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You have to recognize what your strengths are. Once you recognize your strength, ask Allah to give you more of it so that you can focus it towards the service of Allah’s Deen.

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Let him initiate a new regime

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call are a bit fiddly we'll have any more you can

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add him beldi in

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rubbish apne sorry, we are silly me watlow Nakata melissani of Coco Lee, but hamdu Lillah wa Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah Allah Allah He was a marine. So

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once again everyone salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.

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One of the things that the Quran did for me in my own journey and it continues to do for me is it continues to shape the way I think about reality. Unless comments, a lot of times they changed my attitudes towards things that I thought I knew.

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You know, one of the things about one of the most remarkable statements in the Quran about reflecting deeply on the Quran is a failure to adapt Bernal Quran melaku lubaina?

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Don't they reflect deeply on the Quran? Or is it the case that the hearts have their own locks placed on them? And that is a very profound statement. Why would Allah say that? Why did the reason they don't reflect on the Quran is their hearts have their own locks placed on them? It has many, many meanings. One of them I want to share with you is that sometimes you have a preconceived notion, you've already made up your mind what the ayah means. Or you've already made up your mind as to what is permissible and what is not permissible. You've already made up your mind as to how to think about something and how to think not think about something, maybe it came from your culture.

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Maybe it came from your background, maybe it came from the lectures you heard or something, right, and it became a part of you. And that's just how you think

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the Quran is forcing you, when it reflects to unlock everything you have in your heart. Let Allah dictate what your conclusion should be. They cannot be dictated by anything else. And so there are people who when they and I've seen this happen, you're trying to study the book of Allah, you're trying to learn the meaning of the ayah. And they say, Well, no, no, no, wait, wait, we we learned that this means this. Or we learned that it's x. But the is saying Why? It's not saying x? No, but that doesn't matter, because we already learned that it's x. So you can't question that anymore.

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I was one of my mentors, Dr. Nedley was telling me one time that he was discussing me by the way we do this, we do this with Hadith. And when people are ready to deal with this with Hadith and Quran is easy step.

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So he said he was talking to a number of Allah Ma, these are scholars.

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And they were discussing some issue and he said, Well, what about this hadith?

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And the scholar said, Well, no, no, no, actually, no. I know that Saudis but you know, the fatwa remains. And then there's the shareholder, and one of the other scholars that they look up to.

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And as soon as they quoted that other scholar, everybody said, Yeah, okay. Yeah, that makes sense. Nisha, wait. When I told you the Hadith on the same subject, you all had a counter. When I told you, the scholar said it.

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All of you just immediately agreed. Nobody had a problem. There's the respect first scholars,

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you know, but you know why we respect our scholars, because they did their best to understand the book. And they did their best to understand the Sunda. But when they gave us their answers, let me tell you something, you know, in mathematics, like in calculus, you can have a four page set of calculations, and at the end, there is an answer. Right? And that answer for everybody else, they just care about the answer for a student, what do they care about?

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How'd they get this? How do they get to this answer? What was their process? What was their process? We need to understand the process. The thing with Muslims became, we became too interested in the answer.

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We lost interest in what the process is, don't tell me the details. Just tell me what the answer is. The thing is, sometimes is it possible that even a teacher missed a little bit?

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Or they didn't consider everything? So they gave you the answer, but maybe the the answer should be revisited. Does that happen? Yeah. Yeah. And as students, it's our job to actually understand not only the answer, but understand the process to understand the process. And it became so bad in the oma that when you ask someone Well, what was their process? When they came at this conclusion? They get offended. Who are you to ask the process?

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Are you a scholar or useable? You have a right test? No, no, this has actually always been transparent.

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On the mic, even among each other, we're always transparent. Nobody ever said Who are you to ask me? What are your qualifications

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And when that transparency starts going away, the respect for scholarship starts going away. As a matter of fact, our scholarship maintained a high level of respect because they were transparent, not because they felt like they don't have to give any answers or explanations. It was the exact opposite. And now people think if we maintain that, and we never question them, that is the only way we can maintain their respect. It's actually the opposite society as a large starts losing respect for these people. They say these people think they know everything, they don't want to explain anything. We're all dumb. And the majority of society moves away from them. Anyway, I said that as

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an introductory thing, but what I really wanted to talk to you about is $1. That changed my attitude about a lot of things. It's something that I it affected me and affects, I think a lot of people.

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So I travel and I meet young people and they say, oh, start I'm studying engineering.

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I feel really bad. Why do you feel bad because I'm studying engineering

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is dunya. You know, I'm studying dunya. Make dua that my parents don't make me study engineering. So I can go study Deen, because I don't want to I want I don't want dunya I want, then somebody else can start, I have a job. I feel so bad. Why do you feel bad? Because I'm an accountant? Well, okay, then you should feel bad. No.

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But they'll say, you know, because all I do is, you know, do I file the taxes for this company, or do the books and this and that, and I, I spent nine hours a day doing that, but I only spend one hour a day reading Quran. Oro is a little bit of time in the machine, but I spend most of my day working. I feel terrible. Like, what do you think farmers? Do?

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They do a lot more hours than you do.

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What do you think other people have other pocket? Like, what is Allah want from us to leave our occupations and recite Quran all day?

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You know, some people have that attitude. If I was only studying lean all day, then I would be a good person. You know, and if I'm doing other things, that I'm not a good person, if I'm earning a living, I'm running a business, I'm going to college, then I'm not a good person. So how to love this is so off. It's so far from the view of love paint, the paint the picture, love painting doctrine, I can't even begin to describe why would this book want to keep you inside a library or inside a university or inside a machine all day and all night? When this book is saying go look at the sky, we'll see roofing or the go travel in the land. If you want to know that I've seen of go

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travel in the land. It's not going to be from people who can hear or call to be urban Ashura Maha mala? Where are you going to get to sort of go travel in the land?

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By going and traveling in the land?

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Where are you going to get to the seat of you know, philomela, tidy VOCA homes are fighting with law? Didn't they look at the bird above them spreading its wings and collapsing gun? It's not going to be a grammatical analysis that tells you what that means. What is it going to be? You going out and watching birds spread their wings and saying Whoa,

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Allah wants you to experience life. He's what he tells you in this book, you come back to this book, it pushes you out in the world, then the world outside pushes you back into the book, then you then it pushes you back in the world you keep going between the art of creation and the art of Revelation. That's the process of the Quran. So one of these I art that is so epic, is the daughter of Suleiman Ali Salam.

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So the man Allah Islam, you know when when prophets make da they make the offer aka demigod for forgiveness. Yeah, they make the offer their future generations, isn't it? Listen to this daughter, father. He said master Forgive me, while hubballi Malkin and give me the gift of Kingdom.

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Give me Give me the gift of some kind of Kingdom wilken leyenda helia had an embody. That is not even appropriate for anyone who comes after me.

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Give me so much kingdom that it's not even appropriate for any human being that comes after me to have that kind of Kingdom.

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In the car until we'll have You're the one who continuously gives gifts.

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What is Solomon Alice? I'm asking for first thing Forgive me. Second thing, which is what shocked me was like war What?

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He asked for kingdom.

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Okay, that's Dino dunya, by the way by our standards.

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Sounds like dunya isn't it?

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And not just dunya will just give me and give other people. He didn't just say that. He said What?

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Give me so much and give me something that is not even fitting for anybody else.

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Make me unique in what you give me in where? in dunya

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how in the world is this appropriate?

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It sounds like he's asking only for the near.

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The beauty of this guy number one is his top priority. Yeah, Rob, forgive me.

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If you

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Understand you're up Forgive me then everything else about this dog will make sense. If you don't understand your love Forgive me You will not understand what the rest of desires

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a human being can only do so much in this life.

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We can't, I can't I'm only gonna live so many years then I'm gonna be leaving this earth whether I like it or not, my date is done. My time is done. The angel shows up the appointment is there It can't be delayed.

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The only thing that lives after me is what?

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As far as my arcade is concerned, and my forgiveness is concerned, I can make a stuff that a lot of stuff a lot of stuff. You know, I can make Toba to a liking private for a lot only so many years. only so many times. But what can help me earn a less forgiveness even after I die?

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It's called sacajawea. Isn't it? Something good you leave behind? The Hadith will tell us your sadaqa jariya could be your money.

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One of the most beautiful forms of sadaqa jariya is what?

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Your children they do good deeds after you. Yes. Allah has given different people different blessings. Some people have money, they don't have children. Some people have children and they don't have money. But Allah Allah Albanese, Natalia dunya money is a part of the beauty of this life, children are a part of the beauty of this life, isn't it? Now Allah gives certain people certain capabilities and other people other capabilities. If you study the prophets in the Quran, they don't all have the same talents. They have different personalities. And they have different special skills. They have different highlights.

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The thing about Solomon on Instagram, his special ability, his governance, he knows how to govern. He knows how to take control. He knows how to even control the rebellion of who have gin. He can even do that. So he has an unusual capability of government and controlling resources and making things putting things to service. Now is that a common quality or very rare quality? The more power you get in government, the more corruption you get.

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Okay, the more absolute authority you have, the more absolute problems you have absolute power corrupts absolutely. So I'm one of the greatest kingdoms in human history is the pharaohs Case in point, you know.

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Now, the Solomon Assam is in a unique position, he has kingdom and he knows how to use it for good.

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What kind of sacajawea Can he leaves behind?

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unmatched, he sees an opportunity for his akhira to be reconciled by the talent that Allah has given him. And the talent Allah has given him is remarkable. He had an incredible incredible kingdom and incredible control, incredible stability in his net in his land, over human beings, no virgin. So he says Yella, expand this territory for me, give me Kingdom above and beyond this, like you've never like you will never give to anybody else after me. Because I know what Allah has given me. And by the way, you should understand something else about Solomon Alisa from neurons perspective. So they might say saddam is the son of who

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you no doubt. You should know something special about Islam. There's a hadith about doubt on Islam, Adam alayhis salam was shown the names of every single human being, even when we were wrong. Adam alayhis salam was shown introduced to all of us, he knows my name, he knows your name. Well, alhama de la que la mirada home, out of the home, that's actually going back to the names of all individuals, which is amazing. Our Father knows all of us by name. It's not just we know his name. He knows our name, too. And he knows our qualities too, because in Arabic, Islam is also qualities. So he knows you and your personality.

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How many people are in front of him?

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Either Marisa unimaginable, yeah.

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And he picks out one of them. He says Who's that?

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As that's your son download.

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Give him 40 of my years. Make his life longer. Who did he pick out of all of them?

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You know what's amazing in the Koran. The word halifa only comes twice. It only comes from Adam. When it comes without. That's it. It doesn't come for anybody else.

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Or on is answering the question that arises from that Hadith. The Hadith says that other Mollison did not pick up Rahim Ali Salaam didn't pick knew how they sound and because hula didn't pick anybody else he picked to down. Why? Because he sees something in him that he has in common. What is that? Allah has made other Mali Salaam halifa on the earth and Allah made doubt Ali Salam Khalifa and the earth. Yeah, that will do in Niger alcoholic and filler, the Dalai Lama special. No doubt Ali Salaam himself is Khalifa but who's his son?

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So Solomon Ali Salam is not just a prophet. He's also the son of a prophet but a son of a special Prophet, a prophet who was a halifa, a great ruler, a governor at the same time.

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And so his upbringing gives him knowledge of Revelation, but also knowledge of how to live by that revelation not only at the level of an individual and a family and a community, but at the level of entire governance. He's been brought up in that system. Even before even as a child, he's been brought up in that system, right? And eventually Allah grandson Prophethood. So he realizes the value of leaving a legacy behind.

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He's learned that from his father. And so he understands that he's going to die. But his legacy should live on the legacy of good that he creates, should live on. And yeah, like, give me something that doesn't even because he knows his children are not going to get it the same way. He got it from his dad, Lionel helia had him in body.

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Now what does that mean for you and me?

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You know, some people, they can't handle fame. Some people can't handle money. Some people can't handle a compliment. I've met people who say when I'm making Salah, and somebody passes by, it messes me up. Now they think I'm a righteous person.

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Other people, there could be anywhere and they're praying and they don't care. The universe doesn't exist for them. Right. So some people have a stronger, thicker skin. Some people have weaker skin, because different people have different weaknesses. Some people have a hard time waking up early in the morning does not happen.

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Other people have a hard time with other things. Like, for example, one of the gifts of a lot to me, man, like keep it this way. One of the gifts of a lot to me is fame doesn't bother me, and it doesn't make me happy.

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I'm not bothered by it. And I'm not happy because of it.

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It's just something Allah gave me. I just have to use it to do something good. And that's it.

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It's nothing. If I was teaching this class, and there was one table of students or this like, I cannot count how many tables of students it will matter. I'm still gonna teach what I'm gonna teach. It doesn't matter if the camera is on or not doesn't matter. That's the way it's the way I'm programmed. Alhamdulillah other things bother me. I won't tell you those other things. I have lots of weaknesses. You talk to my family about those, you know,

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but this is not hamdulillah This is not one of my weakness.

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You know, for other I've met other people for whom this is a big weakness. It's a big problem. So the first thing you have to recognize is what is your weakness and what is your strength. And once you find your strength, then you ask a lot to give you and give you and give you in what you have strength. So you can put all of it to the service of a lesbian so you can leave a legacy.

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Your life this is not gonna mess me up. Then give me more of it. Because I can put it to work for your dean. Like Carlos Manuel de la hora on who should be asking for more wealth.

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He should ask you know why? Because even after being a millionaire doesn't wealth mess won't mess him up. know someone like a cartoon should not ask for more wealth.

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Because whatever he has is messed him up enough already. You understand? So not everybody's gonna ask for the same thing. Because the strengths of Solomon alehissalaam says he has power but it doesn't corrupt him. He has power but it doesn't corrupt him. So he asked like give me more and more and more and more and more of power. So I can take all of it and serve what your dean and when you ask a lot what did Allah do for him? Look at in the next I have a soccer club na la hora de hijo de amor de Roja and Hazel asabe Michel de Nicola Banda in Baja was well our Halina makara Nina, Hakuna

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I made this the winds submit to Him. I am hlta and do work for him. Others I may dive deep into the ocean for him and pull out its treasures. Others I put put in chains in prison, the ones who wouldn't listen to him, I put them in chains for him. This is all what we give.

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This is what we give a lot gave him control over wins. You can have the most technologically advanced society with the greatest military but when a hurricane strikes their buildings fall

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they can't protect themselves from what the wind it can't. They can protect themselves from the earthquake. They can protect themselves from the flood, isn't it? They're going to billions of dollars spent in defense and they can't protect from the wind allows Oh Jeff gave him some advice around who needs a military when you can have when you have the wind

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just send a hurricane that way. Send the storm that way. So Allah This is what a level of give. So for you and me identifying what our strength is and then making a pledge to a law that we will use it for the for the strengthening of this Deen for leaving a legacy that is longer than our own. That is perfectly normal. It's perfectly normal. That's not asking for the now as a matter of fact, even if you benefit from it somewhat it's fine. Because you you take from it what you need, and you give from it what will build your ohana because what was the priority from the very beginning or be fairly Forgive me this is all in hopes of earning a less forgiveness. No matter how many good deeds

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I do, they're not going to be enough so I keep doing good deeds even after I'm dead.

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That's what I want to do. Every one of you should be thinking like that every one of you what is the strength of lies given me and how can I put it to good use and how can I love build my talent to make it make it even better? So I can benefit even more. Allah always had me because people have benefit and help us understand the beautiful and the perfect word of word of his lot of calamity welcome salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.

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Thanks for watching guys. I hope you benefited. I'd like to encourage you to actually embark on a comprehensive journey into the Quran. I've done a video translation and explanation of the entire Quran it's called called uncovered a cover. I'd like you to check it on abena TV, just do a little bit of it every day and before you know it, you'll have gone through the entire Korean translation with me. Hope you can take part Somali