Omar Suleiman – Angels In Their Presence S2 #18 – The Veterans of Badr

Omar Suleiman
AI: Summary © The upcoming battle in Africa is predicted to involve a large number of enemies, including Muslims and brothelers. The prophets are mentioned, and the day of bed is discussed. The group is described, including a woman with a scar from a lashing and a woman with a small stature. The brothel is also discussed, including the man killed and the woman killed by brothelers. The importance of remembering the history of events is emphasized, and the brothelers are preparing for the night.
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Do me better than Hanaa Tim, how would you how home Jabri rotate anywhere in one more hand module? The famous verses of poetry from Catholic nomadic well the a lot of time on hold, as he looked out at the battlefield of better and he said the day of better the day that their faces were disgraced Gibreel era his Salam and Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam are standing under our banner, who's going to defeat this army which breed it is Salam amongst us and Mohammed sly Salam amongst us.

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Before the battle starts, the prophets lie Selim says had the Gibreel athey Don't be ROTC philosophy, or they hear that and he says, Here's Djibouti Radha has Salam, holding the head of his horse and he is ready for battle. He's ready to go forward. This is going to now proceed and Subhanallah the miracles that the Sahaba will witness on the day of bed there from the angels which is the time that more companions witnessed angels than any other moments right so the scholars mentioned more people saw the prophets lie some on hedgerow there on the farewell hedge than any other time in the prophets Iceland's life more people saw God and it Sam and human form on the day

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of Hadith, Djibouti, it his Salam than any other day. And this is the day of better where more companions experienced them in Africa than all of the other moments of the Sierra combined. So I'm loving Ibis. Lila on Houma describes the scene that as soon as the battle proceeds, basically, the Muslims are seeing their enemies get pulled off of their horses, and flying right and left, and they don't even have to do anything. Armadyl. The low tide I know describes that moment where you're going after someone, and then you hear a whip from the sky, and then the person falls off the horse. So the enemies were falling without the Muslims in many cases even having to strike them. Okay. So

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in one situation, there was a Muslim that was chasing someone from the other side is an imbecile the Allahu Anhu. Oma says, and just as he was going to him, he heard the sound of a whip over that over that man. And he heard this voice, this voice that was so loud that said, Ask them how you zoom, go forward, hey, zoom. So he said that when he heard that sound, he looked up to see who it was. And then he looked back at the man. And he saw that the man had fallen off of his horse, and he had the scar from the lashing on his nose in his face, and Subhanallah it had turned green, because of the severity of the strike that came to his face. So he came to the Prophet sly Salam, after that, and

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he asked the Prophet sighs about what he saw. And the prophets lie. Some said, Hey, zoom, was an angel from the third heaven. Now one of the things the scholars mentioned, is that even the kuffaar even the disbelievers and of course, many of them were disbelievers only at the time, even they saw the angels on that day. So hatIve Naramata will be a longtime fan who of course, would not become Muslim. Until later he said, There were angels on horses that were gliding between the heavens and the earth. I mean, these were men that were gliding between the heavens and the earth effortlessly, and they killed us and they captured us however they saw fit. There was nothing we could do against

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them. And the only logical explanation they could come to on the other side was they said this was some sort of magic or suit saying the same way they tried to dismiss the Quran by saying that this is just magic and soothsaying and poetry. They tried to dismiss the experience. They had it budgeted by saying maybe this was just some sort of supernatural force that was summoned that we can't make sense of. There's another incident that took place with Abu Yusuf a tsunami, all the Allahu taala. And we use so it was a very small statured men. Okay, a very small statured man. And he goes up to aL Abbas Allah the Allahu taala, and home on the day of bed. Now an ibis was on the side of the

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disbelievers but you know, there is a difference of opinion about whether he'd already become Muslim and he was concealing it or whether an imbecile the Allah Tala annual was still not Muslim, but he wasn't gonna fight against the prophets I seldom so he came out on that day because he was forced to come out but above all the Allah Tala and who did not actually lift up his sword against any of the Muslims so he didn't fight technically speaking the Muslims. But Ibis was a huge mantle the longtime a very large man so what happens is that a user goes to him and just the idea of W sort of capturing an ibis is something that seems impossible because that's what the variation of size looks like. So

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but you so he comes holding an imbecile the allowed to go back to the Muslims and the Muslims are looking at him with just complete shock and awe like there is no way that I will use it was able to capture an ibis, so I will use it comes in, he's excited. And he said, yada so Allah there

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As this man that came, I've never seen him before. And he helped me tie him up and he put them together and then he told me go forth and the profit slice and I'm he smiled, and he said, Look, I'd earn a karate he Malecon Kareem, it was a noble angel that helped you capture a bustle the low tide and bring him back. Now, there's an incident that takes place in Mecca that's also describing what happened in whether a brothel will be allowed Salah and who who was the servant of Abbas, he says that I was sitting with the wife of an ibis who we know was a Muslim. Do Baba Baba on the father or the alongside I know. So I was sitting with Lou Baba. And Abu Lahab was pacing nervously back and

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forth waiting for the news from but so he's, he's there. He's already a Muslim, and he's keeping it to himself. Luba is a Muslim, and she's keeping it to herself. Or rather, she is a Muslim, but she's not being threatened. You know, because she's, she's the woman of the house. And so no one is really touching her. They're leaving her alone. And an ibis is either a secret Muslim, or someone who's not hostile to the profit slice of them. But he's on the other side, right? He's he's fighting technically against the profit slice. So I'm gonna offer it says we're sitting in the room. We'll have his pacing back and forth, right waiting for the news. And then Abu Sufyan comes, and when

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other Soufiane comes, Ebola stands up and says Madhava what happened? So I was Sofia says to him, we found a people that were small in number, but they were not deficient in courage. They had courage that made up for their numbers. They killed us as they wished they captured us as they wished. And they had with them, these huge men the size of mountains that literally were filling up the space between the Earth and the skies, and they were striking at us but we couldn't strike back at them. So what offer says, I'm listening to this and I couldn't contain myself enjoy. So I stood up and I said tilicho Allah and Monica Tilikum, Allah Yamanaka I swear by Allah was the angels I swear by

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Allah was the angels. And Abu Lahab punches him in the face and starts to beat him violently. And that's when Lu Baba Radi Allahu Allah Anna takes a pole and cracks it across the skull of Ebola hub and Ebola hub would actually die from the strike from Nova all the a long time and so Subhanallah that's even the way that the enemies of the prophets lie some were perceiving the angels and the ease with which the battle would flow. Now Subhanallah the interaction of the Muslims with the melodica with the angels was not just limited to the battle and not just limited to you know, feeling the presence and seeing the the enemies flying, but also how they even experienced something

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else. Once you read it his Salam was with the Prophets lie Selim, he was also giving the Prophet slice and um, the command and the process of salata Cove how to pray in the middle of a battle. So this prayer where, you know, some of the troops go, they pray the first time they come out, another group grows and prays the first record they switch out. So it's a very interesting way of doing the salah under those circumstances. And the Sahaba could feel the warmth of the hands of Djibouti that it is to them and the angels as they were arranging their rows for Salah. So Subhanallah they could feel the hands of the angels, putting them in their rows in prayer, because even then the angels

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were straightening the rows for salaam Subhanallah even in the midst of battle even in the midst of salata Cove, so they encounter God it is Nam and they encountered them Anika in ways on the day of bedroom that they would remember for all times. Now was it only memorable to the Sahaba to the people or was it memorable to the angels as well? Djibouti Ryzom comes to the prophets lie Selim. And this is a Hadith and Buhari and he says to the prophets lie Selim yada so Allah, how do you the companions? See the veterans of bedded amongst you? Like what position do you give them? And the prophets lie? Some said Kiana. They're the best of us. We put the veterans of better on a pedestal

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and that pedestal by the way, would last throughout the entire time of the Sahaba like someone who was from the Bedouin, the people better always maintained a position that gave them a status amongst the Sahaba and Vidya is Nam says what he says chaotic home and dinner theater melodica. So do you know what the other sort of like even the angels, the bedroom from the angels, the angels that came down and fought on the day of whether we give them a status and they are the best amongst us

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