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Dr. Medina in omega

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wash and whatnot Mohammed Abu hora solo opposite of a la Moroccan attended alameen wa Coldwater meaning Omar janessa licking her destiny Nevada Germany in an hour love will be no fool, or sharabi pseudo wafaa Javi Amina me and my other non Sumitomo khudobin olfa. firm for long does he does he tend to be an unlimited? What are sold and under what he what he salat wa salam ala Who was it? Oh baddeck la la la he was happy what Allah Jimmy minister in de su Nettie.

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Sorry he we actually he lived in my bag for SQL mn FC which are ye Tara for in Lumia tequila gaggia Allah Hamas Roger were so common hateful is it All praise is due to Allah alone and him we seek aid and assistance into him we turn both in repentance and for forgiveness. truly human must handle to Allah guides them can miss lead and he whom Allah leaves to go astray, there is none who can guide and everyone is that there's nothing worthy of worship, save a lot alone. And then a lot wherever you send them is both his servant and His Messenger.

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Before I begin with the topic for today's message, inshallah for all of you, I want to explain the fact that you know, hamdulillah we're here in the masjid. But obviously, the public is not able to be here with us. And I didn't know whether I should continue to do this live or not. And I heard from some people who said that when they see me on the minbar even though the masjid is empty other than the staff a handful of people here that some people said that when they see me on the minbar see me giving a clip where they feel even more desperate to be in the masjid even more heartbroken that they're not in the masjid themselves. But I heard from other people that they said they feel

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more heartbroken to think that the masjid is completely empty, and that no event is being made and no sada has been prayed at all. And that at least by seeing that there is a then and there is a sauna, they feel a little bit more content, even if they themselves cannot be there. And I feel that it's really important for us to have some normalcy as much as possible, as much as we can. When it comes to the day of Jamaat even though it is not possible for the public to attend the masjid. As of right now, we should maintain as much normalcy of Juma as possible. And that means even if you're at home and you cannot be in the masjid, to wake up in the morning to recite surah telecast as you

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normally would to wear nice clothing to you know, perfume yourself as though you're going to the masjid to call the people you would normally see at the masjid and make sure that they are doing okay to do whatever it is that would be typically normal. And my hope of doing this live stream and being in the message and for you to be able to see it is that even if you can't be here, there's some normalcy to your drama. You can at least feel on some level like you are in the masjid even though you were at home and inshallah you will pray for a cause of war at the end of this. inshallah, our discussion today is going to be about one of the pivotal, a Hadith of the prophets of

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Allah wherever you send them, and our profits a little love wherever you send them, gave us tremendous knowledge through his words, and he saw a lot where he will send them said it to me and Kenny, that I was given the concise eloquence of speech in that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam could impart very grand amount of knowledge, a very comprehensive amount of knowledge in only a few words. And so some of the Hadith of the Prophet are incredibly short. Yes, from it, we can extract books and books and volumes of information, like the Prophet sing a dino Nazi hat, that religion is sincerity. From this you can extract books of knowledge and information. Without the

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alarm went on. He said, Matt talk and then he uses the law where he will send them for you when you only will be generically if a sinner in the Quran who then I mean, he said the Prophet didn't leave anything, not even the bird, flapping its wings in the sky, except that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam gave us some knowledge from it, ie the Prophet simola where he will send them imparted all types of knowledge to the companions, and to his oma. And the prophet SAW alone. Where do you send them gave us this really powerful form of advice when he was with his own cousin Abdullah and I'm best and I'm loving I'm bass was only 12 years old or so at the time, a young

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adolescent boy and the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam called him over and he said, Yahoo lab in the early mocha kalimat he said, Oh young boy, I will teach you Kenny meds, some words, ie what I'm going to teach you is going to be very short in length, very

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abridged, and yet it will be it won't take much of your time. So the profit is a little lower. So I'm telling them ahead of time this is going to be very short. And yet the meaning that the profits and the love Why do you send them in parts is that which is incredibly powerful. The first thing that Prophet says is from the lifelock. Be mindful of Allah, Allah will be mindful of you. As you treat a law you are going to be treated as you interact with a lawsuit panels Island, you will a lot as a general interact with you. And this is a principle that you see throughout the Quran. Allah says with gurunath korakuen be mindful of me and I will be mindful of you. He says natural law have

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an SEM. They forgot or they neglected a lawsuit Allen neglected them. Well, McConnell, McConnell, McConnell, Nana Corolla says they plotted a plot and Allah Himself plotted a plot as well. If you want to know your status with Allah subhana wa Tada. Look to the status of a law within yourself. So if you love Allah, and what he decrees, and you're accepting of the commandments of a loss of Canada to Allah, then know that a lot of logen will be just as loving and accepting of you, if not more. So, if the servant is mindful of Allah in their prayer, mindful of their fasting, mindful of Allah and raising their children, meaning that you're mindful of what Allah wants from you, you're mindful

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of what he has asked you to do. Then note that a lot of zildjian will also be mindful of you a lot to be mindful of you in terms of your health, and you will be mindful of you in terms of your wealth, you'll be mindful of you in terms of Your Honor, in terms of your status in terms of your family, he will be mindful of you in all of your affairs. And Allah subhanaw taala mentions to us the divine protection that he sends His servants throughout the end level work the back to mean venia the human healthy for Luna women and Allah, Allah reminds us that he has successive angels before them and behind them that will protect them by the decree of Allah Subhana Allah, Allah says

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we will still alikum have fever, but Allah subhanho wa Taala will send upon you protective angels protection upon you. And so they are sent to help us and to protect us by the commendable law as Odin. And so if we ever find ourselves feeling unprotected, if we find our affairs are deteriorating, if we find that our situation is falling into ruin, that evil or oppression is following us or overcoming us, that the abuse of people is coming to us and to our doors that we need to reflect over ourselves, reflect over our police for the loss of handle to either natural law fantasy, Allah says they neglected a loss or law neglected them in caphyon comments on this verse,

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And he says, They forgot Alon would not remember them. So he neglected them when they made it to him. And he would not heal them when they became ill. And he would not return to them after they have left him. And he would not guide them when they have become lost. And this is the reality what type of interaction Do we want with the loss of Hamilton Island. And one of the beautiful stories is that

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he is proximate to light it who was a very just Khalifa, and it was just known for his justice. And while all the kings and Qatif has before him had been corrupt, stealing money giving them to his family, he had stood out as the one who refused to give anything to his family, and in fact, gave back even more to the people than even you could argue that he needed to. He was a man of intent of intense taqwa. And when he was on his deathbed, he had no money. And people came to him and said, at least take something for your kids. At least take a little bit of money. Nobody's going to say anything to you. Everybody has seen all the, you know, reforms and all the excellence you have done.

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Nobody's going to say anything if you take just a couple of dollars and give it to your children. And he said to them a very powerful statement. He said my children, he said I will not give them anything that is not the right number one. And he said My children are one of two people, either they are people of taqwa or they are people of corruption. And he said if they are people of taqwa, then in the law, you have to win the solid one. If there are people of righteousness, Allah is the one who takes care of those who are righteous. And if they are corrupt, there's nothing that I can give them that can avail them or help them. And then he passed away. And the person who recorded the

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statement, he said, I saw with my own eyes, one of the corrupt kings who came after, but I would have known that I was he is that corrupt kings children, and I saw the children of that disease decades later. He said the children of God disease had enough wealth that they were given to other people, and the children of the corrupt king who was stealing money and giving it to his kids, his kids ended up being broke. And Allah subhanaw taala indeed, what showed this these people exactly what our mode of disease was telling them, be mindful of Allah and Allah will be mindful of view. Then the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said it fully legit, who to jack Be mindful of Allah

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you will find a law right before you the blessings of being mindful of a lock. And so john, is that a lot of mindful of you but further than that, a lot of will find you throughout your life alone will protect you throughout your life. The profits of the love while he was selling mentioned in the footsie that went a lot longer.

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servant to control some earliest marine robots or Millennium sohrabi. Were the Millennium Jacobi, what did you hear him shabbiha when he says the one I love him, I become his hearing with which he hears, I become a sight word which he sees, I become his hand with which he strikes and his feet with which he walks, a lot becomes your hearing. So you only hear that which helps you which aids you which strengthens you, and which beautifies your soul and draws you closer to Allah subhanaw taala you only hear and see and walk in touch that which Allah loves from you, and you stay away from the things that Allah wants to protect you from one of the scholars mentions a beautiful story

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under this label of Be mindful of a lawn, you will find the love before you. He mentioned the story of a flood that happened in the city of Medina in the 1960s or so. And many of the houses and stores at that time were still made of you know, the roads were still made of mud. And during these days, it was, you know, intense rainfall. And a man who had a store had to have his store closed because of the rainfall and he couldn't earn any money. So he went to a person he knew had some money. And he went to his house and he said, Can you loan me some money during this time. So the man who he visited was really sick, and was basically confined to his bed. And he reached over in his bedroom

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to a place where he had hidden his own money, and you opened it and he had some gold. And he took out some of the gold and he gave it to the man who was asking us alone. And the men took it, but he saw where that money was. And later on, he had the intention to come back and to steal the remaining gold that the man was holding the sick man had. So he came the store owner came to steal this money at night. And he took the baby belonging to the men, and he put it outside of the doorsteps of the house. So his wife, the sick man's wife wakes up and she hears the baby crying outside of the door. So she knows someone came and took the baby outside. So she tells her husband Get up, let's leave.

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And the husband doesn't want to get up because he's incredibly sick. He says no, you go and whatever happens happens to me. But she forces him up. So he gets out slowly, and they both leave the house to go and take the baby they realize someone is in the house intending evil. And so apparently, as they stood outside of the house that day, the rain was so much that the ceiling of the house collapsed, collapsing upon the thief that was trying to steal from them. Be mindful of Allah and Allah subhanaw taala will be mindful of you.

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He forgot Allah so Allah neglected him. And the husband and the wife were mindful of Allah willing to give, you know a loan to someone who was in need. Allah subhanaw taala protected them from every evil. And then the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam says, We either sell it at a lab where it is dumped, fester and Villa if you ask us Kabbalah and if you rely then rely upon Allah. Now someone might ask what is the connection between our mindfulness of Allah subhanaw taala. To now the Prophet telling in advance when you ask ask of Allah and when you rely only rely upon a lesser penalty. And the intelligent person will understand from this is that Allah subhanaw taala is lunney. Allah is

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without need, he is not in need of our worship. He's not in need of our mindfulness to begin with. But that's when you worship Allah subhanho wa Taala

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and you turn to Allah subhana wa tada

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and you avoid the disobedience of Allah. So john, you are only doing so with the help of Allah azzawajal Allah is the only one capable of helping you worship Him. He is the only one capable of helping you avoid his disobedience. So the servant has no choice but to ask the protection of a loss of hundreds of islands and to rely upon a lawyer xojo The Prophet said acumen ko De La La quwata illa. Allah, He said often say or increase in your saying of law? How will I will after what 11 law, there is no way and there is no power except to a lot. And if the believer understood this, he understands there's no way even for you to worship a law. There's no way for you to even be mindful

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of a lot without a lot as origin allowing you to do so. And so how do we attain that mindfulness to begin with, you're constantly in your da asking the law to allow you to worship Him, that you're constantly asking Allah subhanaw taala to allow you to be of his servants. They're constantly asking the less current data to allow you to be mindful of him to begin with. This is the way of the believer to understand that your connection to a less dependent on Allah subhanaw taala, allowing you to be connected to him. And Allah subhanho wa Taala mentioned to us about prophet Yunus while at the conquer sociability and neither one will mcloon Do not be like the Companion of the fish when he

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called out in distress. Lola and toda la comunidad mirabai Allah says words not for the blessing of his Lord, ie he was saved because of the blessing of his Lord that reached him. And so Yusuf has not saved for his own privilege his own virtue, but because of the great

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In the favor of Allah subhanaw taala. So the slave of a lot wants to be mindful of a lot so gentle, mindful of the rights of Allah subhanaw taala knows that he has no choice but to constantly ask the love his favor, constantly asked to love his mercy constantly asked Allah subhanho data to guide us like the poetry of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam when he said will lie he told a lie matter they know well let us know what else Selena fenzi Linda sikita Alina, author between academic and Latina that he said without you or luck, we would have gotten no guidance, we would nor we would we have given charity, nor would we have prayed. So please Allah, bless us with your tranquility and

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make our feet firm. There is no slider that we can do. There is no fast thing we can do. There is no victory we can do without the mercy of Allah subhanaw taala. And particularly today, as we are constantly I'm looking at an empty message and you are not able to join us here. realize we cannot do anything without a loss of Hannah Montana, even the things that we take for granted like coming to the massage and we cannot do that without a lot of xojo giving us his permission. And for that reason, it is incredibly important that we are constantly asking of a loss of Hannah Tiana that will allow Matt to the you know what, I don't know what else to say now we're it's not for a loss of kind

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of Atlanta. We would not have guidance, nor would we give charity, nor would we even be able to pray.

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And then the Prophet soliloquy. And so the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam reminds us why he decided to fuss at the lab with a student fester in Villa if you ask, ask of a lot and if you rely rely upon Allah subhana wa Tada.

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And then the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam says in one of the narrations of this particular Hadith, he says to our of ilahi through raha er Africa should know Allah subhanho wa Taala in ease in times of ease, and he shall know you in times of hardship, knowing a law, recognizing him, realizing your need for him turning to him in times of hardship is something that all people can do. It's something that all people can do. Even the co founder of Quran, Allah Subhana Allah mentions fadeout aka woodfill phunki. There are law must be seen at our Deen. Now when they were aboard their ship and the ship was going to collapse, the call to allow with sincerity, they called to a law not

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to their idols, or not to anything else, but Allah subhanaw taala sincerely and purely. And he says and he says that they said, then Jay and gentlemen had the Elana Kuhn and the miniature Kitty, and they cried out to a law and they said, Oh, love you save us now, we will be of those who are grateful. But Allah subhanaw taala mentioned to us the example of two men in the Quran, both of them in the same situation, both of them struck with hardship, both of them mentioned even in the same sewalong that Allah subhanaw taala mentions to us the example of profits. Eunice Ani has said, I'm swallowed by the whale, and the depth of the ocean, crying out to Allah Subhana Allah to Allah, La

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ilaha illa Allah Subhana Allah in equal treatment of money mean that he's saying none has the right to be worshipped other than you, you are the one who was perfect, and I am those who have been oppressive. And as he's calling out this desperate call from the belly of the whale, and the darkness of the night in the darkness of the seed, eaten up by the the acid, stomach acid of the will, and he's calling out to a lot of this desperate scenario in this desperate situation. And Muslim bizarre, there is a narration that some of the angels turn to a muscle panel to either they say politan Mehta accountable solely for more often, that all law This is a, a sound of a voice that

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we know coming from a place we don't know. The voice of this person is a voice that we know. And and but we don't know where it's coming from. It's coming from a land we're not we don't recognize Allah Subhana Allah says autonomy, freedom and autonomy for him and valic Don't you know who this is? And the angel says, Who is it Oh Allah. And Allah says Pilar de una si says, This is my servant, Yunus. They recognize his voice, they knew what his voice sounded like. Why because of all the drama he normally makes, because of all of the victory he normally makes. Because in times of ease, he was constantly asking a lot, constantly begging Allah subhanaw taala constantly asking a lot turning to

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Allah glorifying a lot, praising a lot. So in the time of hardship, what he's calling out, the angels are saying, Oh, we know this voice. We've heard this voice before. This is a voice we've heard often calling out to you. And then they said to Allah subhana wa tada or alone. This is your servant, Yunus. And

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Oh Allah subhanaw taala won't his good deeds in in times of ease, save him from his difficulty, the out of our law tarhan mechanic, Americana elstner call for a heart for Tom g him. Phil Bella, the old law isn't all the good that he did in times of good going to see from from these times of evil and a loss of Pamela to Alice's Yes. And Allah saves him from the belly of the whale. And in that same surah Allah subhanaw taala mentions to us the example of Freetown he says hello

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all meant to end Nola de la ilaha illAllah de m and it's been a while. And then muslimeen a lot mentions the state of this man thrown into the water as well, calling out to a lot for help, saying now I believe that there's none with the right to be worshipped other than the God of any slide. And I am of those who have believed and to believe in Allah subhanho wa Taala says an animal for the

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public who are consuming them of CD and is it now that you're going to believe, even though before you have been disobedient and you are of those who are corrupt, Allah says, Now you want to believe after we give you a chance after chance, sign after sign miracle after miracle, while you were living your life of ease and comfort, and you refuse to recognize a law. And now in the moment of hardship you want to believe for Yeoman when a G can be badnik be takuna demon hunter. Allah says, Now we will save you in your body preserve you in your body, that you may be assigned for all those who come after you. But Allah subhanaw taala when he spoke about us, he says no will and no Can I

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mean and was a bit mean, then that'd be fair for you, but can he lay only when Allah says as for Eunice where it's not that he had been of those who exalted a lot, that he exalted a lot in terms of ease the lender fee button, he would have remained in the stomach of that in the belly of that whale until the Day of Resurrection, what saved him from that hardship that he turned to a loss of Hamilton in times of ease. But if we know a lot when our when our life is good, when you know a lot when he has blessed you, then you reach the Stations of the prophets, the prophet muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam worshiping Allah subhanaw taala all day and all night, until his feet is

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cracking and bleeding. And he was saying to the Prophet sallallahu, where are you sending them? Why are you doing this? What kind to look for a lump of metal condemning them, because what will not occur? Why are you worshiping a lot to this extent, when Allah has already forgiven your sins, that which has come and that which has passed, and the prophets a little longer? It was quite an akuna, competent Shakira? Should I not be a servant who is grateful to Allah Subhana Allah to Allah know Allah is and he will know you in hardship. And this is something for us to take into account, as we look at the difficulties faced now what good did we do in times of ease, and certainly Allah

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subhanaw taala will cause the hardship that we are currently living in to pass and times of ease will come again in the future, and what will you do in those times of ease? What will your relationship be to a loss of handle to add in those times appease, and whatever difficulty we're facing in today, there are two E's there is ease in our livelihood. We have free time, a lot of us we have our family, we have our health, what are you doing with the ease that Allah has given you today, so that a lot can know you in times of true hardship. And then the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, we're Adam, and the Luma law which tonight Allah in the room can be shade, lemon

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federal can be shaded in love with cattle love willock that know that if all the creation were to gather together to benefit you with something that can only benefit you that with that, which Allah has already written for you, and if they gathered to harm you with something they can only harm you with that which Allah has written for you will fill out a column which are fit to sort of depends have been lifted in the pages of dried, all of our fears are in the hands of a loss of penalty either Allah says in the in condition Hakuna will be, indeed all things we created our our with predestination, we'll call loose earlier, and what can be it in Muslim there. And indeed, every

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small engraved thing has been inscribed, everything is in the hands of Allah subhanaw taala, or our end art with his decree, and how many people were confronted with those who wanted to harm them, or incapable of harming them, or found those who wanted to help them or raise them but were unable to do so. A lot with the the affair of the believer is with a lot alone, and the believer needs to know this. And to know that our benefit and our harm comes through a lot alone, and that the only true power is with a lot alone, and that our hearts should not then turn to anyone other than Him alone, and that are due I should be directed to Him alone, and that our reliance should be with him alone.

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It's no matter what the people can do. They cannot change what a lot as Georgia has decided. And the promises though which tonight are to Luma if the owner has gathered, and what he means by the oma is everything, ie every single human being ever created from the beginning of time to the end, and every Angel ever created, and every devil ever created and every jinn ever created if all of them were to come together and conspire. They could not decree anything unless Allah subhanho wa Taala has decreed it. And for this reason, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said yes, Allah, in fact, was Billa what attaches? He says seek that which will benefit you work and do the things that

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will benefit you and rely upon Allah and do not refrain yourself. Do not refrain yourself. Meaning the believer knows that all affairs are decreed. And that does not mean to stop working or doing rather your job as the believer is to work and to seek the benefit and put your trust in Allah Subhana Allah to Allah and the Prophet continues in the same idea. He said, Well

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saw the cache and fenetre Follow me ferry to Canada, Canada. He said if something bad happens to you never say if only I did this or if only I did that. rather say other low emission if I'd rather say this is the decree of Allah azza wa jal and what he wanted happened for indeed low end for indeed if only is the words of shape Lon shaytaan wants to bring you regret shaken wants to bring you the capacity to feel bad and sorrow and regret and a loss of control to Allah wants to tell you things are in the hands of Allah subhanaw taala. So do your part and trust a lot and don't regret. Don't say if only I did this, this would have happened if only I did that that would have happened. And

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this is the way of the believer instead say this is the decree of a law and what he has done, he has willed. And for this reason,

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the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam tells us roughly it will just fit to serve that indeed, the pens have been lifted and the pages have dried. So there is no reason to grieve, if the affairs are with a lot, rather Allah subhanaw taala has made it easy for our hearts to attach to him to be patient for his sake to seek the reward of that patience with him subpoena with Allah in general felco loconte how the rest of the body will stop flow in order for