Zakir Naik – Zakat-ul-Fitr an obligation on all the Muslims

Zakir Naik
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the obligation on every Muslim to pay Z booked as Z booked, but it is not required for every Muslim living. The obligation is on every Muslim living, except for those who have a certain provision. The speaker also mentions a history of giving the catalyst for COVID-19 to those who are living under the custody of their parents.
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Dr. Zaki, could you

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also tell me is

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Zakat and fitrah an obligation upon only those Muslims who have to pay these occur? Or is it an obligation on all the Muslims?

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When you're the Muslims, they think that the cartel fidra is only an obligation on those Muslims who have to pay zakat. This is a misconception. The cartels only for on road Muslims who have a saving above the sub level, as we discussed earlier, but it's a cartel. fitrah is an obligation on every Muslim unless is very poor and does not have the provision. Otherwise, its obligation on every Muslim and a beloved prophet masala. Some said it's mentioned in say Buhari, word number two in the book of Zaha Hadid number 1503. The Beloved Prophet masala Sallam said that give one PSA of dates, or Bali as a catalyst fitted for every Muslim slave, or free, male or female, young or old. That

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means every Muslim whether it's three or a slave, whether you're young or old, whether you're male or a female, they have to give Zakat This is an obligation on every Muslim living.

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But it's not required that a person that forgives a cat for person who's in the womb of the mother or fetus, though there are tend to have these things saying that ultimate man lobby please with him, he had given us a pat on the child which was not born with a fetus. But that is optional. But the guy should be given on every Muslim who's living. And further it is mentioned by Beloved Prophet Musa al Salaam. It's mentioned in sunon bakkie

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volume number four, Book of the catalyst fitted at this number 7683, the beloved partner, some Muslim said, that gives a cultural fit on the people who are under your custody, whether young or old, whether slave or free. Let me the person who had the family, he gives a path to fit for everyone who is under his custody, whether it be the children, whether it be the wives, if the elderly people like the father who lives under the custody looking after the Father. So it should give evidence on the father and the mother. It should give Zakat on the people under custody, whether they are free or whether the slave so if your slave has to give the catalyst even for the

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slave. So for all the people who are under the custody of the person, it's his duty, that he should give the transmitter for those people. So it's obligatory on every level Muslim, unless the person is very poor, or is a very needy, like a person who doesn't have the provision.

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The stipulated amount for giving the other 50 if you have less than that amount, then he cannot give Zakat, but naturally as Allah says in the Quran in surah baqarah chapter number two was number 26. That Allah subhanaw taala does not lay on anyone a burden given and he can bear it further mentioned Sora boon tap number 64 was the min 16. So fear Allah as much as you can. So if a person doesn't have the stipulated amount, if you have the amount

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that is required to give us a COVID you can even you have the amount but if he doesn't have then it is our obligation on him. Otherwise obligated on all the other living Muslims. The beloved partner solusvm said its mission to say Buhari word number nine added number seven to eight eight, the beloved puffiness Rossum said that whenever I command do something, do it as much as you can do to the best of my ability. There's a Hadith, which is mentioned in say Muslim, born number two, because the cat number 2147, where

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the Beloved Prophet Musa al Salaam, he said that there is no psutka for a slave except for the Cutlass. There's no charity for a slave, except for Takata cetera. So there are some scholars who say that even

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if the slave that you have a non Muslim, you should even use the catheter for him, which is not right truly, where the major scholar they say it is wrong, because you take it in context, because it clearly mentions a block producer also said it's mentioned in some number

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one number two, because the card number 1605, a beloved partner from said that gives that others fitted for the purification of your fast from empty talks and obscene talks and give it to the poor Muslims. So based on this, we come to know that a person should fast they shouldn't be a Muslim, or non Muslim save if you have who does not fast. So where the question of means that God is better for him. So but natural it includes that it means only

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For the slaves, all Muslims, this is the right ruling that you have to give that at the Center for the slaves which are Muslim that you have

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zakat. I have the answer Dr. Zakir

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