Nadim Bashir – Are You a Waliyy of Allah

Nadim Bashir
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the use of "will" in Islam, including the woman named Mohammedipping and the man named Mojito. They stress the importance of showing love to Allah's "will" and not giving up. The speakers also discuss the challenges of life and protecting one's future, including protecting one's future and choosing the right choice. They stress the need for people to show their devotion to Allah and not regretting the past.
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Bismillah al Rahman al Rahim in Al Hamdulillah and who want to stay in the hall and I still feel when I order below him is surely unforeseen ailment. CFTR Molina miyetti Hiler HuFa la mala woman Udall further ahead yella wanted to do Allah Allah Allah Allah Who are they will actually color when I said do I know Mohammed Abu rasuluh I'm about for the call Allah Tabata Kotar Allah for Allah Mojito for fire, Hamid Bardo. The villa he mishit on rajim Bismillah R Rahman Rahim Yonezawa Gulaba Kamala D Holika. Ko Minassian Wahida wahala common Huzzah. Johanna, what does that mean? hamari Jalan kit cathedra when he says what type of law holiday it has to be he will or ham and aloha can

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alikhan Akiba. We'll call it either. Yeah, you hola Dina. I'm gonna talk a la haka. Takata he will attimo tuna Illa Antimo. Simone Bacala to Isla Yeah, you Halloween I'm gonna talk a lot how a guru called and said either you say like,

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I feel like I'm the Nuba calm or my daughter Ella Hora Sudha. Taka the philosopher's and all the muscles Nicola Halim in staccato Hadith the Kitab Allah wa Heil, hottie hottie Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam worship to her work will be the work will be the art in bodalla Wakulla button for now I'm about I begin by praising Allah, thanking Allah subhanho wa Taala for all the near misses a blessing that he has bestowed upon us, whether we are aware of and aware of them. And I begin by sending our salaams and peace and blessings upon Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, we ask Allah subhanho wa Taala to make us the beneficiaries of his Shiva on the day of judgment. And may Allah

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subhanho wa Taala grant us his companionship along with our families in Jannah Amira al Amin,

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there is a Hadith of God see,

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and he could see as you may know, is something that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, but he would say that Allah subhana wa Taala said this, mean that it is the words of Allah subhanho wa Taala said by the prophet said Allah Allah he was sending them in this how the Hadith was, see, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, Narrated by Abu Huraira, or the Allah to the iron that Allah subhanho wa Taala said, Men Ida Lee, what the fuck other than to who will hug which means that whoever shows immunity to one of my devout slaves, whoever shows enmity, or plans and plots against one person who has devoted their life to me, then I declare war against that person. This is Allah

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subhana wa Tada sang in cosi. Now, usually the very first thing that when we hear this word when Lee, the very first thing that comes to our mind is what exactly is a Willie. When we talk about the context of marriage, a weenie is the person usually the father who looks after the affairs of their own daughter, they make sure that everything is in line, all the ducks are in line make meaning that there is they are representing their own daughter in a marriage that's called a Winnie. When we talk about the Wali, when Allah is the Wali to us, it means that Allah is protecting us. It means that Allah is looking after our affairs, just like use of Allah he Salam at the very end. What did he

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mentioned, he says, Anta Wali, if it dunya will akhira we know the entire story of use value, salam, and after all the trials and the challenges that he had to endure, at the end when Allah subhanho wa Taala gave him a MACOM. Allah gave him a status that was so respectful. What did he say that time? He said that unusually if it didn't,

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he gave he referred to Allah, that he is my Wali, my protector. He is the one who has been looking after all my affairs. Yes, I was thrown into the well. Yes, I was sold into slavery. Yes, I was. I was. I was accused of doing something wrong. Yes, I went to prison and during all that time, yes, Allah was still my Wali. Allah is still my protector. But what does it mean when we are the will of Allah subhanho wa taala. Allah is our family. He protects us. But what does it mean? When Allah says that when a person when a human being is a willy of Allah, it means that he is the friend of Allah subhana wa Taala This is how the journey gets translated. By the way, Lee is actually that person

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who has devoted themselves to Allah subhanho wa taala. But the question is, that then who can be the Wali? And the answer is that anyone can be a

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When he, many of us growing up, we were taught, we were we were told that you cannot be a willy Willy is someone who is far superior than you or any one of us and when he is someone who is so close to Allah subhanho wa Taala and the fact of the matter is that anyone can be a lead. This is why the prophets I saw in this hadith Guzzi, he says that Allah said Walia mean that any person can be a Wali, the person sitting right now next to you, the person sitting in front of you or behind you can most certainly be a believe Allah subhanho wa taala. This is not something that Allah will write on our forehead that this is a weenie and this is not a willy.

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It comes down to our connection with Allah, it comes down to my personal relationship with Allah subhanho wa taala. And anyone can be judgmental, and let people say what they want to say. But the other day, I know how much I'm closer to Allah subhanho wa taala. So the quite so the answer is yes, anyone can be a Willie to Allah subhanho wa taala. But then the question is that how do you then become the wali of Allah subhanho wa taala. And this is then this is where we have to understand what is the purpose of our existence? Why do you see the Allah has created the world the way he has created it? Someone could have said, Why did Allah subhanho wa Taala if Allah wants to be so much

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worshipped? If Allah says in the Quran that our existence the objective of our existence, the human being is to serve Allah. If Allah was so particular about being served, why do you not just create a creation that would only serve Him? And the answer is yes, that has happened. Allah decreed the angels and what is the objective of the angels? What is their primary duty? The only thing they do is to worship Allah subhanho wa taala. But then the question is, when you when we need to show our love to Allah subhanho wa taala? Or how the question I will say is this, how will Allah know that we truly love Allah subhanho wa taala? That's the question that we need to ask ourselves, what is the

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sign that we love Allah subhana wa Taala and that is where we are being put to test. See, you know, when you want to examine someone's love Allah subhanho wa Taala wants to see how much we give preference to him. So what does he do? He gave he put us in a situation

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or in a scenario, I will say that, first of all, he gave us free will, he gave us free will, the human being has obligations and they have free will. On the other hand, angels only have obligations. On the other hand, animals only have free will. And that's why these two creations of Allah will not be judged. They will not be held accountable on the Day of Judgment, the human being will be held accountable. Why? Because we are going through this inner battle every single day. We know what Allah wants from us, at the same time, we have free will. Now when you have free will. Okay, when you have free will, then first of all, that is the very first test of Allah subhanho wa

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taala. If a person does not have free will, there's nothing you can do about that. A person says, I am blind, I cannot see haram. There's no test in that. Because he doesn't have free will at that in that situation. So first of all, Allah gave us free will, after Allah gave us free will Allah subhana wa Taala gave us choices. Allah gave us choices. But at the same time, Allah knows very well that if I give a human being choices, they cannot just only be choices. They have to be competitive choices. For example, imagine you went to a restaurant, imagine you went to a restaurant, and you went there. And the waiter says, Sir, you can have anything on the menu you want. And when you

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looked at the menu, there's only one thing on the menu. There's only one thing on the menu. Is that a choice? Not necessarily. That's a choice. You're you don't have a free will here, you have to order what's there, you go to the dealership, and he goes, you can pick up any car in the parking lot. There's only one car that's sitting over there, you don't have a choice. Allah did not say that go ahead and do whatever you want. And there was no free will or choices. So first of all, Allah subhanaw gave us free will. Then he gave us choices. But then the next thing is they have to be competitive choices. So now imagine let's go back to the same the same situation. You go to the

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dealership, and you say I want to buy a car, and he sits there in front of you. And he says okay, sir, you have these four options, and you have a card and you have like, you know, just I'm just you know, just going through your imagination. Okay, so just bear with me. You have one those Flintstones card if you remember what I'm talking about.

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Okay, and then you have a tricycle. And then you have one of the small kids bikes, you know that they usually they're riding when they're like a year old. And you look at them, you're like, This is not a choice. And the dealer says, Will you want it four choices, I give you four choices, you're gonna say, I need some tangible choices to make. That is the definition of competitive choices, meaning that the choices have to be relatable to one another. They have to be tangible. When Allah subhanho wa Taala gave us choices. He didn't just give us only one choice, he gave us many choices. And that is where the test comes into the picture. That is where Allah subhanho wa Taala sees

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whether we are truly devout slaves to Allah subhanho wa taala. And that is where Allah will see that the only person who's going to go through the who's going to take the right thing who's going to make the right choices in life. Because when it comes to doing good, there's so many things that you can do to do good. But when it comes to haram, there's so many haram things that we can do also. And that is where the other Hadith comes into picture. Where Juba, Ina Salam when he was sent by Allah to go and analyze Jana and Johanna, he said that Jana is covered. How do you wait till Jana to be shut out that Jana has been covered by desires temptations? And why do Allah subhanho wa Taala do

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all that now someone can say, well, if Allah loved us, if Allah wanted us to truly be successful in life, then why did he make Jana so difficult? But then that is where Allah subhanho wa taala? The answer is, that is how Allah will truly see our dedication when we have so many competitive choices, and we leave that and not only that, but the Hadith also says that Jana was covered by temptations, and Johanna was covered

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in Jahannam was covered by

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Jana to be, which was hospital janitor Bill McCurry will now be showered, that I'm sorry, so the other way around. So the the agenda was covered by difficulty. And Jahannam is covered by a shallot meaning that when you follow your Shahar words, you fall into Janna Jahannam but when you fall when you follow the orders of Allah subhanho wa taala, you say that I don't have any will here. I'm going to do what Allah wants me to do. Yes, my knifes my desires are pulling me in one direction. But I know that if I get pulled in that direction, I will learn and Jahannam on the other hand, Allah is pulling me in another direction. And if I go towards that direction, I may have to give up something

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that is tempting me so much. But I do know that at the end of this road, there lies Jana, and that is where Allah subhanho wa Taala he sees our devotion. And when Allah sees our love, when Allah sees our love, that is where Allah subhanho wa Taala he will give us that Jana, because go back to the time when Allah subhanho wa Taala told him Allah Iike that I'm going to create a Khalifa on Earth. And what's the first thing that they said they did not object to Allah, but they simply asked a question to Allah subhanho wa Taala because the angels cannot object to Allah, they cannot disagree with Allah in that sense. So they simply ask a question that why would you want to create a

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corporation, that the only thing they are one of the things that they're going to do is they're going to spread bloodshed on Earth, they're going to make committed crimes. And Allah said in the, in the Allah when you're while you might Allah mode, I know what you don't know. And when and when the human being who has been given comparative Choices, choices to do either right or wrong, when they go towards the right. And subhanAllah we live high in a time today, that if you go towards the right, you get criticized for it. And if you go in the wrong direction, in many cases, you get recommendations, you get applauded for it, you get you get applause for it, you get thanked for it,

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and appreciated for it, that sort of dunya we live in today. And so Allah subhanho wa Taala the reason why Allah will give that human being a devout human being that Jana is because as some Allah ma have mentioned, that we are, in essence, we are going against what the angel said, we are proving Allah subhanho wa Taala right because Allah said, There is something about this human being Yes, there are going to be people who will come in bloodshed, but there are going to be people who are purely DivX

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How to me and they are going to be my only they're going to be my Wali. They're going to give everything they have for me they're going to give up what they want, because of for what I want, and because we're proving the angels wrong and we are proving Allah right. This is one of the reasons that some of them I mentioned that Allah will give us Jana. So this is why we have this life. Because Allah subhana wa Taala truly wants to see how much we love Allah subhanho wa Taala see, it's easy when you sit down with a child, and we have been programmed since we're young kids, that when someone asks you that, do you love Allah you say yes, I love Allah. But as you say in English, that

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actions speak louder than words. You cannot simply say that yes, as a Muslim, I love Allah Subhana Allah to Allah, but Allah is going to put us to the test. Allah is gonna put us in scenarios where our love for Allah is going to be put to test and this is why it is so important that if we want Allah to love us, the very first thing that we need to do is we need to love Allah subhana wa Taala and the only way we can love Allah is by first of all us taking that first step. If we think if we think that Allah is going to help us without us coming closer to Allah subhanho wa Taala that is not the principle of Allah subhanho wa Taala first of all, Allah wants us to take that first step and

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then Allah will take his step first. When we say into the Fatiha er Cana Abu do when you're gonna stay in, Oh Allah, only you do we worship and only you from you do we seek help? Allah mentioned seeking help after Ibadah meaning what the first of all, we have to worship Allah. First of all, we have to devote ourselves to Allah. And then if I want something, then I can ask Allah subhanaw taala then I know I have a leg to stand on. When a child wants something from their parents, the one the very first thing that you they do is they make sure that they are extremely obedient to their parents, whatever the parents say they're gonna do it. And even as parents, when we know our

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children so well, and they are being so obedient. We know right away that there's something that they want from us, even we know as human beings, they want something from us. Why are you acting so different today? And then they'll tell you, Oh, yeah, there's a toy I want or there's a video game that I want. This is how the human being is. But likewise, when I'm going to ask Allah for something, and I don't devote myself to Allah, what leg do I have to stand on them? When Allah says in the Quran, one levena Jahad Rufina, Lana de animschool, Anna, those who strive for us, those who strive for us meaning what what is striving here mean? Striving mean could be anything. The fact

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that you fight yourself from staying away from temptations, that is your Jaha do that's your jihad. That's your struggle. That's us striving to please Allah subhanho wa taala. And Allah says, first of all, you work for us, meaning what you strive for us. And when you have strived for us, Lana had the unknown symbol and as a result of your dedication, then I will open up the ways for you. And Allah said Cebu, Lana, many ways for you. And so this is why if we want to come closer to Allah, if I want to become the friend of Allah, if I want to become the will of Allah subhanho wa taala, then I need to first of all, show my love to Allah subhanho wa taala. And once we have shown our love to Allah,

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and we have gotten to this point, that Allah is the most important thing in my life. And we become a winner of Allah subhanho wa Taala that Allah says, first of all, is I will love this person, this person becomes beloved to me. And what's so beautiful about this holiday kotse is that Aladdin says that I become his eyes through which he sees I become his legs through which he wants to become his hands through which he grabs and so forth. And Allah loves that person. And what's more so much beautiful about this is that today we live in a world where each of us, each one of us, no one is the exception here. We're looking for affection. We're looking for attention, and we're looking for

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love. We want to be appreciated for who we are. We don't none of us here. We don't like to be judged in life. Now think about this. Imagine if there is someone in your life. You do so much for them. You go out

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If you're waiting for them, you give up your comfort for them. And in return, they don't show you that love. In return, they don't show you that affection in return. They don't care for what you want. How would that make you feel? How would that make you feel? How many times parents have said this over and over again, that we do so much for our children. But when our children turn around, and they do not reciprocate that love, that affection, it kills you inside. Think about people in your own life, whether it's your children or not. There are people that sometimes we go out of our way, because we love that person. We want to come close to that person. We go out of our way, we

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will buy them gifts, we'll be gentle with them, anything they do wrong to us, we will forgive him right away and so forth. But if they turn around and they do not reciprocate that love, after a while, it kills you inside. Eventually you lose that connection. what's so beautiful about Allah subhanho wa Taala and always remember this, if there is no one, if there is absolutely no one in this dunya who's in your corner. If you feel that no one loves you. No one appreciates you. No one cares about your existence as some people say even if I died, no one would care. Remember that Allah is always in your corner.

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Remember the Allah loves you very much. Allah loves you very much. And when you show that love to Allah subhanho wa Taala

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because going back to the honeypot, see, the honeypot see says that when a person there's there's another hope we'll see where Allah subhanho wa Taala says that if he comes walking to me, I come running to him.

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When you show love, and the person turns around, and they show you double the reward, double the love. You don't want ever hope you don't want to ever lose that person.

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Allah subhanho wa Taala when we show love to love to the look of Allah, there is no guarantee that they will reciprocate that love. There is a guarantee, however, that when you love Allah and when you strive for Allah, Allah will never leave you hanging. Allah will reciprocate that love when you come walking to Allah, Allah comes running to you, meaning what the if you do little Allah will do even more to come close to us. Is it us who need Allah or is the Allah Who needs us? It is oh it is us who need Allah subhanho wa Taala Yet Allah will do even double to come close to us. This is who Allah is at the end of the day. So when Allah says, I want to see your love that Allah has most

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certainly a right to demand that from us.

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Because we are the ones who are in need of Allah subhanho wa Taala at the end of the day, and then not only that, not only that, when we talk about Allah subhanho wa Taala

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we always have this perception and we have this you know we have taught that Allah is far away mean that we cannot see Allah Allah is not actually like physically close to us in that sense. Yes, Allah subhanho wa Taala says we're not

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in a medium haven't worried he has mentioned these kind of is the Quran that we are extremely close to you. But the reason why Allah is not there physically in front of us every single time it because that in itself is another test that how much we love Allah subhanho wa Taala because if Allah was there 24/7 next to us, then we will never commit a sin. We will never commit a sin, but Allah chooses not to be there next to us, so that we can so he can see how many of us we truly still care about Allah subhanho wa Taala when we drive on the road, to give you an example, when we drive on the road, if there is a police officer driving next to you on the road, there is no way possible

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that you will drive over the speed limit. When you're a child or a teenager, and you know that your parents are standing right there. There's no way you will do something wrong. Then where's the test? This is how Allah does put us to a test. Allah wants to see our devotion. And finally

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I want to mention this.

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Allah subhanho wa Taala when he talks about people who truly fear Allah, when he talks about people who are true friends of Allah subhanho wa Taala they're devout to Allah and they are the willies of Allah. Allah subhanho wa Taala says in the Quran, Allah in Olia Allah He la Hoefler Allah him what is unknown. We are a creation of Allah that we are driven by incentives. This is how we are

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Allah has created us this way.

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When Allah subhanho wa Taala tells us that He wants us to love him. We He wants us to prioritize him in our life. And as a result we become a willy of Allah. The question is, what do I then get out of being I believe ALLAH and this is what is mentioned in here in this idea. Allah says that keep in mind, beware of the fact or be mindful of the fact that those who are the wali of Allah subhanho wa Taala love whole for not only him, there is no fear upon them, while he has unknown and they have nothing to regret. This is something that we have seen numerous times in the Quran, no fear, no regret, no fear, no regret, a lot of times we don't understand. What does this actually mean? When

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Allah says, There is no fear or no regret? What this means is this. So if I were to ask you this question, what is that one thing do you fear about? And we always say that we always fear about tomorrow. We're always fearful about the future, will I lose my job? Will I keep my job? What's going to happen to my health? What's going to happen to my family's health, we're always worried about those kinds of things. We're always skeptical about the future. When something happens when there is you know, when there is an attack, and the perpetrator turns out to be a Muslim, what's one of the very first thing that we always say, first of all, we always say we hope isn't a Muslim, when

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they turn out to be a Muslim. We're always worried about our safety. Then we sit down, we talk to our family, like what's going to be our future here in this country? Are should we stay or should we not stay here? We are always fearful of the future. Allah says a weenie of Allah, La hoffen Allah him, there is no fear upon you, meaning what? They Yes, as a human, we're gonna have that fear. But if I'm a weenie of Allah and close to Allah, I know that Allah will take care of my future. Allah has has my future in his hands, and he will take care of me. Yes, I may lose my job. But I do know that Allah will take care of me and Allah will sit with Subhana wa Taala will help me find something

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even better and more better, and probably even more happier for me and my family. When you put yourself in the corner of Allah subhanho wa taala. When you take Allah into your life, then Allah will take care of our future. We don't have nothing to worry about in the future in sha Allah, we have to still do our work as a problem. Sam says that first you tie your camel and then you talk, then you you put your reliance on Allah subhanho wa taala. And when Allah says that there is no regret, Allah means there is no regret of the past. There is no regret the past how many times we sit down with each other. And we always say, Man, I wish, I wish I would have done this in the past,

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I wish I would have made this move and that financial investment and that financial investment in the past. But what we have to realize is that at the end of the day, if we truly believe in Allah, we look at the past and we say Alhamdulillah, Allah made that happen, for whatever reason it was, for whatever reason it was, and who knows that today, we probably are not in the situation that where we are today. If we do not go through the challenges of life, think about that for a moment. Think about the story of us rallying someone I talked about this in the beginning of my football, use of Ali's son became the financial minister of Egypt. But he would have never become the

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financial minister of Egypt. If he was not in the prison.

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He would have never been in a prison. Had he not had he not ended up in the palace of the king of Egypt. And he would have never ended up in the palace of the king of Egypt. Had he never been sold, or had he not been ever thrown into the well. And how do you never been thrown so well. That his brothers would have been okay with him. But you sort of went through all these challenges. You have sibling rivalry, brothers hating you, then being thrown into a well, and then being sold, and then ending up in a palace and then being wrongly accused, and then being wrongfully put into prison for not one year but many years completely forgotten. And then he ends up as the financial minister of

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Egypt. A lot of times we don't realize that we are where we are today. Because of the challenges that we went through in the past.

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Today who we are who we are, because Allah made us go through a certain test in life. And we should always win a wali when a person is truly devoted to Allah. You will always think Allah for what has happened. Always give Allah the benefit of the doubt. Allah think Allah subhanho wa Taala this is what it means when Allah says

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The Quran that those who are the willie of Allah, they don't have any fear, meaning they have no fear of the future, because they know their matters in the hands of Allah, and they have nothing to regret about the past. One last example I'm going to give you go back to the story of Musa further when Heather, when he lifted up that wall when he lifted up that wall, and he protected the wealth of those orphans.

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What was the thing that the father did?

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hurt them says what kind of abou whom I saw him haha. Their father was a righteous man. Because he was a devout man. Now and every single person sitting over here we always think about the future of our kids, right? Yes or no? Well, if I pass away, what's gonna happen to the future my kids who's gonna look out for my kids and so forth. But when you connect yourself to Allah, Allah then says, I will take care of your future you have nothing to worry about. This father did exactly that. And Allah sent another person to protect his wealth so that his children are not going to be deprived when they grow up. This is how Allah works. So if I want to protect my future, if I don't want to

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have any regrets of the past, if I want to come close to Allah, then I have to show my love to Allah subhana wa taala. That means that we have so many choices in life, but I'm going to pick up the right choice in life and I'm going to do what I need to do and deep down inside, we all know what is right and we all know what is wrong. I ask Allah subhanho wa Taala to give us the ability to love Him, to appreciate him. We ask Allah subhanho wa Taala to make us his willy, we ask Allah subhana wa Taala that he be our ally in this dunya and akhira We ask Allah subhanaw taala for every good that Muhammad Hassan has ever asked for and we ask Allah subhana wa to protect us from every evil and

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harm that Mohammed Al Salam has ever sought protection from Baraka hola hola Anna Welcome to Quran Alim whenever I know what yeah congratulate Hakeem and stuff with Allah honey welcome. Well, he said Missy and festival fellow in the whole of Orion.

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Bismillah R Rahman Rahim in Alhamdulillah Muhammad who want to start you know when I started when I was relying on short and footnote and say yeah to Marina manga to Hillel for LA medulla who Manjula had yella when we were learning the halal Allah they will actually want you to know Mohammed and I will do what a Zulu I'm about forgot to call a lot of Erica to Allah for plan mochiko for con Hamid brother Aldwin Tanaji Bismillah R Rahman Rahim in Allah wa Malayaka huzzah Lunarlon EBU and Adina masala Allah He was selling the steamer Allahumma Salli ala Muhammad wa ala Ali Muhammad come isolated Oh Rahim Allah Ali Ibrahim and Nick Hamina Majeed alberic Allah Muhammad wa ala early

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Muhammad Ibrahim Allah Ali Ibrahim in the Camila Majeed along, Munsell is someone receiving Allah Hamas or Islam or Muslim and frequently makan Allahu Munster now lemon holla finna wa Fabula how LaDonna was female Ivana will often move to Atlanta, where Hamilton will be at night actually Hi walsim Nam In coalition waffles Nam incluido hola moccasin la Monica Chitika Mata Mata who will be Hebei nabina Marcia TIG momento article multiple they will not be genetic for me opinion moto when know me I must tell you but dunya Matera Nambia smile you know what was sorry no vocal working on my Hasanah was worrisome in which I started on our Allah Mangala Munna, one sunnah Ala Moana Adana.

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What are the John musi button are feeding in a letter Jalan dunya, acapella homina, Walla Walla, Walla, Illuminati Messina will have to say solid arena Mala hamona Allahu manana silica in my Nafisa while I'm alone with the Kabbalah what is fun was what she felt. I mean colada Allama in and out becoming a million. I'm going to call Bella Yaksha I mean NAFSA lotta Shiva, women who are in LA use the job I mean robola alameen in the lobby, I'm gonna be standing at the pool bar when Howard fasho monka yo yo the criminal level that the karoun Firth groaning at Qualcomm wash school he will attack from Aki masala

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