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salatu salam O Allah should have been even more silly all of us have is made by

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a lot of our data

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the ad which I decided in the first regard

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the ayah which is just before I can foresee Allah last round

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in Morocco now I'm in public and yet to

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be on fee while a whole lot of Asha workers who don't know masala Allah said oh you will spend from what we have given you before that day and that day the day before that day comes in to

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and what is the de la by on fee hola hola hola.

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That is a day in which there will be no dread and there will be no friendship and there will be no intercession

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for God Romans 11 and the people who deny this are the people who are the tongue dresses and oppressors and

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we know from either cozy lizarraga very clearly

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that 11 nila that nobody will do shafa except with the permission of Allah. So inshallah we expect this also lasala Salah will be given this, but the point is, that the basic principle being established is

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that this day is going to come.

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I remind myself, I knew that what this means is that the most important day of our life is today

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the most important day of our life is today and the most important time in that today is now

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five minutes back is one

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five minutes ahead, we do not know whether we will reach it

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what is most important is now and the most important day of my life is today right today not the

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day of ease or not the they are not not one of the last 10 days of Ramadan are not later on because we do not know whether we will reach any of that.

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What we have is right now,

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as they say in the famous saying this is a journey of 1000 miles begins with the first step. So also, all our great visions and plans begin with today. Begin with what we do now.

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And those are the choices that we have to make.

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And Alice Randall is reinforcing that and saying I'm gonna

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spend from what we have given you.

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Allah did not say and who mineral man, Allah did not just spend from the money. He said spend from whatever we have

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spent from the money spent from the energy spent from the life spent from the time spent from the knowledge

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spend from whatever Allah subhanaw taala has given us spend in the bath of Allah. Allah says the day will come when even if you had all this whole world filled with gold and if you wanted to give it it would not be accepted.

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So the most important day of your life in my life is today. And the most important time of that day is now

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and that is the reason why we have to be very clear in our minds on a minute by minute second by second and say what am I doing with my time

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and there is always this judge's order Believe me there's always a choice of whether we do the work of Allah or we do some other work and I'm not talking about Haram. It is not the shadow of the Muslim to do

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but among the Giants among a lot is always a choice should we do this

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and we have to make the choice you have to make the right choice because there will be nothing but does not earn you anything

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and they are doing it so fine. But there is something which is directly in the path of Allah subhanaw taala which earns you rewards like

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a goldmine which will do the

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job and will tell you it's okay for us

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to call the

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naked at the counter.

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What will happen if you don't do is what we will realize that and you don't want to create it did not realize it now.

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make the best choices pick the best like as it is today.

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In terms of the share markets, you know, we say which is the best.

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IPO the one that got oversubscribed

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and similar to yours which is the best investment the one which gives you the biggest return ROI very simple it is what is the ROI on something

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No rocket science, everybody knows which is the investment which will give me the maximum return. And by what I wrote in life, the last one growth and growth, I want to put it, there will have

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two critical fact any investor, any investor in the world works only on two factors, number one safety of the investment safety of the principal amount.

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And to return on the investment, it is a balance of these two,

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you might choose to put your investment in something which is not very safe, but the return is so high that you might say even if I lose the money, the return which I get until I lose the money will compensate me for that money and more. This is a principle on which a lot of the VCs, the venture capitalists work in the West, this is a, this is a in a given year, not more than 20% of our investments actually make money. So 80% of our investment goes down the road, it doesn't matter that 20% earns us more than the entire capital amount which we have invested.

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So the return on investment justifies the lack of safety with regard to the principal amount. On the other hand, you might invest in stocks and bonds and government shares and whatnot. And you might say, well, the inverse, the return is only 10% or whatever, but it is safe.

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I'm not here propagating that you should invest in interest bearing so that is explaining as an example.

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What do you say about an investment which is 100%? safe? And which gives you a huge, huge router? minimum is one is to 700? What do you say about that?

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Total 100%, there's no risk whatsoever, no risk whatsoever.

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And that investment

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gives a return of minimum return is one is to 700% 700 times one is to 700 times.

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Another one is to 10. But when you say what is our advisor, we took advantage to 10.

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And then he said I will increase in addition to that.

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What we say one of the key things my brother remind you of myself is that ultimately the bottom line is if we have belief, then we will act

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if we believe we will act, our actions are the only proof that we actually believe

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we can talk to the cows come home makes no difference. The actual action. So we have to sit and like I said yesterday make a balance sheet. What did you invest in the bath on that today? on a day to day basis, write down this benefit? What did I invest in the power Not today? How much time how much money, how much energy how much whatever.

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If if that is the return which I lost.

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And that's it that will remain with me. And that's the investment. And we have to make a daily account of disinvestment, just as we would have done if it was money.

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abroad, we do it for money.

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We do it for money, we make a balance sheet and we look at it we say well, you know this investment worked well last year did not work and so on. To do it with your own we do it with the investment.

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The proof of the pudding is in the eating. The proof of the belief is in the action. I remind myself when you to prove dollars or have that that you actually have faith that the day will come when that will be the single most important factor. Because then we are dying. The only thing which really matters is what belief we die on.

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Ask a lot of anabela to make it easy for us. Was Allah Allah Allah Allah will Karim Allah Allah. He was having a dream