Mufti Menk – Wisdom behind saying ‘Inna Lillah’

Mufti Menk
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the negative impact of never ending in the law on one's life and how it can lead to problems and negative emotions. They encourage believers to pursue their true life and believe that they are going to achieve everything they possibly can achieve in life, even if it means going back to Islam. The speaker also mentions that people may consider ending the law as a big problem, but it is not connected to eternity.
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Allah says, and levena either

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saw a bad

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call who in LA he was in

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LA Raji.

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Allah is praising the one whom when calamity strikes. The first thing he does is he says, or she says, in the law, he were in LA Rajan relating not only everything to Allah, but his or her existence as well. And that of every one of us, when calamity strikes masiva masiva means a problem, something that got to you that was negative, it happened to you. But it was not a positive thing. The reaction, the first reaction of a true believer is in the law, he were in LA here, oh God.

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We indeed belong to Allah, all of us and we indeed shall all be returning to Allah. Allah is not only the most powerful, but we belong to him such that even if I were to come to a total end, I'm actually going back to Allah because that end is only connected to this worldly life, not to eternity.

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Can we ever as meaning come to an end? Only in this world we can, but it is not connected to this world alone. For a believer, the true life is actually the life after death. Reason is on Earth, we will only be living for 70 years on average. After that, you have to go where do you go back to Allah, whether you had big problems or small problems, you still have to go back to Allah and the fact that you went back to Allah, unfortunately, people who remain will consider that a problem Subhan Allah, they will consider it a big problem yet you might be floating in general, may Allah make it easy for all of us to achieve that. You might be in a far more beautiful place, but your

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children are crying, your wife I hope she's crying. May Allah subhanho wa Taala granted goodness.

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May Allah bless everyone. I hope the relationships are strong.

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