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the law you are um you know saw the

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walk or walk on in any minute mostly me Bismillah AR Rahman Rahim Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah we have with us today are the brothership segment here in the studio with this cotton mashallah cinnamon is from Japan and we just finished working together with Ira here during the World Cup getting down with him to the lab. And he's on his way to the airport now, which I love. But I said before he goes to the airport, we have to share some of our our experiences and it's one of the things that we benefited our time being here to unclutter together was benefiting from other people's experiences and what they have to offer. And one of the things that I noticed that when you

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we talked about Japan and what many people don't realize is that when giving Dawa to Japanese people, there's a different style different approach we have to use. We're going to come to that and shuttle Tada I'm sure a lot of people have questions as well how you became Muslim and that's usually how we start you know asking that question but inshallah if we have time we'll come to that at the end inshallah Tada because the more important thing now is how to give Tao and what is the situation of Tao with energy pen inshallah. So before we start your name and Japanese I want to get it wrong. If you could tell us how do you pronounce your name and Japanese Japanese pronunciation

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Sugimoto Jo Ichiro. Okay, so the family first and given them last? Yeah. Very good. Everyone, any Japan it's always gonna be feminine first. Okay, and then less. Okay. Interesting. I was gonna call me Sugimoto is fine supermoto cinema, it's much.

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It's much easier to have different for all of us. Ziggler. Could you tell us a little bit about Islam in Japan? You know, just a brief history. And what's the situation of Islam there now? Okay. So let me start, the general democratic demographic feature is about 124 million people in Japan, out of which only 200,000 Muslims are 90% of their immigrants. So only 10% of the

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Japanese. Most of the converts, most of them are immigrants. Were they coming from a particular country or all around? Well, particularly from Indonesia? They're almost 30% on the Pakistan and Bangladesh, they probably 10% each. Okay. Yeah. Interesting. Okay, so the percentage of the Muslim population is only 0.16%. So it's a super minority I saw invisible, if you travel just normally, without no intention without intention to visiting masjid or meeting Muslim probably will not meet any single Muslim there. Yeah, so that's the situation in terms of population. Then how Islam was started. The first Muslim it is a historical speaking, which is recorded, it was at 9118. And when

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the the Turkish,

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the missionary missions, they came to Japan with big ship, about 700 to 800, Turkish people came to see a Meiji emperor. And they but they own the return, they have some troubles because of typhoon hit the shape, and the most of them died. However, some survival and then Japan, Japanese people, they tried to help these survivors. And they got collect donations, a lot of donations, and to give them to, to the belief the family in Turkey. So one journalist, was on the ship and gave this donation to

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the emperor that time is the most money Empire under Hamidi second, as Yeah, and then there he stayed for a long time, and he became a teacher, a Japanese language teacher for the Turkish military. Then, you know, interesting enough this the UK the from British, there's Abdullah Abdullah

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Abdullah Quilliam Yes. I remember he was a dyer and he like Dawa to this Japanese non Muslim and he became Muslim. Interesting. So that was the first Muslim it meant. Yeah, historical record. Yeah, but that is only only we can say dot this only some some dots on the so the other community wise, most probably 9080s When the Japan economic result growth. And there's so many 40 workers that immigrants came to Japan. That was probably a more mass Muslim immigration. So it means Japan I mean, the Muslim history in Japan just matrimony for 40 years. Yeah.

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And how's the Dow there now?

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was the dousing? Well, because of so called in a Halal industry. Yeah. And I came from Malaysia from Indonesia is really influenced the government, as well as a business sector. So more and more people, they are accepting the Muslim visitors, as well, the Muslim business. So it started in 2010. So like last 10 years or 12 years, we have more interaction with Muslims. And the more let's say, into religious marriage, or you can say international marriage, but taken place. Usually when someone a sister accepts Islam, yeah, okay. Yeah. So that's why they Salam now gradually spreading. So now we are receiving more second generation. Okay. And the most people accept Islam. Is it men

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and women are mostly women or Yeah, 70 80% of women, women? Well, yeah, that's interesting, because most places around the world that's the case, right? But there was this study very hard. So I'm gonna show students and it's true. Yeah, look, but okay, I want to ask you a question now about how to give Dawa to Japanese people. Because what I have found is I sat with some brothers who are specializing in E Dawa. And there's obviously a big hope, you know, to give Dawa in Japan, and there's been a lot of focus in the data, but they found the ROI, the return on investment that they're investing, for the pilferage, it's very bad in Japan, now, maybe we actually accept. So even

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the many of the organizations stopped giving that one might be because of that. But when I first sat with you for the first time, and you started explaining some different things, I understood, you know, that the way we give down in the West is doesn't work in Japan. So what is the best way the keys the Japanese are giving Dallas, so lots of things to be mentioned here. So first of all,

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Japan has so much strong social conformity, so very homogeneous society. So 98 98% They are so called Japanese, right? Only 2% The immigrants, so the sameness is so important for them.

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So you know, to become Muslim is to be different, right? Yeah, socially, culturally become alienated. So this is, I mean, very hard for the most Japanese people to become different. I remember I was sitting with some some police, we had a program with the police in Ireland. And it was interesting, they were joking with me, because even though I was born in America, I'm McCarthy and you know, various averages you can get when it comes to my tribe. And they said, now you're back in your homeland, but you're actually you become a migrant as well, because you're a minority, because you're Muslim. So you're actually joined the minorities here for more than major tribes of

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Ireland's dependents. So I understand that well, yeah. So that is one factor. So that's why we need to start gradually, and establish a Brotherhood or sisterhood. First build up the trust and the human relationship, before we really talk about the Islam in detail. Because people first and foremost, have to have a family and community rather than just only having a face. This face cannot be sustained alone. Yeah. So that's why Japanese people when it comes to religion, so they imagine like affiliation to certain group, right. So this, in the case of Islam is a Muslim community. So they will see how the Muslim community growing and how they are, you know, the cohesive and the

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strong, because it will protect them from their alienation from their main society. So that is, I think that's why the argumentation is not really welcomed. Yeah. So it's more friendship. Casual, more cultural approach is really welcome. The first step, very excellent. So that is the first approach. So anything else you want to add to that? Okay, so when it comes to like Dawa, people see that achievement of Dawa is all the way shahada, right? Yeah. Well, but in the case of Japanese, I mean, society. shahada is something so big step, because it contains commitment to become Muslim is so hard at the very starting point. So we are focusing on not shahada, but rather we focus more on

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Iman, Iman, and especially first pillar what Iman is, I believe in Allah, she's faced how he depart accent so to understand to accept the existence of God, and this God is only one. So this is the most important for the Japanese people understand first to accept. And from this perspective, it is not difficult for them to just accept because it's only a matter of the face, only internally they change only their worldview, their perspective will be changed. So maybe for outwardly there is no change. So there is no so much social alienation or culture alienation, that's the only belief change right? But that is big thing in front of Allah subhanho wa Taala because

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Was there a avoiding shake? And the only shake is not actually it's a major sin, right? Yeah. So on the I remember one Hadith, in Sahih Hadith in the Muslim which says that my mother who I am Anna hula, either Hi la Santa Jana. So those who understand those who know, these shahada, the LIDAR heilala, there are no other worship Allah on the die into paradise, right? So that's why understanding this existence of God and oneness of God is so really matters. It's the foundation. It's very interesting. You mentioned this because it reminds me of the people of Mecca. Obviously, they had a very strong understanding of what law the law in law meant. That's why they refused to

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accept it. And the Japanese people who said, you know, that they understand as a as a commitment, you're gonna make that change. It's not just something they're going to say. But it's something that has a commitment and judgment. So that's very interesting. Yes.

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Always, because they don't what does it mean to understand accept it? Of course, their prayers and fasting right and avoiding porks. And in this alcoholic beverages, the audit understanding is so famous, right? Yeah. Excellent. Yeah. So these are the main things or anything else when it comes to giving data, the Ebony's any, any tips or tools? Well,

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okay, let's come to like understanding the Quran. Okay. All the data is coming from Allah subhanaw taala. So whatever I speak is actually nothing in front of Allah actually nothing. So what why not let the Quran speak excellent. In front of the Japanese people. That's why I work for Japanese translation with a Quran because I myself when I embraced Islam, I read I went through thoroughly that the translation, Japanese translation with a Quran, the entire Quran, so I read it again. So that's why maybe probably other Japanese people also maybe go through the similar process.

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And that's actually any it's one of the data tools that we've left. Yes, I'm a member of Sahaba Academy and in Istanbul, and we have a yearly conference there. And the what we focus on this year was to revive the way the mean the Quran and Sunnah. And giving Dawa was one of the things that we've left is that we don't focus on using the Quran is one of the tools of Dawa even though even just hearing and I remember even seeing a famous Jeff abuser reporter, Japanese reporter, whichever Latifi

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so it's on YouTube, you can see it he does listen to the Quran, and he listened to Arabic, like recite it from from the chef and he talked in Arabic nor you saw this maybe I know, yeah, he did normal Arabic. And then he did the recitation. Like, you know, Muhammad had been a superstar.

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He just said something like a normal Arabic sentence but reading like Quran, then you read the Quran and he immediately knew the Japanese reporting, you know, he never heard of word of Arabic, he knew right away so that's the power of the Quran. Even I found Subhan Allah and and the Islamic exhibition that we have in Ireland in the UK, that one of the main things that people put on the feedback forums is how they felt when they heard the Quran, the Quran, Bhutanese researchers in the Quran. So that shows us you know, listening, reading as you said, the translation and this help even for myself when I first became Muslim, what really kept me firm was reading I didn't understand

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Arabic then I was reading through the English translation, but yet, that was what helped keep me from Al Hamdulillah.

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What would you think would be the main things we need to stay away from when it comes to getting down with their bunnies and we know some of the main things to focus on you mentioned argumentation as one of the things so so it's important to know what to focus on and what to stay away from all right. So there must be a step on Dawa so first we will not talk about the Sharia part about the that's the porks and alcohol Yeah, the prohibition as well as some the detailed rules and regulations about the clothing and the women the relation between men and women for some details. So these are the older branches. So these are later we will not put them some difficult conditions at

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the beginning. So always go to the Tao heat mousse foundation, foundation and information will knowledge that is something interesting enough you're saying that because an additive Aisha Radi Allahu anha that she mentioned the province of Salem he said that it came down in the beginning to your people in Mecca to leave you know alcohol to leave for occasionally these things they would have never never left. And even for them when they accepted Islam. It had to be gradually so that's an important for us is do I have to take the same principles, the same teachings in order to teach the people you know gradually and these type of things that we know we're going to make them run

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away. That's important to understand all these type of things for Japanese people, these type of things, people from Brazil from Mexico, this is going to push them away so we don't focus on these things. And then once a person comes to Islam, eventually you'll find that the once the amount is strong enough you'll be able and shallow to to leave it themselves. And they get in that environment and they start to learn Okay, I need to leave this and they'll leave it in shallow Tana Very good.

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mentioned the issue of the translation of the Quran and I know Hamdulillah that you don't want to translate now the Quran Japanese, if you could tell us about your experience and how that came about and the translation you have done of the Quran, okay, so as I mentioned the Quran even the translation is has power. You will myself I just read the Quran translation, it tells me a lot. So the first before starting the Dawa, the full time Dawa. I was already thinking planning, I have to translate this entire Quran from very fresh perspective, which means a more Easy Japanese, not archiv not traditional Japanese language. So that's why I have always have this planning. So then I

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did the original translation that was in the like, the classic Japanese Yeah. Okay. It was like 1950s Translation similar to what we had in English. Yes. The, the old old version you use of Ali and this, which no one could really understand. And then we have the more modern version. Yeah, similar. Yeah. So that's what I'm looking for one Arabic expert, and Muslim. So I found so two of us, we started this planning, and Hamdulillah. Within two years, we completed every, every everyday we have to spend for our data, the commitment was four hours every day. Yeah. So Hamdulillah, after two years we completely published is very highly quality paper, like a dictionary type of paper.

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Excellent. And then very nice, hardcover,

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style, which humbly I think that's, you know, one of the things that I've, I've learned from you. And this is something that we always benefit from one another's, do I mean, come together.

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Even someone who has it, you can find some of our elders, who have actually have maybe more experience sometimes. But that doesn't mean you can't benefit from someone else. We benefit from all of each other all of the time. It's important. And I remember a Muhammad Buhari, he said something very amazing, to imitate, imitate my material, he was his student. And he said to him, he said, I've learned more than you when you learn from me. And he said, In my materials, he was shocked. He said, How was that? He said, because all of the questions you asked, you know, so always I tell the brothers, you know, that we need to, I always look at myself as a student. So I'm always constantly

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learning. When I find something that hikma I take it. So this you said right and out commitment four hours a day. And that's a great lesson for the brothers and sisters who are watching with us is to focus on committing when you commit to something, you know, four hours a day, and then it gets done. But if you were just given something a couple of hours here a couple hours there, you would probably be 10 years down the line, you still wouldn't have a committee that so that commitment, another benefit that I benefited and go back to what you mentioned earlier about, it's not about the shadow focus on the shadow job. And even with focus, and our dowel courses, or, you know, using go rap and

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what have you.

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Obviously, we want the shahada, but the other objective is is planting the seeds and you plant the seeds, maybe you'll get the fruits later. And you mentioned you know that you had mushrooms during the World Cup and the most visits 216 quality conversation. So if you could explain that a bit to us. quality conversations. That's right. Yeah. So generally speaking, it is very hard to invite

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Japan enormous into any cultural even cultural event, when it comes to like Islamic talk on the public talk. They're not interested. And they are so busy. So that's why for my like the last four years style, like even one month I have like a one to three culture events. But probably I can call maybe on the 3040 people Max, but this time only 20 cities I spent here. So more than 200 people of yours right? So that's a really amazing number. And then I can I mean spend time quality conversation with this number of people. So this is really amazing.

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And then they came in do you think that this could be a tool that we could use in Japan? I don't know. I haven't seen Yeah, I'm going to visit soon inshallah.

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But for example some of the mosque most doors or something I think maybe that could be yes, there is a potential Masjid we call Tokyo Jami is a central Masjid in Tokyo. Already they are receiving a lot of tourists on the students to visit however, when it comes to tool, there is only one Japanese, they are handling and then he is not so much trained in terms of like got up, let's say a little to the focusing. But he is most explaining the history of the most only. So that's why maybe we need some kind of reform. And if you want to try other Masjid The problem is that at the masjid is just the form on the other building. It's not really attractive for the general Japanese people. So we

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need something attractive and we need someone who's trained. Yeah, exactly. Because that can we saw the results here.

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The beautiful Mosque,

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the mosque, which was very beautiful. Yeah. One of the stories the other night that you told us, which had a big impact on us and our gathering was the story of your dour for your mother and your

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Father Oh, yes. If you could tell us a bit about that, okay. Right. So

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it's famous Hadith says that our joy and our paradise is underneath of the foot of the mother. Right? So our priority is first and the mother and of course our father too. So always this all I think that diverts they have wish very strong wish their parents become Muslim. One day,

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although it's very hard, because we know each other, so detail. So there is strong rejection. So, I mean, yeah, so that's why it's a similarly I also faced a very strong rejection from the beginning, I could say that almost 20 years, I tried for 20 years.

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Just briefly speaking, just you know, I try to speak basic services, try to explain them, but always, you know, get negative reaction that especially my father got angry many times.

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So it really prevents me from doing it again and again. So but I always after prayer, you know, I make too. So what to do. So just a good idea that first, we have to rebuild, normalize the relationship. So I try to give some the gifts for my father. What he likes. Yeah. So that is a coffee. He loves coffee. And then some regular coffee as well. Yeah. The process and we said the hairdo to have boy if you give gifts and it makes a great love mugs. Yeah, exactly. Yeah, yeah, exactly. Yeah. So coffee. And that's nothing. Yeah. So I continue. It's like every month I start giving access. So one day, he just opened his mouth, I mean, the heart, and then just inviting us,

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including my wife to visit his I mean, your wife is also from Japan, from Indonesia, Indonesia, Indonesia. Yeah. So we visited during holiday, then

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the beginning is quite hard to of course, talk about Islam from the very beginning. So almost I spend more four or five hours before starting about this. So what try to do I try try to do

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was that

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I tried to focus their problem. Probably my parents have already reached to 75 years old. So they have some concerns and worries. So I try to understand from their conversation, what their main concern. So they have two main concerns about the house, General General in Japan, the first son have to take care of the house have to succeed or next Indonesia. So I'm the first son, so I'm responsible to take care of the house. But while now I'm living far away from my parents, because of my job, so they concern so who will take over his house? So I said, I will take it away? Don't worry. So first of all, he removed the second one is about their physical condition or mental

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condition. Still there, okay. Physically, mentally, okay. But we don't know what will happen. So after they are like, you know, become very forgettable, physically weak, the who will take care of them. So we said it's okay, we can take care of. So the second one is also removed. So after that, my father just asked me one question, why do we have beer?

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So I said,

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in order to understand your question, well, so you need to understand the basics of Islam. So do you have the minutes so I started the Gora Gora. It's very important for the viewers as well to understand as well that we talk about go rap and it works yeah, it has been proven it's a proven method Yeah. However, I tried to customize in Japanese version okay great Japanese Japanese, especially in terms of oneness. Excellent. Next part is the customer is especially for Japanese. So anyway, after 10 minutes my father asked me then what do you want? He asked me what do you want? So you know, my wife and myself who is all this is something we expect expect a lot. So immediately my

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wife said that we okay we need shahada, Allah, masha Allah you know testify there are no worthy not worthy of worship but Allah and Muhammad Salah Salamis messenger.

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So they repeat it again and again.

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Of course, there are some meaning because I already explained in 10 minutes. So, so we make a substitute sudo Su and Morricone one. Okay.

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Very good. Excellent. Congratulations, Michelle. It's very good. Okay, now the question I think everyone wants to know as well. Any briefly any how you revert this law, okay. Okay. So when I was 20 years old, whenever University University student, I met Muslim student in my department, from Bangladesh. My major was cultural anthropology. I studied different

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Culture, I'm interested in different culture. And he's from Bangladesh. And we came across like, became friendship because because the English language actually, he only speak English and he wants to learn Japanese from me. They also want to practice English. So when well friendship, then one day he invited me to his hometown in Bangladesh. So in summer vacation, I spent one week yeah, and visited but you know, I faced so much culture shock there so much culture shock, big difference. Yeah, big difference. It was 1996. Still, the Bangladesh was so under development. And when I arrive at the airport is so many poor people that beggars they are surrounded me like more than 50 Like, so

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what is this? I've never encountered this kind of situation, then the street industry children are sleeping on the street on the road. So what is this? So I was thinking that

00:25:57--> 00:26:42

I can imagine being from a place like Japan, yeah. Was your first time outside of Japan? Yes, it was first my trip overseas, that was Bangladesh. So what happens? So just I thought, they are just simply born in Bangladesh, they are that that condition? Or just simply born in Japan, maybe education and maybe the health are secured. So what is this because they have no rights, they have no decision to make where they should be born. Right. So from the very birth, there's a huge difference around the world, some people simply because you know born in some poker family, therefore, some people are born in the very least familiar with right. So I think we are just

00:26:42--> 00:26:51

thinking about this this life alone, then actually there is no significant meaning. Because very fruitless, very starting point. Huge difference.

00:26:52--> 00:27:44

And you cannot make you know, make balance eventually. So what is this I was thinking thinking like this. And while I'm thinking I experienced very good family relationship with my father is my friend. He has extended family, the very warmly welcome me. And even my visit his hometown village, the people are very poor, the children are just running naked, but they are very energetic and very welcoming. So what is this? Their energetic, interesting so I know they're Muslim or Muslim, so maybe it has something to do with Islamic value or Islamic teaching or not. So after back to Japan, they I started reading the books on Islam so that they no internet, no email. So I went to public

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library to find the Quran. Just I found the Quran translation. Then I start reading, I found very unique concept, the concept of Africa. Yeah, life after death, which almost all Japanese people never think about it every day. He will one second day never think about this amazing smile so busy, right?

00:28:05--> 00:28:08

Or so if I think about this concept into consideration,

00:28:09--> 00:28:51

then I can solve my first question, the problem, because the place of birth actually doesn't matter. Where you're born in Bangladesh, Georgia, fine, doesn't matter. What matters is how we live, how we spend our time, our resources, in which direction is good or bad. So there is an ease on the scale and will be judged justly, because the judge is Allah subhanaw taala there is no single injustice, and Athena so it can be balanced. So that's why it gives me the solution. To my I mean, the question.

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And the secondary I also encountered a unique concept of God. I have I never imagined that there is a definition of God. Because Japanese people they really millions of gods. Yeah. So and then we have no textbook like a kuruva Bible. Because they're Shintoism Buddhism, right? They don't have this channel canonical like

00:29:16--> 00:29:23

scriptures scriptures. Yeah. From from God. So that's why we do not have any resource

00:29:24--> 00:29:59

to understand the concept or the definition of God, that only myth or legend. Yeah. Or foreclose on? Yeah, so that's why when I did this, the 112 You know, cool if I hadn't, you know, say he's Allah, the hot people believe the great power is named Allah and only one only. So such a simple explanation. So simplex and I were thinking that time do we need more than one God? You know, this one, God can create everything. I'm a very creative things harness, you know, but not necessarily no necessity to have more than one

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God, logically speaking, because one God can create, but we need at least one God because we exist

00:30:07--> 00:30:49

as a design, right, we have designed so there must be one design at least exactly here, at least one designer, but do we have to have more than one designer necessary? Not necessarily. So that's why I realized, okay, be simple. I mean logic, it's actually you mentioned those two things because the Quran, you know, we have the Meccan Quran and the Quran of the of the time and Medina, and the main focus when it comes to the to heat. And now Thida and Iman in the Meccan era, it focused on those two things, the oneness of God. And it focused on the issue of the outcome, after the resurrection, when these are the two things you focus on in detail. And those are the two things but they hit you

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when you read that. Oh, yeah.

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That's true.

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And hamdulillah so after you read this, and what happened after Yeah, after that, so, you know, the culture anthropology has two ways to understand different culture, the outside and inside, so the people like let's say, sushi, the Japanese sushi is famous, right? So when the non Japanese people they want to, like evaluate sushi, they are like, you know, talking about sushi from outside the sushi is like this and like that, you know, but the better eat it. Right? So so he can describe more. So that's why it's a similarly if I just observe Islam from outside, you know, like just reading Quran and this, probably I cannot get really the insider point of view. Because Islam is a

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faith. It's a way of life. So if I don't take it, I mean, just if I don't eat

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forever, I cannot really describe the true inner nature, the beauty of Islam. That's why after one year after leading leading Quran, I cannot have any improvements further. So okay, let's try to believe and practice.

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Amazing Yeah, so I'm not sure how that is South Korea. And the one thing I have so the journey was about from the time you went to Bangladesh to came back reading Yeah, but one year I took one year, yeah. And they I found the one very important findings from internal perspective, that your stability or tranquility of the heart a lot. For example, today we have Russian and a decent Korean War right. So socially very unstable. Many people think that third world war or nuclear war right and then economically all the way the business is up and down, right. Yeah. And they even health. Now we have Coronavirus, infection and the many people died suddenly and the many people infected

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and they suffer right? Healthy also very unstable. We look at the people people have different opinions that are the complaints and the unstable too. So if we focus if our consciousness if we focus so much on the things that our heart will be unstable, yes. That's why the Quran mentioned. You have to focus on Allah be conscious of God that Taqwa always reminding, you have to focus on Allah Subhan Allah, why? Because Allah is totally stable.

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Amazing. Yeah, totally stable, perfect.

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Right, there is no imperfection there. So that's why we can totally rely on that's an evil society that people changing every day, every moment. But we've had a prayer time five days, five times a day, and we can have connection, communication with Allah subhanaw taala that is 100% stable, and we can rely on. So that's how we can get this tranquility or stability with a heart even with this changing society. So that is what I realize amazing benefits of this dunya not waiting akhira Jana, but we can get the benefit of Islam in this time in this mini version. That's why a Muslim Tamia mo he mentioned that there's agenda in this dunya he said, If you don't enter the agenda of this dunya

00:33:55--> 00:34:04

we won't enter the agenda of the Hereafter. And that's what you mentioned is there it's wishful Quran and with this in the string quality that you find in the arginine lab is really

00:34:06--> 00:34:38

at the heart center, they find assurance to the remembrance of Allah, there's a blessing that we have and I've always focused on this Allah with the brothers is that we have this you know, the tranquility, the heart, which comes from the Quran, and comes from the thicket of Allah subhanaw taala. And it's what so many people are searching for. That's why so many people are going to, you know, Buddhism, meditation things from this, because we're looking for that. And we have that in the Quran, we have the Indicative we need to first of all benefited from ourselves, and then have a positive impact on ourselves as Muslims, and then be able to share it with those in Chicago. So it

00:34:38--> 00:34:59

just didn't, before we wrap up two things. First of all, when it comes down to helping the Dow way, in Japan, one of the things that I learned from you now is that if it comes from someone who is Japanese, from that culture, it's going to have more of an impact. So would you say that, you know, to focus and you know, building up

00:35:00--> 00:35:32

As the reverts who come students of knowledge do add is that what will be one of the key things to have an impact inshallah? Yeah, sure, I totally agree. Yeah, totally. I agree we need us like for me, I'm local Japanese a full time day but I'm alone. So we need a second third on the third or fourth full time that I mentioned Excellent. Probably each prefecture where you can say state or province we need at least one. So that is, is really we're looking for but however we have to develop human resource.

00:35:33--> 00:35:40

So the brothers and sisters who are watching the channel channel will put in below and the link inshallah where you can help

00:35:41--> 00:36:27

the Tao inshallah in Japan in shallow Tana anything else the brothers and sisters are gonna do to help the agenda. So the helping this the Quran project, okay, so we are basically we are distributing this Japanese Easy Japanese translation of the Quran for free of charge my selection so we open up this Quran project, the one copy is about 20 or $25 It depends on the how much copy we order, so if more than 1000 copies and 50% discount, so it'll be like a 12 or 13 US dollars. Yeah, so get people to donate for the Quran and as well and we do the people responsible do it inshallah. Inshallah inshallah brothers cinnamon Annie is from my era, from the USA from my era, mashallah

00:36:27--> 00:36:56

Fantastic job here with us, and the World Cup, and we benefited a lot from us. And one of the things that we benefit, I want to end with this and Chautala is what you mentioned, the other night, we're having the dinner. And the vet when you talked about it's not just the team, you mentioned, even the fans and all of that how it comes together. So we can use that as a dour things. So you could remind us of what you said, Oh, yeah. So in Qatar, like a Japan team are so big and famous. Not only Japan team, but the supporters. Yeah, they clean up the stadiums.

00:36:57--> 00:37:16

So even they lose, they lost a game, but they're still there cleaning Allah. Yeah. And the Japanese player also they clean the changing room. Yeah. So this is a kind of synergy or the collaboration between supporters and the players. So they really support each other, the teamwork, the teamwork.

00:37:17--> 00:37:57

So we can see that even a da da Of course, the DI is the front side is like a players. But there is always the back office work groundwork exact so management side, also very, very important to support this. So this is a teamwork. I benefited from that when you said it so much. Because I've used this analogy many times in my lectures, I say about the the players the days, but as you have the coach, it was very important. You have the management you have also the medical staff, if they can't take care of the injuries of the players, the players were at a higher level. So we just as the players need to be comfortable. Our guys need to be comfortable so they can focus on what what

00:37:57--> 00:38:24

goes on down. Just as the one who's the player he focuses on on playing and getting results. But did you added the issue of the support of the teams? That's the bigger Oh, is it Oh my I really I really liked that. Brothers and sisters who are watching at home, they can you know, get involved and support the dollar in many ways. In Charlottetown Exactly. Okay. Oh yeah. I really appreciate you taking your time with me all the way to the airport. Mashallah. And you had a very long day at the stadium Mashallah. And going around Michela Mila bless you bless

00:38:26--> 00:38:37

you for a long time. Allah bless your family suffer as well for letting you be here for all this time into Al Hamdulillah. So inshallah we'll keep in touch I hope we're going to visit you soon inshallah Japan inshallah My pleasure

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woman accidental bola

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law you are um, you know, saw the

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walk or walk on in any nanny Mina, me