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AI: Summary © The transcript describes a video of a speaker calling people a "branded birdie." The speaker talks about a woman who traveled every piece of land on the face of Earth to commit a sin, and mentions that some people do that to commit a sin. The speaker also talks about a woman who died on the Day of Judgment and mentions a rocket launch.
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never disappear from Allah has mercy never,

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never give up when Allah has mercy, but in that he could no matter who it said about this verse, or Rajah,

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fill Quran. If there is a verse that gives so much hope in the Quran is this verse what verse called? Yeah, a birdie Levine, a Seraph, who? Allah fusi him learn not to know Rahmatullah in Allah He authored the Nova Jamia?

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Till my sleeves He's calling us his sleeves

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and he's talking to people to transgress so much that they actually at the verge of the spear and he's calling them to speak but my body I don't give up on my mercy. Because I can forgive every sin every sin I can forgive it in Allah Ohio

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in the whole of a fool Rahim

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who further Hadith

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or son of Adam law

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if you come to me with filled with sins, it's something very interesting that we that will follow. You know, sometimes there is interpretation which is valid, he said that, that means this person traveled every piece of land on the face of this earth to commit a sin.

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Okay, I'm gonna fly today to New York to commit a sin. And some people do that they go to New York, they go to Las Vegas to gamble, and they go over here to do this and they got to do that. And they voted for the woman and they got they actually traveled. Some people do that just to commit a sin. If you're glad that

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Allah can forgive your sins

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you have also no further Lobell.

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If we pile up your sins,

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if you pile up your sins until it reaches the heaven of their Allah can forgive it.

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There is only ONE SIN and forgiven

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but if you die on it

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in Allaha, the young few I use rockery

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Allah who will never forgive that you come on the Day of Judgment after he has shown you His signs whether creation signs creational signs or whether revelational signs that he is not to be invoked through Jesus or through a saying to through engrave person. No, he's not to be so through someone else and you still did it. If you die like this no chance on the Day of Judgment in hola hola Yong. Soo i use rocket How can I? Howdy howdy la

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because in the dunya

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vena cava

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yo for Lahoma itself.

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FNA as I said, Jesus said to his people FLIR to buena Illa. Allah He was stumped for the Runa Walla wa for

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number one never display