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Ebrahim Bham
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Salam Alikum

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Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah wa Salatu was Salam ala Milan via Raja and Emma learned we have either Walla

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Walla Kitab Abadi Kitabi whether Shri Radha Surya

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I'm about to follow the last minute shaytani R rajim Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem in Allah Hello boomin carnem of Thailand for Hora setup hola hola as in

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my dear respected scholars, Allah elders and brothers. We begin by praising Almighty Allah sent instrumentations upon our beloved maybe a Korean sir Allahu alayhi wa sallam

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amongst the objectives of our beloved maybe a Kareem Allahu Allah who was selling his magnificent endeavors was to correct people's conduct and character, hence Nebia Clarion saucer and it said in nama booth to play with him mama Karima Philip Okoma, calm I had been sent by Allah subhanahu wa taala. To correct and to complete people's good conduct and character.

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And Allah Tala through the means of our beloved Millia Karim sallahu alayhi wa sallam has given us great rewards with regard to

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adopting good conduct and character. In a hadith Marisol Salam said in the Minerva youth Rita. We of course know full of the Dara Jetta, MLA was set him in the heart. And what means with the means of his good conduct gets the same reward as someone making tattooed all night, and keeping Nephal fast all the days. And I always ask the people that you ever regard someone who has good conduct is rewarding. And as pious is the one who makes the heart good all night, and very few people will say yes, but yet these are the words of nobility in sorcerer, a person with good conduct gets the same reward as someone who makes the 100 whole night. And part of good conduct and good character is to

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stay away from negative and lonely attributes to stay away from evil attributes. And the one attribute that today I would like to in today's talk, highlight is that of pride.

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Pride is perhaps one of the most deadliest, spiritually deadliest type of attribute a person can have. It prevents a person's going into Jannah. even an iota of pride is sufficient to stop your entry into Jannah. And one of our great scholars, in fact, by and large, everyone knows about him because he has come to our shores, as a chef and Hadith has had more than as a career sobre Hokulani. Everyone knows him a shepherd Hadith, has written a book on Pride and he entitled it very interesting. Interestingly Amol amirav, the mother of all spiritual ailments,

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pride, the mother of all spiritual ailments, and there is no exaggeration in this. If you were to look at it, there is no evil, that pride would not make a person do many a times a person is jealous about others, because he regards himself as superior to others. Why must this person get that favor? I'm better than me. So, jealousy is also sometimes or many times because of pride. Anger is because of pride. You only by and large, get angry over those people whom you regard as your subordinates. Very few people get angry with a boss or they don't mean they don't vent. But so anger and therefore you see many times in anger person speaking and said, Don't you know why?

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The very same pride and sometimes if he can vent his event is anger, then the pride becomes the means of malice and hatred in his heart. To such an extent that pride becomes the means and the reason even for Kufa. Allah Tala in the Holy Quran has made mentioned that when Allah Tala Tony bliss and commanded replaced with the Malaita to make fixture in front of Adam, Melissa to Salam, they all get So besides the bliss and look at what the words Allah Tala uses in the Quran, Abba was burned.

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He refused and he was proud. Because of his pride he committed proofer so pride became the means of his cover. There is no evil a proud person who will not resort to because for him, his image is more important than anything else. So therefore, it's very important for us to be aware of it and we saw some segment counterfeit Toby's call or hot button Min 30 Min Kiba Okama call. Even if a person has an order of

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bribe you won't enter into even if a little bit of pride he got he will not enter into gender. Therefore a man who has

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written extensively on Pride it is a room he has, you know dedicated almost 20 to 25 pages on Pride and on this right where is Allah to who follows sunnah aim

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to eradicate yourself from Pride is far as the aim.

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The way namaz is for us to keep yourself away from Pride is for us. And he said liars guru, we already Tammany it will not get eradicated only by your verbal desire that I'm going to stay away from pride. You have to make a conscious effort to keep yourself away from Pride. Now of course when we hear hear the consequences of pride, what is pride? Then Imam Ghazali goes on to make mention and he says there are two two degrees of pride. One is seeker pride and one is outward pride. Secret pride is what he terms is Bucha and Allah Tala and Nebia Kareem saw slim has also made mention of it in the Quran and Hadith. What is Bucha which means conceitedness to regard yourself very highly. I

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am also someone I am very highly I'm so great. I'm so talented, I am so you know I got so much in a I am so pious. Having a high notion of yourself is known as Pooja and conceitedness. Nivea cream sauce limited falafel, Monica. Three things are spiritually destructive. And one of them we use this the word a gerbil mer abnf. See, when a person regards himself very highly, I'm also someone maybe coho. So this this particular thing is actually destructive disease. Allah uses the word Bucha. In the Quran, Luca NESARA como la vous FEMA, Latino Tesira

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castrato. Remember, Allah Tala helped you on many occasions, and Allah helped you in Houdini, when your numbers granted you a degree of self conceitedness and Sahaba were hurt to be saying, when we were literally number we defeated the enemy. Now when we are more in number, that most likely you will also defeat the enemy. Allah didn't like that.

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You know a certain degree of referring things to yourself and your numbers. So Allah uses the word Bucha up there in the Quran

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to regard yourself as highly as that mollify. Shefali Tammy Rahmatullah Lee, who is an expert in terms of understanding men's spiritual disease has said that

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jet Kamal pirnas Karna. Kamal say Adi Chanukah de Lila to take pride in your achievements, and to regard yourself as highly is a sure sign that we have no achievements

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to add me up near comparison much

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of Kodak and Mr. Miguel Jetta when a person regards himself as a highly and great he falls down from the esteem of Allah subhanho wa Taala

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says something now. The Imam Ghazali Rahmatullah said, We're electoral, Jackson mass, that the cause of considerable conceitedness is pure ignorance. Because who gave you your achievements? If you are referring it to yourself, go and try and achieve it on yourself. Allah gave you whatever achievements you are. And sometimes we make a joke of it. You know, we say that it's hard to be humble when I'm so great.

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It's so hard to be humbled and I'm so great. What you don't realize is Who gave you whatever you have. So when you realize everything comes from Almighty Allah subhanho wa taala, you won't be arrogant. You will be grateful to Almighty Allah. And that's a difference between one who is arrogant and one who is grateful. The one who is arrogant, he will smith towards others. When a person who is grateful will smile and look at Allah Tala and refer everything to Allah subhanaw taala. The difference between gratefulness in and conceitedness in pride is perhaps the difference between smoking and other people and realizing the greatness of Almighty Allah and attributing it

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everything to Almighty Allah then goes to the next step. So the first step of pride is conceitedness. Looking regarding yourself as hiring, then the next I'm talking about the definition now, the definition is that the next step towards pride is now regarding yourself a superior to others may be a thrill saw Selim is also referred to this definition in the Hadith Nebia crimson Allahu alayhi wa sallam was asked once the other Sula is it by that I have good clothes I wear good clothes. Is it pride? I wear good clothes, so that we are carrying saw some said no. To wear good clothes.

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which is not pride sometimes to wear good clothes is dignity

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as long as it doesn't make you feel better than others, I got this particular type of bread because I got this brand I'm better than this person.

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I got a boss bread,

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he goes to pet stores. So therefore my brain is better when you regard yourself as superior that's a problem. But wearing good clothes in itself is not a problem in Allah Jamil Jamal Nebia cream sauce instead Allah is beautiful, Allah loves beauty, in itself is not wrong, unless it makes you feel better than others. So, then the be a cream sauce from us, then what is five resources is such a beautiful definition, but through wantonness

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one is to disdain the truth. And one is to regard yourself as superior and disdain others. So one, one strand of pride is I am better than the truth, I am greater and more important than the truth and the other strand of pride. In this definition of narcissism, I am better than other people.

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So one strain, I'm better than the truth and one is, I am better than other people. And I will go on to make mention why it is wrong. But then

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he goes on to make mentioned that he says seven causes of crime, seven reasons why people take pride. And then he breaks up all of those reasons. And very interesting, just to give an example, how widespread this particular spiritual disease is, and how sometimes we become proud, because of any one of his seven reasons. Let me see how far we can go with regard to it. What he says is people take pride in the ancestry, in the lineage, in the race, in the tribe from which they come from.

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And they say that I am better than another person because I come from this particular village. This is my color of my skin. This is my race. This is my tribe. Now Allah Allah in the Quran has made mention of our our identity, in Filipina coming that you will watch the show over Wakaba

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Allah says, I made you into different races, different tribes, but for the sake of identification not for the sake of regarding yourself superior to another person. In acromial command Allah He become the most honorable amongst who are those who are pious, not dense, who has a particular color of skin who come from a particular background or he comes from a particular village you know, in our India Pakistan language we say he come from a GM nowadays you as a children with GM, you can probably see bubblegum. So we this particular speaker is not regard yourself, I come from this political I'm better than you. You come from lostock I come from royal blood

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has nothing to do with what superiority and people use that as a basis of pride. And Millia Kareem sallallahu alayhi wa sallam it said and cybercom has he listed me myself but in Allah had in the facade,

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that this particular lineage is not the means of regarding yourself as superior to others. Allah Tala is created each and every one equal, you come from one stock, you come from one parent, you come from what Adam and I have said,

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and each and every one of you is equal, love fidelity Araby. In other words, in other Harabedian, there is no superiority of the Arab over the non Arab or vice versa, except on the basis of Taqwa and righteousness.

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And really ancestry and lineage only appeals to those people who have done nothing themselves. They've done nothing themselves, you can establish your own credentials, then you look upon I'm such from such a high family, I come from such a particular tribal.

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If you have come from that particular what you feel, then establish yourself by your righteousness, not on the basis of your lineage, then it is only important for people who have done nothing. The first person to use matter. The first

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person to use metal as a basis of superiority was IBLEES IBLEES said Anna Hi, Roman. I am better than other money salaam Philip Tani Minerva Hello Octoman team, he used matter from what he was created as a basis of regarding himself as superior. And we all know what happened to Satan. If you want to follow that we are following satan to regard race and matter and your ethnicity as a means of greatness and superiority. The second reason that people regard themselves superior to others is wealth. And Imam Ghazali Rahmatullah. Listen, ha ha ha.

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And why in Cuba, this is one of the most first years ways of taking pride over others. Wealth can be used for good

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Welcome itself is neutral. There's nothing wrong if you use well correctly. Allah Tala in the Holy Quran has used and spoken about wealth.

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When it is used correctly, Allah has praised and won a community Jihad Allah hula come to Yama Allah is made well the means of your existence. Allah in the Holy Quran speaks about wealth and risk is Allah's grace and in one place that Allah uses the word fail goodness LaBar stability and alimony Allah azza wa jal there is nothing wrong with wealth for a person who fears Allah Tala Nirmal Manu Sally Neurotomy Sally, very great is that wealth which is in the hands of a pious person because you will utilize it correctly, but it is not the means of superiority, if it was the means of superiority karoon who was the wealthiest person perhaps created by Allah Tala would have been the

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most successful of all people. The fact that he is not has been mentioned in the Quran that Allah Tala destroyed him because of his pride and arrogance in his in his wealth. And these are these a verse in the Holy Quran, sometimes we don't really pay much attention to it, but it is such a great lesson that wealth weight matters most will not will not be any benefit to you.

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In itself, it will be not any benefit. And in the spiritual reality,

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wealth has got no no superiority and no value it only becomes valuable if you use it correctly. Now look at this verse in Swift was when a nursing home

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had it not been that everyone would have followed one path would have become one

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ledger, the me yet for Ruby ramen, I would have made those who deny Allah, I would have given them the Blue Team Super for men fit that I would have given them houses, the outside and the decoration of the houses would have been silver, because

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I would have given them the best of homes.

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But why didn't I give it to them? I would have given it to, to those who deny Allah Allah says I would have given those who denied Allah dutiful homes, in the best of places in the best of areas. But why didn't I do so it would have been to greater temptation for humanity, for the sake of their homes, they would have denied Allah. Otherwise, I would have given it to them. That is the value of welcome my eyes. And brothers, the more you have, the more you are going to account for the day of karma. I always like to tell people you see here when you got wealth, there's a certain degree of privilege that we have, right? So many times people who have wealth, they will travel when they

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travel, they will travel business class, or when they for example, even if they don't travel business class, because of the frequent travel traveling, they have gold cards of the different frequent flyer, frequent fliers of the different airlines. So when you're born, you have a goal you know, business class and you're going to go cut what happens you don't stand in the queue. So you don't sit in the queue all the people who are in the economy Catholic class, they stayed in the queue, you got business plan to say no, no queue, then you go into the business class lounge. So there is no queue for you. And the queue is very less. So there is no queue for me on the day of

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Kiama to meet them would be reversed. The people who are poor

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500 years before you engender you poor you got no wealth.

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You wealthy standard quality workout. You're you're not going to sit in the queue, then you're gonna sit in the queue. Maybe a cream saucer and fill up drama and evening. Oh, one day he was telling the Sahaba in Milan

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who is no Yachty Baba

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tal marhaba Muhammad. I know a person I know the name of his father. I know the name of his mother. He will not come into any one of the gates of gentlemen the gates of Jannah What's it come to us come to us for you to come to us is our honor. Who are you speaking about?

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I'm going to command then let Mr. Slim for all this drama and I waited for you. I waited for you. I thought maybe you failed. And then you came crawling into Jana. So how can you take pride in your wealth?

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Taking pride in your wealth is that the way of Tharun he was proud he was wealthy didn't make him successful. And when you have wealth worry about how you're going to answer for your wealth on the day of Don't be proud. The third thing people take pride in is intimate knowledge of this is quite a quandary. Because knowledge is the means of superiority Allah makes mention of it who will polyester will

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when not in an area alimony. Those in the eyes of Allah the person who has knowledge is greater than the person who doesn't have knowledge. But it doesn't make you make you superior to others who don't have knowledge and the way Imam Ghazali

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has caught the way that doctor catches

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Your pulse to be able to see Imam Ghazali has caught our pulse in terms of our spiritual ailments. And he said, In the end, to a young

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man in knowledge, there is a rebellious Ness like the rebellious pneus of the welfare,

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in knowledge, these rebellious SNESs of the right the rebellious pneus of the wealthy. And he said, We're who are assembled

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and Kabuli emerge. And this is the greatest calamity and one of the greatest reasons of pride, and the most difficult to cure is the pride on the basis of intimate knowledge. Now, this what do we what do we do with regard to it? How do we how do we look at it? Firstly, we must understand that the person who has knowledge, he has a greater responsibility than those who don't have knowledge. If a person having knowledge does wrong, then the denial and the the guna in the center of it is greater than the person who doesn't have have knowledge. And in the mind, Salah Hamid anybody here Allah, that Allah are those who feel that

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the greater your knowledge, the greater you will achieve humility.

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And if he doesn't have it, then we have to question your knowledge. A person came from North Africa wants to come visit Imam Malik Rahmatullah Lee. And he said, the people of my village in North Africa, have asked me to come and ask you a question because you are regarded to be the greatest ally in the Muslim world at the time. And Imam Malik heard the question, he thought about it, he thought about it.

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And he said, I don't know the answer. And the man was perplexed. And he said, What do I go and tell the people of my village? I they sent me all the way from there. He said, Go and tell them Imam Malik doesn't know the answer.

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Go ahead, tell them Imam Malik doesn't know that. Sometimes in front of him sometimes they will put many questions. A great number of those questions. He replied, I don't know and have no space.

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A person who is intimate knowledge will always have humility. But yet this is one of the reasons of pride. The more a person has more knowledge, the more he will be humbled. Then,

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fourth reason why people take pride is in the good deeds. Fifth, Natuna azy Moon said Imam Ghazali one of the greatest fitness that is upon bondsman you know and this is one of the most difficult things to understand. The reason why it is the most difficult thing to understand if you got wealth you can understand you got wealth right? But your good deeds is only beneficial to you if it's accepted by law you don't know when it is accepted by Allah. So what are you taking pride on?

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April Nicola says pineapples.

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Don't praise yourself he knows who is who is taqwa. He knows maybe a cream sauce when said either Tala Raju Holika nurse in a Muslim visa. When you hear a person telling the people you people have become destroyed because of your sins he's the first of the people who have become destroyed but in the eyes of Allah Tala. When you tell people you can have become destroyed, out of superiority and denigrating others He's the first person to become and we have to be careful with regard to if we don't know who Allah Tala will accept and who Allah won't accept. We don't know whether our good deeds is acceptable or not. And whether we will have is the karma and steadfastness on this. Let me

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a cream sauce lemma said in a hadith sometimes a person does so much right these these days one spin between him and Demna Allah Tala takes away the need for him to do good deeds and he becomes among the inmates of Jana. Sometimes a person becomes he does so much even there's one spin between him and Johanna Allah Tala grants him he died and he becomes amongst those of the people of Jana O'Meara the amount that was set out to assassinate may be occurring social media respective levels to these sleeping nets gonna be a cream sauce in one of the greatest battles in our history, imagine was a person who was caught taking alcohol. He was put under lock and key and under was put under lock and

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key circumstances made it the wife of the commander serving everyone has freed him. And he went into the battle because he was singing poetry. How can I be away from the battle when Allah Tala has made me such a great warrior? I got the skills to be a warrior. So you know, Selma, the wife of Sir, you know, unlocked, and he went into better details a cause of the better. So sapien, everyone cuz he's sitting and looking at it and he said, I find this amazing. This person is teaching the pose of the battle, if I had not knocked him out

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and look at the horse that he's, you know, who's on which horse it is, it looks like my horse. That night he went back and Selma said, he was crying. I unblocked him and he went, and he changed the cause of the better. A person who had taken alcohol became them.

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Beans are one of the greatest victories in Islam.

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Who are we to judge people and look take pride in our in our in our deeds.

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We have to be very careful with regard to this. Anyway, this is the fourth now I don't have the time I'm gonna conclude so I'm gonna just make mention of the three other points without any elaboration. So you're gonna Ghazali Rahmatullah Lee says that people take pride in beauty. People take pride in strength in people's pride, take pride in influence, and all of these are not the justifiable reasons and causes for pride. The reality is we go back and we just conclude these this, that pride only suits and

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I'll keep every hour there you will refer to as the reoccurring swordsman said greatness and pride is my garment and my sheet. Wherever tries to compete with me on these things, I will destroy him.

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Pride and greatness only seats only suits Allah for us. It is our greatest accolade that we are the humble servants of Almighty Allah. And when I say humble and being humanity, I mean it. Not be like someone who said, I wrote a book on humility became a best seller.

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Don't do like that achieves great achieved through humility, through humility in the sense that the greatness of Allah is such that it makes me realize that I have nothing in front of Almighty Allah subhanho wa taala. And this is what we have to look at the way of the pious people as a matter of the Allahu Taala and who, you know, on his deathbed. You know, he told his son, belied normal. He was sleeping on the lap of Ebola.

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And he said, Oh, my son, put me on the ground.

00:26:46 --> 00:26:54

And he didn't even put his head on the lack of ability. He put his face on the ground and erupted and he said where you will look?

00:26:55 --> 00:26:58

We will look at that pillar. We have to look around.

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You are going to be destroyed Mr. Tabitha let us be forgive you.

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You are going to be destroyed if daddy panda doesn't forgive you but person about who's gonna be calling Mr. Simpson. Omar Fein Jana Omar is in Jannah humility tells us some false false pretenses and whenever you give up the thought of being better than others, a whole new world of opportunity awakens you and

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take away this particular fact that we are better than others. Be humble in front of Almighty Allah Mantova Allah Allah Allah he will achieved and adopts humility. Allah will raise him invent we don't even look at you know we don't even use it to military for the sake of that and I just like to conclude with what

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Elliot said and he said well career women who are coming on in the law who fill

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the superior person is who is superior but Allah Tala on the day of karma, not here in this world but your perceptions. And he said,

00:28:03 --> 00:28:20

Manhattan Abdullah and nyata Kabbalah Harding, it is the right of the human the bondsman that he doesn't regard himself superior than any other person. Then he gives the example in desert Elijah him Carla had a Salah, have the Javelin wanna say to whom they will mean for whom.

00:28:22 --> 00:28:39

If you see a wrong a person who is ignorant doing something wrong, he said he's doing it out of ignorance. I'm doing wrong, knowingly. He's better than me. He said if you see a person who is older than you in age, don't look down upon him said he started making namaste before.

00:28:41 --> 00:28:49

He started obeying Allah Tala before me. If you see a youngster, you see a youngster saying he committed guna after me.

00:28:52 --> 00:29:19

He committed guna after I commented when I first he commented guna often, if you see a person, he says, you see a person who is a macdaddy or coffee, look upon him and said, perhaps and that Allah will give him the right and Allah may take away my diet. Say Never ever regard yourself as superior to others. And for us, the greatest equity is to be humbled. Seven support Micaela and petite stay away from Baden elegance military advantage

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