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So Allah subhanho wa Taala tells us more about the discussion of the people of the jahannam called Wu Bella Khadija and then the euro for cadabra. Now we'll call Nam and this is Allah Allahu Ming che in Entomb in the field in Kabir. So you know Subhana Allah, it's as if

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now they've denied it. They've distorted the message and they said nothing really came to us, you know, at all. This is not something that we planned on happening in antem. In last year Badaling caviar and Allah completely annihilates the statement and says, No, no, no, no, no, you guys are involved in caviar. You guys have made a major mistake by saying this. It's a major problem. By the way, brothers and sisters, even though it's not spelled out to us. This is a form of punishment when Allah refuses or denies a statement from someone. Every time in the Quran, Allah azza wa jal denies or refutes a claim. It's a form of punishment from Allah azza wa jal to do that. Because when Allah

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azza wa jal accepts your statements, your words and your actions on all of these things, what does that become? It becomes an act of very bad, that's why you when you speak, it can become a form of worship, depending on how you speak, when you speak, how much you speak, and so on. The same as vice versa. So what Allah is saying here is that your statement is going to put you in Bala and in Kabir, it's going to be in the most severe level of misguidance. Bala dollar here means to be misguided.

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But in other suitors, it doesn't mean that especially depending on the context of this word and how it's used. A long time ago I gave a hope to hear about pseudo Baha. What did Allah Zilla just say about the prophets? I seldom although a lady there's such a man with dark horrible Komal padala effort hydro Lachman Allah wa Wallace Sofer article a book for total law. Now local law does allow me a dedicated team and for our while we're Jeddah Cal ball and again, you see that same word. Allah says, I found you Oh Mohammed sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, or what Jeddah Cal bar land for Heather, I found you in the state of ball. And I and I gave you guidance and I placed guidance in you. The

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question here is the profits on the low Hardy was seldom ever become misguided in his life. We're seeing here that it means misguided, but can you apply that same translation or TIFF See, or to the context in this sorta, absolutely not. This is where people lack when they study a Quranic Tafseer is the different connotations of an Arabic word Arabic is so rich that one verb in Arabic has almost 250 meanings to it, one three letter word can break down into a very large pyramid of words, and bring almost 250 different meanings to that one word. And I mean, it's something like when I've taught Arabic before, it's something even mind blowing for myself that even when I'm teaching it,

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I'm also seeing, like, Subhana, Allah how comprehensive this language really is. And it also answers the question for a lot of people when they ask, why is the Quran in Arabic? If you study Arabic, you'll learn why it's why it's in Arabic, right? And why you can't compare to Chinese or anything else, where people think that that's the hardest language No, no language is in comparison to Arabic. Arabic is in a category all by itself, and all the other languages together. You can compare things there and there, but Arabic is in a different world all by itself. So here, Allah azza wa jal says, This is the worst statement that you could have ever made. While kaudulla acuna nesma our

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nappin McAnuff EOS hub is surreal, you see the regret now is going to happen. Now they're going to regret now they're going to say to Allah azza wa jal wok hollow, so they say, low qunar nesma. If we were the people that actually heard our knaphill or we understood the macoun we would have never been fiaz habits area, we would have never been amongst those individuals that are being punished in the jahannam you notice that? Allah so adjust uses the first word here, ness, smell, oh napkin, and it doesn't say what a lacuna knaphill or smell. It doesn't talk about hearing. Sorry, understanding first then hearing but it's the other way around. This here the order of the verse is why some are

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limited. They say that. Listening is

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even more Rahim Allah says that you can

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Train the ears to listen and memorize, you can train the ears just to listen constantly and memorize. And if a person listens enough, when I say listen, a person constantly battles with their short attention span, constantly battling against it. In other words, if you find yourself sitting in a lecture, and you can only focus on the speaker for five minutes, you start battling against that. And instead, instead of making it five minutes, you try really hard to make it 10 minutes, eventually insha Allah, your attention span will continue to grow for 10 minutes, meaning 10 minutes of your time, you have 100% solid focus on what's being said. That's why he became a chef. And he

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was able to build his memory to such an extent that he would look at a paper and he would memorize the whole thing. He just kind of skim through it will agree it's memorized, he mmm Buhari or Hema, who Allah would hear 10 different Hadees and all of the lineage of each of those Hadees and he would hear it once, and he would memorize the Hadith and memorize all the lineage as well. And this is why even in his Sahih he put together he memorized more than a million Hadeeth but only put together just a couple 1000. And there are actually other books that other scholars collected, had these that should have been in Bahati, but wasn't for whatever reason. And it's really it's it becomes a very

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interesting discussion in and of itself. So, the point here is that Allah azza wa jal says, couldn't smell now kill you and it doesn't even say quantumness smell one out pill, it says, or we understood. So it's either or what does Allah What does this mean? Allah azza wa jal is saying that the minimum I require from you is just to listen, if you don't understand that's okay. But I need you just to pay attention and least get the get the gist of what I want from you what I expect from you own alcohol, or you what would be better is that you do understand what's being said to you, this order of nesma, a napkin and it's divided with an owl and not a wild wild means end. And here

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it says actually says, or so it's actually

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una nesma. If we heard, or we understood, it's not if we heard and understood. This here also tells you that

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eventually one would lead to the other one has greater importance than the other. If a person cannot understand it's not an excuse not to seek that they should at least continue to listen to one. Another benefit from the order is that most of us if not all of us, we can always listen. But maybe some of us will not understand what's being said. Another benefit from the order of this is not everybody is going to be an island, but everybody is going to be a student of knowledge. So not everybody is going to understand the deep sciences of him. But every single one of us is going to understand the basic logistics or implications of our island. We're going to know the fundamentals

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of what we need to do and we're going to always hear about these things talked about each and every single time. We get that just simply from the order of this verse that couldn't fit us habits and we've never would have been here amongst these people.

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Total fool be them be him for us herb is here. So Allah azza wa jal tells them or says about them fair total fool be them being now they have confessed did their sin. For

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us herb is here. So now they confess did their sin, they confess did their mistake they understand exactly what they said and what they did? And then eventually they have become amongst the US habits sorry, they have become amongst these individuals in the jahannam. So in other words, they just basically confessed their guilt. We're guilty. Oh, Allah. We deserve this. Where we're trying to make excuses. We were trying to mess up the deen. We're trying to make lies and this and that about it. But look, the reality is very clear. We are here now and we confessed it. And this is why the Prophet salaallah Hari, who was Silla mentions in a good acceptable Hadith in the Muslim Imam Ahmed

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that a prophecy sent him says Lenny yeah Holly can nurse linearly can nurse so had your zero min and foresee him that a people they will never be destroyed until they confess their guilt? people they will never be destroyed. It's referring to the people in the jahannam they will never be accounted for are punished in the jahannam until they confess their guilt guilt had your zero min. And force

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See him

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having said that brothers and sisters

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Leo's habits

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we want to ensure Allah let's take a look here

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pilu Bella Khadija and in the urine or padula Hakuna smell now pin Farah turtle who will be then be him for Leos hub is serene, so in sha Allah who Tara them. Here is where we will pause for today's session and in sha Allah hotelera Allah in our next session we will continue with verse number 12 onwards in a Latina show note about home Bill hyb lo Mo Farah to my children Kabir. We ask Allah subhanho wa Taala to constantly bring ease and comfort and happiness in our lives in this world and in the hereafter. So here's where we were paused with our discussion while after derawan and 111 illa II or below the mean