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Omar Suleiman
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the narration of the 10 promised Easter promised by the Prophet, which is a group of nine, but only nine of them. The speaker explains that the narration is a way to leave out the rest of the population and add on who was distinguished in the famous battle of Yarmurke, as it was a role played by other companions. The narration also touches on the importance of having courage and bravery in battle.
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Let's probably see that he was so humble that

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when he narrates, so you have these narrations about the 10 people promise paradise and I'm actually going to answer one of the biggest misconceptions from now. I think I did so when we talked about what a car is eight, but are those 10 promises paradise the only 10 promised paradise? Absolutely not. Okay, so the Prophet slice Allah promised certain individuals paradise on multiple occasions. Certainly Khadija will be allowed. Alana is promised paradise not only she promised paradise, she's amongst those whose house was described by Djibouti it is set up in advance of her death in Paradise, right the special type of home and distinction that she would have in paradise. So we have

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narrations of men and women outside of the famous Arusha mobile shooting the famous 10 promised paradise that had been promised paradise. But these were a group of people that were known as the 10 promised paradise because the prophets lie seldom on more than one occasion, mentioned the 10 Okay, so he mentioned these 10. And so, so Hamdulillah, what you find is that out of his humility, once said, he narrates the Hadith of the 10 promised paradise. He says that the prophets I seldom gave 10 people the glad tidings of Paradise, but he only names nine of them. And guess who he leaves out himself. out of his humility, he doesn't even include his own name. And the way we know that he is

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the 10th. It's not just because of the obvious omission of himself, but because it's corroborated by the narration of the amount of Nero for the hotel animal, and other narrations that mentioned the 10 promised paradise so otherwise, because of his humility, he's almost left out of being named at times. Now, somehow, a lot despite his humility, that does not mean that he does not have a ton of courage. So we find that when it when it came to his, his bravery, his courage in battle, say that we'll be allowed to add on who was distinguished in the book, the famous battle of yarmulke was distinguished in, in the famous battle of Damascus of domestic peace, always in the front lines of

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battle. But he wanted to be a soldier that was unknown. So again, just like we were talking about some of the other companions as time went on, because of the role that they chose to play of being in the background, other people would not even recognize them. So he was one of those people that some people would see in battle, and they would think he's just another soldier, but a very brave and courageous soldier, but that suicide is added, who is a worshiper? You know, and at the same time as an ascetic, and a Mujahid someone who strives in the path of a law who fights extremely, you know, with extreme courage, but shining the spotlight throughout all of that time.

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