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Dear brothers and sisters, It is no secret that obviously we have to go from joy to sadness and sadness back to join I was reflecting Subhanallah on the fact that the Sahaba as they came out of the Battle of bed, which took place in Ramadan, faced what they called a day of great victory and a day of great sadness, because the same day that Allah subhana wa tada gave them victory against their persecutors against their oppressors in the Battle of bedeutet, sending them angels alongside them. Allah subhana wa tada took the daughter of the Prophet salallahu it who was setting them, and the wife of birth mom of the Allahu taala, ankle back rupiah, probably a lot of Thailand have passed

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away on the exact same day. And so they used to say, it is a day of great joy and a day of great sadness at the same time a day of great grief. as Muslims, we know that obviously, as we celebrated this year, there was a feeling in our hearts, something in our stomach that's not sitting right. As we see what's happening with our brothers and sisters, in fellow steam and around the world. I know that sometimes some causes flare up and we and we get sick of some causes, right? Not that we should have, we should and not that we that it's okay and not that that's a sentiment that we should accept for ourselves. But sometimes some causes, you know, years go by, and it's like, you know what, it's

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unfortunate, we pray for the best for them. But we have to move on, we have to stop watching, we have to stop monitoring the protest light up for a week. And people remain in a situation of either living under a genocide or trying to flee to countries around the world, with very little sympathy around the world because people burn out and move on from their cause, while they still have to dwell in their misery when it comes to the Palestinian cause. Let me just start off by saying that we can, as believers grieve with any oppressed people. But to pretend like there isn't something about messages luxa would also be an indictment of our own email, an indictment of our own faith. If

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it does not bother us. And we know that oppressors seeks to crush spirits, there's a reason why they chose to storm in the last two nights of Ramadan, most of them oxa, one of the holiest nights of Ramadan, in one of the holiest sites in Islam. There's a reason why on a day of eight, where children should wake up and get to celebrate with their parents instead, in Gaza. They woke up or they didn't wake up under the bombs that were falling on them with silence from the international community. There's something very cool about that. But there's also something that I want to say before I even start talking about an xR today. And that is that I'm not going to be able to cover

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all of this today, we have a protest tomorrow. We have multiple other sessions on an ACC saw on the Palestinian cause. I also wanted to offer a disclaimer that we're not going to wait for morally bankrupt politicians or people that are supposedly anti colonial and progressive and anti racist, to come around and to realize that the murder of innocent children and women in the holiest places in the world is wrong. Those that suddenly found their mouths over the last few days to say Israel has a right to defend itself and had nothing to say about the Palestinians over the last few weeks predictable moral bankruptcy, we're also not going to wait for Muslim governments that are openly

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complicit in the occupation and terrorism of their brothers and sisters in Palestine. But this is for us. You read the surah in the Quran, where Allah talks about an oxen and talks about the sanctity of that place. And to disconnect yourself from it right now would be a serious error in our faith. And there are those that say we're sick of the Palestinian cause, whether they say it outright, or whether they imply it with their actions, it's preventing us from mobility because at the heart of the American colonial project, and American imperialism is Israeli apartheid. And so there's no way to have meaningful political mobility in the United States. We're have meaningful

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political alliance with the United States from abroad, if you're not willing to abandon the Palestinians, and that's a price that too many Muslims, unfortunately, are willing to pay,

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abandon the Palestinians and get political mobility. That's not what I'm here for. I want to talk about an axon today and recognize that the land is sacred. And no matter how sacred muster the UCLA is more sacred than Al Aqsa itself, or the necks of our brothers and sisters under the knees, of Israeli troops, the same knees that taught the knees to kneel on innocent people here in this land. They were trained by

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them. Those people are more sacred than an upset. They're more sacred than the camera. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam made it a point to let us know that the blood the property the honor of your brother and sister is more sacred than the Kava in the days of Hajj, so it is more sacred than an axon more sacred than the Kava. But what about an axon? How do we talk about an axon? Allah talks about this land very specifically in talks about this message very specifically, Allah calls it an outlet, the Baloch nafeesa the land that we have blessed from within, what about I cannot help and we have blessed what is around it not just blessed the land itself we have blessed what is around it

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as well. Allah subhana wa tada refers to it in the words of the prophets that came before and on

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the Holy Land. And there's something very specific about that. And Amanda Bell Josie Rahim Allah says it is called El Mercado, the Holy Land because because it is an motohiro. It purifies you have all of your sins. When you go to that land and you pray in that land, a place where even a vessel the Allahu anhu said, the land of the prophets, not a single foot spent, not realize when you're watching those images of stun grenades, and you're watching those images of bullets, and you're watching those images of settler extremists chanting out that this is theirs, and desecrating people in that land. And you see that there's not a hand span there that a Prophet did not stand in, think

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about that.

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A prophet has stood in every single hand span of that land. And so every part of it is holy, and what they brought is even more sacred and more holy.

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And musante his Salaam there's a reason why, when he was dying, the profit slice of themselves, Lola and your near whom in and out of the mocha Dasa t romea can be held up he was prohibited from it, due to the actions of his people. But he asked Allah Allah his dying wish, imagine moose ice on his dying wish, was let me die as close to it as possible. And I'm yet time to hedge out where I could throw a stone, and it would reach that lens. So if it hurts us that we are prohibited from an upside,

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if it hurts, those of us who are Palestinian in particular who can't visit the land of our parents.

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Well, colonialists and their enablers can then know that Prophet musante said I'm the most spoken about man in the portal and also was prohibited in the profit slice and I'm set if I were there, I would show you his grave tattle Kathy will fly under the red Dune where musante Saddam was granted that request to be as close to it as possible. And as Muslims while we pray to Mecca today, and we know that this was the first Qibla of the Muslims, there's a reason why Allah subhanaw taala did not just appoint a cat but to be the Qibla in the first place he could have done so in his glory and His Majesty. But Allah wanted to honor that place and Allah wanted to honor our Prophet sallallahu it he

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was seldom

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the Prophet sallallahu it was said I'm leading the prayer towards the Qibla of an Aqsa and leading the prayer towards the Qibla of Kava shows that he is a mom and more studying the Imam of the prophets and the messengers. It was a way of honoring our Prophet and it was a way of honoring those places that and Aqsa should always remain in the hearts of the Muslims even though they prayed towards Mecca. When they pray their hearts are attached towards the upside as well to the point that the Sahaba who prayed towards both quibblers like Anasazi Allahu tada and who used to say lay up common man from the Qibla tiny lady. No one remains on the earth today who prayed towards the

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tubeless. Except for me, he could have honored himself by saying no one lives amongst those that prayed in Mecca and Medina, no one lives amongst those that accompany the prophets like some here and there. But he mentioned it as a specific honor, that I am the last person that exists on the face of the earth that prey towards both the Qibla of an oxa and towards the Qibla of a Masjid al haram May Allah subhanaw taala enable us a trip to both of them Allah I mean, so much so that even almost all the time I'm home I used to travel from El Medina to goods just to pray to records. And we know the place of the Sunnah of the prophet slice I'm in the heart of Abdullah Muhammad Ali

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alongside Angola. And when even Omar used to go to El quotes, he would be so afraid of losing out on any of the great reward he heard from our Prophet sallallahu wasallam that he would not even drink water there because he said he wanted the edge of it, the reward of it to be stored for him in the hereafter. So bless it that the Prophet slice of them said lemme thought of us today man knew there would be not a baited luck this Sal Allah, Allah the Prophet slice I'm setting an authentic hadith. Once a man at his Salaam finished his construction. He asked the last 100

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What's added for three things? hookman you saw the four hochma he asked Allah that his judgment would agree with the judgment of Allah. So he asked Allah for rush for guidance and his judgment, when when it can lie and bethia had an impact he and he asked Allah for a kingdom that would be customized that no one else would have before him or after him so that he could spread the word of Allah. And then he asked Allah subhana wa Tada. Well, yeah, to have the masjid ahead. law you read in la sala de la hora German do Newby k yummy. What are the two?

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What an amazing Hadeeth. He asked Allah that no one comes to visit this place, the place of the prophets. No one comes to visit and master the Luxor and pray in this holy land, except that they leave purified from their sins like the day that their mother gave birth to them. And the prophets lie some stuff Allah gave him to. And I pray that Allah has also given him the third. And so the Sahaba had in their hearts that we go there and we pray that we connect ourselves to that land, that we connect ourselves to the place of the prayer of the prophets, the law of the prophets, the way of the prophets, that we pray Our two decades there. As Pamela says, reading this hadith dear brothers

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and sisters, and I was thinking about all of the Hadith about attachment to it. Right The Prophet slice I'm saying Rihanna, oenothera Assa t Masada there are so many a hadith I could go over today that there is three places three places for the Muslims that they should travel to, that they should make an effort in their entire lives to travel to make the intention right now to go to Mecca to go to Medina and to go to and Masjid Al Aqsa, the Prophet slicin said that's where we make the intention to travel through as believers and you go through the reward of it and the reward of it and the reward of it and the reward of a places and to the right amount mentioned, the wisdom, that

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the reward of a places in two things. Number one, the virtue of the place itself. Number two, the virtue of the struggle to get to that place. So when we think about Hajj, which has the reward of purifying us from our sins and hejin, macgruber the day like the day that our mothers gave birth to us, it's not just the Hajj, it's the struggle of the Hajj. And it's as if Allah and the messenger slice are saying that this is a place that we will always struggle to get to, and to pray in. And this is the place where the prophets lie. Selim teaches us to connect ourselves to emotionally and spiritually as much as we can and physically footbath will be Satan, useless Roger pecan, ideally,

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if you can't get there, then at least you send some oil to light up its lamps. This is our oma, this is our attachment to an upset. Now I was thinking about the reward of all this, you know what I thought to myself? Imagine the reward of the people that were standing there on the 27th night with grenades falling on them, serving the role of plant praying and meson Aqsa, also murabbi tune, also guarding a sacred place, and not flinching as bombs were falling on them and as oppressors and occupiers tried to scare them with their weapons. I can't imagine you want to see a blessing of people beloved to Allah. Imagine those people that were standing there in those nights when we were

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seeing the footage of them. If the reward of just praying there under normal circumstances is so rewardable What then of those brothers and sisters what then of that brother that we saw the iconic image of Ramadan praying his Salah, and they are surrounding him from all directions. And he looks as if they are not there because he's too focused on Allah subhanaw taala he's too focused. And it could be indeed that Allah subhana wa tada sends the angels to comfort them as he sent the angels to comfort the believers under hardship and persecution, because that is out of the Sham apart of out of the Sham

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where Allah subhanaw taala sends angels to constantly shower blessings upon the people and to increase them and to put in them the strength to continue in the strength to go forward. And I end with this dear brothers and sisters, woman of law men, men, men are msrt the line and youth coffee has, what was the hobby woman of animal who is more who is more evil. Allah says, who is more evil than the one who prohibits the name of God being mentioned in his homes and seeks out its destruction. Saffy Harada, tries to constantly plot so that he can destroy it and undermine it. There is no greater evil than prohibiting the worshipers of Allah from the massage at the villa then

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prohibiting worshipers from their places of worship so that they could mention the name of their Lord. And that is an evil that we see happening in many parts of the world, many parts of the world that is an evil that we see happening in the West and in the east. We see it with the Oilers and we see it with the French that they try to disconnect people from the massages of Allah but this verse dear brothers and sisters, actually is referring to most of the Aqsa first and then all massage in all places where Allah

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Prioritize mentioned by extension, but it was revealed in relation to Al Majid Al Aqsa and it combines two things, the evil, the evil, of seeking out the destruction of a place where Allah is remembered, especially in Mazel Aqsa, which is the primary part the primary messages mentioned in this verse, especially message lochsa and the evil of killing innocent people, where Allah subhana wa tada wrote down on Benny Islam in and on by on mankind by extension, that to kill one person unjustly is like killing all of mankind. And to save one life is like saving all of mankind. What then of the people that rain down missiles and bombs funded by US taxpayers, on our brothers and

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sisters with impunity, when the Prime Minister of a nation can stand up, and can say, don't worry about the Commission's Don't worry about the international statements, they don't matter. Don't worry about the US president, don't worry about any of them. They don't matter. Because it's a nation and apartheid nation that knows it can act with impunity, with silence and enablement from people around the world that can murder, some kind of law. I mean, it's unbelievable the the ignorance and the moral bankruptcy of people, where 1/4 of the casualties can be children, and they still have the nerve to put out these headlines.

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And to not say a word.

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Who is more evil than that. And the brothers and sisters, what that means for us is what greater evil

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that should enable us to speak up and to act and to work and to pray.

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Then when we see holy places, at the top of them the message of the oxide that was embedded in this verse, being desecrated, and innocent people being treated that way, throwing from their homes, you see the mindset of people that can walk under, under the intoxication of power that comes from the state that they can walk in people's homes and throw people out and not worry.

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Allah sees them dear brothers and sisters, and Allah sees us and how we will respond when we see messagebox and we see those disgusting images. We're not going to wait for American politicians. We're not going to wait for governments in the Gulf that have sold us out. We're going to look inside of our hearts and see where our moral consciousness when we say chef Java or we see a buzzer we see an axon, what happened to us and I end with this hadith where the Prophet slice and I'm sad knowing knowing the situation of these people

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refer to mean Almighty there will always remain a group in my own mother.

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Always upon the truth. I do we him call him always a thorn in the side of their enemies because they can't be broken. They can't be broken no matter what is done to them they still had the nerve to celebrate or eat

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despite the bombs falling on them liable Roman cuddler home they are not harmed by those who betrayed them. They're not looking to the outside world for support. They're not looking to their brothers and sisters. They know they've been abandoned A long time ago by their brothers and sisters but inshallah we are not amongst those that abandon them.

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And when they asked the Prophet slicin Aina home who are these people out of a lot the Sahaba the companions are asking Who are these incredible human beings that you're talking about? God it his thought was salami baited marketers, like nafi baited marketers. The prophets lie. Some could have said Philistine, he could have mentioned something to mark that land. But he said, it's the people in the Holy Land, and the people around the Holy Land, which includes the verses, by the way, it's those people, you want to see a group of people that manifest steadfastness upon truth and sincerity. And that stand in the face of their oppressors when their oppressors try to crush them,

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men, women and children, and are nursed by something divine. In terms of steadfastness, you look at those images and don't just see the bombs falling. Look at the fearlessness in the eyes of those people as the bombs are falling on them. It's incredibly inspiring. But it's also incredibly infuriating. Because it shouldn't happen. It shouldn't happen with our silence. And Allah will hold us to account for what we could do, and did not do may not make us amongst those that betrayed them, may not make us amongst those that have no moral conscience. May Allah not make us amongst those that denigrate our fitstar that disconnect ourselves from the answer where these images don't bother

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us anymore. May Allah make us amongst those that condemn evil and oppression wherever we see it. And may Allah subhanaw taala make us amongst those that connect to his massage at his houses and that which he made sacred and May Allah join us with our brothers and sisters and with the prophets and with our Prophet civilize Adam agenda for those Allah Ameen locally harvested, Muslim infested Pharaoh

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hamdulillah salat wa

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Sit on while I was really low on it early he was gonna be human whether or not me notes were Muslim or non Muslim at a minimal amount in like a semi I'm Caribbean would you but there are a lot a lot more than I would have not watched for I know what are two I did know what then or what I'm not in for so now I'm tougher

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than a corner middle class serene Allah mcfeely yT denardo but hammelmann my camera bonus de la dynamin as far as you know the vrt na kurata i was under the mustafina imama a lot more sort of one and most of it in a fee for the steam a lot more sort of one and most of it in a female sciatic radova Allah ethniki blotting in a bill bottoming along the ethnic Vitamina bislama Northridge and I was fine I mean veniam said to me about the Latin a little bit it would sound when he

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was younger and fresher when when Carrie were daddy you know coming out under come to the Coronavirus Corolla it's gotta come watch Grover had an error now is it luck on one of the Allahu Akbar Allah reanimate us in our own welcome As salam