Every Prayer begins and ends with the believers expressing their love for Allah

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When we when we pray, we start our prayer Oh Allahu Akbar, Allah is greater than everything and everyone. Why? Because the love we have for Allah is unlike any love for anyone else. So we say Allah who I cannot, Allah is greater than everyone and everything. Why? Because we love him more than everyone on anything. So there is nothing greater than him. subhanho wa Taala and at the end of our prayer, it's also an expression of love we have for Allah azza wa jal

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we say at the Hyatt all greetings are for you, oh Allah was salawat and all our prayers, all our dryer, all our worship is for Allah that's what a solo ad means. And then we say opee that all the pure actions and all the good words all of them belong to Allah. And then we declare the Oneness of Allah a shadow Illa Illa Illa Allah, what a shadow under Mohamed Anna do what a solo.

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And then when we finish at the Hyatt, just before we conclude that the Hyatt in the V sallallahu alayhi wa sallam would see Allah more fiddly Malka dem to woman how to assault a woman I learned to sort of on that and Allah will be mini until mocha demo until zero La ilaha illa. And in the visa Allah Allah he will sell them. He would at the end of his diet, he would say Allah, forgive me for what I have done, before and after, and what I have hidden and what I have done openly and what I have transgressed the limit in and forgive me for what you know about me that I don't know. You're the one who sends forth and you're the one who delays there is no Lord worthy of worship except

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Allah. But notice notice, he doesn't just say in general words, Allah forgive me A salaam alaikum wa have a lot. Or like, look what he says seven about seven things. He details his request for forgiveness, as though he doesn't want the conversation with Allah to end because he loves Allah subhanho Medina, and so make this dua at the end of your Salat. It proves how much you love Allah subhanahu wa Tada Allahu Akbar.