Allah Forgives – Emotional

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Murtaza Khan

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Wouldn't it be better for unforeseen the end of Ramadan though server to say I'm transgressed my soul?

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I've committed all types of sins in my life.

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Don't despair from the mercy of Allah. In Allah your maneuver Jamia ALLAH forgive old sin. And as we mentioned before and what do I look forward to? Well, you know the funny forgives over loving God be merciful, compassionate

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you know doesn't end up serving

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any of the service. Allah wants us to guide us give these final moments of Ramadan, look at study alive, come in

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handy if a loved one were not the number God and harmony may not be there for putting Ramadan and Khalifa Spain or even make it next. Oh my god. final moments Ramadan, that Allah places a treasure that we should focus inside our lives. That these could be any final moment any one of us