Omar Suleiman – A Voice in the Desert #7 – When the House of Allah Was Built

Omar Suleiman
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Ibrahim alayhis salam has left hotjar and ismat in the desert in that time Allah subhana wa tada has sent to breed it Salaam to them opened the well of Zamzam. And a people have settled around them, as was the Dr. Ibrahim it has set up. And the tribe of Judah home comes smiling it is that I'm marries from that tribe. He starts his own family and how Joe has passed away. And now he lives amongst his people and his salon establishing salon.

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He's not worried about the fact that is half and Yaqoob. It was Salam and the other side of the family of Ibrahim is getting all of the praise and all of the growth, his smile is satisfied with his seemingly small scope. Right and this is part of his sincerity and his promise to his father. He does as he is commanded by Allah, He is submissive just like his father is to Allah subhanaw taala command and to Allah scope, not knowing that one day Allah subhana wa tada will make of him a great nation through Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. Then Ibraheem alehissalaam comes back years later, at this point is married at his salon has grown. And he says to his son is married, that

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Allah has commanded me to raise the foundations of his sacred home to adequately support me in doing so it's made it his salon, of course, was submissive and said yes. Now I want you to think about Ibrahim and is married or even was Salam building the Kaaba, no one there. It's just them to raising the foundations of the Kaaba stone by stone. And as they put it together, Ibrahim ID is Salaam raises his hands, and it's made it so I'm raising hands to make to supplicate and it's just those two around the cabinet. And Ibrahim it is Saddam's first do is what? What I'll bene to update him in. Oh our Lord except from us up banner cobalamin. And this is incredible, right? As one of the

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scholars pointed out Ibrahim is saddam is asking a lot for acceptance. Even though he is a chosen servant, a lot chose him to build the cabinet in a specified place, gave him a specified command. Everything was clearly set out for him is not by Allah subhana wa tada to do what he did. Yeah, Ibrahim is still concerned out of his sincerity, for acceptance. And this is actually a really important note in sincerity and an intention that sometimes though your intention might be pure in the first place, you might lose it at some point. And so we learned from Bohemia snom the post after you do a good deed ask a loss of habitat to accept it because something might have went wrong along

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the way with your intention first and foremost, something might have deviated at some point. So we already saw you know in the in the previous lessons that Ibrahim Isom was still asking a lot to protect them from idol worship was still asking a lot to allow him to be amongst those that established the prayer in here Yeah, a lot except except this deed that I have done for your sake. And we learned that for ourselves. So you have sincerity and part of sincerity as well is that Ibrahim is not does not stop there. He says Eddie nomina Sikander he asked the loss of habitat to show us the way to do these rituals show us what to do next. And there are two things that make a

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deed acceptable in the sight of a loss pedowitz on number one sincerity number two correctness right. So it is sincerity and then it is soon not in methodology and in this case, that is going to be taught to Ibrahim it is Salah directly we find this embedded in Ibrahim or Islam is due out for a lot to send us a profit okay I've been our but I see him or Sudan Minho yet to do it him he can while you are Lima Homer Kitab Oh, okay, so Allah subhana wa tada is being asked by Ibrahim Islam, to send a prophet to us that will not just recite the verses to us, but that will teach us the book and its Hickman and its wisdom and the mama Shafi to him. Allah says that's the Sunnah of the

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Prophet sallallahu wasallam. Why because it is very easy to sincerity your way out sometimes out of the Sunnah, to say my intentions are good. So I'm just going to worship the way I feel like worshiping. I'm going to do things the way I feel like doing things. And Ibrahim is teaching us in both what he asked for himself and his son, as well as what he asked for the prophet and within the Prophet that would be sent to us that we not just be sincere in our hearts, but we be sincere in our pursuits in following the correct ways that Allah subhanaw taala gives to us to worship Him. And how does the loss of Hannah Montana reward that duty

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Except that do I so obviously I've been out for about a minute you know the acceptance is there a lot quotes the the Brahim is not sincere do where he's asking Allah subhanaw taala for acceptance but what happens next? Allah who sent Djibouti and it has set down to the prophets lie Selim to teach him the prayer to lead him in Salah. So when you pray you are praying the way that jabril taught the prophets lie somehow to pray. Allah sons Djibouti and it his Salaam to Brahim it is Salaam and every single step of the Hajj every one of the monastic of the Hajj gibreel and his Salaam teaches Ibrahim its performance and that is the way that we do Hajj. Now Subhan Allah so that

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when a person goes sincerely for the sake of Allah subhanaw taala for Hajj, may Allah subhana wa tada enable us all to have a hedge mob rule and accepted Hajj in our lives to have the intention for it, and to allow us to carry it out sincerely and properly. We are doing the same monastic, the same rituals that God is that I'm talking about him and he said on and that Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam revived and we asked Allah subhanho wa Taala to accept from us and to allow us to be sincere in our intentions, and to be guided to the correct ways of following him.

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Or following his way subhanho wa Taala through the way of our messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

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