Nadim Bashir – Muhammad the Best Example #16 Our Deceased Parents

Nadim Bashir
AI: Summary © The difficulty of losing parents in situations where the family is losing their parents is discussed, including the importance of not forceing the deceased to say derogatory things and reciting the Prophet's words. The speaker suggests finding one's own success, honoring parents, and fulfilling promises to improve relationships with people. The importance of executing promises, obtaining promises, and finding one's own success is also emphasized. The speaker suggests sponsorizing a church's children to read the Quran, and provides suggestions for water heater or a wheelchair for children to help children read the Quran. Finally, the speaker emphasizes the importance of providing a good environment for Islam's teachings.
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Salam Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh, Mr. Sundaram and Rahim, Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa Salatu was someone out of Saudi Mohammed while he was so happy Bahrain and welcome to another segment of Muhammad SAW salaam The best example the the perfect example. Today inshallah I want to talk about something that is very relevant to our time today. And so how Allah in times like these where we see so many of people who are losing their parents, so the highlight even here recently at our own Masjid here at Epic. In this past one week, we have conducted so many Janaza. And you see that so many people who are losing their parents or losing their father, or their mother. And just

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keeping all that in mind, I just want to create today's video to see that What did the Prophet saw some teach us what as he told us that what can we do in these kind of situations, the very first thing is that, of course, losing a parent is always very difficult, whether it's losing your father or losing your mother. And so the highlight every single family, every child is very connected to either the mother or the father. But losing either one of them is of course very difficult. And of course, for those who have their parents alive, first of all, we ask Allah subhanaw taala to give them a long life. May Allah subhana wa Taala give us the ability to serve them enough that it can be

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our means of entry into Jana. I mean, libera Allah mean, now talking about parents, especially a lot of times when we are in their company right before the pass away. I remember last week, there was a brother who was telling me that he was with his mother, and within 30 seconds within this short time, you know, subhanAllah, she passed away and she passed away very peacefully. But what are we supposed to do in that kind of situation, when we are sitting there? We're watching them, and we can, you know, we get this feeling that they are about to depart from this world, where the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was with whom, with Abu selama, Radi Allahu Allah. And it is mentioned

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that the angels the angel of death, of course, they come in. But the prophet it is something you mentioned that usually the eyes, they follow the angel of death. So usually when they see that there's everyone around them, and very naturally, imagine if you're sitting in a group in a room of people, and all of a sudden, a very a stranger walks in automatically, you're gonna pay attention to the stranger. Likewise, when a person is right there, right on the verge of life and death, and they're sitting around their loved ones, and all of a sudden they see the angel of death, they see medical note, right away, it catches your attention. And when Abu cinema's wrote was taken, and he

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passed away, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he told all the people there that because people begin to cry, people begin to you know, express their grief. So the Prophet saw some said that will ever do if you make make sure it is a good dua, because wherever do i You make the angels are here right now? And they say I mean, so that's why it's very important that whenever we are witnessing someone passing away, first of all, what we have been taught is that we don't force the person to say lay the halal law. Rather, there's a concept called Tolkein, which is that everyone around they say law either hate the law or should do a law either hate the law, and hopefully the

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person who's about to depart, they can listen to everyone else, and they can insha Allah.

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Hopefully, they can recite the shahada before they depart from this world. Now, at that particular time when people of course are crying, they're experiencing their grief and sorrow. It is absolutely fine in our deen to cry it is absolutely find our deen to emotionally express ourselves. What is prohibited in our deen is that we say something that is disrespectful. Something that is derogatory towards Allah subhanho wa Taala such as Why did Allah take his or her roar? Couldn't find couldn't Allah subhanaw taala fight anyone else? Why is Allah doing this to me? And then you know, you know, when you keep on following this path, and now indicted but down the road, you start saying things

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that are just completely wrong. So that's why saying those things are absolutely wrong to emotionally whether it's to crying, it is absolutely fine to express yourself. Now one thing that we learned is that what can we do for our deceased parents because once again, we express our grief we miss them. Now what can we do after they pass away there are a few things that we can do and we must do after they pass away. First thing is that we should make dua for them. In fact, we find that in the hereafter. When a person sees that their status is so high, they will ask ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada the year Allah why is my style

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So hi, I did not I don't recollect, I've done anything amazing. And that is when this person will be told that yes, you probably did not do anything but your son, your child, your daughter, they may do all for you. And this is why Allah has elevated your ranks. So this is why it's very important that no matter who they are and whether they were pious, they were not pious, it does not matter we should always make it a point to make dua for our parents. And subhanAllah we find in the Quran there are many do ours such as Rob Durham, Houma Kamara by Anissa. Lira that oh Allah have mercy upon them, the way they looked after me when I was young and so forth the way they showed me love

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the way they show me mercy and compassion and so forth. Oh Allah, you show them in your according to your ability show them was show them mercy and compassion. The second thing that we should always do is ask ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada for forgiveness for them. We find even in Surah Ibrahim Rob Bucha Anthony makishima salatu salam in theory Yeti Robina with acaba dua, Rob Bunnell Finley while he rarely they will meet in your mind.

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So this is a dua that we all shouldn't recite, we should memorize, this is a dua wherein we are seeking Allah's forgiveness for our parents. So this is something else that we should do abundantly. The third thing that we can do is to fulfill their promises, or their advices. I'm sure that your mother or your father has given you many advices, that my son, my daughter, today, we are here tomorrow, we may not be here, make sure you do this, make sure you do that. So whatever advices they have given us any promises that they made us take, or they they we made a promise to them, making sure that we fulfill those promises. Number four is maintaining ties of kinship. This is Subhan

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Allah something that has been extremely emphasizing the Sunnah of the Prophet SAW salah, making sure that we keep a good relationship with everyone who they were related to. So we find even like in the case of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, how he would look after and how he would treat his own family, the wife, the family of honey, Gen, the Allahu unhei. In fact, when his when her sister would come, and how the Prophet saw someone show her love and show her respect, and so forth. And not only that, but we find, even in the case of even Omar with the Hola, Juan Houma, one time, he took his turban off, and he put it on another person. And when he was asked, Why did you do this, he

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said that this person was a very good friend of my father's. So this is why it's very important that we keep a good relationship. A lot of times, what happens is that once our parents pass away, then we lose a connection with their friends also. So if that's something that we should always trying to do, the next thing is that which is very, also very close to this, which is honoring your parents. But the next thing I will say is something else that we have to do is executing a will on their behalf, making sure that first of all, our parents do have a will and then making sure that everything is executed properly. And you know, of course in a well in a Will you have an executor,

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so making sure that whoever the person is responsible to execute the Samick will making sure that you are there making sure that everything is taken care of. Now, usually at this point many people they do ask Is that Is there anything more that I can do for my parents? And the answer is yes. In a hadith Narrated by Abu Huraira Well, the Allahu Anhu the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he mentioned that when a person's life comes to an end their book of deeds they close, however, there are three different situations where in a person's deeds or the book remains open, number one is that there is a charity what are those sorry, one, they have either a child or anyone unifier OBE,

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they have taught knowledge, they have taught someone something good, and people are benefiting from that teaching and people are implementing it, that in that way, their Huseynov, their book of Huseynov will remain open, or you are given a sub kajaria So this is mentioned in the Hadith in Sahih Muslim. And so the question is, is there any kind of self kajaria that we can do? And the answer is yes, there's so many things that we can do. First of all, is I just want to share with you some ideas Insha Allah, because I have a lot of times people calling and they say that my parents have passed away, I want to do something for them. So this is why I just wanted to provide some

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ideas in sha Allah, the very first thing that we can do is that donating to a masjid. So we're talking about for example, when you see a masjid being built, a house of Allah being built than to give some money for that cause because in sha Allah, every single person who will pray in that Masjid in sha Allah, your parents will get the reward for that. Another idea is to build an orphanage Subhan Allah the Prophet saw some has talked about that. What is the reward of a person who takes care of a team? So one is taking care of a team one is sponsoring a team and so forth. The provider has some says I know what cafeteria team can

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attain that me and the person who looks after an orphan, there will be like this in jannah inshallah in the hereafter. So that's why if there's any kind of project going on where there are orphanages being built, then try to give our donations there on behalf of our parents and inshallah every person who will come there every person who will be taking care of their every orphan, they'll come to the doors of that orphanage in sha Allah, your parents will get the reward. And another one is sponsoring a child to learn how to read the Quran, or more than that I will strongly advise to memorize the Quran Subhan Allah first of all we find from the Hadith of the Prophet sallallahu

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alayhi wa sallam that on every single letter, when we recite the Quran, there are 10 Huseynov. And of course, Allah can increase that in many folds as Allah subhanaw taala wishes. So keep in mind, just think about this. If you sponsor a child to memorize the Quran, then first of all, when reading the Quran, to memorize the Quran, you have to read the Quran often it cannot just be a one time and you will leave it a lot of times when you sponsor a child who is just reading the Quran. Perhaps they may finish reading the Quran and then later on whenever they get a chance they will read the Quran. So I will say that take it a notch higher and sponsor a half Quran. In that case, what

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happens is that they will recite the Quran often, because that is a requirement in order to protect your Quran in order to maintain the revision of the Quran, you have to review over and over again. Now just think about this. If this person, they turn around and they teach perhaps even five students, and those five students, they teach another five students, so you have five students, they teach another five, that becomes 25, and so forth, as long as this this this trend keeps on going on. And this 25 can turn into 250 and 2500. And all these people who will learn how to read the Quran, and everyone who's teaching how to read the Quran in sha Allah, your parents will get the

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reward for that it is Willa is one of the best ways I would strongly recommend where you can give a cell kajaria Another thing that you can do is to give copies of the Quran Subhanallah there are many publishers are looking for donations. So if you donate to those publishers and you make it you specify that I want my donations to be used to print out Quran that inshallah once those neurons are put in masajid that every time someone reads from those neurons, they will get the reward, the reader will get the reward and inshallah your parents will also get the reward another another place so the idea could be to publish a summit material. So whether it's something material for the for

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the Muslim community, whether it's for those who want to learn about Islam, perhaps they want to convert to Islam later on, and either way in sha Allah, they will get the reward for it. Another idea is to provide wheelchairs. I mean, it might seem odd, but yes, having a wheelchair, especially like if you go to the Haram, you know, people over there doing the walk and so forth. So if you donate a wheelchair, think about a person sitting in that wheelchair and they're making Tawaf or they're doing sorry Subhanallah your parents will get the reward for them. Another good another good way of silica jatiya are good. A good opportunity is giving our money or money on behalf of our

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parents to dig up a well there Hadith or have a Salah sunnah, the best charity that you can give is is water And subhanAllah we find that there are so many of our Muslim countries they are deprived of clean drinking water. So think about this if you dig up a well and you sponsor a well, whether it's people are drinking from it, you get the reward for that and people if they make will do from it, to praise the Lord, then inshallah the salah that they pray inshallah your parents will get the reward for that. So I mean Subhanallah these are just, you know, some opportunities that I'm just giving you a suggestion, but these are all good ways. And there are some others that you can find anything

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that you can do to help someone else out in sha Allah and you give the money on behalf of your parents. Insha Allah, your parents will benefit from that these are all things that we find from the perfect examples of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, ask Allah subhanho wa Taala to give us the o'clock the demeanor of the Prophet SAW Selim, may Allah subhanaw taala give us ability to implement all these beautiful teachings of our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam I mean noble Allah mean this desert Kamala Hey assalamualaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh

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