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Salam alaykum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh who Smilla Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala Rasulillah while early he was so happy woman water may Allah subhanaw taala bless you all and accept from you a llama I mean Welcome once again to our program here with the clean Institute on asking a Rahman asking the Ever Merciful, Allah subhanho wa Taala we're making dua here again for educational reasons to inspire and motivate our brothers and sisters around the world to connect to the to the powerful weapon and tool that you have that connects you to your Creator May Allah Subhana Allah accept from all of you along that I mean a dua supplication in Arabic a dua in English and in

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between a DUA to learn every night in sha Allah Tala that we want to spread and share worldwide Welcome to our brothers and sisters from around the world. Let us know as you tune in where you're tuning in from who you're watching with. If this is your first time, let us know which Allah Tada let us know as well in the comments. What this is doing for you, is this program benefiting you is the drop program, something you look forward to or your family and how does it impact you deserve? thermophilum this helps us in terms of feedback to know what's working and may Allah subhanho reward you all mashallah, the diversity from all around the world may Allah accept from all of you along

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with me at hamdulillah Al Hamdulillah Look at the beautiful diversity of our OMA May Allah Subhana Allah accept from all of you Allama I mean we'll give about 30 seconds for our brothers and sisters to join and then we will continue inshallah to add vertical local fecal

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matter so

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we have Morocco Afghanistan, New York, California. Alberta another lens Virginia, masha Allah medical fecal

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some are watching with family some alone that Hamlet into

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Masha Allah, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore,

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masha Allah wa they consider and what I happen to live it occurred to me Allah bless you all.

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look at the diversity you all see where your brothers and your sisters are tuning in from when you see that make your art for one another a loss of how to accept from all of you Aloma I mean,

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that hamdulillah Al Hamdulillah. Can you imagine? Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam peace be upon him. Seeing the OMA today, seeing what people are doing today seeing the programs that Muslims and non Muslims all across the world can access today. What we do here every night, this particular program for those who are asking is our last night's European Institute, we're doing dua, we're praying to Allah subhanaw taala. And the purpose here is not necessarily collective dua The purpose here is to teach one another to inspire one another, to educate about the advocates in terms of what kind of do how might you be making, as well as to make dua in Arabic and English to inspire

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those who may benefit from the session in sha Allah, Allah, and then one educational dua every night in sha Allah.

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We can get started in sha Allah to Allah with our Arabic dua hamdulillah some of you are multitasking some are watching this in the morning some at night. May Allah bless you all along

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Masha Allah Bismillah let's get started

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into all of your dog

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we'll get started with the Arabic DUA and then the English lead on a cello Smilla.

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Allahu monocle hum do 100 Shirk 1800 The Katie in Hamden Kathy you're on point a BAM mobile or can be your Albina can handle karma I am Bellini Giada Lee watching Hiko all the musu ponic along Melaka Islam we're big and while I know you cut our can be cohosts on film funeral Nana Yama hola Amma condom warmer,

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warmer astragal now Rama,

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Rama and movie him in

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tenemos Ponte de moi

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in, in

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law most likely ala Nabina Muhammad in field when he was hitting Warfield manner

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in mid Deen Allah Medina Freeman hada Herdade wa Cena FEMA Nora feet what's our FEMA and our lead Woba FEMA our plate walk cleaner

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Shalom alkaloid in Kotoko Lee being healthy while you hold all the inner hula

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light what are your resume and date tobacco Octonal burner what night Lokhandwala following it like can handle Allah ma ongoing alkaloid that can handle probably eight workers Chu crew Allah

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Toby He Allah in

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the stone funeral Kola hoon I mean Jimmy I don't know they want to help or want to go eat a cake

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Allahumma in a cartoon to Homeboy life was off on hola whom in a cartoon terrific boy life was awful one hola hola in a car phone Kareem and Holly mon to himbo LA was off on a law whom it knew for Santa toughen law was akin

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to humans aka Towelie you

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Allahumma had been in an EMA and I was in a movie Apollo been a vocabulary Helaine alto fro and forsook our noise what Jana long whom you know she Dean Allah whom in El Camino fine equally. Genie Genie my Adina Ming Hua them now. One hour old will be coming a shuddering colony here Jeanne, Jeanne, my auntie I mean who am I

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along in an hour Oh, they will be coming

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in Wyoming

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Yaksha Wyoming nine to know what mean I've seen in touch about what mean do

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you smell nuts early on Kola mouth even if your walk on been Hoshyar? One is one and Kieran Shirky you know what I saw the HA What do

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motel burner Allahumma on here Armineh um you know the one Sina turna Amina Luca the wow you wanna you know Liana well Kulu bene Amina sztuki Wamena in if Allah whom I am or hollyburn Kowloon will be one of your saw had been a total ban on the Nick ma model Zona Pablo, no Tito Oba wearing done in Malmo, Tisha

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Bowden and multiengine nuts oh no EMA

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Allahu Allah Tada Nana female Kamina her the man in love of Mota wa hum and in love I want you to one day in follow up to one hour ball and in data one gloom and sorrow to one hour Paul even in a jafta What Murray won in Russia feta one Musa fear on in Lehman Isla he ordered bureaucratic Mohammed Rafi mean Allahu mo Sunni Islam are easily and mostly mean hola hola menorah they've been Islami well mostly mean are higher on Fallowfield point out according to the holy woman out or they've been Islami one Muslim you know so far Gianna Qaeda movie in a hurry. Why Giada you notice only on a yacht following you? Yeah, a law. Yeah, I'll lean we are a law. Yeah, a lot. I mean,

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Allahu Nyan can be manufactured and Muslimeen. Allah Humala ain't cabbie man Katana and Muslimeen Allah Masha teach Amna whom were Federico Gemma whom what y'all tend to be in on whom telling me about whom? What John whom my Beaumont moto beauty and Allahumma masjid and also in Neha getting mostly me and Allahumma waddles Zona fie his lawn out and goblin mama miraj magic hammer awfully mean Allahu Mazzoleni musli me unanimous Tawana fina if he couldn't Nima

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along my 30 June cuddle Donnie and mostly mean a few equally mocha and the Colima V Colima. Yeah then Jana the one Quran, Allah whom in Hong Amin home, Gia on outdoor I'm home raw tune suck so home mobile home owner from solo home model home on our phones solo home monitor, Juna eco y'all can we are busy is along molfino Nemo tenemos

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See me in Maui Alladhina Shaheed una can be in any way Nina be can be on Risa warmer to Allah. Like along who know Fiona home or Hung Hom wa LT him wa for on what a cream Newsela whom What was your model color whom while zoom Bhima in Washington DC well Belgrade we're not playing he may not do know be one hopper Yeah, you're not persona Domina done us Allah Who Mohamed El Sirona Isla Moussa or

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Allah who matter Hannah, Bina law either means I mean Elisa and whatnot or that you know

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what Allah either cause Luna Wilden for your hammer Luna or humming along either with a fin to go on a what hum no Allahu Omen wildly if you you know you know they like ya or hammer awfully mean you're a Chrome and Chromium that's a new cabbie smell

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it can

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wazifa Tikka Noria tofield on our tongue. Allah humo Fiona welcome

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Allahumma funeral Nana

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Allahu Millfield Nana Duno, bene

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kabhi Raha was holding Iran mounting? mean one

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yeah off

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yah Rafi Giada liwan eco Allah whom I've been noona you not an accord. Allah whom benigna you don't know called Allah whom the Lagna benigna you know what John? Fee hum you know knock on boring Yahama Rafi mean Allah and tundla Lonnie you want afternoon for thought or what untangle call we wanna know more of

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the room can do.

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King one out on June cut on John Hall aefi Allah whom total Donna for even one hour on your magic moto Dean. Yeah, how you call you? Yeah, hi yah call you Mira magic Ernesto eath Mirotic Ernesto Leith Muroff Motyka Ernesto Leith Mirotic Ernesto Leith Asli of Luna shenana kula wala attacking

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fusina Alfonso feta Iein Allahu not sniff Nana deen and Allah the who are smarter Marina was left learner duniya Anna Latifi. Shona while sniffling clean on Channel naughty I'm doing my job and higher Tassie Delta Lana fee equally heavy. What John is remote or how to Lana? I mean Kinesia

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Yeah, or hammer walking mean? Yeah, common law common law whom in earnest Mooji but your automatic was emammal funeral. artic was cinema. terming Kalia Wallonie Mattamy equilibrium, one phones are being done naughty one Nejat I mean, Allah whom a Jelena Amin Allah whom I mean pleasee in a law whom our templating call upon ina

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Tina Amina and

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Allahu Madalina. Jun all Yeah, Aziz we have

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Yeah, as easy

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as anyone can kind of funeral Don't be late if he's gonna be you know, a sling dop, you know what Shuhada he wants saw the pain where Husqvarna

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econavi fall along mocked him Lana or Melbourne or being able to pick one Naja to want to come in nirvanic Allah whom about a female Bulkley I mean Rama lon along Maori dollar you know, no bonus you know, Dida was Mina to Medina. What gelatin along whom Mefi he mean I don't know Cambodia in one Jalan along whom if he may not enough onboarding, Hola, Houma. Taco Bell Salatu was the walk Liam and what oku Anna was to Juden along whom metalcon been

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in Tatsumi on Ali. What to Ghana in in

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Tonga on Rafi all bene happy learner I mean, as well as you know, what do

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re Tina Kurata Are you watching on in Motoki you know email Rob Benalla Joseph polio been about her in her eternal our husband Anna

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total what Robina Tina duniya Hassan well feel cleaner to Hassan, wall cleaner. And

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you know Dawa needle hamdulillah here on Bilad I mean, Selena modern Amina Mohammed DuBois. Early he was often being he was Salim

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May Allah subhanho wa Taala accept from all of you may Allah subhanaw taala elevate your ranks, may Allah subhanaw taala forgive our sins Lahoma and in a woman I mean, is that more hidden now we will move into inshallah Tyler I will do it for the night. Again, for those who are joining for the first time we have one new duat we're learning every night. There's a PDF created by a clean Institute male also has a reward everyone who facilitated this Aloma Amin, and basically we're doing one dua every night. It's an Arabic English there's a transliteration for those who are trying to practice learning it, but you can make do on any language you are able to express Jollof data. So the DUA

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that we covered yesterday was a dua for happiness and we received Subhanallah feedback from a lot of people that it really touched a note for them. Subhanallah it really hit home for a lot of people that do about making the Quran, the spring of your heart and the remover of distress May Allah Subhana Allah make us and our loved ones amongst the people of the Quran Allahumma Amin, our dua 14 For tonight, inshallah Tada is the dua of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and it's very short. It is very concise and very powerful and very weighty and very crucial for all of our lives and for all societies. Hola Hola. Como center holily for Huseyn for yokley. Oh Allah as you have

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made my creation perfect, make my moral characteristics also excellent. In other words, help guide my character, my moral characteristics to that which is best. Now this dua of course, is comprehensive, it is short, and it helps us in sha Allah to Allah to focus on what helps us inshallah to Allah to focus on moving forward towards the best moral state. And we can't deny the families will all benefit from this individuals will benefit from this husbands and wives would benefit from this parents with their children, neighbors, relatives, community members, and all of society would change if we were to implement the moral characteristics that are best. And of course,

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the moral characteristics here defined by what Allah subhanaw taala revealed to us, whereas the loss of Pano Attalla to purify our character, we ask Allah subhanaw taala to guide us to the best character, of course, you have to make dua and then you have to put in the effort. It's not always going to be easy, but you have to put in the effort to practice it. And who has the most right upon you to see the best character from you? Is it the people that you see at school University, the workplace, the supermarket? Is it the people in the community center or the Masjid? No, it is your family. Those who are closest to you have the greatest right upon you to see good character from

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you. In fact, the definition or the reflection of your character is who you are behind closed doors now to the community sees your character is defined by how you treat your family, your parents, your spouse, your children, your relatives, your roommates, your neighbors, how you treat people behind closed doors says a lot more about you than how people perceive you in public. May Allah subhanaw taala grant us good character with those who are closest to us and make make us people of justice with those who are closest to us and people have unconditional mercy with those who are closest to us. And may Allah subhanaw taala purify our hearts and our relationships along with me. So tonight

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our dua was for a good character and I asked Allah subhanaw taala to make us amongst the people of good character Allahumma Amin along that I mean, let's move forward to the English dua the English supplication does that move here. We've heard from many Hamlet brothers and sisters around the world in the comments throughout the last few nights and last year. So Pamela similar sentiments, about the appreciation for an English dua, and a lot of questions come up but I want to answer just one question. Is it permissible for a Muslim to make dua in a language other than Arabic? Yes, absolutely. Absolutely. You can absolutely make dua in a language other than Arabic. Does that

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include the prayer as well? Can you make a dua in let's say your printer? Oh, yeah. Yeah. Malay can you make dua, in your such that in your prostration in a language other than Arabic? Yes, you can. This is the opinion of many scholars. This is the opinion that I teach. And this is the opinion that Alhamdulillah so many Muslims around the world are able to connect to Allah subhanaw taala through their dua, by making dua in a way they can express because they are not able to express in Arabic language, and that's okay, Allah subhanaw taala understands all languages is our Creator. He's the one who created us with our diversity. In addition to this, some of the scholars say

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it is permissible in the voluntary prayers in sujood, but not in the obligatory prayers and there are some scholars who say it is permissible in the obligatory prayers as well. We ask Allah subhana wa Taala to guide us to that which is best, but generally speaking, make a lot of dua in the way that you are able to express. There's a sister who says she has been a Muslim for over a decade. May Allah bless her. She's in many more courses, hamlets and Muslim Institute. She said nobody had told her this before and she had been struggling to make the art and her prayer. May Allah bless her for her feedback because it's something that a lot of Muslims, perhaps don't realize. So make dua in the

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way that you're able to express and may Allah Subhana Allah accept from you, Lama I mean, let's move into the English dua. Smilla

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Oh Allah to you belongs all praise your The Lord of the heavens and the earth and what is in between so to us thanks and praise, you are the light and the maintainer of the heavens and the earth. So to us thanks and praise, you are the truth and your speech is true your promise is true and your meeting is true. Paradise is true and the Hellfire is true and the prophets are true. And Muhammad peace be upon him is true. Oh Allah, we submit to you. We believe in you. We depend on you, we repent to you. We refer back to you seek judgment from you. So grant us forgiveness from you for our past sins and the new, those hidden and evidence from all of them, we repent. And from those we

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forgotten while you knew Oh Allah, we ask You for Paradise and everything that will bring us closer to it. And we seek refuge in You from the fire and anything that will bring us closer to it. Oh Allah guide us amongst those you have guided grant us health amongst those who have granted health to protect us amongst those who have protected and bless us in what has been given to us by you. Or Allah protect us from any evil that is decreed for you decree and truth and non can decree over you know, can disgrace who you support, and none can honor who you oppose. You are the blessing and the exalted. Oh Allah. You're the Most Merciful of those who show mercy the Most Merciful of those asked

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the most generous of those who gave the sustainer of everything you alone ever live you Who here's what we do not hear you who sees what we do not see you who changes the universe by simply saying be, we don't have the ability to praise you you are as you praise yourself. We thank you, oh Allah for our faith, our families, our health, our wealth, and anything and everything you've bestowed upon us the things we recognize and the things that we don't, Oh Allah, we declare you to be our Lord, with no deities other than you, You created us. We are your slaves, and we fulfill our pledge to you. We seek refuge in You from the sins that we commit. Your blessings cannot be counted Your

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favors, we all admit, we also confess our sins and ask for your forgiveness for non forgive sins except for you. Oh Allah, you are alive for the forgiving. You love to forgive. So forgive us, O Allah, you are forgiving. You love to forgive. So forgive us, O Allah. You are forgiving. You love to forgive so forgive us. We seek refuge in You from a heart that is not humbled and an eye that does not tear knowledge that doesn't benefit and a prayer not lifted near. Oh Allah make the Quran, the spring of our hearts, the light of our chests, the remover of our sadness, the repeller of our stress. Teach us what we don't know, remind us what we forgotten, and grant us the ability to recite

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throughout the day and night. Oh Allah, guide for us, our youth, bring them to the truth protect them from influences that would cause them to be misled. Forgive our parents and grandparents and have mercy on our debt removed from us the overpowering of people and the overburdening of debt. Oh Allah give us access, remove our stress, marry our bachelors and bachelorettes. Yet Allah grant Muslim students the ability to excel the ability to succeed, Indian and dunya and doubts and desires repel all our three our prisoners and bring them back to their family safe and secure and grant patients and the reward of that patients to those who are suffering with oppression in their homes

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to those who are suffering with oppression in their communities. Oh Allah heal our sick from all ailments you alone are the one to cure Allah we seek Your protection from being tested and protection for our for our family in the land that you have been blessing. Oh Allah help our brothers and sisters in an ACC saw and all around the world in every land in every place here Allah removed from them their sadness and punish those who oppress them. They have no state to support them no OMA behind them, no land to accept them and no one to carry them it is them and you your Allah. You are their supporter and their hope. all avenues are shut for them except your door that

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does not close. So be their greatest supporter and greatest ally. Oh Allah, we ask you to grant relief and justice.

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To all of our brothers and sisters in every line and every place in which your name is being mentioned, and we beg you, your Allah to utilize us with all of our time and our health and our lives and our skills and our abilities and our capacity and our wealth, you're allowed to be a source of justice and relief and peace for others in this world. Oh Allah have mercy on our friends and our brothers and sisters, and everyone who requested our prayers, forgive all of their sins, and correct all of their affairs. Oh Allah, as you've allowed us to experience the blessing month of Ramadan, we beg you Allah to forgive us, forgive us, your Allah and be with us and don't punish us.

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There is nothing that gives us the ability to pray to you, with all of our sins and all of our guilt, all of our faults and all of our shortcomings and all of our pain and all of our shame. There is nothing that gives us the ability to stand before you or to pray to you except what you've taught us of your forgiveness, what you've taught us of your vast mercy. You're the one who said technopolymer Rahmatullah do not lose hope in the Mercy of Allah so yeah, Allah here we are asking for your mercy. Asking for your guidance, guidance. Oh Allah guidance, oh Allah and guidance of Allah and our loved ones all around the world and guide us and guide others through us, Oh Allah,

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make us a reason for others to be guided to Allah and grant us all the highest levels of Jannah Oh Allah, make us and our loved ones amongst the people of the highest levels of paradise and protect us from the fire. We seek refuge in Allah from being amongst the people of the fire, protect us, our families, our OMA our loved ones from all evil, and heal the hearts of the believing people, Oh Allah, for every marriage, all around the world for our brothers and sisters that is suffering or struggling internally or externally, we ask You Allah, to rectify their affairs, to bring their hearts together, to protect them, to guide them, and to create between them to establish between

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them I wonder and Rama, unconditional love and mercy and tranquility for your sake. And yet Allah we ask you to protect all of our brothers and sisters who are struggling and suffering behind closed doors, we ask you to alleviate their affairs to accept their dua, and to make them optimistic while they're making dua O Allah, grant us optimism while we're praying, while we're supplicating while we're worshiping and make us amongst those who know the true value and true power of dua that it is always accepted. So long as we're not asking for anything that is evil, or Allah make us amongst those who are patients and grant us relief and grant us relief to Allah for all of our hardships, Oh

00:27:30--> 00:28:10

Allah, for every single brother and sister, who facilitate any act of worship for others, we ask you to magnify the reward. Oh Allah for all of our brothers and sisters, who support in terms of finances in terms of donations in terms of charities for your sake, your Allah, who support Islamic causes and organizations and causes of relief and humanitarian organizations for your sake, we asked you a lot to reward the magnificently in this life and the next life. And we asked you a lot to always guide us to the best of opportunities and to make us proactive in seeking your pleasure or law purify our hearts we beg you a lot in these last was in days and nights of Ramadan. We asked you

00:28:10--> 00:28:50

Allah to allow us to leave this month with clean hearts and a clean slate, purify our hearts to Allah purify our hearts to Allah purify our hearts to Allah and granted sincere in all that we do. Oh Allah, we ask you comprehensively to grant us the good of everything, the good now and the good later. The good that we recognize and the one that we don't recognize. And we ask you a lot to protect us from all evil now and later. The evil that we recognize and the evil that we don't recognize, oh Allah heal our hearts and heal our communities and heal our relationships and our wealth and our health. And grant us the ability to consistently seek your pleasure and to die upon

00:28:50--> 00:29:27

Iman Allahumma Amin, O Allah, we ask you to reward and to bless and to guide and to make sincere every Islamic organization working for your sake around the world. We ask you to reward them, we ask you to support them, we ask you to open the doors of height for them the doors of goodness for them. And they are Allah for those individuals or groups or organizations who are claiming to be sincere but they are not we ask you to protect us from them. And yet Allah for every organization that is sincere that is acting upon falsehood, we ask you to guide them to the truth. We ask you a lot to make them receptive to advice and to make us receptive to advice as well. Well Allah we ask you to

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humble our hearts and to protect us from any pride and any arrogance Yeah, Allah allow us to die in a state that is pleasing to you and make the best of our deeds the last of our deeds and the greatest of our days the day we meet you. Or Allah we ask you to make us neighbors with our loved ones and the Prophet peace be upon him so in the long run your Salam in the highest levels of paradise. Oh Allah accept Oh Allah accept Oh Allah accept for non accept our deeds except for you. Oh Allah, we ask You for beneficial knowledge and pure provisions and accepted deeds.

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In the best of character, we asked you Allah to grant us sincerely and to protect us from showing off. We asked you Allah for pure hearts and pure communities along mean and our final supplication is that all praise is due to Allah, Lord of the worlds or loss and your peace and your blessings upon your messenger Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and those who follow Him until the end of times Allahumma Amin

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does not know him. Brothers and sisters, may Allah accept from you may Allah grant you happiness of this life and the happiness of the next life. Their loss of housing grants us the sweetness of experiencing acts of worship in this world seeking nearness to Allah subhanaw taala knowing that no matter how many times you fall down in terms of sins, you can always stand back up. So keep moving forward, keep moving forward, keep moving forward, Allah subhanaw taala is inviting you and welcoming you to get closer to him. May Allah subhana accept from all of you may Allah make us amongst those were accepted on little further along I mean, remain consistent in these coming days

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and coming nights and spread the good wherever you are. And of course continue to support the good organizations and campaigns and causes and the institute's all around the world. May Allah subhanaw taala accept from all of you. Let us know as well in terms of this program in particular, what it is about making your art together and learning the daily dua, what it is that's impacting you and how it might be impacting you. May Allah bless you and accept from you and your families and grant you the best of both worlds along I mean, of course, with all the tremendous work that your clean Institute is doing. Continue to support the work of your clean Institute and to of course invest in

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your afterlife. It has benefited and continues to benefit countless people around the world. May Allah subhanaw taala accept from everyone who facilitates high goodness for his sick alarm. I mean, Joseph McClendon medical on Sequim, wa salam ala Nabina Muhammad, while early he was sahih Amin and we will see you at 3:30am eastern standard time tomorrow inshallah Tada doc Mulherin was Salam alaykum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh