosity. Sahaba says that Jesus alone was the most generous of people, yet he never had a fortune. He was never a wealthy person. generosity is not about you can, it doesn't mean that you

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need to be wealthy before you become generous. In fact, there are many people that are generous, because they're poor, because I only have a half, one slice of bread, but I shaved that off for someone else. And this is real extreme generosity, more generous in the man who gives a million to the masjid. Alhamdulillah for both, both is good. But generosity is relative to you.

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That proportionally you give more than those above us behind Allah. The next category. This is the center panel. This is the one and many times we think so on this bus I mentioned. We get into gentlemen, you look you find the person who's humble, you find the person who has at sujood Mark was he made the sajida all the time you find the accountant they will manage these fees correctly is money affairs. Well, welcome to the law. Now you find a guy with tattoos and all

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this criminal looks like he got on the wrong bus. He should have gone to the other bus the other destination I think

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Gita. Allah speaks about the sinner when he forms himself, the person that are right now and Subhanallah you know the people that are imposed from prison that received this victim Allah grant them he dianella the form them. It doesn't matter where you are the Sahaba many of them were much lower than even the worst of our criminals. We were they killing their own children worshipping stones, worst of the worst in absolute darkness and already formed into the base to the highest level of events. So don't think that I'm too far away to be of those about no one year myself included. No one year is too far away from the Roman law that we can't get back and especially that

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I'm alone, so Allah speaks of the next category. When levena

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una mala Isla and Aha. They don't worship anyone besides a law they don't turn to anyone besides a little chick. What are your children enough? seletti harmala 11 Huck, what is known, they don't kill or murder anyone unjustly. They don't take a life and they don't come up Xena. What am I the FL Delica el kazama. But whoever Allah now begins the one who commits the sin. Who ever does any of these sins, Sheikh murder, Xena, in fact, Allah has combined them. Allah says I think of a man. And this is a scenario. You think of someone with committing Sheikh is in a gang. he commits murders frequently, and he commits Zina as part of his life. This is like the trinity of the trinity of

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evil, right? He's doing this in his life. So let's do ever does this well. Delica yellow, then he will meet a severe severe penalty, you da da da Veoma pm

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loot v mohana that Allah will ever increase his punishment said that you The sad thing about janam and the good thing about Jana.

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Jana will every day increase in goodness. Some people are motivated through gender and some people are motivated through gender to do good deeds. If your gender motivates you, then what's beautiful about gender as a beautiful way explains, you eat something in general, and it's the most amazing and now especially now when you're fasting we talk about food, right? You look and you see this day to something spectacular fruit, you taste it. And it's mind blowing, you've never tasted anything as amazing like that in your life. You take a second bite and it's even better than the first and you take a third and it's even better and the more you eat the nice side gets and you don't get full.

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You can just keep on enjoying the food. Right? You look at your wife, she's so beautiful You can't even describe you look away for a second you look back she's even more beautiful for eternity it increases like this agenda janome is the same for eternity it just gets worse that you never get comfortable in general. You know if you long enough in hot water eventually the water doesn't feel so hot. janome isn't like that. Allah says Utah flow hula the other doubles it increases Yama, Yama. Fie Mohan and they will stay in the forever humiliated. This is the one who committed murders commit Xena. When he says Allah says, Now you take a man that's done all of this. A person that is standing

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right now committing all these sins and Subhana Allah I hope none of us here have that level. Now this man Allah says in lemon, but if he comes back Tabitha tuber means he comes back to Allah. Well, I'm Anna and now he believes in Allah. Well, Amina Ramadan, saleha he forms his life he does good deeds doesn't become you know, one of the only everline in terms of making and fasting every day. No, he just reformed himself to the basic level. For una de la ciudad de impassionate Allahu Akbar, Allah says, I will take those mountains of sin that he had done those murders and Zina that he had done. I will convert it into good deeds, meaning he will get sought as aka had hedge those years of

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sun alone will make it yours of the better. A lot of

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work and a love of Allah. Allah says I'm a forgiving, Most Merciful. Now some might think do I only only does this only get maximum security prisoners can they get into this category? I first have to commit a major crime make Toba and then I get into this category. I first need to rob a bank make Toba then I can be no Allah says woman tab This is for anyone and for anyone. Well, Amina, sorry, her and the reform they stopped doing that sin and they start doing good deeds for inner huya to be the lucky metabo that Allah will always return back to him. So someone, there are some peoples who had alum they challenge in life is to do more good deeds. Allah has given them all the opportunity,

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knowledge, money, they allow us bless them with a lot to see how well they're going to do it, how well they're going to succeed. You know, they're in class, you get those who are gunning for top position, and that's where they need to operate. There are others who need to operate at 150% just to pass and that's it.

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ability. Some people have addictions. Some people have a deep doxon. Some people love the sin so much. And for them to say no to that sin is more difficult than for the value of the olivella. To spend the whole night in.

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The sinner who turns away from his son requires more Eman of this you'll find of this this categories of people. One thing they have all in common. It requires consistent consistency. Every time he spins, he has to make sure it is not extreme. Every time he meets a jar he needs to watch himself every night he needs to wake up in dadgad. Every time that certain tempts him, he fights it. And that's the that is the real problem. That's the real challenge here. The patience that is required for this. So the sooner Allah says, even if you're the worst, the murderer, the Xena maker, the sheetrock maker, but you want to reform yourself, that could be your ticket to gender. That son

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is your reason for gender by staying away fighting it making tober yes falls back sometimes and continuously making tober This is the month of October. But if we can't get out of Jana now in this month, very, very difficult anywhere else. Very difficult. This month, is an amnesty alerts basically, you know, some sometimes the government says anyone who has an illegal firearm, they didn't pay the taxes, just submit the form and you'll be forgiven. This is the same even more so in the Ramadan. Just raise your hand say Allah forgive me, please forgive me, Allah, whatever I had done back then, forgive me Allah. And Allah has guaranteed in Ramadan, he gives a general amnesty to

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whoever wants it every single day. And like literally none of us leave this month, except that all our sins are forgiven. May all our sins be forgiven you Allah. Then Allah says, What loving Allah shadowgun azura What are Maru Billahi min Rukia Rama? This is the one who looks to the conversations he keeps the one whose focus is his tongue.

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Allah says of my man are those who do not testify to falsehood. And when they pass near ill speech they pass by with dignity.

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On the one hand, it is the one who does not be witness false testimony. Usually this is referred to a guy who comes to court and he gives a false testimony right now none of us inshallah does that. None of you, I hope is in the parliamentary Commission's and you have to testify for corruption, I hope none of that, but he gives more than that Allah says yes, had means to witness to see, he does not even look at full speech meaning he does not participate. When people are talking evil, false corrupt speech, he does not even look at it. He does not associate himself in gossip, that

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think about the staying away and not gossiping is difficult. But to this associate yourself, when that is being happening. When that is happening. That's more difficult. But if I'm in a in a whatsapp group and these bad talks in the juicy conversation, even I want to listen, I either insert myself or I ignore it, that there's a link, click here. And you'll see so and so doing so and so he doesn't click, he doesn't forward fake news on he doesn't engage in these things, unless he doesn't even witness them. And even if he passes by level, that if he passes by useless speech, rude speech, vulgar speech, bad speech, he passes by karamay keeps his dignity intact. Because voila, when you

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sit in a company with these bad things being said, or each ad group with his bad things being said, or pictures are being exchanged, just by being the not saying anything, but seeing and participating looking listening. your dignity is harmed. So this is obviously bad. Not only don't they speak these things, they associate themselves with dignity on top of that, you meaning they don't make others feel bad when they do it. They don't go out and say, Oh, you bunch of XYZ, I don't have time for you. You people are bad for my email, and I leave no, he leaves with dignity. He doesn't make anyone feel bad about that. He just sees himself really difficult to handle. And this of course, was a

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result from linked fasting with protecting the tongue. In fact, it's perhaps more difficult to watch what comes out of the mouth. What goes through the hands the fingers nowadays, then what goes in the mouth more difficult to watch the conversations we keep the friends we keep. Then almost 100 says one Latina either look up is Europium la mirada, Suman, wa omiana. Perhaps these other people have knowledge that Allah says they are the ones who win the year the reminder they are reminded of the verses of the Lord, they get knowledge from Allah, they do not fall upon them different blind, blind, they implemented immediately that if every year and I have saga, they try to put one during

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the year.

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The next night, they will make one Raka Raka statute doesn't mean they do it all the time. I mean, they do everything all the time. But the minute the year a reminder, they internalize it and they say let me implemented

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One once in my life, Mohammed Mohammed is known for this as a student he grew up learning millions of Hadith many, many 1000s of Hadith. And every time he would learn a new heading, even if it is a hadith unchopping had even in a museum, his work that needed this thing, then you will die that day like we do it once in my life, so that I can say I fulfill that sooner in my life at least once. So Allah speaks about people that they listen to reminders, and they reflect on them. It doesn't just go in one year and out one year. It they think about it the least they make the ayah Allah help me if they can't, or if they can even implement that. And we are how much bionz Juma time whatever

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lectures you listen to, they think about these things. right he takes when he hears a last reminder, this one's beautiful, and that's one of the ones that we can aim for. One levena the last one, we're living in a una robina habla nomina, Gina, Gina kurata

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Latina Mama, they are those who say they make our Lord grant from amongst our wives and our children, the coolness of our eyes, the comfort of our eyes and make us an example for the righteous. This is the family man. You can earn Jenna through your family, you can be the Bible, right man by being the best husband and then the best wife and mom.

00:31:15 --> 00:31:18

Not making big gadgets, not building massages.

00:31:19 --> 00:32:00

Not making huge life changes in terms of selfies, just by being a good family personality. They seek this. Allah Subhana Allah says they are those who make dua to Allah, meaning they try what's beautiful about this, and the jahannam person, the one who makes two, it's not that he is the best husband. He is not the one that is the fearful of jahannam he makes do I yeah, Allah let me be a good husband. Let me be fearful of Jana. Right. So making dua doesn't get into you get it, but just the fact that he's trying that alone is enough. You understand the difference, not the one who climbs Mount Everest, the one who is on the journey to get there, even if he didn't get past tip

00:32:00 --> 00:32:40

number one, but he's on the journey, he is the man. So this is someone who continuously daily makes to offer his family, and he likes to do a lot. Not that they be guided, of course that comes into play. But he says he likes to let them be the comfort for all my strengths. Someone might say the only stress I have in my life is my family, as the only one in my life, his wife and kids the other way around a blessing, the only comfort in his life. Or the one thing that takes away his pain, or her pain is when he looks at his wife, he looks at his or her husband, they look at their children, then all the sorrow goes away. It also shows that I am happy.

00:32:42 --> 00:33:21

I mean, my eyes are only on them. I don't look around, that I'm happy with what Allah has given me that I enjoy the relationship with my wife was with my kids. But if I have to choose between spending late two o'clock, three o'clock the morning with a guy is I will prefer to be at home with the family. Doesn't mean you don't have to have friends. But it means that you find enjoyment in them. And you'll only get this if you give, you'll get that in return. You'll only find the comfort in your life if you give her that comfort. So Allah sees a person like that to make dua and strives to be to find happiness in his family. He's the man and he goes further. And he says, and make us an

00:33:21 --> 00:34:00

example for the righteous meaning it may be of those that we try to be of those of the righteous try, don't get me but as an example, if we try to assist the law says about them. If you are one of these nine categories, you're the one who is humble in the way you deal with people. You are the one who is making tattooed at night, you are the one that avoid you make the art daily against them. You're the one that is mindful in the way you spend uniform yourself as a sinner, you avoided the Haram you avoided the ills speech the wrong speech, you are a good person when it comes to the family and try your best to be a good husband a good wife, for Allah says when you can use sabado

00:34:00 --> 00:34:39

for them we give them the lofty chambers the Buddha I mentioned in Jenna, the bishops quotes of Jenna even Jenna suburbs, they will get the high levels of Jenna because of what they made suffer. Allah didn't mentioned somebody in any of this Why? Because I said this is a continuous battle to do these things. Every day you must battle with yourself with your with your credit card with your joy in your life with the wife with the kids. It's a constant battle because of they suffer for what they patiently endured, they will receive the in once they indigena they will get glad words of Sarah, they will get from Allah. Mubarak, listen, you've you've done it. Job well done, you've

00:34:39 --> 00:34:59

passed the exam, and they will stay the in forever and ever. And Allah says hi, Nina via Hassan acoustal karma karma, that what a perfect place to settle and to live eternally in the mellah bliss has to be of the mother a man by all of us intergender all of us into the loft dimensions and be servants of lots of panels.

00:35:00 --> 00:35:28

Allah, just a few announcements, our Tafseer of surah Yusuf is our theme for the month of Ramadan if you haven't received it, you can get it no charge to these things you can just join our WhatsApp line with four triple to 1308 and you will receive the pseudo use of the feed so many beautiful lessons and of course the teacher or the Alhamdulillah maybe that's the way in which to build a family man start with difficulties inshallah. Not only by making discipline this Mahanama even better. Well, hamdulillah Sokoloff, Ada said I want

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one last announcement for the book up. The star tonight is in the road. So and this administers as well it's going to be so it's a bit of a big thing. So everyone's to breakfast making breaking Fox in Wales taking showers.

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