Minute with a Muslim #076 – Fresh Off The Plane From Medina

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AI: Summary © The speaker discusses how the situation in Utica, 2022, is not for lack of information, but rather for people to convince themselves that the Koran is worth obeying. The speaker also talks about the Sharia being the way it is, and the Quran being revealed entirely. The situation is seen as a result of people trying to force people to comply with rules and do things that are not beneficial.
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When I first came, somebody suggested to me said, Hey, Mom, Tom, I'm so happy you're here, fresh off the plane from Edina, we need a football, about telling the women how to dress. So someone said to me, and I said to them, what's more important that they know how to dress, or that they care what Allah thinks about how they dress. Because if you take care of the second issue, you take care of the first, if somebody wants to know what Allah subhanaw taala has to tell them, then they will figure it out themselves. And our situation these days is not for lack of information, we have the information, we have everything online, we have everything, you know, fed to our websites, and this,

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that and the third, but we don't have the motivation. And we don't have the connection. They say connect before you correct, right reach before you teach. Right? These are things that we hear on the street, but they're they're golden advice. And that's how Allah subhanaw taala dealt with us, Allah subhanaw taala dealt with us by trying to connect with us first trying to convince us first that it was worth listening to convince us that the Koran was worth obeying, convincing us that he was worth obeying. subhanaw taala Well, yagni on that, like, he doesn't need that, right. Subhana he didn't have to do that. I mean, cut me he will rock it. Right. That's just pure mercy, that here we

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have a perfect God Creator who doesn't need any introduction or explanation or doesn't need to convince and yet he did. He did. And he was keen on trying to convince and trying to motivate. So that's for us too. Because if you look at our situation here, in Utica, 2022 Do you think we're in the Meccan period or the medina period? By the time they get to Medina, everybody near right, they're completely convinced they're ready. So I mean, I know what I thought now they're ready to go. You say give up, come up. philos done. You say give up treba Philos. Done Allah Azza line, right. in Makkah, it was about me. It was about convincing. What situation are we in now in Utica?

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You said you were in the Meccan period. But that right, and that's not to say some people they say the same sort of thing and they try to play games with the city and say that, you know, maybe certain things don't apply anymore. No, that's not what we're saying. The Sharia is the way it is. The Quran is revealed entirely but when it comes to Dawa, and it comes to Tallinn and it comes to putting people hooked with a hookah right step by step you have to understand, deal with them the way that Allah azza wa jal dealt with the Quran. First, it has to come in. If you're able to build a man in a heart, everything else takes care of itself. Well acts if you try to force someone to

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comply, they can be doing everything they can be in this machine five times a day, every prayer, every Sunnah prayer, reading Quran going to all the classes, but in their heart, they're not doing it for a lot as well. They're doing it because their parents told them to. They're doing it for some other reason. And what's it worth