Angels in your Presence #7

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In Episode #7, the respected Imam informs us that throughout the day we have an angel that with reins at our head above which is a banner.

if you are humble to Allah,  Allah tells the angel to raise those reins, i.e. raising us in the sight of Allah. If you are arrogant those reins are lowered, i.e. humiliated in the sight of Allah. and above it a banner

As for the banner, something will be written it dependent upon our intention for the day. What is written on that banner? Take this four minute break during your day to ascertain the wordings on your banner today.

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So a lot of it is about how the world's going to treat you. But what do you intend to do with the world around you? And you know, one of the things I always tell people is that no vipkid no remembrance can protect you from bad intentions. You can't say, a remembrance of the kid and then have bad intentions and then expect that the vicar is going to cover your intentions. The remembrance has to be an expression of what you longed for and desire in your heart, which is what we talked about with armor and real hip hop with a lot of time. So as you open your door, and you said Bismillah, to a co tada La Jolla poets and live in LA, what's your intention for the world?

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I want you to visualize what the profit slice and I mentioned here, two different narrations. One of them is that throughout the day, you're going to have an angel on your head that's going to have rains hekima rains on your head the way that a horse has rains on it. On top of that, you're going to have a banner as you carry out throughout the day. There are two separate narrations, but they're very profound and they speak to the intention that we have the prophets lie Selim said that no person leaves the home, except that there's a shavon and an angel both waiting with a banner in their hands. If a person does or intends what Allah loves for the day, then the angel follows that

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person with a banner over his head for the rest of the day. And that person does not relinquish that banner over their head until they return home so somehow you did you desired to do good today, you wanted to stay engaged with that which is beloved to Allah subhana wa Tada. And that Angel carries that banner over your head throughout the day, that you are a person that is out there for the love of Allah subhanho wa Taala another person has a shape on a devil carrying a banner over their head, that this is a person that is out to carry evil in the world today. So that's one thing you've got the banner and another narration the Prophet slicin I mentioned the angels rains, the Prophet

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sallallahu wasallam said that no human being leaves the house except that there's an angel over your head with the rains. If you are humble Allah subhana wa tada tells the angels to raise those reins. So Allah says raise his reigns. Now of course, the prophets lysozyme said that whoever humbles themselves to their Lord, Allah raises them their Lord elevates them. So this is the implication of that, that the angel raises your head and that raising your rank. So it's not like your posture is going to get better as you're walking because the angel would have raised your head but raises you in a spiritual way that's pleasing to Allah subhana wa tada and the prophets license that if he is

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arrogant, that a lot tells the angel to lower his reign. So the angel pulls your head down spiritually once again, so that you are humiliated because the one who shows pride is humiliated in the sight of God. So as you're walking out today, or every day, and you're making that victory or stating that remembrance, don't just state that remembrance, refresh your intention, renew your intention to do good in the world, and renew it throughout the day so that you can maintain that humility for Allah subhana wa tada so that Allah makes you amongst those that proceed under the banner of His love. And Allah makes you amongst those that are raised in honor by the angel that

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he's put on your head.