Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al Quran 2012 – P04 056A Translation Al-Nisa 15-24

Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © The conversation covers Hoover's claims that women are not being abused and that they are not being abused. They also discuss Hoover's claims that women are not being abused and express frustration over his actions. Leila's relationship to the situation is mentioned, but it is unclear if she is related to the situation.
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the huddle room on a Sunday and out of sodium Kareem and my word for older bIllahi min ash shaytani R rajim Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem, Frobisher, Lee solidity, Wei, Sidley, Emery, or Helen rock data and we'll be sending your cocoa the openers

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lesson number 56 Surah two missa is number 15 to 25.

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Okay, just one thing inshallah today we will go on to the fifth just as well, which you can do is keep the most have with you open it to the fifth choose so that in the translation and also when we want the word analysis, you don't spend any time looking for that page. So keep your muscles ready put a marker where the fifth just begins.

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Or the bIllahi min ash shaytani R rajim Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim

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allottee and those women who yet Deena baking, they commit Alpha he shatter the indecency adultery,

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men from missa ecom your women first she do, then you all call witnesses

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or lay him against them

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or Burton for men come from you. For in then if shall he do they bore witness for uncIe Kohana then you all hold them, confine them, fee in and beauty the houses had until you get our Hoonah it takes them for the ELMO to the death Oh or yadgir Allah, He makes Allah who Allah La Hoonah for them sebelah away

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one levani And those two who get the only her they come to it, they commit it men come from you

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do Huma then inflict pain on them to then punish them to

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fit in so if the day to repented, or US Lucha and they do reformed, for our you do, then you will turn away are in Houma from them to

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in Indeed, Allah, Allah, Ghana, he is ever the weapon, greatest acceptor of repentance Rahima always All Merciful.

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In NAMA, indeed not but a Toba to the repentance, acceptance of repentance, Allah upon Allah He Allah, Lil Lavina is for those who Yama Luna they do they perform a sewer the evil be Jihad attain with ignorance. Some then YouTube una they repent men from but even near

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for hola Erica so those here to boo, he accepts repentance, Allahu Allah or lay him upon them what can and he is ever Allahu Allah or Lehmann always all knowing Hekima always always

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when they said, and it is not a Toba to the repentance Lavina for those who Yama Luna they do a Save the Earth the evils had until either when habra it came it attended or had a home one of them, Elmo to that corner. He's said in me indeed I to be to I repented and now wonder and nor, and Medina those who you know tuna day die, were home while they prefer one on ones who disbelieve disbelievers in our ICA. Those are our third dinner. We have prepared the home for them. Are there been a punishment at EMA most painful?

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Yeah. Are you her or you and Adina those who knew they believed? Law not your Hello, it is lawful. It is permissible law come for you. And that varies

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So, you all inherit a Nyssa the women, girl her forcibly, unwillingly,

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wala, and do not doubt or Bulu Hoonah you all hinder them? Or you all harass them? Little horrible so that you take B Barbie with some ma what are they to Hoonah you all give them Illa except on that yet Deena, they come they commit before he shuttin within decency mobile unit in one open

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WA and Asha ruhuna you all live with them Bill ma roof in the recognized manner

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for him than if courage to move Hoonah you all dislike them? For i Sir, then it may be, perhaps, and that the CRO who you all dislike you all hate, che a thing where gerada and he makes Allahu Allah fie in it. Hi, Ron, good quisiera much

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we're in. And if our tomb you all wanted you all intended estabilidad and exchange zodion have a wife, Makana in place Zildjian have a wife, what datum and you all get the Hoonah one of them can burn a heap of wealth. Further, sir, do not that Who do you all take mean? Who from it che anything?

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Do that who do know who you all take it? But then as slander, false accusation, what is SMA and a sin Medina when clear? Open?

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Workiva and how that Haruna who you all take it wakad Well, in fact of war he congenially benefited, bearable calm some of you either to barbing some of others or a homeowner and they took my income from you, me sir can affect a binding oath as a lever, one strong, one firm

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Wallah and do not don't care who you will marry. Ma, whom NACA he married about UQAM your father's men from a Nisa The women Illa except ma what heard in fact seller for it has passed before in know who indeed it can, it was fair, he Schatten an act of indecency will Nocta and a hateful thing was an evil sebelah away

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Hydromat she was forbidden, or they come upon you in the head to come your mother's war and whenever to come your daughter's war and a Hawa to come your sisters were to come and your father's sisters were Horner to come and your mother's sisters were going to and daughters

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of the brother, we're going to and daughters and of the sister or all my hair to come and your mother's and D those who have Burnett comb they circled you they nursed you well and a Hawa to come your sisters, men from a robar the milk suckling what and Omaha to mother's missa a comb of your women of your wives wherever you become, and your stepdaughters and D those who feed in her jewelry comb your laps or your guardianship.

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Men from Nyssa EComm your women

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allottee those who the whole term you all entered begin with them

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for him so if learn not the corner, you will be the whole term you will entered. Begin with them further than not Judah, any sin or they come upon you.

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Well, and Heather ill wives Obernai EComm of your sons and Adina. Those who mean from a slur become your loins one and that dodgy Maru you all gather you all connect Boehner between

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In an octane, the two sisters in law except ma what are they in fact seller for? It has passed before.

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In Indeed, Allah, Allah, Ghana he is ever of a foreign most forgiving for Haman, one always on merciful

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while most honor to and those women who are fortified men from a new Sir the women in law except ma whom Malekith it possessed a man who comb your right hands

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keytab a decree, Allah He of Allah, or they come upon you.

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Whoa, Hiller and it was made lawful locum for you, ma who were beyond then become that or you all

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and that Tabitha who you all see be unwelcome with your wealth. More see Nina ones being chased by Euro not Mousavi Hain once being fornicators

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firmer. So what is tentera tomb? You all benefited be with it men Hoonah from them for air to Hoonah then you all give them will Jura Hoonah their bridal money for the button a duty

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Wanda and not Juna her any sin or lay come upon you femur concerning what the ROB Latham you all mutually agreed? Be with it. Men from body after alpha yerba, the ordained duty

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in indeed Allah Allah can he is ever or Lehmann always following Hekima always always

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woman and whoever llum not yesterday

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he is able men come from you Tolan strength and that yen Kiha he marries a nurse on Earth, the fortified women, Mila, the believing women, from in them from Ma home Malekith it possessed a man accom your right hands, men from further yet become yours slave girls. Ultimate Minette the believing

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well Allah Who and Allah, Allah Allah mu is more snowing be Imani come with your belief, by become some of you men from bobbin some of others Femke who who know. So you all marry them. B is me with permission when of their family well, and to whom you all give them. Would you run their bridle money been marked off in the recognized manner.

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More excellent

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ones being chased by Euro not? Mousavi hat ones being fornicators Wanda and Nora McDuffie that one staking than secret friends for either so when or when they were taken in protection. For in then if I Tayna they committed before he shuttin within decency. Fair I lay him now then upon them useful have ma what either is upon a remorse on Earth, fortified women, men from another the punishment

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Velika that the man for who has shear he feared either the sin the stress, men come from you.

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One and that does Will you all endure with patience Hiren is best. The comb for you

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Allahu and Allah have a full on most forgiving Rahim one always on merciful

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let's listen to the recitation of these verses

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when the deen he shows I mean is

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Nissa II confess that she to

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come by Aisha he to see who

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he had

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we're also gonna have

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a law hacker in the

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doback DeWanna logging lady Leia Luna so Abby Jehanne and you

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body being

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ek adorable long while at work and a long one Iman Hakima while he said it stole that Tony levy layer MeLuna See ya

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either how

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to bond need to learn to

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need to learn to

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move tuna

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Lola comm

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Hubble will be bound

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to moon

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mobila We're as you

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get ready to move on

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that go Hoshi?

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Long V he

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can be your

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we're in our tomo Stevie's

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Magana zone would you say to me

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what are they doing Ishida?

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Hold on I mean who che

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who the owner who horrible dance

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walk a hula hoop or the F Baba Isla

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meet up on Milani law

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one answer get home Annika

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Canada Hey, Chantelle Oh Makoto was

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how do we make

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my hair

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magical more harder to become more better to ask you to

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it up

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mean up blah blah

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blah blah rd what?

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To Lisa equal Morava evil como TV from Joe Rico

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evil Mulethi the hall

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formulary in I mean

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we're Dejima

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Dany lamb our bodies and in Allah, Allah, Allah Hema

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Sana Domina Musa

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Amen kita long yawn

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whoa Hey Leila

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Tabitha who will be

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mostly Nina know your own pain by my stomach

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while Angela Hardy from FEMA dot all the way to be Mubarak didn't carry a lot in law her Ghana Lehmann Hakima

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women lemmya Stelter,

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a good sanity remote Mina

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solid in while you're almost

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by Ada

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rarely cared for she

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does feel

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more lawful walking

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