Omar Suleiman – Anisa, Al-Numan, and Amir (ra) On A Boat From Abysinnia – The Firsts

Omar Suleiman
AI: Summary © The transcript discusses various events occurring during the early Muslims' time period, including the return of the Herbut Hahin and the return of the Herbut Hahin's companions to Afghanistan. The transcript also touches on various people and events, including the birthplace of Jafar al Dr. IV, the first Muslims to be inherited from the Prophet, the first mo-understanders to be inherited from Islam, and the first female to be inherited from the first mo-understanders.
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Salam Alaikum Warahmatullahi Cutts everyone, welcome back to the first shorts have the delectable Amin, we are in the last set of episodes within season one where we're talking about the early Muslims. So what I really want to do now and it was very hard to omit certain people, but Subhan Allah, I think inshallah I will be good for us is to just look at some of the categories of these people at the end and some of the the parts of the seal maybe that we're not very familiar with, and some of the names in the process of that. So this will be the last one about Abyssinia and the reason why I choose this one is we've really talked about various circumstances surrounding

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Abyssinian these last few episodes, right? You know, obviously we knew the people that made their way to Abyssinia. Some of them resided in Abyssinia had families, children that were born Abyssinia, Khalid who performs them

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on behalf Habiba within a Joshy on behalf of the profit slice alum in Abyssinia. And of course, the tragic story of a writer or the Allahu Taala Anna and Khalid under his arm

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dying on the way from Abyssinia so suddenly you have all of these different people now this particular episode speaks to an element of the sila that many people are not familiar with. And that is an A Joshy or the law of town and home literally providing boats from Avicennia to get to Medina. And you can imagine how much no Joshy himself long to see the prophets of Allah hottie was set them so we know that an Ajaccio the longtime on her when there was a revolt in his lifetime. And the Sahaba were in Abyssinia, they were worried about what the implications would be now Joshy indeed was overthrown. And when we go to the story of Uppsala model the low Ana, as well as available the

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low tide on home, you'll find some of the incidents there. Right. But the point is, is that an A Joshy, at that point, gave a particular ship to Jaffa and Tirith man, may Allah be pleased with them, and said, Look, if things don't work out, I want you to take the ship, I want you to follow the news of this revolt, I'm obviously going to try to crush this rebellion and episode you but if things don't work out, here's your way out you have the ship and you have this particular secret pathway to safety. And the ship is yours take the ship it's already furnished it has everything on it and take the secret pathway to safety. This is before by the way Medina was established Okay, so

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there in Abyssinia watching carefully and unhemmed Illa. Allah gave victory to an Adagio all the low tide on who over those that were revolting against him and the Muslims were as happy that day with anything. The only thing that would top that would be the battle. But right I mean, the victory that came from a loss penalty on that regard. This particular incident that we're going to talk about, though, is in the seventh year after Hyjal. So this is right after Hiber. And, and the Joshy provides to the Muslims to boats that they will take from Abyssinia to finally go and reside in Medina. So this is you know sort of the leftovers those that did not leave yet some Muslims stayed

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behind. But the majority of them would come from Abyssinia to Medina at this point. And therefore the allow Thailand who was actually amongst them. Now the narration actually comes from Abu Musa and Ashanti who is someone with the law and who he will have a full episode about at some point I will Musa is from Yemen. And he narrates he says while we were in Yemen, we set out to be with the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa salam once we got the news that he had migrated, and that he was settled there and we wanted to also migrate and be with him. SallAllahu wasallam. So he said, I went out and I had my two brothers, a Buddha and a Ron or the Allah Tada and home and Houma. So the three

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of us were brothers, and we were over 50 men from Yemen. So you have a boat coming from Yemen, and they are going to be with the prophets of Allah hottie with some of them. And we stopped in Ethiopia, Abyssinia, Habesha, which is of course now modern day referred to as Ethiopia. And he said when we got there we found Jafar with the low tide and when his companions with an A Joshy, while the low tide and Jaffa explained that the prophets lie some sent us here and ordered us to stay here. But eventually we're going to be heading out to Medina as well. So he says in the last little lie, so Allah Hardy, who has sent him a bath and who now well, um, I don't know but he Palma, the

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prophets lie some centers here and he commanded us to stay here, that ottimo manner, so stay with us for now for a thumbnail Omar, who had Kadena Jamia. So we stayed with Jeff Otto the Allahu anhu, and the Muslims and Abyssinia until it was there too.

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Time to go. And then we all went together to and Medina. So you have this group of companions, some of them new Muslims from Yemen, joining with this old group of Muslims in Abyssinia, some of the first Muslims and they're going to take these boats and join the Prophet sallallahu wasallam after the attempted, you know, massacre of Azov, where the the armies came together to try to wipe out the Muslims in Medina, and the betrayal in which Allah subhanaw taala gave the Prophet slice and victory and Haber. So he said that we then took our boats the boats provided by Najafi and we made our way to Medina and of course that is when the Prophet slice alum received his companions from Abyssinia

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and of course he was most happy SallAllahu Sallam to see Jafar will the Allah Tada. And he embraced him. He kissed him between the two of his eyes. He kissed him on the forehead, and he sets a law. Why do cillum madry Yahama and Afula be Kotomi Jaffer, Ambica three fiber. I don't know what I'm more happy about. Jafar al de la tarde en who coming or Hiber being conquered. So I don't know which one of these makes me happier. So who are some of the people in these books? So all this is an introduction to some of the people that were in these boats from Abyssinia that were early Muslims that left Mecca in the very beginning, right and they missed the bed that they missed. They missed

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100 They missed however, they missed all of that. And now they're going to be joined back with the Prophet sallallahu. It was set up so there was a man by the name of ID Eben Knopfler or the Eben Nadella then de la the Alta and who was not just one of the first Muslims. It is considered the first mo truth in Islam, the first person to be inherited from in Islam. Think about that the first person we inherited from Islam. He passed away in Abyssinia and he had his two kids and Isa and a nortman even ID an ISA bent ID and a Norman had been ID. So they inherited from him a loss of pounds I'd be pleased with them all. And that was the first inheritance in Islam. So the first time the

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rules of inheritance were applied in Islam. So ENISA and I know that's a popular name amongst the Muslims, so you can attribute it to this companion among some others. And Isa and her brother and Amanda been ID. They came from from Abyssinia to Medina in this in this boat so they're amongst the passengers of the Safina on their way to Medina. There's also a man by the name of magma bin Abdullah. Now Maria bin Abdullah also makes his way and he obviously wanted to be close to the profit slice. And he was the one who shaved the head of the profit slice element had fitted with there and the farewell hedge and when he shaved the head of the profit slice alum. The prophets lie

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Selim allowed him to keep some of that hair and he treasured the hair of the profit slice and um so he became known as the hare keeper of the prophets allah how it was set up so he's also amongst those that made their way on these boats from Avicennia to Medina. Finally, there's the last name that I'll mention is Ahmed ibn Abi Waqqas. Amitabh it'd be world class and bin Abi Waqqas is the brother of side of us all the allow Tyler and Homer. So ama was amongst those that escaped persecution we know that side stay behind and it was not easy for side of me well, cost will be a long time and nor was it easy for amateur but I mean what costs but here you have amateur who costs

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finally joining his brother and joining the prophets lie Selim in El Medina after they had been in Abyssinia. Subhan Allah I mean this is a beautiful feature of the Sierra and of course there are many others whose names are not known, beautiful feature of the Ceylon and it gives you the complexity of the situation. So now if you think about it, you had those that made the HIDs rotta Avicennia. And the Hitrust Medina, you are those who made the Hirota Avicennia came back thinking that things were good in Makkah got stuck in Mecca. You had those that made both hedgerows to Abyssinia and the hedgerow to Medina. You are those that made the hedgerow to Abyssinia that died in

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Avicennia. You had those that could not flee to Avicennia that died in Mecca. You had those that died on the way to Medina that never got to see the promised land of El Medina, right, they died on the way to Medina. And you have those finally, Subhan Allah who resided in Avicennia for a very long time, and made their way to Medina to be with our beloved Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and got to spend just the last couple of years or three years with the Prophet sallallahu wasallam after that incident had taken place. So you have this this group of people and of course you then have said that Nicola who died in you know, an agitated way there and the farewell hedge of the profits

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license, you just have this group of people, and it really, I think encapsulates could learn why the Lord has

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Allah has promised each one Jannah and their own specific reward their own particular reward may loss of hundreds I'd be pleased with them all, inshallah Tada as we move forward in these last few episodes, we'll start to talk about those that longs for Medina from Mecca, the persecuted those that played a role in the Hijra with our backless vehicle or the ALA hotel annual and the prophets I sell them and inshallah Tada we will cap it off with Season One of the first and inshallah Tata will move on to Season Two. Shortly thereafter Zach malachite and to all of you for tuning in. Please do continue to tune into and shot lots of data, the work that is coming out the various series that are

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coming out right now and contribute to Yaqeen and shout let's add as we reach now the end of the year, may Allah subhanaw taala be pleased with you all. So now when you come to LA he will get a castle

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