Reflections Ramadan 2023 08 – Whoever does a good deedit is for himself

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The transcript describes a sermon from the Bible and provides context for the verse "verbal" in Surah security. The sermon discusses the importance of good deeds and evil deeds in the Bible and warns against blaming oneself for one's actions. The sermon also emphasizes the importance of doing good deeds to be forgiven and remitted in order to be removed from one's record.

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soon I'm on a Poom Rahmatullahi Wa Barakatuh and welcome back. Today we'll be reflecting upon the 15th verse of Surah jatheon Chapter number 45. And this beautiful verse reads as Manami Lasala hum fairly enough See, woman as

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salam ala Rob Deikun, to Raja

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and it simply means whosoever does a good deed, it is for the benefit of himself. Woman as whosoever does evil, simply it will be against himself. So, in our big entourage our own by the end, your old shall be returned unto your Lord. And this verse have similar verses scattered all over the Quran. So it simply brings our attention that

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there will be life after death. And eventually they will be gathering then reckoning, then reward or punishment,

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the Most Merciful, the Almighty Allah has promised that ie a single good deed that a person does while he's believing in the Oneness of Allah, the minimum reward that he or she will receive for it is 10 times more.

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While whenever somebody does a bad deed, an evil deed, he will be punished for a single bad deed. Unless if he repents, then it will be wiped out and it will be removed from his record.

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The Almighty Allah stated in Surah Nazmi in the ayah, which you all know chapter number 53 and number 39, where lie Sally is only in

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what NASA who so far you are from a user who just

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simply what you will see on the record of yours on the Day of Judgment is what you throw for good or bad, it will be old recorded.

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And then what Anessa who sofa Euro so he's thriving will be seen and will be recorded and accounted for, and he will be rewarded or punished for that he will be convinced for

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installer to Zoomer chapter number 39. And number 41. The Almighty Allah says in

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early in

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early Calcutta when in Seville have

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or simply means we have sent down the book upon you, in order for people to benefit out of it with the truth for money. Funnily enough, see, when Bolivar in amya when

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whosoever chooses to be rightly guided it is for the benefit of himself. And whoever chooses to go astray, it will be only against himself or obviously, herself woman and Dalai Hindu

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You cannot force them to do what is good or to abstain from doing what is evil. Surah facilite chapter number 41 In verse number 46, again, the Almighty Allah says, Man, I'm Neela Saleh fairly enough See, Whosoever does good, it is for the benefit of himself. Woman as

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for Allah

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and whosoever does evil, it will be against himself. While I'm out of book everyone in Lobby need, any new Lord never treats anyone unjustly with injustice. Your Lord is never unjust to His servants.

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In surah, Al Jazeera we have learned i But by the end it says So may Allah become toward your own. So you must understand that anything you do anything you say it will be recorded. And since you believe that unto your Lord, you will be returned, then you better prepare for this moment.

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In the sound Hadith, which is collected by a Muslim, may Allah have mercy on him, I will refer you narrated that the Messenger of Allah peace be upon him said and it's a secret Hadith So, the Prophet sallallahu Sallam is quoting what Allah Almighty said in the beginning of the Hadith the Almighty Allah says yeah, I read in Haram puzzle na NFC Raja Allah Who by Nico Mahana, and Phillip over them, my servants, I have forbidden injustice for myself and I have made it forbidden for you. So you should not treat each other unjustly.

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You should not own one another. And in one segment of the Hadith, Almighty Allah says by the end in here

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what you will see in your record on the live judgment is simply your deeds good or bad. I recorded all of them for you.

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So on the Day of Judgment, when you open your record and you get to read feminine words are the higher on failure medulla. If you find good deeds and good news, then you should be grateful to Allah subhanaw taala

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women was your dava Euro Dalek AlFalah alumina.

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But if you find otherwise plenty of bad deeds and sins, you should not blame by yourself. Why? Because it was your choice. You misused the free choice. Look what Allah Almighty says in Swati, mangia Ville Hassan it fella who has shown me 30

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Whosoever brings on the day of judgment as single good deed, the minimum reward for it will be 10 times more. One

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with the fella you would use in lamb is law.

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And whosoever brings in the record of his good deeds, senior and evil deed, he will be recompensed for a single evil deed, it will not be doubled it will not be multiplied so take advantage. If you've committed any sins, repent and seek forgiveness in order to be remitted in order to be removed from your record. If you've done any injustice to any person, seek the pardon and forgiveness in order to be forgiven. And meanwhile increase doing good deeds as much as you can. It is only for the benefit of your onself Minami la slightly hand fed enough see woman as a family. Until next time, I leave you in the care of Allah wa sallam