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So I want you to imagine the site as a loss of parents gave Adam Eisner his soul, all over the angels fell in such the tomb, they all fell in prostration. All I mean, some had a lot, trillions and trillions and trillions of angels imagine the site, all in prostration. to Adam and Islam, this is what he wakes up to Subhanallah not the such that the sujood prostration. You know, just just to clarify here, it's not worship, they were not praying to the Muslim and this was something that was done out of respect and out of, you know, out of a loss of hands on fact, commanding them to do so. And this is something that was actually done in previous nations, we see it in the story of Yusuf

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Ali his Salaam, where his parents and his brothers make salute to him, they prostrate to him. And in fact, even in the time of the prophets lie, some of them one more either new job or the allow Thailand who came back from a sham when he came back from Syria. And he saw the way that the Christians did such that at that time, they prostrate it to their monks. He came to the profit slice. I mean, he did so due to him and the prophets lie Selim, he corrected him. And he said that this is something that was allowed in nations before but Allah subhanaw taala has done away with it, meaning, even the such that that is done out of Iran, that is done out of respect and honoring a

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person that was prohibited and the only thing left now was the subject of ibadah. The prostration of worship because Allah subhanaw taala through this oma clarifies to Hades clarifies monotheism, once and for all. Okay, so all of these angels fall into sajida to Adam and he his Salaam, Allah subhana wa tada says in la police, a police just stood there. And a police you know, is is the only one there who's actually not an angel in the first place. But last time honored him, gave him that company gave him even the shape of an angel. And the police just stood there as the angels made such the last anti says about a stackable that, you know, he felt a sense of pride. He felt a sense of

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denial of envy inside of him. And he even responded and a hiatal Minh that I'm better than him Halekulani. Manawa Halak de whom mentally in that you created me from from fire, and you created him from dirt? Why should I make soju to him? Why should I prostrate to this lowly creature impoundments that ignore him Allah to Allah, He says that at least was the first one to ever use ps ps facet, you know, false analogy, right to make an analogy to say, Well, I'm clearly better than him, because I've been made a fire, and he's been made of dirt. And that makes at least also the world's first racist, right? So panela because he thinks he's better because of his creation, he thinks he's

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superior. And Allah Subhana Allah puts him down as a result of that. Now, this suju to Adam is not from the angels also shows that you are going to be in Hitman, you will be in service to this creation. And we've already mentioned that the angels are in service to us, obviously, at the command of Allah subhanho wa Taala. It blease, you know, just couldn't handle this. And some had a lot, you know, at least belittled him so much that he didn't even mention his name. But he says our Ateca had the lead the kilometer earlier, you see this one that you've preferred to me, you know, I remember in the presidential debates between john mccain and Barack Obama, where McCain said this

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one about Obama and I'm not comparing McCain to Elise or Obama or the mighty Salaam, but this one, you know what was very degrading, right? That's exactly what the police did. to them. It is Salaam, he said you preferred and honored this one, this creation. I'm not even going to say his name. I'm not even going to mention him in an honored way over me. And this is the ingratitude of a police, the ingratitude of shape on why does Allah subhanaw taala give him the lust, the sign or the characteristic the attribute of ingratitude because Allah has taken you from the earth. Allah has put you in paradise. Allah has given you the shape of an angel, Allah saved you a last chance I

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could have left you with those other gyms that were battled but a lot of times I recognize your eba and Allah subhanaw taala saved you and he elevated you and he's given you agenda you're in Paradise, what more do you want, but still at least was ungrateful. So how to Allah and that in gratitude led him to his ultimate Doom so paddle as a result of his in gratitude, did he gain anything that he gained the power of the earth again, did he gained what he wanted? No, actually, he lost agenda. He was reduced back to an ugly shape. So he didn't he was not able to keep the shape that Allah subhanaw taala gave him of a malloc and he was expelled and cursed and just despised as a loss of

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Hannah and to Allah described him or her or demean her for in Nicola Jean, get out of here and you are a despised and despicable creation to Allah subhanho wa Taala. And so

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Pamela we see from that as well that in gratitude is what causes a person not to worship Allah subhanaw taala. It is the weapon of shape on he comes to you. And what does he say to Allah Subhana it's out of that I will make them ungrateful because if they're ungrateful, they won't be driven to worship you anymore. Just like I'm not driven to worship as a result of my ingratitude. So Pamela, he knows his own shortcoming, and that's the shortcoming. He hopes to project on others. And the prophets lie some of them and this is very powerful. You know, he tells us that at least does have regrets here. He does have regrets, but it's not enough to regret. And if I was to ask the average

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Muslim, do you think that shavon ever feels bad about what he's done? I mean, the pride and the audacity that he had, most Muslims would say no, but the prophets lie Selim says in the authentic hadith in Sahih, Muslim, that when any person makes the Jews when the son of Adam prostrates, it doesn't shape on the shape one actually takes to the side and he starts to cry, shape, Bond starts to cry, your call O'Meara vicissitudes, facade, fatherhood agenda, he was commanded to make sudduth he was commanded to prostrate and he prostrated and so Allah will give him paradise. Well omitted to our slate fully enough, and I was commanded, and I disobeyed. And for me is the fire. And what this

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shows us upon a lot is that you know, crying is not enough. You know, when when you do something bad there's a scene from one of the famous or they're not that they sell high for minipci Oh, I'm sorry. No, it's not true fear just to cry and to wipe your eyes when you've done something wrong while in the human ear through Kuma hoffa and you have seen a whole lot of La but he's the one who leaves that which caused him to fear a lot in the first place because shape one, and you know, as much as he cries as much as he feels bad about it, he never turns back to a loss. He continues to turn away from Allah subhana wa tada and that's a recipe for disaster. And in fact even Cathy about him Allah

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says in this very collection of envy Daya with Nehemiah he says that shape on cried four times, there are four times that shape on cried when Allah subhana wa tada declared him to be cursed. The second time when a lot expelled him from Paradise, the third time when the prophets lie Selim was born. And the fourth time when Allah Subhana Allah revealed so little Fatiha. And so we end with the praise of Allah subhanho to Allah and the gift of certain Fatiha as was taught to us by the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam in hopes that Allah subhanaw taala will enter us into genda and a loss of data will make us from the blessed and those who are eternally rewarded. salaam

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