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The speakers discuss the importance of balancing life and afterlife, emphasizing the default state of the world and the need to take care of health, family, and other activities. They stress the importance of not forgetting the d union and finding their way to a dams and dams and dams. The speakers also emphasize the importance of pursuing actions of worship, learning about Islam, and finding a way to receive rewards for one's life. They encourage viewers to attend a video presentation and share their experiences with working full-time and losing sleep. The segment ends with advice to be more aware and aware of one's emotions to avoid negative consequences.

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one of the most common questions we receive is a question I think we can all relate to here today.

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We hear often in Islam there's an emphasis on you are created for the afterlife you are created to seek the eternal life. You are created so that everything that you're doing is aligning towards the middle. But at the same time Islam asks us Allah subhanaw taala asks of us to take care of worldly matters. How do we balance our lives these two seemingly disjointed worlds two separate lives? At times, they seem compartmentalized? How do we bring these two together to obtain what we want, which is an equilibrium, a balance that is proper? And that is reflective of what Allah subhanaw taala gives us have the proper understanding of how to seek the earth little while taking care of dunya?

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How do we strike a balance and one of the verses in which Allah subhana wa Taala gives us and there's a context to this, there's a story to this, one of the verses that allows us in the first two phrases of it, to delve deeper into this question so that we never have to ask again in sha Allah

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is the verse from Surah to the apostles is 77. And you can follow along the translation if they get the slide up beaten Allah, in which Allah subhana wa Taala says and follow the translation if you must. What the totally theme

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called con Longwood on Lelong wala turn, son asleep back Amina duniya What are seen coma ah son along Isla de wanna today terbutaline infoUSA Delphina.

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In nulla, you will have more and more CD in our objective with the short talk and Shawn long is to answer this question by delving into the first two phrases of this advice. As for the first I think it is very clear, self explanatory at face value.

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Whether you're totally FEMA, Turk Allah who doubt all after everything that Allah gave you all the blessings, you have your life itself, your time, your health, your wealth, your job, your children, your family, your position, your status, your degrees, whatever you have of this life, whatever Allah has granted, you use what you have for the afterlife. That is the default state. For the believer. The purpose of living in this world is to utilize every blessing that Allah has given us to seek the highest levels of the athlete at the highest levels of reward. That is the default state.

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And here is where most of us get lost. When Allah subhanaw taala says well utensil, and I'll see you back I mean, at dunya do not forget your share of this life. This could be interpreted in so many different ways.

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When Allah says do not forget, it implies that the default state is what? That you're living for the athlete or you're leaving for the eternal life. We are not here for a dunya we don't know when we will check out we don't know when we have to depart. But the time we have in a dunya there is a share of it that every one of us must have. What is that share? This is what the companions and Toby arena leaders scholars try to examine and synthesize and understand what is the nosleep of this dunya what does that mean? Because culturally, the word nosleep has so many different meanings. And it's understood in so many different ways.

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One of the understandings of your share of this life is the time you have in this life to utilize for the Athleta. So you're not sleep, have a dunya is everything Allah gave you that you can use for the afterlife. For example, Allah gave you wealth, you're using your wealth for the afterlife. Allah gave you a good health, you're using your health, your energy to do acts of worship. Allah gave you a certain position in society, a certain status, a certain job, a certain type of family, a relationship you're using what Allah gave you that share that you have for the afro. However, it seems that if we look a little deeper, we find that some of the Sahaba understood this to mean don't

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forget your share of this life on your way to the afterlife, as if to say that the default state every one of us should have is

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I am not here for a dunya. I don't care about a dunya. It's as if to say this life is so insignificant. Even if you lived for 150 years, even if you lived for 1000 years, it's so insignificant because the next life is eternal. And if you are focusing your efforts and your time on this life, at the expense of the next life, then you've gained 1000 years and lost an eternity, meaning once you've lost everything, so Allah is telling us it's as if you are thinking properly, that I am not here for a dunya Therefore, Allah out of His mercy says, Do not forget your share of a dunya as well. While turns on I'll see you back home in a dunya. Don't forget that you need to take

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care of your family. Don't forget you need to take care of your health. Don't forget that you need to do other things. Don't forget you need some wealth. You're not told give all your wealth and charity. You're not told you have to use all your time for Salah. No, there is a share of this life that is necessary to get through this life. But notice here that the default state is the official. The default of why we're here is not to chase after dunya what does it dunya then become this lowly life? Because when a Muslim reads this area and they misinterpreted they can go to one of two extremes. On the one hand, you have some people who say Allah said when 10 Sano see becoming a dunya

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when Allah says what I tend to not see by Camino dunya means do whatever you want. So just pursue this life. But Allah does not say that it starts off with what seek the little with what Allah has granted you. The other extreme is what for someone to say that a dunya deserves no time or attention or effort and Muslims should put no effort or ambitions or goals for this life. They should not care about advancing civilization they should not care about producing something good for mankind or leaving something behind. And that is also a weakness understanding. And so when Allah subhanaw taala says what a 10 cent OC becoming a dunya it means you realize all that you have on your way to

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the afro as a stepping stone to be the best Muslim possible in this world, leaving behind whatever legacy you leave behind a continuous charity of sorts, but you're on your way to your eternal home, you're on your way to Allah's pleasure, may Allah subhanaw taala make us and our loved ones amongst the people of Judah to the fate of DOS, Allah melamine.

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Aisha Radi Allahu Allah, and one time was asked by the prophet about some meat that she gave in charity. She said all of it is gone. All of it has been donated, all of it is gone except for the shoulder.

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Meaning what I don't need everything. So it's gone, except for the shoulder. We kept it. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi salam corrected her and said, No, all of it remained except for the shoulder. Why? Because the things that you love that you use for the sake of Allah, they are not things that have disappeared, there are things that you have kept with you were in the bank of the Earth, little this life is the only opportunity we have to convert as much opportunity as possible, as many deeds as possible into the currency of the next life. Can you imagine someone building for a dunya they have the highest standards for this life, but no standards for the next life. They tell their children,

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you have to be the best in what you do for this life. But they have no teachings, no inspiration, no motivation for the next life, what happens, the children build and build and build for a dunya. But in the arthro, that bank is still empty. In the alcohol, there's still something that is vacant. So as we're seeking the alcohol, we're utilizing a dunya for that cause. How can we simplify this and structure this with two principles, to very easy to remember principles in sha Allah. So what we want to utilize here so that we can attain our goal in sha Allah, the goal of equilibrium, is to describe this multifaceted fusion of two worlds, living for a dunya and akhira, while knowing where

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each belongs in priority, and fought. So the very first principle you have to keep in mind in sha Allah is that everything has its do right. We hear this often. Everything has its do, right. Here's an example. Authentic reports. hamdulillah Radi Allahu Allah and the famous companion, he leaves his house, he runs into Abu Bakr and I'm paraphrasing the story. And Abu Bakar asks, How are you? You're humbler, he says Northop 100 Allah I've become a hypocrite. Can you imagine your friend running into you in the street and the very first thing they say is I've become a hypocrites. He says Subhanallah happened. He says when I'm with the prophet, and he talks about Jana and now I feel like I am seeing

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them with my eyes meaning my Eman is so high. But then I go back home and we have to tend to our spouses and our children and our jobs. And all of those things that Prophet said most of them rather they start to slip away, meaning my Eman is not always at that peak. Like that time was making dua like the time you were in the lecture like the time you heard Quran, your Eman will fluctuate, and also your priorities will fluctuate. So he's saying what I feel like because my Eman dipped because I pursued something worldly

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In his perspective,

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then I have become a hypocrites. Abu Bakr said by Allah, I experienced the same thing. Let's go to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam.

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So they go to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and humbler says that I have become a hypocrite and the Prophet sallallahu Sallam asks what happened? And he repeats what he said, I feel like when we're with you, we see the ocarina with our eyes. But then when we leave, it's gone, slips away. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said what

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he said, by the one in whose hand is my life, meaning his swearing by Allah, if your thoughts, your Eman and your thoughts and your efforts were the same constantly as they are with me, if you were constantly at that high that peak of your life, and it never dipped, then the angels would come down to you and shake your hands in your homes and in the streets, meaning what your level of Eman would be beyond what is expected that the angels themselves will come to you. And then the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, saya Hutton was, however, an hour for this, an hour for that, a time for you to focus on rituals a time for you to focus on the necessities of life. Notice here,

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it's not things that are wasting time. It's not things that are killing time. This is not a justification of the one who's killing seven, eight hours a day. No a time for this means what a time for the things that have a right upon you, your family, they have a right upon you. Your body has a right upon you. So you're not allowed to, for example, praise Dr. Molina all night and not sleep during any night. You're not allowed to fast every single day with no exception whatsoever. There are exceptions. In other words, there are rights that have to be given. So give them their due rights. So number one, once again, everything has its right. Number two,

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everything that does have the rights that is not worship, converted into an act of worship. Let me ask a question. On average, how many people here sleep on average, eight hours a night approximately?

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Okay, how many people sleep more than eight hours a night? Mashallah, you're very honest and brave.

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Let's take eight hours as the average that's 56 hours a week, eight hours is 1/3 of your day. In other words, 1/3 of your life 1/3 of your life 33% of your life is dedicated to sleeping, don't feel bad. The second, if you're working full time or studying full time, or you're raising children, you can go ahead and cross off the rest of your available time, right. So when you're working full time, 40 hours a week going and coming most people a little more than 40 hours commuting, preparing, recovering, and so on and so forth. Let's say it's 56 hours a week, on average. That's another 1/3 of your week or 1/3 of your adult life 33% Of Your Life for sleep 33% for your full time studies, or

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your full time work, or even raising children, you have another 33% left for everything else. Now with these first two thirds, let's talk about these 260 6% of one's life. These are not things most Muslims intended as acts of worship. And that means we are missing out on 66 or 66% of our lives being dedicated for the sake of Allah, meaning the reward that we're missing out on because of one simple mind shift one single paradigm shift. It is magnificent what we could attain through that thought. What do I mean by this? intend your sleep for the sake of Allah every night you're about to sleep and make dua before you sleep at cuddle gnome to remind you of this, in turn your work for the

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sake of Allah and that 1/3 of your life. 33% is now rewarded, your sleep is now rewarded. It is an act of worship. And now there's Baraka in it. And now it is connecting you to the afterlife, which is your goal. And more importantly, more importantly, we look to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam statements and authentic report that if a man spends on his family, and he intends it, he intends it to be an act of worship well, who is evil Ha he expects and hopes for reward from Allah just like him, oh my god, ie man and what he Serban you're hoping for a reward from Allah for your worldly action, something you have to do anyway. The Prophet sallallahu sallam said it will be

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written for that man, as a charity. This applies to everyone. Anything you're doing as a necessity of life, your studies, you're going to school all these hours and a lot of people complain about school, you might as well converted into an act of worship, your bank in the next life starts increasing. If we're able to do this with sleep and with work with sleep and with studies than at least leaving here today in sha Allah, very practically, at least 66% of our lives will be considered acts of worship. Think about how generous Allah is. Think about what we're being offered here.

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We have the opportunity to continue getting closer to Allah subhanho wa Taala in a multifaceted way, by remembering to set our intention for the sake of

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La, Wa Allahu Allah. Now, I'm going to do something that I don't usually do in the short talks because the time is limited. I have seven minutes and 35 seconds. So what I want to do in sha Allah is to share a video that many of you have seen before, but I have watched this video more than a dozen times, and has touched my heart every single time. And I know that it's 20% of my time, but I'm dedicating the last five minutes before the commentary and conclusion in sha Allah to this video with our dear brother, a brother I've never met before and I hope to meet in the next life. thy brother from Australia who was a millionaire who was diagnosed with cancer. Ali Bernards Rahim Allah

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how many people heard of Ali Bennett's Rahim Allah Hamdulillah. And for those of you who have not, I urge you tonight when you get a chance to go online and watch the video called it but not the gift of cancer. I urge you to find this video to watch it with your family in sha Allah. Allah Bernards Rahimullah recorded a video before he passed away. As he was going through chemo for three years, three years his entire life changing out of Ferrari Spyder and many other cars. He had millions of dollars saved up through his businesses Mashallah. He had the most expensive luxurious types of watches and shoes and hearts, things that people think will make them happy things that people are

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pursuing of a dunya at the expense of their athletes. When he was diagnosed with cancer, everything changed reality hit him. And this is something that he shared with the world may Allah reward him because it inspired many others to take this matter seriously. It's not going to make you happy when you pursue a dunya at the expense of the hero, you can have a dunya but as a stepping stone to the pharaoh you can be the best person you are in any field in this world secular and otherwise, but at at the pathway or during the avenue of increasing your rewards building for the soccer. So I want us to watch this video and then I will close off with one minute inshallah afterwards if we can get the

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video going in sha Allah just morphia

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as you all know

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I love pathway

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I just wanted to make a little video clip for all the followers that have supported me from day one and koalas God wishes they will follow rewards or utilize and inshallah you continue to support me elevated of your Salah one of the first T is

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a little piece of advice to the brothers and sisters

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as you see this life we had

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because we had to bury we had everything that was part of law a lot of people during a period when I was sick they'll send you messages brother you guarantee paradise believe

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whether you also budget for the community for the Oba Paulo this

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theory is that worth just a simple blessing to Allah subhanaw taala has given us like what he left with the body and be able to walk to the bathroom by yourself.

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This is slowly got stripped, stripped away from me.

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Did you read

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the last of I, my wife Abdullah will lie some of us don't get the chance from Allah subhanaw taala to low, we're gonna pass away. Some of us a lot of us just passed away suddenly. Because really stories were brothers and sisters of toilet clubs, or overdose whatever it is. supply the law says during

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your lifetime the system does try to have a goal. Try to have a plan, whatever project that you work towards, even if

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you personally do it and you're finding somebody else's projects just do something because Why are you gonna lead without judgment

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for the brothers and sisters that are chasing this life

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well our advice to you guys is this life is probably

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before we used to say five years ago, 10 years ago, services were happening. That was everybody things are changing. And you all are following our desires what they were following is love these days. We just got to be careful because

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Let's go to Jake evil. Our kids are getting affected. It was usually affected,

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who lives outside the US to see our baby cry. Because I

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just wanted that support for people with an incipient wireless protocol potel a BS, you people that you've never fought,

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there'll be a part of your life or friends or even though that existed when I used to travel, I used to beat certain people, a lot of them

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actually went out of their way to travel all the way from Dubai or the UK wherever it was to actually visit me when I was sick. In hospital, that's love for the sake of Allah subhanaw taala

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that said, I was laughing like that just trying to visit for it our flight, just to see for my face.

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for the people that are added, received, worried or stressed to ever say to people, don't worry, I was Peltola Allah will send you people that you would have expected if you really late so you just have to have trust that our colleagues Allah subhanaw taala.

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So a little advice for for everyone out there in South Africa respire 123 people to do something remember we're doing that grave Inshallah, they will be getting rewarded for everything they've done for the people they've brought to slow and

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it's all there to help on a day of judgment. So I was trying to have a project or a plan that you're working towards in this life inshallah and children will help us in our grave in the Hereafter.

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May Allah subhanaw taala have mercy on our brothers and even outside of him Allah and inspire others through his projects, through his actions through his nonprofit charities and so on and so forth. Most importantly, to summarize what we're saying my brothers and sisters, we know we already know that this life is not the life This life is the only opportunity the sole opportunity to create currency for the next life the currency that we will need in the next life. And so after this inshallah consider if you have not before writing your will consider inshallah being more conscious and cognizant that every act in this life that is pursued everything that you strive for, you use it

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as a stepping stone for the highest levels of Jannah intended for the sake of Allah, look at it with meaning and think about the powerful mental health impact when everything you do is done with meaning when everything you do is done with purpose. And finally, my brothers and sisters, remember that the DUA that summarizes all of this is a dua we all know perhaps about bene Tina feeds dunya hasna what Phil Filati, Hassan Joaquina other than now, wa salam, ala Houma, Allah Muhammad wa early he was talking big marine was salam aleikum wa rahmatullah.