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Are you a sister with a story to tell a message to share or beneficial knowledge to spread our sister Naima B Robert award winning author of the books like for my sister's lips and show up has something very special plan for you. For five days she will be teaching you how to discover the book inside you helping you plan it and get started with the writing process all for free. Mashallah, this sister is on fire and she has so much passionate and so much enthusiasm to share and she wants to help you get your book out there. So I would highly recommend for you to sign up for this. Writing a book that benefits others can be a source of southern Nigeria and become a part of your

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legacy for generations to come. So go to www discover the book within.com and sign up for the Discover the book within challenge and make your dream of writing a book come true in sha Allah comments I'm in once you've signed up and I'd love to know how many of you signed up for this challenge. So I want to welcome our special guests, sister now you might be Roberts welcome. Salaam aleikum. Wa alaykum Silla water. What's a lovely way to get to how are you This is Holly. I'm doing great and hamdulillah it's a beautiful day and lovely to have you today. It's fantastic to be here. Mashallah. Mashallah. So you're doing a five day challenge about teaching people how to get started

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with writing a book? That's exactly right. Mashallah, we also talked about it as well. I know that there are people in this world who have always wanted to write a book, right? There are people who made a made a decision a few years ago. So yeah, I'm definitely going to do it. And nothing's really happened with it, like it hasn't managed to, you know, reach the final stages. And then there are people who've been told by other people that you know, you should write a book, or wish you had a book. So write a book, or suddenly, that's that. And then there are people who really, when they think about it, they just get overwhelmed. And they just don't think that that could ever be them.

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And usually, those people are telling themselves lots of stories. And in fact, every one of those groups of people who have not managed to actually write the book and get it out there are telling themselves certain stories, the one who has worked on it and hasn't made it hasn't managed to reach the end, she's telling herself a story that she doesn't have enough time, for example, now is not the right time. But there are other priorities. I'll wait until the kids are in school until the holidays until next year, when I retire.

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And then the one who has been thinking about it hasn't really made any progress is probably thinking, Well, who would want to read it? You know, what's the purpose of it? Who would want to even read something by me? Am I even good enough? Could I even write a book? And then the ones who come to their mind, but they've said absolutely not, they're telling themselves stories, too. And their stories are more like, it's not for me, women like me don't get to do stuff like that. I'm not like those other systems. So a lot of what we're going to do, certainly on the first day or so of this challenge, is to really confront some of these limiting beliefs. And that's amazing that you

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think this is because the limiting belief is something that I'm very passionate about, and it really holds people back. So what you're going to do is challenge what they think about themselves, all of those that self taught, and by addressing the limiting beliefs and doing away with it, then they're going to be able to take that step. Exactly. So once you've done the work on the beliefs, now it's a case of okay, well, how do I know that my story is worth telling? How do I know that my message is compelling enough? How do I know that my knowledge is actually beneficial? So we're going to do the work to answer those questions, then we're going to ask ourselves, well, what does a book look like?

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Because a lot of people, when they hear a book, they have a picture in mind, massive 200 and page, you know, 200, page document.

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Whatever it is, for many people, their image of what a book is, is quite daunting, right? And so we're gonna bust that open a lot of

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possibilities, and what a book can be. And there's such a range and such a huge variety of ways to tackle this, that we're going to show them all of that and shut up so that they can see the possibilities that are doing so you're talking about the sorry to interrupt, but you're talking about how taking someone's preconceived notions about the book, and possibly giving other options so that they're not limited by it or they're not so afraid of it and so you take the fear out of it. Exactly. 100% And I think, look, for me, the biggest shift that I would like everyone to have, regardless what they decide to do at the end is to realize a

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recognize that this is possible for me.

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It's not just something for other people, it is possible for me, and then, you know, kind of going into the why of the whole thing. What is the deeper meaning of writing, but what's the higher purpose? And then for those who now get to the stage where it's like, okay, I get it, I get it. Right I'm gonna show you exactly how we're gonna get them started out, getting clear on their topic, getting clear on it, audience getting that title down, get excited about it, start planning.

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Hopefully, many of them will continue with us to write their books or run away and writes a book. When I pray Insha Allah, it really is transformative. That's why I call it a transformative challenge. Mashallah, I think it's really exciting. You got me excited

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to sign up? Well, I really want to I want to sign up for it. Because it really is the when someone can take a daunting task and simplify it. And you go through the process of empowering an individual, and allowing them to really share their story because each person has a story to share each person has, whether it's their life story or something they have learned. It's very powerful, so much online, I congratulate you for this effort, this initiative. I think many people should really benefit from this because it's something you're doing it and you're helping, you're helping the OMA to get their books out there. Mashallah, sha Allah, this is what I'm saying. I was on a TV

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interview yesterday. And I was saying that we as Muslims, we have so many untold stories. And some of those stories, to be quite frank, are not of interest to mainstream publishing, they're not of interest to the mainstream media, right? It's why there's money put behind them. That's why there's no effort put behind it. That's why when you search most the memoirs, for example, you don't find anything, right. And there's so many topics that we as an onward care about that, if you try searching on Amazon, you're coming up empty handed, because publishers haven't seen the need. And it's just not in their interest, right. But we as Muslims, have we as people in general, but as

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Muslims, we have the tools, we have the tools to be able to tell our stories and put them out into the world now. Now that yeah, we know the game, right? We know the game. So I'm here to give the Muslims game, basically.

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This is how I do it, this is how you do it. Well, this is how you can do it independently and make a success of it. And this is how you can put a book together that really has an impact either on society as a whole, or the Muslim community world, right? Or your local community or even just your family and future generations of your family. Because for me, that's what's it. I wrote a book about my family tree, for example, or my grandmother's story of coming from whichever country untold story, right? And the only people who ever read it, were her descendants. That for me is what's it. It's so valuable, yes. And taking that initiative to to share your narrative, because so many of the

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books that are out there are telling our story, but it's jaded, and it's misconstrued. So taking power of that. And being able to share our personal perspective. It's incredible to be able to do that. Ernest Hemingway said, Write with clarity. And right from where it hurts, I'm summarizing. But it's, it's very powerful. Because it's when you write about what hurts you, then it's actually very transformative. And it's interesting as they've done about over 200 studies on the impact on on mental health, when you write about the things that have been painful for you, it's something that is very therapeutic, I actually have a lot of my clients write about whether it's journaling or

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getting things out of their system so it doesn't get bottled up. So that is it's psychologically beneficial. It gives you that feeling of there's internal validation, external validation. So being able to have that internal validation that yes, my story is valuable, I'm going to share it with the world and we always need a little bit of external validation but it just really helps.

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It helps you to overcome some of that double guessing yourself and feeling like that lack of confidence so it's such a feeling of accomplishment I'm sure and you've written much Allah 30 books correct. We're almost at 30 published 30 Masha Allah Michelle, like so.

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Yesterday came to me I don't know why into me that I wanted to write my bio from 10 years in the future, right.

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I will live for 10 years but I pray that I like keep growing in

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Germany, right. Like I'm

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sure you've done this before, you know writing letters from your future self or writing a celebration from a year's time. Yeah, to be celebrated. So this thing, this bio that came to me in 10 years time, one of the things on the bio was she has published over 100 books, oh, my so

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many other things in the Bible as well. And amongst those things, yeah, was playing a pivotal role in launching the careers of 1000s. That kind of vision that I have my full immunity, because I know how many sisters there are, who wants to write, and how many are writing, and it's a growing community. It is a growing industry. And certainly as somebody who was one of the first people to be published in the mainstream, who knows. Yeah, maybe I'll be instead of Bobby Yeah.

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Sister Sturmey, about three of them. I

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feel like, you know, what I was saying to you how many we've talked about this before. Right now we are we are stepping into the role of being the elders of the community, the ones who wants of passing down the wisdom, the ones who are mentoring the next generation, right, take very, very seriously. So this challenge where we are aiming to serve 10,000 sisters over these five days, which is crazy, but

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but the point is, that's the scale that I getting off the vision in sha Allah, Samia look credible on me. And I mean, I love what you said about writing your bio from like, 10 years. It's a powerful exercise. And what we do, what I have done in my mentorship program is tell people to write their eulogy, which is about how you want to be remembered. But I like the fact that it's about something that you're still alive, and it is your bio. So I'm going to, I'm going to, you know, pass this on and encourage others to do that. And I may do that myself, because it's, it's so important to have that vision. And the fact that you not only want to get ahead because I find that many times people

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are very self driven. But the idea of mentoring others the idea of like I want to take as many people with me as possible, and making it making it easy for others to be successful that I think that is true sisterhood. This is what they're meant to do. Yeah, I can't I don't I don't get the mentality of the crabs in the bucket. I don't get it personally. I don't get the mentality that oh, they can only be one whatever. They can only be one page IB psychotherapist, they can copywriter, right. I don't know whatever. Right? Yeah, I truly believe that we are stronger together. Absolutely. I truly believe that that rising tide it lifts all boats in real weight. When Holly I

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would, I hope you see that when I when

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my cheer you on I feel so excited when I see that you're launching something new and you're active. And mashallah, whenever we see our sisters succeed, it is it should build pride in us and it should not. And that comes as the self esteem grows, and you feel good about yourself. It doesn't feel like oh, you don't compare and feel like, Oh, I'm lacking. It's more about like, yes, she's doing it and you feel excited. So this is a wonderful challenge. I think people will definitely benefit. So five days, how do they go about signing up? What do they need to do? All they need to do is go to www dot discover the book within.com. And all you need is an email address. It is free challenge. You can

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upgrade to be a VIP, and there's lots of gorgeous goodies in the VIP. But we are treating everyone who comes into the program as our clients are for those five days. And yeah, and I have a special treat actually for those who sign up. Because that is

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Sign up for the challenge. We'll get a special offer on that new book 199 or something. Wow.

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That is incredible.

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It's pretty exciting. But yeah, guys, that's all you need to do. And he calls the live trainings each day will be recorded. So if you can't make them at one o'clock UK time, you can watch them later. The Facebook group is going to be all our coaches are going to be in there. We're going to be you know, in there answering questions, giving feedback, assignments, and we're going to be in together for the five days. So it's gonna be a lot of fun and lots of prizes.

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We got a secret book coming out to get a good deal on that you're gonna have prizes and all of this

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Pour it how many coaches do you have with you masala we've got now there's now two of us coaching and then there's going to be another for support in the group. Okay, another sister who's coming on as a coach, you've got more editors coming on board. It was really funny. As I said, I said to my team, I said, Guys, look, I know you think I'm crazy. Okay, I know that you're looking at 10,000 thinking, What is she talking about? Right? You know, you hear me talking about big numbers. I know, sometimes you just think oh, overwhelming. Yeah, right. But I said to them, this is our, our calling to step up.

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If we that's your bod step up, you're stepping up. You're living up fluid.

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If we only served 10 sisters at a time, we don't need to grow. We don't need to evolve. We don't need more systems. We don't need to employ more people like we're good. You know, it's a very manageable number 1020 at a time, all good. Imagine if we have 50 clients, 100 plants, 400 clients that allows us such expansion in terms of systems in terms of other people we can bring on board, which then gives them opportunity for employment. Opportunities. Yeah. To be part of other people's book journeys, more editors, more book cover designers that matters more.

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Instead of providing work you're provided. Yes. And one of the most important things that comes out of this out of writing a book or being a part of a group like this is having a sense of purpose. And that sense of purpose that is actually the antidote to depression and anxiety. So if you want to be able to live your fullest life to be your best is you have to have a sense of purpose. So this is this is incredible what you're offering and and I'm excited about it and I want to hear more about what is the VIP Marcelo is the VIP that you offer. The VIPs will be in zoom with me. So they'll have access to the trainings they'll be able to answer ask their questions within the training. They also

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have additional q&a s that are separate where we farm and they can bring their book topics we can discuss them we can help them break it down. They also get the offseason I need to look up

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other things planned for them as well, my shows and other events, like goodies during the actual thing. But yeah, it's been a while since I wrote the sales.

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Yeah, well, I'm very excited for you. I'm excited for the people who you know who sign up and the opportunities that are out there and the stories that are going to be told so know how Masha Allah may Allah put so much bracket and in this project in this five day challenge, which starts when starts on Monday, the 23rd of May, and Friday the 27th of July Shala. So this Monday, the 23rd to Friday, the 27th, Friday the 27th. So in sha Allah, and I like the fact that you said it's all recorded. So if you are working, or if it's middle of the night for you, you can go ahead and watch the pre recorded

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the videos, learn from it, and then continue on. I think that it's always good to do a challenge like this. But I think too, in order to get a book up and writing or finishing it, you do need that support. And I highly recommend sister Nyima Roberts to help you in pursuing your dreams and, and making it a reality and sha Allah

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says thank you so much. It means of course, of course. And so please go to the website again, please. But at WWW dot discover the book. women.com great. And here you can comment. Well what was it that were commenting? I'm in? Yeah, I think I'm in

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a comment I'm in and we will we will direct you to the website and for you to get all the information. Thank you so much for sharing your enthusiasm, your energy and passing on all this positivity. We really need it. We need it at this time and it's so excellent to see sisters who are supporting one another and I love that about us we're always supporting one another and it's always fun, it's sending you love.

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That's three

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now look with lots of baraka and all that you do and inshallah we can't wait to hear what the results are and I'm gonna write that by oh boy was it the bio 10 In from 14 years from now I think that's a great idea. Tonight nice one wash Allah let me know how it goes. Definitely definitely does like a love hate it and make sure you sign up for this five day challenge with Sister Nyima Robert to find out

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How to write a book just like hola Hara Salam aleikum Omar Abdullah here but I can't just