Let Your Dead Loved Ones Live Through You

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The importance of positive life after death is discussed, as it can benefit loved ones in the future. The way Islam works is that every person has a chance to do good deeds on their behalf. The speaker emphasizes the importance of continuing good deeds on loved ones' behavior and the profit-share for spreading good deeds. The speaker also discusses the need for strong friendships to achieve a return to good deeds and the importance of strong connections to loved ones to help achieve goals.

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Ross and I come from saliva cattle, snaring ministry apology Mr. Naresh Mohammed handed in. I mean what I wanted to ask you about too much upheaval, almost It was 700. And so on my heart he was. I mean, he was like me, he was selling to semen kefir. So inshallah tada tonight I wanted to reflect on something that's very personal and I think inshallah tada for anyone who has lost someone that's beloved to them, they can hopefully relate to this particular reflection. One of the beautiful things about the way that Allah allows us to stay connected to those that we love, is that Allah subhanaw taala allows us to be an extension of their lives, through the ability to do good deeds on

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their behalf. And that's something some kind of love that, you know, if you think about the mercy of Allah subhanho wa Taala, particularly, when a person feels utterly hopeless, as they're burying their loved ones, the hopelessness on the other side, or the the lack of ability to do good anymore, as a person has moved on to the next stage of their existence,

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is also something to take into consideration. So while we have lost a loved one, they have lost an opportunity to do good anymore. And as we know, I believe it's a thing of the long time that this life is all I'm a no piece of it's all action and no accountability. And then as soon as you pass on to the next stage of life, the next stage of your existence, it's all esav, and no human, it's all accountability and no action. And so, you know, if you think about the idea that every single person that passes away, that would wish that they could just have one more opportunity to do one more good deed person would wish they could come back and do just to recognize a person would wish they could

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come back and give just, you know, $2 and charity, a person person would wish they could come back and they can reconcile with those that they did not reconcile with, but all of these good deeds that the person can no longer do and how valuable each one of those good deeds is. And somehow the fact that when a person passes away, that is it, there will never be an opportunity to do a demo again to do a good deed again, at that point. It is all accountability may last transact grant as Paul has no free time grants a good ending, and allow our accounting to be easy to to be amongst those that are entered into paradise without any form of love or any form of peace or without being asked. And

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without being punished in any way whatsoever. llama I mean, but this idea of connecting with that person after they pass away through being able to do good deeds on their behalf. This is something that we should take into account with everything that we do. Now, if a person passes away, and they taught you to do good, so let's say someone taught you to do salon, your extension of their life is in your very performance of the salon, you're acting upon their beneficial knowledge. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that when a person passes away, everything is cut off from that person except for three things, a righteous child that would make you out for them that would pray

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for them. And a knowledge that would benefit the people after they are gone, or a solid, a god or a continuous charity. And, you know, if you think about, you know, just the act of making your app for the person for our brother or sister when we're putting them away, or when we are burying them and bidding them farewell from this life, you know, how precious are those to us to that person after they have passed away. And how beneficial is that knowledge that they have passed on to people, especially if they've taught someone how to pray, taught someone how to read and taught someone to do some sort of good benefited someone in some way. And a charity that continues to give them the

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good deeds, those that they might not even be aware of. And that's all that a person has. And the Prophet Sly Stone essentially encouraged us to continue their lives by extending those good deeds by doing those good deeds on their behalf. And this is a way that we can stay connected to our loved ones long after they have passed away to be their last good deed to be their connection to this world in a way that still benefits them in the hereafter. And I always think about this, you know, imagine if the if the dead could speak to us, what would they say to us? Would they say cry louder? Would they say you know mourn a little more would they say be a little bit more heartbroken? Would

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they say stay home longer, grieve longer? No, they would ask of us to do more for them or to extend the good that they hoped to leave in this world so that it could benefit them in the hereafter and some kind of love there was a connection that I just wanted to make particularly of that heavy for the profit slice on dimensions, knowledge that is a benefit charity that is continuous and throughout and supplication. You know do out whenever you bother the prophets lie. Some said supplication is worship, it is worship, there is a bother

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So to make your app for the deceased from your heart, and no one is going to make your app more sincerely for the deceased than those that were closest to them that loved them the most. So to make your absence early for you from your heart, you also have a lot your app for that person after they pass away, for them could be even even more sincere and stronger than their draft for themselves because of how much you love them and how much you miss them. And so, what a bad supplication is that, but then I was thinking about, you know, knowledge that is a benefit and Subbu Giada and continuous charity, and I was thinking about that Hadith where the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa

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sallam says that there is no envy except for two scenarios, there's no hassle, except for in two situations, except for him two scenarios, he sets a lot of on he was a person whom Allah gave knowledge to and they spread it or a person who Allah gave money to, and they spend it in good they spend it in charity. So that envy is not that you hate that person or that you want them to lose their knowledge or to or to be hated for their knowledge or to be exposed or shamed. Know, that envy is a positive envy and that, you know, you envy good things in a good way you wish that YouTube could learn so that you could spread knowledge, beneficial knowledge, and that envy of the person

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who has wealth is not because of the cars that they own, or the homes that they own, or anything else, it's that you, you want to be in a position where you can enable others where you could give and you could give charity, the way that that person is giving charity. And so you're ending the good deed in a good way, and in a way that you wish good for your brother or sister, but you too, wish to be in that situation. as well. I was thinking about this in connection to the debt. Right, the prophets lie some specifically mentioned knowledge and charity. And those are things that a person could envy in this life for good reason, because they wish they could have more knowledge to

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spread, and more money to spend in good to spend in charity. And how beautiful is it that the profit slice allows us to do that for our loved ones after they pass away? That Allah subhanaw taala gives us a way to do that for them how much they would wish to be able to spend one more dollar for the sake of Allah subhana wa tada in doing some sort of charitable act, how much they would wish to spread one more element of any more dour, whatever it may be in Allah subhanaw taala allows us to do that on their behalf, how beautiful is that, that we have that connection to them. And that you know, that is just so crucial because the prophets lights on mentioned. And this is this is a hadith

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that should should should really send shivers down the spine of a person who lost someone that's beloved to them. The profit slice that I mentioned that, you know, when a person is in their grave, they are confronted by these people. So they meet these people. And he gave the example of you know, a beautiful person and an ugly person, the beautiful person, the profit slice on them said that a person comes that is beautiful. And when the deceased one sees that beautiful person. They say Who is this? You know, who are you? And this is the face like

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you have to be bringing good news a person this beautiful must be bringing good news, right? There is no way that this person is not bringing goodness and the profit slice Allah mentioned that person would respond and say hi in your good deeds. And so Pamela the gifts that we could send to our deceased ones, to our loved ones with the good deeds that we perform on their behalf that's so beautiful, you know, think about the most precious gift you could give to a person while they're still alive. Well, they're around you. What jewelry Could you give what you know what, what flowers Could you give, what, what expensive gift Could you give as beautiful as being able to send that

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beautiful person to them in the grave to comfort them that is the manifestation of a good deed that's been performed on their behalf. So how to love it is such a llama from Allah, that Allah does not only allow us to stay humble when they pass away, may Allah have mercy on them but allow a lot allows us to be an instrument of mercy towards them by continuing the good deeds of our of our loved ones when they leave from this world. And so I just want you to think about that. And you know, those, those who are struggling who have lost their parents have lost spouses, siblings, uncles, aunts, close friends, children, whoever it may be they lost parents that make it easy for you. And

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may Allah subhanaw taala make you a source of ease for your loved ones. be great for your loved ones be great for your loved ones, do good for them. And of course the last panel tada in his infinite mercy is not just going to allow you to do good on behalf of someone you love and not have a share of that good yourself. Be that goodness on behalf of them. And you know one thing that one of my teachers shared and with this, you know that the connection of this

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Have a loved one who is left behind. Who does these good things is that it may be that that person influenced you, whether it was a parent that raised you in righteousness or whatever it may be that that person influenced you to do good, right? And so your inclinations towards those deeds of good after they have passed away on their behalf are directly tied to the influence of good that they had you that they had upon you while they were still here. So may loss parents have mercy on our parents may last time to have mercy on our loved ones may have lost contact allow us to be an instrument of mercy for them, stay connected to them extend the years that they have on Earth, you know, how many

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hacer knots how many good deeds of the prophets lie, some say that this good deed, you know, is worth yours, right? You know, that this good deed would turn a person's face away from the fire for, you know, the distance of 70 years and there are different types of things. So, somehow the good that you do on behalf of a person when they pass away, could literally add years to the hustle not to the hustle not to the good that they would have done in this life years to their records of good deeds on the Day of Judgment. A lot of times I certainly will give you a share of those good deeds with the nine time and lost parents have mercy on our loved ones May Allah subhanaw taala surround,

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surround us or descend upon us His love and May Allah subhanaw taala raised us in His love around his beloved sallallahu wasallam agenda for those with our loved ones a loving mean does not mean long fade on

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to why he