Omar Suleiman – A Living Heart Under Siege

Omar Suleiman
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the importance of watching the signs of death and the lack of sadness in the heart. They stress the worship of missing Guinea and the lack of regret and hesitation in people. The speaker also touches on the people who did not meet the requirements of the Prophet sallama and the importance of giving life to one's hearts and deeds, particularly in the face of pandemic-related deaths.
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has the right to be worshipped or unconditionally obeyed, except for him. And we bear witness that Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam as his final messenger, we asked a lot to send his peace and blessings upon him, the prophets and messengers before him, his family and companions alongside him, and those that follow in his busted path. Until the day of judgment, we asked a lot to make us amongst them a lot. I mean, their brothers and sisters, one of the most touching videos I've ever seen in my life was actually one of the first Islamic videos in English to go viral. About 15 years ago, it was this young Saudi man by the name of Abdullah, who was paralyzed from neck down due to a

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swim accident. And he was speaking about his experiences, going through that paralysis and the awakening of the heart that came through that paralysis. And how he didn't used to pray, when he physically was able to pray, and how he didn't used to treat his mother right when he physically could hug her. He didn't use to turn the pages of the Quran, when he had the hands to be able to turn the pages of the Koran. And he was asked by the interviewer, what his three wishes were if there were three things he could wish for. And he said in a beautiful way, he said, the first thing is that I would fall into jute and I would not get up that I would go into prostration such the the

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ability to do so jute to put my face on the ground and not get up and he said that I fear that i uh that Allah subhanaw taala says Yama yaksha for answer we don't need us to do that is totally your own, that people on the Day of Judgment are called to do such then they can't.

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And he said when I used to physically be able to do such stuff, but I was spiritually paralyzed. No one felt sorry for me. And he said and I wish I could turn the pages of almost half just the feeling of having fingers and being able to turn the pages. And he said, I wish I could enter upon my mother on AIDS and give her a hug the way that I didn't used to when I was healthy. That's the kind of law we are here praying Jumeirah for the first time in six months, I don't know if any of you really thought about how long it's been six months. And we're praying here on the lawn, similar to the outdoor Juma which was the first Juma of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam with the tribe of

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son of nerf, where most of their tumor is in Medina right now where he prayed on his way from combat to the city of Medina, the first Jumeirah with his companions in the outdoors, under the heat of the sun. And the Texas sun is not like the son of Medina, even though it's hot. And I want us to reflect on the statement from an amount of Allah, Allah to Allah one of his trick and one of his wisdoms. He said, Man, Allah martinotti.

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Adam will his knee, Allah Fattah caminando forgot what sort of anatomy Allah Allahu Allah. He says that one of the signs of a dead heart is the absence of sadness over the acts of obedience you have neglected and the abandonment of regrets over the mistakes you have made. I'm going to say that again, a sign of the hearts death is the absence of sadness over the acts of obedience that you have neglected, and the abandonment of regret over the mistakes that you have made. When you think about that first one, I want to talk about what a living heart looks like under siege, the opposite of a dead heart that doesn't feel sad when there is no drama. That doesn't feel sad when there is no

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Salah similar to what the scholars talked about with the passing of Ramadan. There are the the worship of missing Ramadan and the worship of longing for the next one, that it's something in the heart, and that we have to pay attention to the signs of these hearts. What the scholars mentioned first and foremost is look at the way that Allah subhanaw taala compared the hypocrites of tabuk to those that were unable to go forth with the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam astromon mohalla foun those who held back into a book that made every excuse, ironically, the first 110 zero Phil have they made every excuse in the world to not go out with the prophets lie Selim and these were

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the same people who would always make excuses. their tongues were long. Their praises were long of the prophets lie some but their actions were always deficient with the Prophet slice on them. And Allah subhana wa tada reveals sooner to tell you about them that Allah does not need you and had those people with you. They would have been baggage. They're not worth your time and they are not worth the attention of Allah and their excuses mean nothing, because those are the signs of dead hearts. They were pleased Alice's fatty food ruddle they were pleased to stay back. They weren't people with legitimate excuses. They were happy that they were able to stay back. On the other hand,

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a lot of talks about these two men that could not go out with the profit

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My son and Allah subhana wa tada comforts them by assuring them of the full reward not just that they were not punished and of the category of the hypocrites who Fuddy who who are pleased to not be able to do anything. But Allah subhanaw taala comforts them and tells them they have the same reward as those who would have gone out with the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. Dear brothers and sisters last week we talked about the top half of the hearts around the Kava right now, I want us to think about those unsought in Medina. Because when I speak to my Hajaj from last year, they miss Medina and a lot of people miss Medina and Subhanallah I was thinking about this, those unsalted

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Medina who did not meet the Prophet slice them and I want you to think about them for months, going out and standing in the trees in Cuba and looking out under the hot sun to see if the prophets lie Selim was making his arrival today or not. Four months, going out longing for a man that they had not seen. Most of them never saw the prophets lie Selim but they already loved him, and going out under the hot sun and looking with their hearts, and anticipating the moment of seeing the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, their hearts were already Sahaba before they were physically Sahaba. Their hearts were already companions. They didn't even know how the prophets lie, some look, they've

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never physically been with them, but their hearts were already with the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam And likewise, the believers who were deprived of physically being with the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, but whose hearts are with the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam who have the moment of anticipation when you get to Medina, you land in Medina and you wait for that moment of anticipation to go and to say Salaam to the Prophet slicin and of course Salaam reaches him everywhere, but to say salam in front of the grave of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and that should be reflective of the anticipation of the prophets I send them saying Salaam to us in

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the afternoon the hereafter be Linda Hey, Tyler. That's an anticipation that you develop. That Yeah, Allah as you forbade me from physically being amongst those that received the prophets lie Selim. Do not forbid me from being amongst those that are received by the prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam that's a living heart that talks to Allah subhana wa tada and develops that reflection. Their brothers and sisters some of you have heard the Hadith of

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the Prophet slice Allah mentioned these people who had this highest level of Paradise and they are 70,000 that enter without any form of accountability or any form of punishments and rocastle on the low tide and who said yada suit Allah make dua I'm amongst them with their ally in a corner minimum the profits license and two min home and another man said Jada salon me too and the Prophet slice alum, sub Akaka, Bihar cash or cash beat you to it. What many don't know is that many of the Mohammed thing they said that the second man was a hypocrite. He was not a person who had that sincere desire, like Akasha. So the province is almost politely dismissing him, because he was

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someone who would just throw out those words, but they didn't mean anything here. They didn't mean anything in the hearts of a person that desired the company of the prophets like Selim, and who cares about the Allahu taala and who showed that his heart's desire gained him the company of people whose actions he could not meet? How much do you hear about our capital, the Allahu anhu, from the companions of the Prophet slicin. But his heart's desire did their brothers and sisters in conclusion, I want us to think about this.

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Small steps towards change, that are meaningful originate out of big dreams. they originate out of long periods of introspection out of sitting with yourself and looking at the images of the cabinet and not being like a person who just is walking and like going and forwarding these cool images from the camera but a person who sits down and looks at those images of the empty Kaaba in isolation all by themselves sitting in the corner of their home and says, Yeah, Allah. Ya Allah sees the images of the messages of the prophets like some says, Yeah, Allah. Ya Allah, I wish I could be there. Yeah, Allah, you know how much I want to be there. Those are moments where you give life to your hearts,

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that then produces meaningful resolution that shows in your, in your mini steps towards Allah subhanho wa Taala where your heart generates that in moments of introspection, where you give life to the heart, and you say, yeah, a lot. I miss jamara Yeah, a lot. I miss feathering the messages. Yeah, like No, I wasn't always regular. But yeah, I want to be regular. Yeah, I miss it. Yeah, I'll open the doors for me. And Subhanallah I was listening to this person talking about the voyeurism of today. When we see the blast in Beirut. How many people just shared it and did not take a moment to think about the human devastation of that blast. But it was just quickly cool images that you just

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circulate that death of the heart. He was saying that's the death of our anticipation of our

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have our emotions, the depth of our emotions that a person sits with that and says yeah Allah I wish I could do something for them yeah alone when I see oppression Yeah, I wish I could be there by my brother or sister right now and do something for them. Yeah Allah. May Allah make it easy for those people because you sit with it in silence. And so maybe the greatest gift that Allah is giving us in this pandemic, is the silence that can generate a living heartbeat and that he tyla that can produce inspired action. When the circumstances are lifted. May Allah subhanaw taala lift them from us sooner rather than later. May Allah forgive us for our shortcomings. May Allah give life to our

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hearts and give life to our deeds. May Allah subhana wa tada makers people have done a lot I mean, their brothers and sisters those of you that are in your cars can come out in sha Allah to Allah as I break for the buck, and then we will begin the Salah akula Cody Harada was supplied he will accompany sir Muslim investor for the hole for him.

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hamdulillahi Rabbil alameen wa Salatu was Salam O Allah Rasool E. Kelly Marie, he was a Marine, a lot of Filipino may not well Muslim in all Muslim as

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much in Mecca Semyon Caribbean Buddha Buddha was a llama felon, our homina

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homina learn akuna Minal ha serene Allahumma yarmulke liberal Kuru Kuru benalmadena Allahumma Yama kalibo kulu submits kurunegala denecke Robin Allah to the Kuru bonobo it had a 10 hour habla Ramadan Khurana in the Kanto hub of Ghana in academia nurse idioma La Liga fee in Allah Allah.

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Allah if one must have been a famous early could ultimately be a long one and must have been a famous article out of the womb of arriba Allah.

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Allah is one in Amman kobina frequently McCann Allahu Allah finalement kobina frequently McCann, Allah azza wa jal horniman kobina frequently McCann about the law and the law here. It will start with the corba structure he will encourage you to come come to the Coronavirus Corolla has Coco mascaro What is it? What are the Corolla Corolla hayama cocinero


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