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What actually makes someone happy. And this feeling that we have of happiness. It's a very temporary feeling

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as much as it's desired and pursued, somebody said, you know, somebody posts a picture of going to some beautiful vacation and they could see like an amazing city behind them sunny skies, they could see a beautiful scape, you know, the landscape or waterfall or mountains or whatever, and they look really happy, but go to the vacation enough times they will all the places start looking the same. It's not it's not the same excitement for you anymore is that it doesn't make you happy anymore. Right? So this thing that we're pursuing, it's like a moving target. It's not like once you have it you can hold on to it. It's the same with in what Allah describes. I've talked about this in other

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hotel before another hot button, social Hadid, how Allah describes that the crop turns yellow. Right. So the farmer, all he wanted was the crop to grow is the entire year, he's waiting for the crop to grow. And when it grows, they party they celebrate, they have harvest festivals, because finally the fruit of their labor, right quite literally, for a gardener, the fruit of his labor. But even that fruit gets sour, even the stock turns yellow. Right. So the idea there is that we can pursue them kids are like, Man, I just want to get this new, whatever new gear, I just want to get a PS five, you can't get it anywhere. It's harder to get an A visa tomra you're not just really want

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to get one. If I just had that, then I would and then they get it. And then yeah, I don't really have time to play it. It's kind of what it's okay. You know, the joy of it, the high of it drops real quick. The excitement of a new car, asked two months later, just two months later, the excitement of a new home asked about a year later. The excitement of new clothes you got for either something or president you got asked a week later, the excitement drops. So this thing of the first point that I wanted to get across is this thing that is so fundamental to basically all of our pursuits, we have to be clear, I have to be clear about myself, that it's not in found in a thing.

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Because the moment I have it, it moves on to something else. And then it becomes something else and then it becomes something else I can't hold on. I can't seem to hold on to this thing called Joy. And because this is such a fundamental pursuit, and it's common to all of us, every one of us is human, every one of us wants to be happy.

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I would imagine that Allah will talk about it exhaustively in the Quran, how to become happy. How will you finally in the Arabic word for happiness is solida and the Arabic word for overjoyed happiness, extreme happiness isn't far.

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So these words, you would think you'll find them all over the Quran because Allah wants us theoretically to be happy. Right? Because the promise of Jannah the promise of other words, even if it's not spelled out that way, obviously those things are there. Just even thinking about those things makes us happy. That's what Allah wants. But surprisingly, in the Quran, Allah does not talk about happiness much at all,

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in fact, barely at all. And there's only one place where Allah essentially says, and because of that, they should be happy, they should be filled with joy, if I be Delica failure for her, which is one place in the Quran and the entire Quran and sort of units. So this what Allah does for some some subjects that are so vital and so fundamental, instead of spreading them out, he talks about it once and this is Allah's way of telling us what I have said here is enough for you to understand all you need to understand about this topic. So for instance, he did that