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Jumuah Lecture


AI: Summary © The importance of eating is discussed, including the negative impact of actions of Islam and the importance of avoiding abandonment. The need for unity and avoiding blame game in community society is emphasized, along with the need for unity and avoiding blame game in community society. Representatives emphasize the importance of protecting individuals and finding ways to address problems within families and avoid becoming attached to one another.
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Salam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

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he Dooku Mubarak wakulla amin want to behave. May Allah bless you all. And may we all as an oma, have an amazing day. We started off this morning with a tech beer. We continued with the Salah of aid and the hotbar.

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And we proceeded to our homes where we had a little bit to eat.

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And we thank Allah that we're back in the masjid.

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My beloved brothers and sisters,

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Allah Almighty grants us favor.

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And Allah Almighty is the one

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who blesses He's the owner of blessings. So when you ask, ask Allah for favor.

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And when you have a day where Allah has blessed you and granted you the goodness, remember not to displease Allah on a day like this.

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We need to revisit

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the day of it by looking at it from an angle of obedience and sin. What should be Allah gives you the day of read as a result of your perpetual obedience over a long term. How can you exit it with the sin on the day of rejoicing, the act of worship?

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That's why whenever we see the moon at the end of Ramadan, people normally normally say, there's some good news and there's some bad news. The good news is the moon has been cited, the bad news is shaytan is released. We hear that every year. Now you actually realize it when on the day of read, you see what people do. And you realize indeed shaytan is out straight because people forget Allah. They don't do Salah they don't dress in a way a simple thing is a dress code in a way that they know the one whom they claim to worship would not be happy about.

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People start planning a I stayed away from adultery for 30 days. Today is eat its effect this is happening in our midst.

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What was the point?

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Do you know a sign of your accepted Ramadan is that when you exit from it, you feel the change in your life. I said that in this Masjid, if you recall last week,

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assigned sign of your Ramadan having been accepted is that when you come out of it, your life has changed in one way or another. your bad habits quit or at least reduced. If it's a minus. And then if it's a major sin completely eradicated, and even if it's minor, you can eradicate it a minor thing such as for example, let me not give examples because you might be literally it right? You know what's a bad habit? My brothers and sisters we rejoice on a day like this. This morning I delivered the hotbar

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in a different question.

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But the point raised was in the midst of oppression that we are witnessing across the globe more so in Palestine, what's going on right now is absolutely unacceptable. We want to see solution we want to see goodness peace, calmness, and we would like to be able to visit masjidul AXA and to fulfill at least Salah in it being the third holiest Masjid on earth for the Muslims.

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But if you were to look at the same Masjid, they had their EDS today. They had their balloons and they were happy they had all day, their party they had food and drink and so they were also in the midst of almost a warzone.

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Do you know why they had to do that because it was the instruction of Allah.

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If it was not for the instruction of Allah, they would never do it. When you get up on the day of eat, you're supposed to be wearing good clothing. You're supposed to be having an extra Salah. You're aware of that. Imagine when Allah gives us a day of happiness of any nature. He wants us to do some acts of worship more than usual.

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So if you're really happy, you got to do something extra in terms of worship, whereas those who don't believe when they very happy, what do they do? They drink it away. They puppet they club it? What else do they do? They forget themselves. They fulfill their desires. They have a moment

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of which later they shall regret for a lifetime. That to them is rejoicing.

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You ask the brother or the sister what happened to say I regretted you know we were just partying because it was my birthday.

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In that I became intoxicated and in that I don't know what I was doing and in that this is what happened. Muslims that cannot be the case no ways no John's a day of happiness. Engaging Salah engage into our look at this day of happiness. There is an extra Salah known as Salah to eat. Look at the day when you get married, there is an extra hotma you got to listen to a sermon. The Imam has to say words that will be of advice to you. Look at the day of Georgia today. We have an extra hotbar you have to come to the masjid and listen to it. This is the best day of the week. Right? Georgia is a blessed day. Like people say Ramadan Mubarak Juma Mubarak and eat mobarak they all from

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the Mubarak family right? You need to understand one thing the Islamic greeting is a Salaam Alaikum even on a day, don't abandon the sooner what is the sooner the sooner greeting mentioned in the Quran, the one Allah will use to greet us when we enter Jannah What is it

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as salaam alaikum and as salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. No matter what day it is, no matter what occasion it is, do not replace this. Don't replace it. Once you've said it, Salaam Alaikum. My brother, he will answer you on a common Salam then I can say eat mobarak you see what I did? I greeted for him, but only after the salon. Because the Salaam is an ibadah it's an act of worship. Don't kill it on the day of eat. Don't kill it on a Friday don't kill it just because Ramadan has started. Some people don't know this. That's why we're talking about it today. There's no harm in saying eat Mubarak for as long as you don't consider it the initial Islamic greeting

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because that is only a Salaam Alaikum you follow the point and inshallah we can educate and we can conscient eyes and we can remember Be it a Friday. I've come across people on a Friday they think with a good heart that on a Friday you don't say Salaam Alaikum you just say jumma Mubarak. That's it. And on a on an E day you don't say a salaam aleikum, you say imambara it replaces the Salah. Not at all. Say it by all means but only after the Salaam because that's the DA Peace be upon you. In fact, you need greater peace on the day of it.

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May Allah bless all of us.

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May Allah grant us a day when we can reconcile our differences with one another especially within our families. From amongst us there are those who have problems and issues within their own brothers and sisters.

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My beloved brothers and sisters, try to solve the problem today. Try to resolve it make do

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have a big heart, cleanse, let it go. Today is a day of eat. You will have greater reason to rejoice when you made an effort to solve a matter if it did not solve after you tried it. No harm. You deserve the middle because you tried. Right? Look at the children of Adam alayhis salam, the one tells the other one.

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I'm jealous of you. slate.

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I'm going to kill you.

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It's in the Quran. Allah portolan he told his brother straight up I'm gonna kill you because of something Allah blessed him with that he did not bless this one year with. So this one says la

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busca de la Caleta ko toolani. Ma Nabi bassy. Please simply i d canny upon to luck in any car formula.

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I mean, if you are going to stretch your hand in order to strike me to kill me, I want you to know I'm your brother, I'm not going to stretch my hand to harm you at all because I fear Allah The Lord of the worlds the reward was with the one who didn't stretch us And

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may Allah grant us ease.

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Now, obviously, when you're attacked by whoever you have a right to defend, don't you? You don't just stand back and say, I am one of the children of Adam. Okay, go ahead, shoot. You don't do that. Subhana Allah. You probably shoot back if you can. I see some of the brothers here who are supposedly experts, you just look at them and you can tell this guy's moving around. Well, kitted Masha Allah.

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Allah bless us. Men protect our a man in an even greater way, then he will protect our bodies.

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Now my brothers, my sisters, today, the time is less. The reason is we have large crowds of people and we have to have more than one Juma Do you agree? So don't you think it would be good for us to close up just now and to make space for the others.

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So in closing, and I have an end that I still

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Got a part two brother Zane? You better know I'm coming back to the masjid inshallah we'll meet back at three o'clock. What do you guys say?

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Lucha Libre I thought you would say we're gonna have tea at home or something.

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Now it's a day of eating. I think the message is loud and clear that we really need to try and resolve our matters within our homes, try even in community society, extend an arm and if someone has extended an arm to you try to let go to release to embrace, you know, at least to make peace even if you haven't become friends once again. But at least now there's peace we are meaning we need that peace. And I just want to end up by telling you why.

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My brothers and sisters what has happened in Palestine would never have happened if the oma was united in possibility. It can only happen because we point at each other. We are disunited. We look for small differences. This men's moustache is a little bit too short. That's it. And they are things like this. This men's for example is goofy. It's not made by the right face men.

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and we hate each other for that reason in the oma, we are laughing but it's true. You look at what someone looks like and you've already developed a perception of the person just by looking at them. They might be a friend of Allah, Who are you? You just a judge. You think you're a judge? sitting back and pointing fingers. That's why Palestine is happening. If we were united, like I said it would never have happened because the leaders that we have would have stood up long back and said, Hey, this is a red line. It's a no go area.

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But they couldn't there's no red line. Today, the old man can be wiped out only because we ourselves would allow it to be wiped out. We are excited when someone is being harmed just because he deserves it. That's what we say. That one deserves it. But do you know it's coming to you? I won't come then when it comes. The others are saying you deserved it too. So who helped to win the prompts are seldom said the oma is supposed to be like one body. Come on. That's why I say make amends stand up for each other. We do it well in Bossman because I know it's one of the safer areas. People used to not say that before. Now they have to admit because you know what, there's a brotherhood here. And

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you know what? Try messing with a neighborhood watch here. Whoa, you will be sorted Subhanallah I think if I said anything out of 10 for guys would stand up right here one from day one from day because I know how they operate here.

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May Allah subhanho wa Taala protect us.

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So I asked Allah really to grant us that unity so that we can be an oma, you will have differences. It's okay, my these differences are fine. For as long as you are within lightline Allah Muhammad Rasul Allah, you're okay, so Allah said, Now,

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let's learn to love one another to stand up for the oma and don't ever play the blame game because the blame game is one game that makes us defeat the purpose of our existence. Because I'm going to say, you're supposed to be doing that you're not doing it. And he says, Well, he's supposed to be doing it. And that one's supposed to be doing it. And this one's supposed to be doing it and so on. I actually know of people who sit on social media, and they make big, big posts, and they think that that solves the problem of the oma completely. That might be some important role. I don't deny that. But that's not the solution.

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The solution is for all of us to feel for each other, genuinely don't start a new wall, while arguing about who should extinguish the existing war. You follow what I'm saying? We are fighting who should extinguish that war? The answer to that question has created the new war. That's where we're going wrong. May Allah subhanho wa Taala bless every one of us akula kolyada sallallahu wasallam Allah Baraka ala nabina Muhammad