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Imam Ahmad Ibn Hambal

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Are we live in a shaytaan rajim Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa salatu salam ala Sayidina Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi. My, my beloved brothers and sisters in Islam Assalamu alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

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Alhamdulillah Allah subhanho wa Taala has granted us to achieve to reach the 15th night of Ramadan. And the big nights upon us the big nights are coming now. And we ask Allah subhanho wa Taala to grant us that the base of the base of this month and we tie it, I feel it with you, Allah subhanaw taala gives us to dig deep and pull out the last bit of energy to give everything for the sake of Allah. One accepted Ramadan, 15 days 15 nights in sha Allah and you can be in general 15 days a lifetime, not 15 years, just 15 days One of These Nights behind Allah can be the night that enters you into Jenna. So May Allah subhanho wa Taala grant us the utmost best in these last few nights and

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the best of the worst remains of Ramadan. I mean, we continue with our heroes of Islam, and we speak about the fourth of the four Imams, Imam Ahmed even Hamble, the fourth of the 14 arms of the four great mother he his name was Imam Ahmed ebene, Mohammed, Mohammed Bella Shivani. So his name is Ahmed the son of Mohammed II at school, Ahmed even Hanban, his grandfather is humble. And his father is Mohammed. Why? Because his father passed away when he was still a baby. So his father was a young man who passed away, we don't know much about him. And his grandfather had some some fame about him, he was a governor of some sort. So therefore he was known off these grandfather, I met even humble.

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And so behind Allah, when you know, a scholar is great is when he's made a name, his own, when they say 100, this was the opinion of Ahmed or the opinion of Hassan or the opinion of Malik, they don't ask which Malik which hasn't, which we know is Ahmed Mohammed Al Hassan Al basri, or Malik, Mr. Malik, there's no other and the other one beside him. So he's the most famous Ahmed in terms of the scholars. He was born 164 in the capital of the of Islam at that time about that. So by now the capital had shifted to Baghdad, after the Omega dynasty had been overthrown by the Asad dynasty. He's 15 years younger than him share theory. And what did he look like? He was a tool doc thin,

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course looking men. Why course because he was poor his entire entire life very, very poor. He started off as a poor man and he lived his whole life in extreme poverty. Why? We can imagine his mother his father passed away. Even today we know a single mother, very difficult to raise a child. And look at these mothers. Mr. Malik's mother encouraged him from being a singer to become Mr. Malik, young Sheriff for his mother, again, single mother,

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mother, single mother, three of the four great Imams, it was the mothers and the fathers that inspired them that made them who they were. And you'd find the same with the mom Bahati, and many of the other people we discussed. It was the mothers that raised them up. Amen. Amen. Amen. mother wasn't a well known scholar, like Eman, Jeffrey's mother, they didn't come from a family of scholars really. But she was a woman of high etiquette and morals. And even though they live in such poverty, Imam Ahmed says that we were so poor, that I would go into the market after the people had left and I would pick the grains up that the people you know, they would sell wheat and whatever fell on the

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floor, I pick that up, and my mother would make a broth soup out of that. That was our food. That's how we lived. But she would never ask anyone for help. She wouldn't ask my uncles, and I would never go out. And also my friends for help. And she raised him like that. I said, if we look at the four times, what were the superpowers if we say we look at Imam Abu hanifa. And he's this brilliant genius. We look at Mr. Malik and he's this precise expert, the master very strict, very serious, very focused, mmm Shafi is like the encyclopedia, many different fields of knowledge he studied, and he excelled in all of them. Mr. mahama doesn't seem to have any of these qualities. And because of

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that, what Allah gave him in return was a world that could not be broken, that he had everything against him. He had poverty, he didn't have parents. He didn't have a lineage that Imam Shafi had, he didn't have a great intelligence like Abu hanifa. He didn't have a family of scholars. He had everything against him. He couldn't even travel. So poor he was yet he, he did not give up his mother taught him from a young age. Don't give up Don't make your circumstances and excuse. You will excel like everybody else. There are people that have it worse than you and they've done better. He grew up with this in mind. So even though he was this poor, orphan boy,

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his mother encouraged him and I just think of the logistics of this, even today for a mother to bring her child to therapy. Very difficult. Your single mother is he going to go to the mosque, he can really go inside the manager even if she can go in

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He's in the one area and she's in the next section. What does she do? So she would have to send her son to class and hope for the best that he's actually learning. Today, you know, panela can we even leave our youngsters in the masjid and believe that they will stand alone Learn, learn on their own. So she sent him to the masjid on his own. And he took it upon himself by the grace of Allah to memorize the Quran before he was 10. His mother didn't sit with him, but he memorized the Quran. And he learned to read and write. And this was not very common at that time. And he began to be noticed by the big scholars in Baghdad, like the students horrible hanifa, Abu Yusuf, who was a chief judge

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in Baghdad, he would teach the Hanafi madhhab. And he noticed this boy, I haven't even haven't been very poor, but neat and tidy and disciplined that he would come first in class, and he would sit and he would wait. And he had excellent manners, that the students around him and I met. And as I said, like Mr. Malik's time, you don't just come and sit in the class of the big shift. You needed permission to sit the so it will be top students in the class. And they allowed me to sit in the class. Why? Because they would say we spend a fortune on private tutors for our kids, yet they don't have the menace of this young boy, that he said they quietly and he listened and he memorized and he

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paid attention. You will be first in class. And they would say we would see him implement the Hadith he would learn a hadith about fasting and he would be the one that fasts he would learn about the hygiene and then he would pray tagit always in the masjid, because of his manners, which he got from his mother. The scholars of Buffa dad took a liking to him, and he was allowed to sit in the classes.

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So he was a good student, a hard working student, but the brilliance of Imam Abu hanifa, as we said, and naturally when you brilliant fick will be your forte requires some brilliance. But what a hard worker what is needed hard work, the field of study, there are no shortcuts in Haiti, even Abu hanifa when he studied howdy theodolites this is another really useful time to sit hours and hours and memorizing a toolset. Not really for him, but a man like him humble who could sit hours an unstop and memorize and not stop until he had that Hadeeth in his mind. This was perfect for him. And therefore he starts to excel in the field of Hadeeth. And he said with a hadith scholars of

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Baghdad, and you understand when I say how do you think maybe the Hadith is a three, four lines, Hadith is three four lines. But the chain of narrators going back to the profits are seldom look is 150 years often a visa Salah maybe takes a whole page, so you have a whole page of names and knowing each one who was that person who narrated the Hadith, what can we say about him? The same Hadith has 1020 different chains, you need to memorize all of them. And you need to know what is weak and what is strong. This is what we mean by Heidi scholar. So he spent the next 10 years of his life memorizing Heidi, by the age of 20. He was bestowed with a qualification called now you are a half

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within Heidi when you say half today we mean Quran. He now reached the level where they say you are happier than Hades, you have the permission to teach a hadith. And in his 20s he took permission from his mother, and she allowed him to travel with no money with no animal. He would walk from Baghdad to Makkah to Yemen, he says five times. I went for Hajj. Twice I walked and one of those occasions I walked to Makkah from Iraq to Makkah, I walked and then I got to Makkah, I went to meet a scholar there. I found you into Yemen. So I walked from the to Yemen, Subhan Allah, this is that, that kind of determination. And he wasn't you know, his friends told him he had a very good friend

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is hockey Canada, Hawaii, who was a man behind his great teacher. They both walked to Makkah. And when they got there, they found the chef who wasn't a Abdullah Zach was in San Antonio was back in Sinani in Yemen. So you know, it's toxic, you know, are we going to do so emotion? I mean, I'm I said, I don't know what you're going to do. But I'm going to walk and these things with this panel. When he had something in his mind, Mr. Hamad, nothing could stop him. He didn't let the circumstances stop him from achieving what you want to achieve. And so he learned from all the great scholars of the time, a very well traveled person. Now we compare him to the family course the great

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mahad. Before his time, Mr. Malik didn't travel the world. And therefore while he knew Heidi's and he memorized many Hadith, there were many other Hadith he didn't become in touch with. So it took a man like your mama mama to collect them from all the centers. He learned from all the Hadith scholars in Iraq and Iran. Then he went to hijas five times, learn from the scholars, they then he went to Yemen, he went to Egypt all these times he's walking, and he's become a hadith Master 20 years. And we said one of his best teachers was the teacher, Imam Shafi, and we said that beautiful meeting, how did Mr. Mohammed meet him on Shafi? So there was a great scholars, Sufi and even arena.

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He was like the most

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of Hadith in Makkah, this is the man that Imam Ahmed wanted to meet to learn Hadith from him, him and his heart go to Sudan and they get to Makkah hamdulillah they sit in Sudan's class. Anyway, Mohammed started walking around looking at all the other people and he noticed this video one sitting there with two of his students. And he listened and he was impressed. It is hot come, I want to show you a teacher, the likes of which we have never seen before. You will never see a teacher like this. And when it's hot, so there's been one young 30 year old teaching with no one around him. He said you lift soufiane the Mufti of the Holloman Hadith. You came all the way from Iraq and you

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leave the big teacher and you sit with his Bedouin. So he said just listen to him and his hocks as well. Ah, he once he started to speak this young man, I couldn't keep up with him anymore. These are scholars these guys started for 20 years Hadith. They say we can't keep up with this young man anymore. This is of course Imam Shafi when he just began teaching. So Imam Ahmad is of the first people to notice him share theory, and he learned from him Shafi fick, and at that point in time, even Shafi was a great scholar, but he still said to him, Ahmed, you know more Hadith in me, you are more learned in Hadith than me. So tell me about the Hadith, so we can act on the teachers

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authentically, so we can act on it.

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Imam Ahmed goes back to Iraq at the age of 14, and at that time, Yom Shafi was also a traveling scholar. He was now one of the most famous scholars in the world, like we said in the halifa paid him to travel the world and teach. So he came back to Baghdad and at Baghdad, Imam Ahmed showed his humility, he would go next to him Shafi, his camel and take notes. You know, karma is a big cheer for that time. If people see you walking behind this man's donkey and learning socius This is a Shafi This is the Mufti or whatever you can do what you want to do, but I'm going to learn what if a bootsy gives if I miss something from him, you're not going to get any other scholar that will give

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it to you. And then mom Shafi left by her dad for the last time, and he said these famous lines I left in Iraq, when I left Iraq, I did not leave behind any person better than a bit of nobleman, a more knowledgeable scholar, a more pious and God fearing man than a hermit even Hammond, Simone Shafi saying that this is really the best man I've ever met of all my students.

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At 40 years old, Imam Ahmed now of the struggles 20 years studying in Baghdad, 20 years traveling the world now he's 14, he comes back now he feels I am comfortable to teach Hadeeth only had if he didn't want to pause fatawa they said also questions give an answer to a question we don't have. And he would say, I don't want to pass fatwa, when the Imam is still alive, meaning Sherry, don't ask me as the big shift is still alive. After Imam Shafi passed away, only then did Imam Ahmed feel confident to teach a bit of fic. And now he's taught his method and we asked what's the difference between Imam Imam madhhab and young chef is mehtab mo Ahmed, like Eva Malik, more of a hadith

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scholar prefer to use Hadith than logic. So he would say, by now he amassed a huge amount of Hadith. He wrote a book, The Muslim which has over 30,000 40,000 Hadith is has more Hadith among the book, The Muslim has more Hadith in it than all the six books of Hades put together his book till today, no one has fully explained it till today. So anyone amongst you youngsters, you want to explain the Tafseer of Mr. Mohammed mustard, there is a job for you to do, right to translate it into English and explain it. So he shows us like the biggest Encyclopedia of Hadith in the world was by Imam Ahmed. And he would say, I prefer using a weak Hadith over my own each Jihad opinion, if I found the

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Hadith and it was 5050 could be from Arabic. So some are not our other take less than using my own opinion. He had this humanity throughout his life, not a big shift and a great scholar. And he when he gave an opinion from himself, you 30 students stopped writing. No one is allowed to write my opinion, this is just between me and this person. Don't make it a matter of humility of this, this email.

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Also, when we look at him, I'm afraid and we'll see why. There is a belief, especially from his followers, that he was a bit of a strict, very serious man. And this is not the case. When you look at his personal life at 40. He now marries only now 40. He became he gets married. And he says I stayed with my wife for 30 years, and we never argued once. So he asked panela did Mr. Mohammed ever hold a line? You made a special dua and Allah sent him this whole line? And he said, No, we had an agreement. When I was upset, she would not say anything. And when she was upset, I would not say anything. And he had kids and his kids were behind a lot. He says great share the Hadith, most of

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the world, people coming to him for Hadith, but it took time in his day to teach his kids alive But personally, he taught them and that

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Why all the moms his kids were the most famous to grow up into scholars in their own right. So Mr. Ahmed now is in his 40s. In his 50s. He is recognized as the greatest scholar in Hadeeth. In the world, people came from Spain, on foot to meet him. And then he would go through the biggest test of his life, any Mohamad for all these things I've seen. He's not famous for those things. He is famous for something called his manner, his taste, he would stand alone against three Holly furs to defend the Quran. At that time, they were a group of philosophers called Mr. Tesla. And the halifa in Baghdad was very impressed with him. The Morteza the philosophy was that everything should first

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agree with logic above the word of the Quran. So if my logic makes sense, so for example, they would say, it doesn't make sense for someone to be punished in the grave until piano. So even though we have so many ayat and Hadith about that, we reject that. It doesn't make sense that janam should exist. So we reject janome exists, it doesn't make sense that they should be predestination of the future. So we reject all of that they rejected could earn an ayat based on Greek philosophy, and the halifa like this. So he embraced the metaphor they they were sick, and he forced every one of the scholars in Baghdad to say what the mortality law said. And the most, the worst of the statements

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was that the Quran is the creation of Allah, not the revelation of Allah. He forced the people, the scholars to say openly, the Quran is creation, not revelation. This is not the words of Allah, but rather the creation of Allah. And through pressure, and jailing the scholars. Every scholar in Baghdad was either locked up over silence was killed, or said what the halifa wanted to say, except to me, Imam Ahmed, even humble and a young scholar, Mohammed even newer, and they pressurize them and push them, he refused. So the halifa was frustrated with him. I met him at about 55 years old. So he sees qualified moon after a few months of persecution and yours, Imam Muhammad, the famous

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Hadith scholar of the world, not giving in and the people are looking at him on a hammer, what's he going to do? So he says, Bring him a hammer to me, the halifa wasn't in Baghdad, at that time, he was a few 100 kilometres away in a city should bring a hammer to me, I want to execute him personally. halifa says, I have a sword, I want to chop his head off. And we said the whole of that time, don't think they were like Sahaba they didn't like you Hickok. They said we don't take your hat off, we'll take your head off as what they were like. So Imam Ahmed was taken in chains to the halifa. And on his way, he's, you know, and he tells us this, you know, I was terrified, I did not

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want to meet the halifa is a fearsome man and moon. And he meets along the way he meets a beta one. And the beta one tells me Listen, watch what you say. Because the people are watching you. If you say the Quran is a creation, and everyone is gonna say the Quran is a creation. So every sin that you make is not your sin. It's on you. Ahmed says I'm in a deep situation, and he made this die. And he said, Yeah, Allah, let me not meet moon. And just as he reaches the city, news is given moon has passed away. He did not meet moon because he died. But allow me to lift a wall to his brother to became a new halifa saying, I insist for you to be in the halifa you need to make sure everyone sees

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what the Quran is a creation of Allah. I put this as your first instruction. The new hollyford multisim was more of a military man, not a scholar. But he respected his brother's wish. And he said fine. We're going to have a an open court. This will be like the the court of the century. This would be open for the whole of Baghdad, we get to have a debate between Ahmed even hambone and advises the mortality law. I will be the judge and we will decide if the court is the creation of a law or not take me back to Baghdad. This journey was so strange was that the young scholar with Ahmed Mohammed even knew he was like in his 20s he died during the journey. And Mohammed was the

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only metric formatter Allah saw this man in almost in the 60s, and he now reaches Baghdad. It's Ramadan. First of Ramadan. This is when the court cases can happen. Open quote for the whole of Baghdad to see Mr. Mohammed's young son said he was invited to attend the audience and my father is brought in chains before the halifa. Alone, none of the other scholars want to stand up and defend him and the entire panel of the martyrs ILA. Are they and they are saying yeah, I mean, I mean, this is the cafe Ahmed that says the Quran is revelation. So the Imam the halifa says Yama, what do you say? Are you standing alone here? Is this what you're saying? So you mama Ahmed, says amin meaning I

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will say anything you want me to say just bring me an idea or I can only say what the Quran says. And what the Sunnah says. The Quran says it is the words of Allah calama Allah revealed

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Not created? No way does it say it is the creation of a law. So the more Tesla start to debate and question him off one after the other, and the people in the audience say every time they came with a philosophical argument, he was able to respond with an ayah or Hadith until they had nothing left to say. The halifa was impressed. So he said, Ahmed, I'm actually very impressed with you. I will make you the chief or the of Baghdad, if you say this, because it's a matter of pride and have my brother said this, I want you to say it, say it in my ear. Quran is the creation, and I'll let you go. So Mr. Mohammed says, I will say anything, just give me an idea. Oh, howdy. So now the halifa is

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frustrated. And this went on for three, four days. One of the evidences, the halifa said What evidence do you have in the Quran is not the creation of Allah? So he says, Yeah, I mean, meaning, you know, last night, I wanted to perform tahajjud Salah, but I found it difficult, because I found that while I was performing sought out the Quran was lying on the floor, the must have and I picked it up and I found it was dead. So I sold the Quran. I put the coffin on the Quran and I buried the Quran, Allah Subhan Allah bow to you, what are you saying? Are you mad? So he said, This is what you're saying? Using the Quran is a creation, everything that is created must die. Everything that

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is created must die. Why is this such a big deal? If something is a creation, it can change. And if you can change you could change the Quran. If he did not stand up against the halifa we might not have a Quran that is free from changes until today. What am I mentioned? Mr. Hammonds position was like aboubaker disposition when they wanted to remove Zakah from Islam, and he stood alone, even some of those opposite, don't become vigr over Muslims. They don't want to play soccer. So abubaker suitable law he, I will make Jihad on anyone that takes you take zakka away from Islam, you know, Mohammed said the same. So the halifa had nothing to say. And the martyrs Allah had nothing to say,

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except to say, Look, he's challenging, Your Honor. Allah made meaning. So the halifa said, has a hammer, do you have one more day? Tomorrow, you either gonna say what we tell you to say? Or we're going to make use of it? Meaning I'm going to teach you, you know, what we're going to do to you know, Mohamad springs that night, and he's terrified. And he says, Well, I'm scared. I'm not this great Wally that, you know, I'm not afraid. And he doesn't know what to do. He's gonna break tomorrow, under the pressure under the torture. So Allah sends him, someone to help him. Not an alum, not a chef, not overly a drunk man, a drunk man into the jail cell with him. The drunk guy

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says, Hey, you know that I am humble. So Mr. Mohammed says yes. So they start talking, and he tells the drunk man, I'm scared of the work tomorrow. So drunk man says, Why are you scared? They woke me so many times. And this is the 18th time they bring me to jail and work me for Harmer so you can get booked for the Quran. You can have patience with a whip for the sake of the Quran. So this man said, Well, I felt stink, this drunk man gave him advice. So he senses they brought him that day in was chains. And there was an apparatus where they would tie you up and the hollyford Ah, what do you say about the Quran? So he says, Yeah, I mean, it is the word of Allah revealed, not created. So they

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set the time. And they tied him up and he senses when they tied him up already, he was in pain because they dislocated his shoulders. Then there was like a whole procession, not one guy that was gonna whip you because if you have up to three times your arm gets tired, a whole team of guys to whip him. And they started to work in 123. The people in the crowd says, Yeah, I might just say what he wants, or what does that burden you beyond your means. Some of his friends amongst the scholars say just give in? And he said, it is the creator. It is the words of Allah not created and they worshipped him and they whipped him. They said an elephant could not withstand it until he fell

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unconscious, then I mean, stop. They thought he was dead. And they checked his pulse, the city still alive. What are we going to do? They someone comes running into the palace and say the people of Baghdad are rioting outside. They heard that you killed our might even humble and they're ready to overthrow the palace. So that the Hollywood star, take him to the doctor, don't let him die. And the doctor said will law he I have never seen someone being worked like this more than you. And he said, take some medicine. So it's Ramadan and fasting. It's dangerous, you're going to die. That's it. If I die, it will help you I want to die fasting for a lot. So the doctor Alhamdulillah by the grace of

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Allah, he was healed, but he never fully was healed of his he stole his body. There was some permanent damage to his arms and his back. Even his face. His face was whipped. With the scars throughout his life. He had this he's almost any 60s and now he's under in jail under house arrest. The greatest scholar in the world for about 15 years could not teach was banned from teaching was the story of a scholar from Spain.

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comes walking to from Spain to Iraq, just so you can get Heidi from Hamburg, he comes to the main machine and he says with a human, so don't you know he's in his house locked up, he can't come out. So this young man is in his teens, he would go to grandma's house each day as a beggar to get some food. And the hammer would give you one Hadith and he would learn this. And Ahmed would stay like this for 10 years, until finally after three hollyford, a new halifa comes into power. And he doesn't like the Marta Zilla, he changes over the system. And he frees him up, I might even humble and imagine in the 70s, this famous scholar that everyone heard about for 15 years now, he comes

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back to the masjid in Baghdad to get his seat. The magazine is packed like they've never seen before. They had to have several callers who was in a microphone to relay his message. And he would now begin to teach for the next few years of his life before he passed away. And interestingly, whenever that Spanish young scholar was not in his class, because he was sick, you take the class to that Spanish scholars room, and we teach him Is it because you stuck with me? When I was locked up, we bring the class to you to Panama. So you imagine that now, he's of the most famous scholars is probably the most famous scholar in the world. And he is about to pass away in his 70s. He wrote

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this amazing book, if you took an old school in his class, you would find him on Bahati in his class in my Muslim in his class, in Abu Dhabi, in his class, all these great Hadith masters were in his class, and I met him in Hamburg. Now he's on his deathbed. And he said something in his file, he said to the martyrs, Allah, Allah He the day we pass away, Allah will judge between us, we will see was genizah is better attended. That will be for me who Allah is suicide allies on when he was on his deathbed, every one that tortured him and beats him and was rude to him, came to him to ask for math didn't want to stand against him on piano. And he said, Well law he I'm not saying this out of

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humility, but I forgiven everyone that wronged me Why? There is no benefit for me to see you punish. And I'm not going to benefit from that. But I bought a new so that Allah will pardon me of my mistakes. This is what's going to benefit me. And the man mmm and Hamill passed away on a Friday off the jumar. And they took his took his body to the maqbara. And the whole of Baghdad came to a stop. Over 1 million people attended is janazah. from from from Joomla until a certain agenda of the JAMA perform Genesis Allah until recent times until the Haram is like 2 million people for the past 1400 years. The biggest genocide in the history of Islam was the janaza Ahmed bin hammer. When he passed

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away over 1 million people, the old capital of Baghdad, even though halifa came and they performed as a Salah on him and they buried him. As for the Martins Allah, Allah Allah no one knows what happened to them and where they are buried just as he said, Allah will judge between us and you the day we pass away and this crazy mom passes away at the age of 77. And he's going book continues and his scholars of Hadith all his students would have no right howdy from him. And this would be the great Imam even though he said, I don't want the matter and he stopped the students from writing his views. Allah insisted that he would have a mother because his views would be kept by the students or

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the students. They would compile it and they would follow his methodology amongst the great students of Mohammed Mohammed or those who follow the humble method. You've been telling me even Kodama.

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Abdulkadir Gilani was a humbly and until today, the aroma of Saudi Arabia follow the humble method. And this is the actually the law of Saudi Arabia is built on the humble method. So this is great, ma'am. We say Salaam to him on what a great place he has with Allah subhanho wa Taala that a young orphan poor boy became this great man and Allah gives whoever wants it the most all he had was that determination and inshallah anyone who wants it in sha Allah is for you, as well. So inshallah we don't have a quiz this evening. Tomorrow, we will discuss our first female hero in Islam. The daughter of there was a great scholar, Muhammad even sitting but he had a much more knowledgeable

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older sister hafsa even seen we'll talk about her tomorrow insha Allah and then we'll have the vicar for our home. mm Salah Rahim Allah Salam aleikum wa barakato