The Power of a Good Word

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The Prophet taught us not to hold off or belittle any of the good we have to tell others. People in history have found themselves in extraordinary events that would not have happened if not for a subtle word or action from someone.

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Bismillah Isn't it amazing how sometimes a word that was almost not going to be said, could be the difference in changing the course of history, for instance, and whoever and then wonder about the Allahu anhu, the companion who came to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam right before the Battle of bed, events were unfolding so rapidly the Muslims were caught off guard out number three to one, they were not equipped for combat. And so he came to him and you could almost hear the reluctance hesitation in his words, he came with the manners of the believer and said, O Messenger of Allah. Did God commanded us to be stationed here? because in that case, it's closed the

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conversation, but are you the one who chose us to be here as a personal judgment call? He said, Yes, it was me. I believe it would be tactful to be here. He said this is not a place to station the army. He said Let us go to the closest well, which turned out to be the wall of bed and station there and bury all the other wells so that we are able to drink during the battle and they're not able to drink that word that he released that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam acted on. After Allah's grace became the deciding factor in the most decisive battle that Allah Himself called the full con the differentiator

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in the course of history, you know, years later today, familia man another companion or the Allahu anhu heard Muslims in distant regions after the Battle of India mama debating on the correct way to pronounce certain passages of the Quran. What did he do, he jumped on his horse and he flew to Medina, the capital of Islam and entered upon it with a man by the love and the leader and said, save this Alma save this nation before they have a discrepancy in their scriptures, the way the previous nations had a discrepancy in theirs, and by Allah's grace, and then the courage and initiative taken by who they

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are with Magna offense standardize the most half sent copies to every province so that people throughout history can verify their reputation if ever they are in doubt. Who would have ever thought, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam taught us to be this way to not hold back any good that we have. And I wish we would all develop this as an habit in our life and enhance it if it's present. He says Allahu alayhi wa sallam. Let's actually run nominal model fishy. And while until a haka, be wedged in bulk, do not belittle any act of good that you do, even if it is to meet your brother with a cheerful face, you don't know that could boost their self esteem, pull them out of a

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inspire them, encourage them, it can do so much, you know is how can that ahalya Rahim Allah He was sitting one day. And all he said was if only a person were to be determined enough to find the resolve, to gather all of the practices of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam all of his perfect examples in the day and in the night. Someone was sitting in that gathering and heard that statement that was said in passing that person was the inimitable Gladiator, Haman Allah, Who put together as a result of that passing statement, the book that changed the course of history, if you will, the most authoritative record of the Hadith, the traditions of our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam,

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you know, one of the greatest Hadid scholars of our time, as well

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as the heavy rahimullah, he said, I was sitting with one of my teachers once and he simply said to me, your handwriting resembles the handwriting of the Hadith scholars. He said, and so Allah cast into my heart with that statement, the love of God, and then he became one of the greatest authorities, masters of the science and the discipline of how the so many times throughout history, people

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find themselves in extraordinary events. And they overlook that they had very subtle beginnings. Someone's word could be that beginning someone's smile could be that beginning. Sometimes people pivot because of a suggestion, an idea, a candle, if you will, that someone lit in the darkness, and they don't realize the consequence, the blessing of acting on that advice or sharing that advice until years later, sometimes even after their lives. They look back in history, people later on look back in history and say, Wow, that didn't happen, things would have come crashing down. It would have been a tragedy if it were not for Allah's mercy in the form of this idea in the form of this

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suggestion, in the form of this motivation in the form of this correction, even if it's to say to yourself,

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I am going to validate this

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strengths of my family members Oh my son or my daughter, I'm so proud of you. I've been waiting for this day for such a long time. We don't know what we could inspire if we get into the habit of just reinforcing the positive and correcting the negative wisely craftily but being excited about that, so that every person will take their station in the reconstruction of this oma and the reformation of this world for the better is located on the city.