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AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the importance of knowing where their son is and the multiple levels of gender. They also mention a woman who dies during pregnancy and is considered a " hungover" event. The segment touches on the concept of Shah absorbing death and protecting their property, using the example of the Prophet sallamay. The speakers emphasize the importance of praying for their health and being aware of their limitations, as well as the importance of praying for their health and being aware of their limitations. They also mention the death of a person due to a car accident and emphasize the importance of asking for the reward of Shahada and making sure family members are given a certain station.
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I need to know where my son is, is he and Jenna did he make it or not?

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There was a young man by the name of Howdy.

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Howdy was a young man that was attached to his mother. And he accompanied the prophets lie Selim on the day of bedded, and he was hit by a stray arrow. And when his mother found out that he had died, she comes to the Prophet sallallahu wasallam and she says to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, Yasuda, Allah I want to know what happened to have ether in Canada for the agenda to sabato if he is in Paradise, then I will be patient we're in Canada hyaluronic, it's too early for the book out. And if he's not in general, then I'm going to push myself to cry even more and more and more and more I need to know where my son is, is he and Jenna did he make it or not? And the Prophet

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sallallahu alayhi wa sallam responds to her and says that gender is not just one gender, it is multiple levels in gender and your son reached and for those that your son reached the highest level of agenda, it's probably when someone passes away and you wonder, could they have died? Shaheed it's very clear that we go through every single one of these stations and every single time the Shaheed has this rank of his own, and you want to know Are they there, and everyone wants this level of certainty, right? That's why I want to see a dream of them being in Jannah. That's why I just want something to know that they are okay. And of course, the person that passes away whether they are

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Shaheed, or whether they are just a believer that has some of the blessings that we've mentioned, both of them want to come back to just tell their family, or at least inform the family not come back, inform the family that I'm okay and I'm good enough, but we don't get that. And so we have these categories of Shahada. Obviously, if a person passes away in battle, it's different, right? There are, you know, rulings that apply only to the Shaheed that dies in battle. It is the clearest way that a person would die Shaheed and the outcome of the Shaheed the rulings that pertain to how you shroud the Shaheed how you pray on the Shaheed and so on, so forth, all of that is specific to

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that type of Shahada. However, the profits of the law, it was gonna mention numerous categories of Shahada, the Messenger of a loss license, I mentioned the one who dies in a plague or of a plague. And you know, we're living in the time of COVID-19, and bidding it to Allah all of those who pass away upon EMA due to COVID-19. We pray that allies would accept them as Shahada, they in the nighttime match that definition, you have the one who dies of drowning the Prophet slice Allah mentioned, the one who dies by a fire. He mentioned sallallahu wasallam, the one who dies of pleurisy and he mentioned slice, I'm the one who dies of a stomach disease and intestinal disease.

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And this is very interesting because the designations at the time are different, right? You don't have the same Encyclopedia of definitions of disease and so was translated as pleurisy or inflammation around the lungs really could just mean chest pain or a heart attack, which translated as a stomach disease could mean anything internal, in that sense, right. So any type of cancer, any type of disease in that sense, it could be anything internal, that causes an untimely death, the Prophet salaallah Hardy was gonna mention a woman who dies in the process of childbirth, she's pregnant, or she's giving birth or nursing, and she passes away. And that's why she is in a state of

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jihad, while she is delivering while she's pregnant and giving birth that is, the closest that a person will be pushed to death is that time of pregnancy. So if she passes away during that time, and we know that that happens sometimes then she is a martyr, the Prophet slicin I mentioned the one who dies protecting their property, okay, so it's not just dying, for the sake of a loss in the sense of protecting the religion but the one who dies protecting their own property what none somehow love the one who dies trying to protect someone else or protect someone else's property, right. But a person who dies trying to protect their property, a person who dies defending their

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lives so someone who is murdered, defending their lives or defending their family, you know, if someone may last concept protect us and protect our families, you know, someone dies protecting their family than they are Shaheed the Prophet slicin. I mentioned the one who dies due to a falling structure, Asahi would have had someone who is crushed, and this is where most of the real amount mentioned the one who dies in a car accident, obviously, you didn't have cars back then. Right? And so the idea of, you know, being crushed by a structure being crushed in a car being crushed by a structure that didn't exist in that time, but most of them didn't consider a car accident today, to

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be from saw he would have to be from a person who has crushed all of these

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bidding Allahu taala are forms of Shahada are forms of martyrdom. And the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam again taught us to have has never been allowed to have a good expectation of Allah subhanho wa Taala. So when someone dies due to one of these conditions, and the underlying theme of them is an untimely death, a sudden untimely death due to you know, either a disease or a disaster, then we have that good expectation of Allah subhanaw taala though we cannot express certainty that they are show had done in that sense. So what about the state of their body and how they looked right? And again, you know, we talked about the Shahada. And what it's like seeing people mutilated,

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and we see sometimes the body out of a really bad car accident, and he thinks upon a lot what's happened to that person? Remember that the souls transcend the body and that's why the Prophet sallallahu wasallam said, your federal level he already defatting mean, dummy. He, first and foremost that the person is forgiven at the first strike. As soon as they are struck. Then they are forgiven while you're on makhado who mean agenda and they are showing their place in that agenda. So when you see us Yachty has Salaam and the way that she was killed, obviously a woman of perfect enon. And, you know, a great example of Shahada a great example of a martyr standing up to the

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throne. Allah Subhana hoods out have saved her before the stone fell on top of her and so we should not be worried then about the bodies and the condition of the bodies when the souls have been promised so much goodness, and we ask ourselves, you know, can I also die Shahid and one of the things that's extremely important to understand here is that we should make dua for the reward of Shahada. You know, Allah Subhana Hood's added does not need for us to be in a certain state in order to give us a certain station, but we have to be sincere and asking Allah subhana wa tada for the station. And so you have this beautiful Hadith from the Prophet salallahu alayhi wa sallam, whoever

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asks a loss of Hannah hoods Allah for Shahada be sipping coffee with truthfulness in his heart, right? So this is the key you're asking Allah subhanaw taala with sip with truthfulness, Allah Subhana hoods Allah would deliver that person to Manasa Shahada to the station of Shahada. When in Mata Allah philosophy, even if that person dies in their bed. It's not about the crazy outcome. It's not about the body being shredded to pieces. It's again about the sincerity of asking a loss of Hannah Montana for that station and a person could gain that station even in their bed. And so yes, we hope when our relatives die in such a way that Allah subhanho wa Taala grants them that rank, and

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we hope that a lost parents are grants us that rank, even if we die in our bed and not in any of those categories that have been mentioned above.