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Nouman Ali Khan
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses how people in their community have made mistakes and gotten attached to people who have done things. They share a story about a deceased prophet's forgiveness and emphasize the importance of forgiveness in resolving a situation. The speaker also emphasizes the importance of letting people know about forgiveness and offers advice on how to deal with forgiven people. forgiveness is a matter of faith and is crucial in resolving a situation.
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So I'm like,

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what's going on? Man, I wanted to talk to you about one of your friends or something. Yeah, I was playing ball with a guy.

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And afterwards

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did the whole Mubarak and so on. But he felt like he couldn't even celebrate eat. Because he felt like he had done some things in his past. And that that had kind of taken him too far. And everyone around him was making him feel bad. Like, there was no hope. I tried to talk to him, but at some point, I kind of ran out. And I made a lot of these people spatola like,

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we are far more merciless towards people. It's ironic, we expect all this mercy from Allah for ourselves. And we don't give any of it to people, right? So most people mess up fine. And people, some people do haraam things some people do like epic super extra haraam squared things.

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And other people find out about it. And that will say things like, oh, you're never going to be forgiven, almost never gonna forgive you, dude, you forget it, you're still going to * kind of thing. And you hear that enough times, you get guilt tripped enough times you start believing it. But the problem is, if you start believing that you're not going to be forgiven, then you really have no motivation left to do anything good in your life. Like, why would you? I mean, why would I even pray? I'm gonna go to * anyway. Why would I, you know, care about my parents? Why would I speak the truth? Why would I not stay away from morehart? I'm

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not going to doesn't matter anymore. Anyway, I'm already done at the time. Yeah, I just added on, you know, how much worse Canada already can get kind of thing you know.

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And so when I try to talk to people about this, the state, which is not something easy to pull out of, so you can give a reminder, because we will profit set for that, given the fact that the Korea mind, reminder will have its own benefit. it'll, it'll give some benefit. But this is something that has to be done, like reinforced. That's why that kid is mentioned. You can't just tell someone a good thing once you gotta like, stay with people like that. You know, like, a lot of people say I watched, I watched that same video like 10 times. I was like, Yeah, I hope that helped. Because some things you need to hear over and over again, you can't just hear it once, right? So when when? One

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time I was telling somebody to have hope, and I said, you know, let me tell you about new Sally's.

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And she stopped me. She goes, No, no, but also prophets. There's such awesome people. You know, I messed up, I made so many mistakes. So give me something I can relate to. I was like, hold on a second. I want to tell you about Musab before he was a prophet.

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Not after. And before he was a prophet, he kind of sort of on a saddam did a little bit mess up.

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He's like what prophet has done? Yeah, he got upset and he punched a guy and he kind of died.

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So and then he was wanted for murder in Egypt. And there was an order to kill him on site. And he had to kind of run away and he was a fugitive from the law. I mean, I'm sure you've done something bad. Yeah.

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But murder.

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That's pretty big.

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Is that is that relevant? Maybe we can see how weak he can find hope.

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Maybe we can use that to find hope ourselves, you know? So it's important to know he wasn't a prophet yet. Because if he's a prophet, then he talks to Allah and Allah talks to him, yes. But if he's not a prophet, he talks to Allah.

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But Allah does not yet talk to him just like us. Like, we talked to him all the time we meet we pray all the time. But Allah does not talk back to us. So we asked forgiveness. But we don't get a message from Allah saying you're forgiven. So we don't know where it stands. So now, what's awesome about his story is that as soon as he punched the guy and he died, and he said, this is from the work of shaytaan, he turned to a landslide master I have wronged myself, he admitted that he did something wrong. Forgive me.

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Forgive me, forgive me. Okay. doesn't let talk to him. No, he's not a prophet yet. But I have no Koran says farfalla. Who therefore he forgave him

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the ISS therefore he so forgive me, therefore, he forgave him.

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And the finer because for therefore suburbia, it's also for immediacy.

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So therefore, he forgave him immediately.

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So and that he says, and you would read that and go wait, just like that. Me killed someone. And you didn't like grovel and beg for an apology for years and years and years and all Am I forgiven or not? What's gonna happen? He asked Allah immediately. Sincerely, I have made a huge mistake forgive me and how long before the forgiveness arrives, is done. And if you're doubting it, the eye ends in

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Now who will hover over him? There's no doubt about it. He is the extremely forgiving, always loving and merciful. Wow, you can get murder forgiven. If it was a sincere mistake and you sincerely turned to a law. That's what happens in Los Angeles. I'm not suggesting somebody go to murder. What I am saying is probably your mistake isn't that big.

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It's not that big. You know, killing someone is probably one of the highest sins against humanity. Why? Because Allah says, If you killed one person fucka enema. katella NASA Jamia, it is as though you've killed humanity altogether.

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Why? Why is that? I mean, think about the logic behind it, right?

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If you kill one person, so one person, there's billions of people. So how is it the same as killing all of humanity? Imagine someone killed Adam.

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What happens?

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There is no humanity left.

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There's no humanity left. You know, this person has entire entire future generations of people under him.

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And all human beings are direct descendants of Adam alayhis salaam, so they have the same status as Melissa. So murder is not a small deal. And yet a level he leaves the door open even for that level of a crime. Imagine, so there might be somebody like, one day there's somebody who becomes Muslim who did commit murder. Yeah, who was in jail or something for committing murder. And he's thinking, I will never forgive me. Well, you should read masalas long story. You can be as great. I mean, he's after being that. And you know, what everybody needs to thinks of him as what? a killer, a criminal, a fugitive and a law racism to the level of a prophet. And one of the most and the most mentioned

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prophet in the Quran.

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Or think about that.

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You know, to think that you've made a mistake, and it's over for you. Yes, maybe in the eyes of people because people are cheap with their forgiveness. Allah isn't luggages he's just waiting for you to ask genuinely. You know. So if people just sincerely ask a lot of forgiven Turner, and by the way, he didn't just ask for forgiveness, he says,

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and here's the really cool part. So okay, fine, I'll forgive immediately. But I kept saying, Allah doesn't talk to him.

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So does he know that Allah forgive him? No. But in the very next day, he says, I'll be Bhima Antalya master because of the fever you've done to me. I'll never back up criminals again.

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Wait, what favor? Did?

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He just killed somebody asked for forgiveness, because he got conned by the other guy. He backed up the criminal? Yeah. So he punched the wrong guy. And now he says, because the favorite unit to me, I'll never back up a criminal again. So what's the favor? The favor is forgiveness. But then the question is, How does he know about forgiveness? Allah doesn't talk to him. You know what we're learning here. If you're a sincere believer in Allah, you don't need revelation from Allah, like an angel coming and telling you, you're forgiven. When you sincerely ask for forgiveness, you should actually have no doubt whatsoever, that forgiveness came in. As a matter of fact, it's not a matter

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of assumption, not not to a believer. And since he's a believer, he doesn't have to be a prophet to know that. He just knows it.

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So you don't have to like I wonder if Allah forgive me? I don't know if it did, the only thing you should wonder is was my was my apology? And was my seeking of forgiveness sincere? was a genuine, was it heartfelt? If it was, then you have your answer. And then you still have to deal with the people around, you have to deal with, you have to deal with the consequences, and all of that. And that's easy. Because once you have a less forgiveness, then Allah makes dealing with the consequences easy.

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Because now it was on your side. When you haven't sought a lot forgiveness, then you don't have a lot on your side. Because you abandoned him. Apologize to him first. And then yes, you will have to deal with the wrong you've done to other people. But he'll help you deal with it, he'll make he'll help you make right out of the wrong, you know, as best you possibly can. So people like that should have hope and ChildLine. You know, be encouraging and kind of slip things here and there and kind of don't give up on people like that. And don't let them kind of fade away because they usually when they get depressed like that they stopped showing up to play ball or whatever, and then they you

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don't see them anymore. And you're like, I wonder what happened. And then you hear even more messed up news about them, you know? So kind of just stay in touch, maybe drop a text message kind of Yeah, reach out, you know, reach out to him just every once in a while. You'd have to give him this lecture. Just kinda like, just throw in a few good words of encouragement here and there. It'll help. It'll help inshallah, thank you very much. You got it, y'all. Take care.

People look for ways to point out your flaws. Allah looks for ways to cover them up. This is the second episode of “That’s Messed Up.”

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