Angels in Their Presence S2 #13 – The Hadith of Jibreel (as)

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There are two major incidents in the Sierra where a large number of companions encountered either the angel being depleted it salaam, or the angels as a whole. The angels as a whole is the incident of bed that of course, and we'll talk about the Battle of bed. But the most famous Hadith in Islam, and the most important Hadith in Islam is probably Hadith to Djibouti. And according to many of the scholars, this hadith, which is known as the hadith of Djibouti, it is.

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This hadith has been narrated by honourable Cotabato the allowed time on hold, but there are numerous other narrations that give us the full context. So I want you to imagine that you're in the masjid of the Prophet, slice alum. And according to the narrations of Abu Dhabi, a lot of times on who as well as uploaded all the Allahu Anhu the prophets by someone who would sit with his companions, we wouldn't be able to distinguish the prophets lie some from his companions in regards to where he was sitting, meaning that he would sit at the same level as them, it's not that he would sit on a chair and they would all sit around him. And so when people would come from outside,

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sometimes they wouldn't be able to know which one of the companions or who amongst the people was the prophet slice Allah. So we said to the Prophet size seven, let's, you know, make something for you. So that if people come at least if a stranger comes, then they know who you are. And the prophets I sent him while he refused anything that would resemble like a throne or something that was too pompous. They said to the Prophet slice, and um, how about we make a small bench for you by just putting the dirt together and it's like a little bench of clay, it's slightly elevated, so that at least if someone was to come, they would recognize your position, right? So the Prophet sighs I'm

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accepted that. So one day, we're sitting with the Prophet slice on him, and he's sitting in a spot, and suddenly a man comes amongst us, and He is the most handsome, and the most good smelling. They said, he had a sense of musk that they had ever smelled. I mean, a beautiful man comes to the profit slice of them in this match to this amongst the people. Now they were used to being interrupted by Bedouins. Right? This man looked very different. He had a different aura to him, his clothes were exceedingly white, his hair was exceedingly black. And so he had a very, very white, so, and it looked like no dirt ever touched his garments. On top of that, we could see no signs of Suffolk no

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signs of travel on him. But at the same time, none of us knew who he was. So it's very mysterious, right? I mean, if he's someone from far away, then his clothes should show it and he would look like he just traveled a long journey. And if he's someone that lives in the city, then we would have known him especially when he looks like this. So we were very taken aback by his coming and the shows you by the way that you beat Isilon would not just come in the form of data, right? Because if it was only DPN, if he was limited to that, and anyway, then that would have been the giveaway there. Right? So he comes and he enters into the madness of the Prophet SAW Salem, and he stops at

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the edge and he says, As salam o aka Muhammad, peace be unto you, O Muhammad Sallallahu sallam, the prophets lie, some responds with Salam. And he says, Can I come closer to Ya Muhammad? And the prophets lie. Some says come close. He asks three times can I come closer? Prophets license says come close, until eventually, he comes right in front of the prophets I seldom, and he is sitting directly in front of him, his knees to the knees of the prophets lie some and he puts his hands on his knees. So he's looking directly at the prophets. I'm very close to him. And he says, Yeah, Mohamed, tell me what Islam is clearly on Islam. So the prophets lie. Some says what Islam is he

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says Islam means to worship Allah and not associate anything with Him and that worship, to establish Salah to establish this occur to fast the month of Ramadan, and to perform the hajj when you're able to do so. And he then says, subject, you've told the truth. And so the Sahaba say, I did not Minho. Yes, Allahu Well, you saw depot? Like we were confused by that, because he asked the prophets I seldom the question. And then he was the one that said, you have spoken the truth, as if he's quizzing him as if he is testing him. So we found that out as well. Then he says, Tell me about Iman. Tell me about faith. So the prophets lie. Some says, to believe in Allah, to believe in the

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angels to believe in the books to believe in the prophets to believe in the day of judgments believe in divine decree. And then he says, sadaqa once again, you've told the truth. And then he says, and tell me what the Sun is, tell me what excellence is. And he said, it is to worship a lot as if you can see him. And even if you can't see him, then you know that he sees you and he says, You have spoken the truth. So I blocked then he says, Yeah, Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam told me about the hour. So the prophets lie, some did not respond. He lowered his head. He didn't respond. So he said,

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Again, tell me about the hour the prophesy son did not respond. Then he asked him a third time, and he still didn't respond the Prophet slice and I'm done said the one who is being asked does not know any more than the one who's asking the question. Okay. So you know, this, this hour has been concealed even from Djibouti. Rouhani has set up and the prophesy some knows who he is. Right? So the prophets lie, Selim is taken aback by the question. And he says, neither the one who is asking nor the one who's being asked knows, neither of us know in the hours. So he says, Tell me about its signs. And so the prophets I said, I mentioned when you see barefoot Bedouins, competing to build

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tall buildings, and when you see a woman giving birth to her master, right, so he gives some of the signs, particularly a facade of corruption of the Day of Judgment. And Djibouti, and it has Salam, this man who we know is Djibouti Isom says, So duct, you've told the truth, and then he gets up, and he goes away. And, you know, they looked in every direction, and he was completely out of sight. He rapidly got up from the messiness of the Prophet slice, and, um, and he disappeared, and we looked in every direction, and we couldn't find him. So anyway, this first and foremost, you know, shows once again, that should be a slum could take the form of others, not just the halal, the allowance I

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know when he came in human form. Secondly, that this was a great blessing to the Sahaba of the Prophet slice. And I'm because anyone that was in the Methodist that day, got to encounter Djibouti, it has Sudan, and the profit slice, and I'm confirmed that to them. He said, Do you know who that is? And he even even challenged them slice and he said, go look and see if you can find him. No one could find him. Then the profit slice, I'm says, Do you know who that is? And he said, that is Djibouti. And it has Salam coming to teach you your religion, coming to teach you your religion. And what they say is that there are four types of questions. Right, so this was the questioning of

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debate is now they say there are questions that are T ham, it's accusations, right? Did you really do this? Did you really do that? Then there are questions that are called a stiff ham questions where you're trying to understand something yourself, or the journey and enough sick that you're trying to remove ignorance from yourself. And then there are questions that are touting education in general. Right. So to increase your knowledge of something, and then there are questions that are called so a lot Gibran aviya. Questions like the questioning of Djibouti. It has Salam which is referred jelly and rhetoric to remove ignorance of someone else, you ask a question that you know

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the answer to in hopes that those who are listening will understand and they will be educated as a result. So Subhanallah Djibouti, Rouhani Sudan, of course, Allah sends debris rice now, Djibouti Irani has Salam is making the scene here, right? And this is going to be an unforgettable incident to the people. And the beauty of that is that What did Allah send him to in this unforgettable scene? Was it just a miracle that takes place? No, it was the fundamentals of the religion that would then be solidified in the memory of the people And subhanAllah this goes on to become as a result of that incident, the most important Hadith in Islam and so mission was certainly

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