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Does One Go to Hell if They Choose Not To Get Married – Ask Shaykh YQ #127

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Yasir Qadhi

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So this person's question is if I choose not to ever get married, well, I go to hell for that.

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I mean, Bobby Nika in Region No, he him first.

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No, not at all. But let me say that you're in high school, right? So give this young lady or young men some time. Perhaps they're being a little bit hasty in this decision, nonetheless, it is completely their prerogative. Getting married is not something that is wajib nor is it something that is the default is that it is encouraged if it's good for you, but it's not good for some people and there were some very famous scholars of Islam have been telling me and ever gotten married. Mm hmm. No, we never got married many of the famous scholars of Islam they just didn't have the time or the desire to get married. So it is completely permissible that having been said

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you know, realize that maybe at a younger age you know, there is this notion of I don't want to get married which is totally fine. That's going to change there's something called the biological clock right which Mashallah when you're in high school you don't even care about or know about but the biological clock sets in and when the biological clock sets in then once paradigm shifts so short answer, no, nobody's going to hell. for for for not getting married. It's not something that is going to bring any sense you can tell your your friend that inshallah