Omar Suleiman – Angels in Their Presence S2 #08 – The Unknown Ansari

Omar Suleiman
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From the Lebanon bus, all the Allahu anha. He tells this story. It's an authentic narration of taba Ronnie, of the Prophet slice I'm going to visit one of the people of the unsought. And similar to the last narration. This is a man that's relatively unknown. In fact, we don't even have his name in the narration. He's just graduated minute on song, a man from amongst the ensemble

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so the prophesy son went to visit him because he heard he was sick. So I'm the Lebanon bustle the low tide on Houma. He says, Philomena, Danna min Manzini, he won the profit slice and I'm came close to his home. Semia who Yetta Kilimo Siddharth he heard him speaking to someone inside the home. So the profit slice of them is drawing nearer to the house and it seems like he's speaking to someone on the inside. However, the Prophet SAW Salem, he knocks on the door and he asks permission to enter. And when the prophets lie some comes in he sees that there is no one with the unsavoury. So he says to him, Samara Toka to Kelly mo hayrack. He said, I heard you speaking to someone else. So

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the unsavoury man responds and he says to him that jasola had gone out, and I came back home. If T mom and B, Calum and NAS Mina beaten him because I was grieved by what people were saying about my illness. So that could mean that either there was some sort of appearance that came as a result of the illness. He looked sick or people treated him in a certain way because he was contagious. So even though the narration says Houma, which is a fever, it can mean any type of illness that made him repulsive to the people. So he continues with the prophesy. Somebody says Fidella either Yeah, that you don't so someone came with me to my house someone entered into the house after me and

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listen to how he describes it. He says Wallahi Mara Ito Raju, learn how to bear DECA acraman Madison, wala Aksana Hadith and minimum he said that I swear by Allah, I have never seen a man after you yellow sort of Allah who is more noble of a companion nor more beautiful in their words. So he's saying to the Prophet slice I'm this mysterious person entered behind me and he sat with me and he kept me company. And I've never seen anyone more beautiful than him except for you out of soba masala sai some says Do you know who that was? He says no. He says Daddy, could you believe that was Djibouti. It has Salah and he says we're in our home income Lidija low and had a home yolk Seymour

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Annaleigh Oboro. He said I swear by Allah there are people amongst you that if they were to take oaths upon Allah subhanaw taala Allah would honor those votes. Now before I continue with the connection of this narration to other narrations. I want to stop for a moment and connect this to what we learned about a person who was sick in the first place. Right? When you read the Hadith about a person who is sick, that person that believer who is sick is surrounded by angels all the time, there are the angels that come to visit there are the angels that receive the visitors, you are surrounded by the melodica at all times because you're in a state of constant exploration of

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sense, right? While the sickness with you in whatever capacity even if it's a minor illness, right, the prophets lie. Some said, even if it's something as simple as a fever, the angels remain in your company the entire time and 70,000 angels go with the one who goes to visit the sick person. Of course, the prophets lie some mentioned to us that on the day of judgment as Allah subhanaw taala is speaking to the person who neglected the opportunities of clay to the opportunities of good, Allah subhanaw taala says, I was sick and you did not visit me. And the person would say how can I visit you Oh Allah, and You are the Lord of the worlds and Allah subhanaw taala would respond. Don't you

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know that so and so was sick? And had you visited that person you would have found me with them. And so here you have this random man from the unsought who not just any angel follows into his home. But Gibreel already has Salam takes the form of a human being and visits this man. And that's why the prophets lie. Selim then even says out of Agia out of amazement that there are people amongst you what does he mean by that? There are people amongst you that are relatively unknown, but at the same time, they have such a position with Allah subhanaw taala and that's where you find some of the other narrations, the prophets lie, some says the Ashot metaphor and bill as well, that it might be

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that there's a person that's covered in dirt turned away from the homes of the people low up somewhere and Allah the abattoir and if that person were to take an oath upon Allah subhanaw taala. Allah would certainly honor that oath and another narration the prophets lie some said El Camino Combi Allah Jana should I tell you who the people of Jana are? So they said Bella jasola Yes, O Messenger of Allah so the Prophet saw some said kulula Ethan will walk effing know UK sama and Allah Allah

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Allah, He said every life with Allah if, okay, life is someone who it means weak technically, but here, it's a person that sees humility, a person that is downtrodden. And what's alive is that that person is made to be in such a situation. And it's because of their praiseworthy characteristics, either that they are inflicted with poverty and put into hardship, or it's because of the hardship that they're in that praiseworthy characteristics come out of them. Right. So they bear the fruit of humility, in the process of being people that don't hold any weight in society, but they are so great in the sight of Allah subhanaw taala. If they were to take an oath upon Allah subhanaw taala,

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Allah would honor their oath. And that's greater than even the answered supplications. Right. So the prophesy son was teaching us that there are people amongst us that are worthy of being visited by Djibouti and it has set up but you would not let them into your home. And that's why you never turn away from anyone. So it's instructive to you when you're sick and when you don't have much prominence in society. And it's also instructive to a person that you don't look away from someone else just because they don't have prominence in society.

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