Murtaza Khan – If a person buys a house on interest

Murtaza Khan
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Pay the person was asking a person to enter bought a house by a river they made it make that make that mistake before people have different ways of looking at things there's people who've just decided to sell the house and return the money to the bank and whatever money that they have just to go and rent that could be strong level of email person just does that another person who owned a home he found out rebuys Hara and he said you know you could sell the house do something he just gave it to two brothers if you do whatever you want to do with it. I don't want nothing to do with it. Just rented the house began to rent in a house. So some people have a high level of email, they

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just give it up but sometimes it will be practical so pleasant to expose two steps. Try to pay off the debt, borrow money from family members, other people pay off the river, etc or try to sell the house eventually pay the money back to the bank and then just purchase another house or cheaper house or live on rent. The most times when we Muslims are involved in Riba is what we people say. That's when we worried about typical car corny movies of the 70s isn't it at the end of the day, that's when people say oh, so and so's got any Rodchenko does makonnen Chaka Khan and

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that's what it is. You're gonna take houses when you integrate

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what are you gonna do with those houses? Look with the Quran says about Riba no sin. Every single sin is mentioned in the Quran. But inside the Quran talk about Riba and mentioned that Allah and His Messenger have declared war war the person who takes the river takes usually takes interest does not does intercede he mentioned he said to the person takes river code Salah take your weapons and gone fight with a law only a mad person would would want to go and fight with allies in it doesn't even the Quran describes and levy at the hopper to shape on minimus

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then it can be unempowered to interval they will interrupt me forever. They say that business is like rubber they say but the key moment in the iron such sort of book or not mistaken it will stand up as if they taste there's some relevant diversity they mentioned a person so I have a mistaken river in the dunya look at them they always frantic they don't know what they're doing.

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And most of these people involved in business what is it buy one house, buy another house? buy another house re mortgage loan? Is there any peace in their life? Do you ever see them enjoying their when we find them being content, that's the punishment and suddenly dunya and likewise inside the Hara will happen to these individuals of taking river that we find is evil sin that we find. So person takes positive steps, the person has to humble himself, ask people for money, borrow money from their family members to pay off, then let it be so because why this is the person is living in the state of sin, the houses and state of sin. The whole environment is state of sin and we have to

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encourage our people to come out of this. There's nothing wrong in living on rent. Or if you don't own your own house. There's nothing wrong with that. It's a mindset. It's a mindset that this environment is created and you need to have your own property most of us in a village back home in Pakistan. Where do we live? We have a loan we have a mortgage and a house.

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Maybe the current isinay is Amina pasa maka Villa to Dhaka makhan but I will have an eye isn't it but before where do we live? Meeting the mcconchie like we were happy when we dope on the road to answer the question. Will the car again was now what we got now in our life. Nothing my dad used to say to me you'll have big big tables and you know what we'll have no peace in your life nobody was sitting there nobody was sitting there in your tables Bradley was Boise fighting over what money is in it taking this position taking that position fight Blood Brothers fighting amongst one another for over what? over what over? What is it over money blood brothers that today we fight all day

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long. We deal with cases not as as I'm Blood Brothers over property.

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One mother is the father died and the person we're talking to one another. In the funeral of their father. They turned their backs to one another

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their father's dead body lying in front of them and the whole machine returned it back to one another Muslims in this country Muslims imagined a father's dead they turn it back to one another their mom's dead one but they want to give Salaam his own mother or mother a source nikana Yoda of why this money.

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Money his own mother doesn't want to do a source. Because why he wants the money. These are wretched we become.

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There is a homily 24 kvcd understand mapa visit season it only one nickel, we added a pocket we were happy. This was a junior decision. It led to the splitting of brothers families homes, greed for money, greed for wealth. What are you going to do with this money stuff in your pocket? Take it to the grave with you. What are you gonna do with this money? How are you going to live to enjoy this money? But this is our mindset is become because everybody around us. That's all that we live for, even as individuals so people have so number two

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We live for money, money, money that's all about money. gaining the money what is halal haram Quaker neitra Yokoyama do is it is what it is they mommy delcroix mama Papa Tatiana, my mommy lotto. This is just the truth isn't it? Even a mom also he says something about it. dodgy Moghaddam

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because why people don't want to hear these things

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that's the reality that imagine job is not a doctor. When you go to your doctor you said your doctor to doctor

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or you listen to the doctor isn't a doctor gives you advice. You take it by the mom gives you advice all day long.

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The llama curry aka the creme de la creme de la machaca. This is this is the mentality. So why did you send us to study then? Why did you send us 10 so that we can come back that we can just give you give you what you want to hear inside your life. That's not why we went there. We went down the path of Allah to peace upon the law. Because we have a responsibility in front of you.

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If you can advise us you can correct that your parents you're in charge of us we don't mind. But that which is haram and that which is wrong, is our duty to help one another to come away from the center. That's why the machines need to become more active in advising people to stay away from Iran because most most of them they don't care how the money comes in a machine people selling haram doing haram involved in haram businesses around these are challenges of living inside this country. And the Hummer oncall is home not just drinking of it had the facade say Muslim 10 things which are linked to alcohol. Many Muslims what do they do for you lots of licensed restaurants serving

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alcohol. What do they say nothing wrong with it became me to non Muslims is not a Muslim country in number either. However, I'm ashamed Haram is someone who if Allah makes something haram makes the welfare to be haram as well. Makes the welfare to be haram as well. It's all wrong with our quality.

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Add one in case one of the good things, no bad things. So we should encourage one another in staying away from that which is haram and help the masjid role the community's role should be to help people to come out of river come out around the world they have purchased property by property to help people to get on the property ladder as they say, and to give it to him as a loan interest free loan to help the society can be a good role. Or even the average Muslim can do that. But once again is because of greed because nobody doesn't want their money to be given to them at a later stage. Everybody wants instant profit. If I can sell my property and 50,000 pounds Why should I sell it to

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another brother and only not even earn 10,000 pounds and wait 10 years for them to pay back the money to me when I can put it in the property market and 50,000 pounds that's it get another loan get another mortgage terrible my life carry my business, the last topic and ability to stay away from evil

Recorded Live from JMAH Halifax

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