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Then a question arises, are the children of Adam and Eve? Were their souls eternal? Were they there before the mighty Salaam what were they doing before these bodies came and so on so forth? And the first answer to that question is that Allah subhana wa tada is the only one who is eternal, so the souls are created okay. However the souls were created before the bodies, just as with Adam and his Salaam we find that Adam Iceland's body was created and the soul was placed in. But Adam and Eve Salaam soul was already created as the scholars of Tafseer say the mama CLT akima law says it was 1000 years before Adam is lamb that all the souls were created. But alas, pantai knows best How long

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before all we know is that out of the money slums body was made and then his soul was placed in and as for us, our souls already existed before we came to exist in this world. However, the souls were then placed into the bodies as they reached as they reach the age of four months within the wombs of our mothers. So then the last pantai sends the soul which is placed in at that point. now in this situation, Allah Subhana Allah to Allah wipe the back of our mind, Islam and we all came out and we see the conversation that took place between Allah subhanho wa Taala and other Elisa. But did Allah Subhana Allah speak to us at that point, and this is where we find the I unsuited our offer last

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pantai says, Well, if Rob will come in Benny Adam, I mean lahori him reatta home wash had a homer Anna and forcing him and us to be Rob be come then mentioned when your Lord took from the children of Adam and Eve Salaam, from their loins, their descendants and made them testify of themselves so last panel which Allah brought us all out, and our last panel to Allah said, to each and every single one of us LS to be Rob become, Am I not your Lord? carlu benatia hidden and they said, Yes, we bear witness we have testified the angels then said and takuto yo melty Amati in akuna and Heather laugh at the angels who are witnessing this taking place, say lest you should say on the Day

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of Resurrection, indeed we were of this unaware. So what's happening here is that Allah Subhana Allah is making us before we even come into this world before we even have bodies for the souls to occupy a loss of Hannah hoods Allah is already making us testify to his oneness and Allah subhana wa tada is putting within us this fifth law, this natural inclination towards that testimony to the oneness of Allah subhana wa Tada. Now, the interesting thing is that the angels say, and Taku, Yeoman qriocity in McEwan have a lofty, you know, lest you should say on the day of judgment that you were unaware of this, but what if we're already unaware of this? So here's the thing now, this

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incident took place as the prophets lysozyme said, on the day of alpha, okay, and actually in the narration of

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the Allahu anhu. It says, Be Norman, right, which is the valley behind out of mountains, the valley behind the alpha. So it took place on the day of alpha. and the significance of that is that out of a means to come to know, out of the means to come to knowledge to come to know. And as we said, that sadly, job the hour which Allah subhanaw taala answers are there as every week is the last hour on the day of Friday, which is one of the mighty Salaam was created. So that's the best hour of the week. But what's the best day of the year, it's alpha, right by absolute consensus is out of Allah subhanaw taala swears by alpha. and it is the day that we come back to recognize our origin and we

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come back to bear witness to that covenant once again, which is why the mercy of Allah subhanaw taala on the day of alpha is unlike any other day of the year because we've returned back to our origins and we're not denying that covenant we took with the loss of Hannah Todd. Now who testified here, was it just the believers? Was it just the prophets? Actually, each and every single person testified on that day to a loss oneness, right, so that means the worst human being that you could think of that means for your own, on that day stood and said, Bella, right? We bear witness that You are our Lord Shaheed dinner, right? The tyrants of the world today all of them were witness to the

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oneness of Allah subhanho wa Taala, every single human being. Now a question arises, if we're going to be told on the Day of Judgment, and in fact, if the angels told us, you know, don't come on the day of judgment and say that you don't remember this. And if we don't remember this, even today, are we held to that covenant? And this is a very significant question, because if you say that we're held to that covenant that we took with the loss of Hannah Montana, then that means if a person walked the face of the earth, and they were simply never exposed to the Salah to the message of a messenger that was sent by Allah Subhana Allah to Allah, then they're going to be punished because

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they should have remembered that promise and

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covenant that they already took. However, the mercy of Allah subhanaw taala is amazing. Remember Milka Rahim Allah to Allah. He says that my lord decided in his infinite mercy, that he would not punish those who went back on this covenant, unless the hedger unless the proof was established against them in this world, through messengers and messages that they rejected as a loss of penance. Anna says, one that couldn't be more either being a hut number I thought of sooner, we don't punish the people until we send to them a messenger. So no, we're not held to that covenant unless Allah Subhana Allah sends to us. The messengers are the messages, in their pure form, are the messengers

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of those messengers that bring to us that pure form that pure message, and we're able to, to understand it, and then we choose to reject that's when Allah subhanho wa Taala would punish us, then what's the point of this covenant in the first place? Because Allah subhana wa tada never took away the effect of that covenant, as the Prophet slicin him said, each and every single child is born with fifth law, were born with that natural inclination to worship one God. monotheism is the apostle it is the origin of of us as human beings. If you left people out in the middle of nowhere, they would naturally connect with a last panel, it's out of there would be some form of recognition

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of a divine presence, it's already placed inside of us. That's the effect of covenants and that's what Allah subhanaw taala will bring up on the day of judgment as the Prophet slicin him says, you call the regiment scenario will be Amity, that the person who is destined for Hellfire would be standing in front of a loss of habitat on the day of judgment and Allah would say to him Allah at Locarno, like Mr. Allen, demon sheet in a quantum of deadly envy. You know, if I was to give you everything that existed on the face of the earth, would it benefit you in any way today? Would you? You know, if you could present for yourself, the earth full of gold twice to get yourself out of the

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situation? Would you do so? So the man would say, Now, of course, I'll do anything to get out of the situation. I'll have a call but Allah Subhana Allah would say to him, God, Allah to Minka when I'm in garlic, cut a half to LA coffee vahi Adam and Touche de cabeza, for a beta Illa and to shreeka visa, he would say, all I asked you was for something so much less than that. Allah would say, I didn't ask you to present the earth full of gold. All I asked from you was to recognize the oneness of Allah subhanaw taala was to not associate partners with me and Allah subhana wa tada says, I took that covenant from you, when you were still coming out of the back of Adam it his Salaam, that you

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would not associate a partner with me. But instead, you insisted that you would associate in some way shape or form a partner with me, you insisted on doing so. So the effect of the fifth law is there, a law leaves it inside of us. And then once the message is presented to us, we then become accountable to that covenant we took with a loss of one to Allah on the day that he spoke to us, which is known as Yeoman, the fact of the day of the covenants

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