Gratitude by Action

Muhammad Alshareef


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The speaker discusses how individuals are counting their coins and thanking God for their wealth and cover. They also mention that individuals who are not thankful to Allah but only do so because they want to increase their coverage, and that actions like thanking God and giving academy cover can increase their reward.

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Imagine this the person was blessed with a lot of wealth, and they're counting all their coins. And they start saying, you know, they're counting their coins and they're going Thank you God, thank You God, thank you, God, thank you Allah. Oh, thank you, but they don't pay the cat. This person doesn't pay their cap. And they just keep counting their money and they keep saying thank you God, thank you, God, thank you Allah. Oh, thank you for all this money that you give. They haven't paid the cat then this person was not thankful was not thankful because they didn't do what Allah subhanaw taala commanded. They didn't do the action that Allah required of them. And the required action was that

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they pay his academy take care of people and so on. Yes. So that's why we're understanding that Shoka is action when you're thankful to Allah subhanaw taala and you want that increase from Allah. Let in Shackleton Allah, no conditions, if you're thankful and that's thankfulness with action, then Allah subhanaw taala will increase