Ramadaan 2019 Allah Loves – Episode 8 – Trust

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The speaker discusses the " pestilizing elements of Islam" and how it can lead to negative emotions. They explain that trusting oneself and others is crucial to achieving

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Salam Alaikum Welcome back to Allah loves. So one of the things that causes people usually to become disillusioned in their journey to Allah is when they stopped trusting a lot when they start feeling like things are out of control in their lives that they did the due out part. They did the Toba part, everything that we've mentioned in the first few episodes, I did my supplications I did my repentance. I saw closeness to Allah, but things are not going right. And because things are not going right. I'm starting to question the substance of that. I'm starting to question whether or not my Toba was even accepted, my repentance was even accepted. And all of that serves as a major

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hindrance between me and Allah, even ambassador, cousin of the Prophet peace be upon him, he said that whoever establishes their belief in Divine Decree, like truly has a great sense of cutlet of understanding that a lot is always in charge, establishes their toe, he establishes their monotheism, and whoever has that in shambles, then their entire premise for accepting a creator, their entire premise for toe hate is going to be shaky, and faulty. And so it's important for us to solidify that as much as we can. Now I'm not going to talk about why bad things happen to good people and the question of evil now you can find plenty of resources that we haven't yet been and

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other lectures inshallah tada on that subject, but I want to talk about what could in the capacity of the love of Allah now, Allah mentions in Allahu hibel, matoba kidding, that Allah loves those that put their trust in Him? Why does Allah loves those that put their trust in Him? What are the implications of that? And what does that station look like? For the first thing, it's in the same capacity as in the law you have bought and use a lot of loves to be asked. So putting your trust in Him means that you are expressing your love for him, and you are expressing your desire to be nourished and sustained by him. And you're expressing, you know, you don't make do out unless

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there's a reason for you making that do out. So when you put your trust in Him, you are acknowledging his power, you're acknowledging His attributes in the capacity. So Allah loves that you put your trust in Him. The second part of that is that a lot of removes distractions from him in the process. You see, if you're constantly feeling like things are out of control, and you have to get this right, you have to get this right and everything is falling apart, then you're going to not have the ability to focus on the loss of what's out, you'll always have a sense of disturbance, because things are not going the way that you feel like they shouldn't be going for you. That

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doesn't mean that you should be lazy and say I love Elon, I have trust. No, that means that as things are unfolding in your life around you, you're able to still maintain perspective and see Allah through all of that and put your trust in Him. The third part of that is the station of being a metallic in the station of being someone who has that trust of Allah subhanaw taala and longing, longing for the reward of a loss of hands on in the hereafter. You see, if you think that God is punishing you in this life, and that you're living in perpetual punishment, then it's very hard for you to believe in a place of perpetual reward. So to what could here allows you to have a sense of

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tranquility, and in this life and a sense of longing in the Hereafter, if I am summarize this very beautifully, he says that there are three ways to trust the last three levels, says the first level of trust of Allah is the way that one of you would trust an agent that you would trust or were killed. When you trust an agent, then that agent is still in service to you, you're not in service to the agent. And so you give the agent instructions. And when the agent doesn't do exactly as you tell the agent to do, then you're going to lose trust in that agent, you're going to try to replace that agent, a lot is not going to be that type of located for you. You have to move it up. So he

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said The second type of trust is the type of trust that a child has for the mother. Now a child goes to the mother when the mother inflicts reward or punishment because the child knows that there is no one that loves it more than the mother, and no one that can offer it a greater sense of comfort than the mother. So even if the mother punishes the child, the child cries and flings their arms up in the air and goes back to the mother for comfort. Because the child trusts the love of the mother, and that the mother has their best interests at heart, even when the mother punishes them. And the third one, he said is to trust Allah, the way that a person who is being watched, when they are

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dead, a person who is being washed with trust their washing, complete trust in a loss.

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complete trust that Allah subhanaw taala will not move you in a direction, out of hatred or in a way that's not in your best interest. complete trust that Allah subhanaw taala will maintain your affairs

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complete trust that Allah subhanaw taala will see you through every difficulty and that every difficulty is meant for you to gain further perspective and to gain a greater closeness to Allah subhanho wa Taala on that path to his love. And so that trust that element of trust in a relationship with Allah allows you to focus on the love when there is mistrust there cannot be true love. And so Allah mentions in the law you headbutt him with our clean. Allah loves those who trust him We ask Allah subhanaw taala to make us amongst them alone. I mean, see you all next time inshallah. Santa Monica, welcome to life.